7 NEW Life Saving WEDDING HACKS You MUST Try … | #Beauty #Fashion #Fun #Anaysa

7 NEW Life Saving WEDDING HACKS You MUST Try ... | #Beauty #Fashion #Fun #Anaysa

my eyelashes fall out while dancing and lipstick fades cause of eating have it contains all those essential stuff that needs to be with every girl in wedding like face powder, lipsticks, lash glue, Q tip etc… decide your picture poses before wedding otherwise look like this in your wedding album True!! it would be better to pre decide the picture poses rather than getting these type of weird pictures from where you learned these steps :-)) got shoe bite cause of these new heels thats why I dancing like this now there's left only one way but you also bought new sandals then this didn't happened to you cause I always wear socks before new sandals as I know we need to walk a lot in Baraat then giving it heat using a hair dryer this makes sandals leather a bit soft its quite tricky to go to washroom in these heavy Lehnga's take a big polythene and make cut like these this diy polythene help you a lot show me this… that…. how it costs Rs. 800 give it in a better price as we usually buy so many things from you only its rate is fixed don't rob us lets go Anku & get it stitch from a tailor need to stitch a blouse how will you cost 1200/- its just a padded blouse oh padded one….then you need to pay 1500/- for it ok I'll make it myself now just buy these pads from market and stitch these roughly (Kachi silai) with the blouse the benefit of this is you'll get a padded blouse & you can reuse these pads in another blouse as well are you ready how's it?? what?? Perfume!! its so expensive nothing to do with expensive one there's also an hack for this first apply this vaseline at your pulse point and now apply perfume after this vaseline this makes its fragrance long lasting stain on the borrowed clothes!! give me the wet cloth… this makes the stain more dense where's the salt what will happen with it salt absorbs all the oil and when you wash it stain will remove

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