Aaron Hernandez fiancee destroyed evidence in murder case

21 thoughts on “Aaron Hernandez fiancee destroyed evidence in murder case

  • I can't understand why mainly everyone on here is so quick to judge them based on their appearance/looks? No one really is talking about his trials and evedince. Hating on her cause she is beautiful by calling her a gold digger and only after his money. Lol. They have been together since grade school!! WTF!! And as for men only (talking shit) hating cus he was Mr. popular? Looks, girl, and dream career? Basically had it all. One little mistake of being at the wrong place at the wrong time and quick to jump on keeping him down. Bet you guys were the guys in h.s. wishing you were him but hating him of course for the loosers you guys turned out to be. No ones perfect and who are any of us to judge?! instead we should be praying for this man and his family. R.I.P. Aaron Hernandez.

  • Bitch has a forehead like a drive in movie theater! Now I know what he used to rest his beer on when she went down on him!

  • too bad Aaron you fucking idiot you shouldn't let yourself get sucked into that Thug Life because when you lay down with dogs you get up with fleas bye bye stupid

  • Jenkins, no doubt, deserves jail time!  It is such a lie she didn't know (or even asked) what was in the box or where she eventually disposed of it.

  • Ortiz was crying like a bitch while in front of the judge. "🎶 Don't do the mf crime if you can't do the mf time 🎶 " I wonder how much time he and the other punk ass accomplice will get if Hernandez got life? All those gangsters should be put away for a long time and come out when they're old and too frail to pick up a gun to hurt anyone.

  • She clearly forgot the MAIN ingredient to be a good liar; GOOD MEMORY!!! She had no memory of 97% of what she was asked. She thought this "I don't remember, I don't recall, I don't know" game she was playing was going to set her man free but what she really didn't know was that the jurors caught on to her game and formulated their verdict form there. 

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