5 Best Bridal Workout Moves

5  Best Bridal Workout Moves

hi ladies all right this is my Bridal Fitness series I'm so excited you guys are joining me as you get ready for your wedding or your friend's wedding so whether you are a bride a sister of a bride a mother of bride bridesmaid or a bra aspiring bride like I was most of my life an aspiring grab with no groom these are the five best moves to get you into your dress or your honeymoon best body so I basically picked five key problem areas and picks one of my favorite moves for each area so rally yourself rally your girlfriend's and try out these moves when we know your favorite moves share them with me on facebook on twitter comments below I want to know when you're getting married I want to see your dress where's your honeymoon let's hear it everyone complains about backlinks and you know balance our girls you know what these are those are those annoying like flabby wings that you have on the ends of your arms in my mind my grandmother used to shake them and show me when she was when I was younger so grandma and all of everybody else get rid of these tighten those up no more about wings you're going to do dips so you can do dips if you use the edge of a chair or you can actually use them right on the ground so you come here and you're just going to dip lower and lower and I mean it couldn't be more direct right you're feeling it right in the back of your arms those are your target toning for those that wing of course with all exercise guys you're getting into the best shape of your life you gotta compare this with the poll for the train you got to do the cardio you gotta do the diet so check out my 14 day plan if you want full shape up or whatever you need to do all right next is bra strap back guys you know if this is your bra strap goes back here your your your tight little tube dress or whatever it is and your your body's kind of hangs over it and kind of cuts you you know I'm talking about all right here's a good luck back running into the side plank position and you can actually take a weight right here to makes little more challenging and you're gonna bring your arm under and then up you can use a full water bottle here or a dumbbell whatever is best for you and you're gonna reach it up and then reach it as far as you can under and up can you do about 12 to 15 reps both sides good bye bra strap back now we're going to spare tire syndrome the spare tire syndrome that is that extra layer of fat that kind of hangs right around your midsection here we're gonna go back into plank and we're gonna do our hip drops so here we go you're gonna drop your hips to the ground really feel it in here and then use your obliques to bring it back up and drop and lift it back up drop and lift again you wanna do a 15 to 20 each size breasts saggy bum okay you want to lift I don't want to bum me over here we're gonna do a leg lifts so you're gonna bounce yourself on one leg bend over and then you're going to lift the leg the leg as high as you can't really lift and lower and lift and then about 20 each side hold it and then pulse it for another 20 at the top love it you're really gonna feel the burn here this is like the Brazilian button maker move right there and then last move we are going to do saddlebags we're gonna hit the satellites guys I had she hadn't heard of this room front of her so hilarious but someone wrote me with saddlebags it's actually that layer of fat on the outside of your thighs I thought was a hilarious term for saddlebags so to dress the salad bags we are doing squat jumps nothing fun about these guys they suck they're horrible they're gonna make you want to scream and I'm telling you you do the with intensity no more saddlebags and and the other one is this is gonna do your body just gonna squat down jump up kick squat burn harden up we're adding a jump that's right a little bit harder telling you guys the more painful it is the more torturous it the better you're doing for yourself more results you're getting it getting it a bit faster so tribo 20 graphs of those those are five key problem areas with funny names so next time you hear about saddlebags or bra strap pad or bat wings or whatever it is think of me think of these moves and guys there's no better time than to really get motivated into the shape of your life people always struggle with motivation when it comes to fitness girls you were dreaming about this wedding since you were like three years old this is the time to get motivated if you can't do it now man forget later excuse but put that goal in the front of your mind hang up your dress your picture of your dress your honeymoon bikini whatever it is let's do this together let's rally and if you want to take it to the next level try my 14 day plans the AR fit plan calm and we all do this together stay tuned as you come with me on my own journey through from my wedding where you will see everything from how to pick out the dress for your body size the best kind of meals to serve at your wedding to accommodate all diets to planning a prep if you need style fashion itself alright guys subscribe to my channel be in the know but all things fitness and lifestyle and join me on Facebook on Twitter and I will see you next Tuesday hi guys so make sure that you subscribe to my channel for all your Tuesday and Thursday videos and like me on Facebook follow me on Twitter for daily post updates events giveaway all that good stuff

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