hether my name is Gabriel Morris I'm currently here in Varanasi India where I'm on the rooftop of my guesthouse on about the sixth or seventh floor with a spectacular scene of the other buildings and the maze of alleys of Varanasi stretching off in every direction at the end of this video here then I will grab the camera and give you a panorama of the scene here including the Ganges River which is not far away I'm on an extended trip throughout Asia I've been travelling for almost four months now and so far have been to Indonesia Thailand Myanmar Lao Nepal where i just went trekking into my mountains and then just arriving in the about a week ago i am going to be continuing my travels from here throughout india and then i'm not sure where else but if you'd like to follow along with my travels here then feel free to subscribe to my channel here at gabriel traveller and there will be lots more videos coming up of the various sights and sounds and experiences that i have throughout the course of my travels so this video is a collection of assorted little budget travel tips that i jotted down that i thought that i would pass on for people to make use of ten budget travel tips here so number one is always arrive early for flights buses and trains etc you don't want to be in your taxicab looking at your clock realizing that you have just enough time to get to your plane if you're lucky if everything goes as planned because things oftentimes do not go as planned you never know when there's going to be a traffic jam a thunderstorm an accident a breakdown protests riots an earthquake who knows what's gonna happen so it's better to give yourself at least an extra hour or so to get to your destination when you're talking about catching a flight that if you miss you're going to be out under the dollars number two expect to spend more than you expect to spend here in India you can travel for dirt cheap I have a couple of videos on YouTube in which I document my expenses throughout the day and show that you can travel for $10 a day for all of your expenses my hotel room currently here in this hotel is $4 however there are always unexpected expenses you don't want to be nitpicking every single rupee you know you want to be able to buy that suite if you want to or get that shirt that you really like and there will be unexpected things that come up so you always want to budget more than just the you know bare minimum that you think you can get by on so just a general thing to keep in mind because usually you will spend more than you expected if you need a backpack clothes and other items before you come on your trip before you get started on your trip if you're traveling somewhere cheap such as Asia then consider buying some of those items once you get to the country because it is so much cheaper here you can find almost anything that you might be looking for other than a few specific you know items obviously your medications things like voltage converters or or socket adapters for the plugs or your charger for the battery for your camera or your phone etc those kinds of things you want to definitely have beforehand but clothes backpacks a journal pens and stuff like that you can get in the country you're going to the markets are huge they're vast you can find a wide assortment of pretty much everything and you're going to spend a heck of a lot less money we might spend 10 to 20% of what you would spend on these same items back in the West in the US and Europe real quick number four is if you're going to bring a laptop consider getting a small size laptop I have a acer aspire one and it is about the size of this journal here slightly larger slightly thicker but almost this exact size and then it opens up so the screen is about about the same size here you get used to the small screen and it is so much more convenient to have something that small that you can just stuff right into your day pack if you're going walking around for the day and think you might stop in to an internet cafe need to use the wireless there or something along those lines saves weight and save space and general hassle number five here is as I just mentioned just a minute ago is the socket adapter so I have one right here the socket adapter allows your electronic devices to fit into the sockets and other places around the world there are an assortment of different types of electrical sockets in different parts of the world you can buy these separates adapters separately in which case you would need a small bag of five or six or seven of these different things or you can get what is called a universal this one's a travel universal adapter I think I got on Amazon is a a common one that you see around and it's a pretty cool little contraption that allows you to plug in to any electrical socket anywhere around the world and allows any type of socket to plug into it so you have a weird looking plug there that allows all different types of the sockets to go into it and then you have an assortment of different looks like just three different plugs here so this is for India and elsewhere in Asia and I believe Europe and then here we have one for the United States and Canada and then this one here is for the UK and Spain so if you're going to be bringing a laptop needing to charge a phone or a camera a beard trimmer then you're gonna need what anything so tip number six is kind of an obvious one but just a little reminder here that before you hop on a flight make sure you don't have any items in your carry-on luggage that you're going to take onto the plane that is prohibited I once went through the security check and I had forgotten to take my pocket knife out of my day pack and put it in my checked luggage and my check luggage had already been checked and was gone so I couldn't go back and put it in there and so I was I was left in a little bit of a quandary I lucked out and that there was a post office in the airport and so I was able to go mailed my tie pocket knife back to myself but you want to make sure you don't have knives lighters liquids gels big bottles of shampoo etc in your carry-on luggage because they will nab those out of there and you may not have a way of getting it back number seven is always make sure you have some major currency on you while you're traveling so carry with you one hundred dollars two hundred dollars of US dollars Canadian dollars euros British pounds etc something that is is easily changeable so you don't end up in a situation where you realize that your ATM card isn't working for some reason or another you have only 100 rupees left or couple bucks and you have no access to cash so just make sure that you always have some major currency on you also it is very useful for crossing borders oftentimes if you're getting a visa on arrival then they will expect you to pay a major currency tip number eight is to have a little bag of useful little items that you stuff into your day pack I always bring a day pack in addition to my larger backpack for just walking around during the day visiting sites going – et cetera have a little handy bag of sort of useful things that you stuff inside that day pack many of which you probably won't use regularly but might be handy things that you will realize you can make use of at some point so I have my little handy bag of things here so I'll show you what it has inside it here I have a photocopy of my passport I usually leave my passport in my room so that it's locked away there just in case your bag gets stolen or something but you want to have a copy of your passport on you just so you have some ID on you in case something's out of – and also sometimes you get questioned by police in certain countries around the world and they will want to see some kind of an ID extra toilet paper India and many other places in Asia do not provide toilet paper in the bathrooms if you got to go in the middle of the day and you're away from your room then you want to have some handy soy sauce this is actually Bragg's Liquid aminos just a little extra something to squirt on your fried rice or your curry or your noodles or whatever in case it happens to be a little brand it's come in handy quite a few times here is the aforementioned pocket knife that I ended up having to mail back to me this is the same one that was like seven or eight years ago and I still have it it is actually a Leatherman tool that has a pocket knife and various other things on it that could come in handy a headlamp or flashlight just in case you end up staying late and get stuck wandering back to a dark alley late at night a little spoon just just goes it's small and you never know like in the honey this is really an essential one that a lot of people don't think of which is needle thread and some collapsible scissors and in case a strap on your backpack breaks your clothes start coming apart who knows then this will really save you some hassle fingernail clippers just cuz you might be sitting in a train station somewhere realize your fingernails are a little bit too long and you need something to do anyways so then you got them handy to cut your fingernails lighter just in case tip number nine is don't eat sweets before you take a long bus ride especially somewhere like India or elsewhere in Asia where the roads are not great and you're going to get jostled around a lot sweets in your stomach start to feel funky pretty quick before you hop on a bus eat a solid savory meal an omelet for breakfast fried rice noodles something along those lines that will sit well in your stomach and that isn't going to disturb you also in the same vein don't drink a lot of liquids many of the buses in this part of the world do not have bathrooms on them and may only stop every three or four hours for bathroom breaks and finally tip number ten here is before you leave a taxi a bus a train a plane similar you've been sitting having lunch for the afternoon look behind you and make sure you didn't leave something behind so far on this trip I have lost my favorite pair of sunglasses in a taxi in Indonesia my hat that I really liked I'm not even sure exactly where I lost last summer in Thailand I left a shirt somewhere and I think there were a couple of other items so just double check that that quick glance behind you can save you some money to pass to try to find some little item that you really like so that's the end of my list of budget travel tips here I'm not going to grab the camera as promised and show you be seen here in Brno see this neighborhood is really an interesting maze of little tiny alleys just stretching off in every direction here the Ganges River as you can see is often the distance there there's a bridge going over it there and then you can see another section of it here and then the floodplain of the Ganges stretching off that way it's a pleasant day here in March March first it was raining the last couple of days and then it's ended up today and warmed up a bit so pretty awesome scene here it's a very mellow and peaceful especially for India neighborhood here with lots of guest houses restaurants various shops and things you can get everything you need in the course which is just a couple blocks here I've been here about a week and I haven't left this area other than once to go find an ATM machine so for India it's a nice peaceful spot and also very interesting all these things going on on the Ganges River the Hindus bathing doing laundry doing puja ceremonies music little shrines here and there pretty cool spot classic India all right thanks a lot for watching take care happy trails

28 thoughts on “10 Super Awesome BUDGET TRAVEL TIPS

  • I have 2 tips that actually save money and extend your trip.
    1- Don't drink. 2- If you do drink; buy it in the store.

  • I always take a lot of American money with me. It buys u out of any trouble. The money talks, bullsh** walks. I'm not a budget traveler. I like to enjoy myself. Most people do.

  • Would also recommend you take 1 or 2 extra pairs of boot/shoe laces in case you're somewhere they're not readily available.

  • Here were the things I left behind over the years ;
    An electric toothbrush in Venice
    A towel in Venice
    A coffee thermos in Paris
    A thermos in Chefchauhen. morocco
    A black skirt in san Francisco
    A reuseable Water bottle in Siem Reap last month Sept 20, 2018

    So, I started collecting thermos since I. Keep loosing it😜 😳 😡

  • All great 'tried and tested' tips. Also add a small bottle of anti-bacterial gel to the day-pack; especially for Nepal / India.

  • Thanks for that. I am guessing you are also a budget flight guy too. My guess is your next location might be based on flight costs no matter where you are as one video showed you picked Bogotá because flights were cheap and also I think Iceland. One more thing… my guess is you rack up airline points. If you do amass airline points, maybe a video in how that saves you would be helpful. Keep up the good stuff. What sets you apart is your budgeting. To me, that’s what makes travel fun!

  • Hey Gabriel
    Love your videos! It shows you don’t need to be rich to travel. Anyway, I see you always show your room and food costs but you never factor in the flight costs. Could you add what you paid for flights from A to B? This helps figure out costs. Thanks.

  • Another great video thanks Gabriel !!! My tips would include always bringing small change to a country before you go, most taxis won't have or give change for big notes, if you know some people in your country eg Indians or Thais they may have some small change they can give you, I have actually scored INR money off Indian ppl I know here where I live.

  • There's Ol' Gabe, rocking the swept-back hair and shades and dishing out wisdom for one and all in Benares no less!

  • do you have a rucksack or a suitcase? if you have a rucksack, do you leave it at the hotel/room? couldnt it be stolen if you do so?

  • "Have some currency with you" : great tip ! I got stuck in Milano with 2€ (hopefully the price of a subway ticket to go back to my hostel), because my credit card wasn't working. I withdrew too much money in one week so I had to wait for the following day to withdraw again. I got hungry, and a little bit freaked out. 

  • bragg's liquid aminos – yeahhhhh boiiii!!!!! haha – rad. thanks for the vid. i'm prepping for a trip to india in jan 

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