12 Beautiful Baby Shower Gifts

12 Beautiful Baby Shower Gifts

hey everybody hi I'm on my way to the baby shower seat and I'm making a couple of things for my friends at the moment to be and it occurred to us that we've done several things here on the show that makes really great gifts baby showers so we thought we'd put together a little roundup of some of our favorites and we'll link the description in the description box all the tutorials that go along with each of these projects so we've got a tutorial for every single thing we're going to show you today so if you want to give some of them a try or your next baby shower then you can feel free to do so before I show you what I've made my girlfriend specifically we're going to show you some of the things that we've done so well I'm going to start with baby clothes and all of these projects go from the super quick and easy to the little more time-intensive one so and then there's stuff in between so if you're looking for something that fits into any of those categories kids already will see it here none of us so retarders the equipment a little baby cardigan this is a great little gift this one was good project for if you are a beginner and you haven't ever made any baby clothing before and the idea kind of makes you a bit nervous this is actually made in pieces just simple rectangles and then the whole thing is put together and it uses the V stitch so it looks fancy but it's not that difficult and it's not a super quick project but it's not as long as a baby blanket so it's summer in between and a little sweater it makes a nice little gift obviously it's designed to keep them nice and warm the sleeves roll up a roll down so if the baby gets a little bit bigger it'll stretch to go around them and after we did the beige cardigan we thought we'd make up a little hat you need to go along with it so this little hat is also done in the V stitch and it's kind of a little sailor look to it and as the baby grows you can roll down the brim and if the baby is born in let's say the winter and you know they're going to want something a little bit lighter for the spring and summer head you can make the same track but just leave the brim down and put a little applique on it like at this one here so that's a cute little project and the Hat doesn't take very much time at all so if you're just sort of impact and you just want to maybe add a hat to another gift that you've already talked or something to purchase and that's a little bit quicker in the cardigan so coupler has an exploiter and now you can't have baby clothes without the quintessential baby bootie and we've got a couple different baby booties here on the show this is one most recent one we did this is see a baby slipper wraps booties with a little pom-pom this is probably one of the fastest projects you'll have this is a lightning-quick project these little things whip up so quickly you'll have them both done before you even know it I've literally made a pair of you on the way to a party in the past enough especially if you have the pom poms pre-made or if you have some of them lying around that makes even faster so we may be these are really fun and they're really cute and if you want them a little bit smaller you can use the same tutorial but a smaller hook and thinner yarn so I used worsted weight yarn in a five point five millimeter hook beneath but if you use a four point two five millimeter hook and a light weight yarn like a size three same pattern they'll like work up a little bit smaller and so that we sort of ready for like a brand new baby these ones may be here for a little bigger okay to err on the side of big when it comes to baby clothing because babies grow so you can keep that in mind we have another pair of baby booties that we did here on the show and can't respond them what is a picture they're all the cross back baby buoys and they're real vintage stitch so I have some friends who are into a really vintage classic look and I like to pull out some of those patterns whenever I'm making something for their little one so we'll put that link in the description box as well and that's a fun one it's not quite as fast as the wrap Bodi but it's really old fashioned like it has a real sort of classic 1950s look to it so if you're into that you might want to give them one a try toy so a it's a little while ago we made some of these really cute baby rattles here on for the shaped like an egg and they use a scratch just to sign a little bit of stuffing and then I'll show you in the tutorial obviously what you can use as a speaker but these are great they're really quick they're fun for baby to hold with both hands they're an easy grip Abul thing and if the child tosses it or even an older sibling comes along and grabs it and you know talking it around no one's going to get hurt because it's all soft and it's full of stuffing but it's interesting babies love things that make noise and so this is a fun little project make a great little additional gift and it just scraps of yarn so those are cute too yeah this little heart pillow makes a really sweet gift at a baby shower and there's a couple of reasons for it you don't want to put a pillow in the crib with the baby but it's okay to use these things in the playpen so with their lying around and they've got like some other toys and maybe some stuffed animals in there this makes a cute little stuffed toy because it's soft it's not very big they can grab it and toss it around same thing if it gets thrown at them by an older sibling or if they're just messing around with it it's not going to hurt them and in the meantime if mommy doesn't want to put it in with the baby right away it makes a really cute little accent pillow for the nursery so that's something you might want to keep in mind because I know the baby showers are all about the baby but mommy wants to have a pretty looking nursery too so he knows what okay blankets if you have the time and you have a lot of love to give this new person who's coming into the world then you might want to consider doing a baby blanket we've done several here on the show and I'm going to show you some of them today in fact I'll start by saying we have one called the brook surround ripple baby blanket that one has already gone to a baby shower as a gift so we'll put a picture up about it and we'll definitely link it down below but that one's really gorgeous I love that blanket I've made several of them but it's a little more advanced so if you've never made a baby blanket before you might want to try a slightly different one before you leap into that just because it does require a little bit of thinking and Counting but some anybody who has had a chance to get into it and give it a try generally moving like this it's cool it works in the round and then you want to be beautiful points and my friends who like to wrap their babies say it's kind of actually handy for wrapping could you just grab the point and rock the points around the baby and they're all snug in this thing so that's a really great blanket it's a classic another one we did and this is a dual size version of it but this is the bubble Fitch baby blanket and if I hold it up for you here you can see there's any cute little bubbly bumpy bits that go across the fabric on the front on the back it's nice and flat this is a really warm almost like a waffle waffle stitch kind of blanket stitch to do it's great if you live in a climate that has really cold winters it's interesting it's got a texture which is great because babies like to feel their way around in the world at first and it's really really pretty it's a yarn eater so if you've got a lot of baby are to use up this is a good one okay so it's another good stash busting blanket but it's really pretty and it's really warm so this is a great one and of course strikes are just so pretty another one we did a little while ago is the fans ditch baby blanket this is another gorgeous classic pattern so pretty it's just so lazy and beautiful and it looks like some stripes to look nice and solid this is by far one of my favorite stitch patterns to use for a whole host of things and it's not difficult that's the really fun thing about this blanket it looks fancy it looks complicated but it's not and it's one of those patterns once you get it into your head you can just zip along and enjoy the process and before you know it can have a blanket made so that's been really nice one to consider and people love getting this one it's just it's it's light but it's warm it makes a nice nursing blanket it's just it's so soft it's so nice a really really nice breathable fabric so that's when you right here's what we did this is actually a tutorial on a particular square we did the mitered square granny not so long ago kind of a cool take on the granny square you sort of start with a granny square and then everything going to go sideways but we'll put the link down below for that actual mitre square granny and when you get to that video you'll find links in that video box about joining them and putting on a border it sounds really really basic it's just sort of a repeat of the shell stitch all the way around but this is a fun little project to take with you if you're traveling a lot and want to make a blanket you can make it modular lease if you can make all the individual little blocks and then attach them all later and then put on the border block it and you're done so that's a fun little idea if you don't want to drive around an entire blanket project with you now if you've got friends or you know about the parents of this baby are not technically traditional maybe there are a little more fun maybe daddy's so play video games then you might want to consider something a little more zany for a baby blanket we did this a little while ago it's a Pokeball granny square and I love this for kids because of all the bright colors so little brains love to be activated by different colors and sound and putting together a nice bright blanket especially using lots of the primary colors is great a lot of fun it'll keep the baby interested and there's lots of texture in this particular granny square and it also works up relatively quickly it's also a modular piece so you can take your adjourn with you and make a bunch of a little squares up and then put them all together later when ready to put the whole thing together again if you don't want to be dragging around the entire project with you when you're on the go most recently we did the corner to corner this is another beautiful idea for a baby blanket especially for someone who's not the super traditionalist so it makes him really warm fabric and depending on how you want to approach this pattern you can just use a solid color you can use a self striping color like I did with this one or you can make intentional stripes and either way it kind of ends up on this really cool diagonal so it's neat it doesn't look like a typical baby blanket but it's soft and it's warm and it's just really a quick build so once you get the pattern into your head you'd only have to think about what you're doing I have a lot of fun making this so that Segway is exactly what I did for my friend and that is what she is getting this week so the blanket I use the corner to corner and I did it all in rainbow stripes so oh my goodness it's hard for me to do this away because I just love how it turns out so much I use the baby Bernie baby coordinates yarn and what have you mentioned that you also had it out there thank you and I did find someone was digging for it in the stores I can't find it on the burning website and went to their website to see if they were still making it because I wasn't really sure and it didn't see there recently i Scott visca other stuff other baby yarn but I didn't see the baby coordinates but I know that some so the local Walmart's are still carrying it and Michael still has some of it so I know some is still out there if you're interested give it a try it's beautiful and shimmery and it's a bit picky as to work with but the final product as you can see is really gorgeous so that's what I've used to make this corner to corner blanket and I intentionally striped it so each color is three rows and then they would change it three rows and change colors and I did the same little border around the edge that we did with the other ones so I love the way that turned out obviously it still had a little bit of goring left over so I made her I made her a pair of little wrap duties in the same colors as the baby blanket and I made the pom-poms using the same yarn and they turned out really really fluffy like super fluffy so those are some of the nicest pom-poms I've ever made that's using the baby coordinate yarn cuz it's really sort of softly wound so it turns into a giant poof and you turn it into a palm ball so terribly to go with it and then I I already know I like to sew so I just flipped up a quick little tote bag just put everything in because I like reusable bag that's one of my favorite things to give anybody at any time is a reusable bag I figured she can use that as a overnight sleeping pj day for the little ones down the road or just a carrier on whatever she want that I made it nice and big so I can put all of those gifts in here and yeah I think you pretty quick so a little so together dogs some of it that is what my friend is getting for her baby shower this week and that is what we thought here on so so but like we said all the links in the description box down below for all of those different projects what do you guys like to take to a baby shower if you have like a set pattern that you follow or is there a gift that you always get because you just know it's like the best product for baby out there would you guys what to do I'd love to know let me know down below in the comments boxes and I think we will see you guys really soon here on the dance it's a show with you buddy time till then stay safe hey crappy

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  • You are so enthusiastic, crafty, and I love your attitude you display as you work! Please continue to make videos. I'm learning and gaining lots of knowledge of crochet techniques. One day soon I hope to show you what I've done. Thank you.

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  • One of my friends is expecting due in January. I love all these ideas! I might just have to make everything! 😊

  • I usually make a blanket use a 5.5 mm hook and double crochet stitch. But this time I'm using a 4 mm hook and lighter weight yarn. The yarn is Lion Brand ice cream tutti frutti 3 weight

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  • I once made a farmers' market styled drawstring tote to use as a gift bag. I also figured busy Mom could use it (not just a Baby gift) and when the baby grew older she could use it to carry her own things. That obviously takes longer than your simple-sew bag! (:

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    And I have to ask….. is that an elephant tea set behind you?? Elephants are my favorite!! Please tell me where you got it!!!!

  • You are so talented never stop doing crochet. Because that is a gift that not everyone has!

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