hey guys so today's video is going to be my baby shower shopping Cole I would say I'm going to my sister-in-law's baby shower and I need to get a gift and some dress maybe some jewelry thinking me love with me I have no idea what to get yet there was a baby shower registry but I kind of led it on the last minute and there is no mug gifts by I could do up a gift card but I think that's not it's not lame but I wanted to really get her something so she can open it at the party so I'm gonna choose something I'm gonna get her gift receipts just in case she doesn't like it so hopefully she does um I'll I'm gonna go get this stuff and then I'm gonna show you what I got [Applause] [Applause] hey guys so I went to a Burlington Coat Factory to get baby stuff it wasn't planned first I wanted to go to Toys R Us which is still open they did have some sales but it didn't really have much stuff but I liked so I went to a Burlington which is right next to it and so as you can see I got the paper wrapping paper I'm not sure if I'm gonna use it but then I got this box Lounger love this thing you had it with me like didn't had a bit of it Sasha it was a gift for my friend I actually didn't even know about it until she she had her baby and she used it and she recommended so she she she gave it to me as a gift when I had when I had a Mila and I totally loved it I couldn't like live without it like it was that good it's it's it's so good the feel I loved it was so snuggled in it and just when she cried you know I comforted her and then I put her here and she was so like cozy in it so so I hope my sister-in-law she's gonna like this and her baby will like it you know each baby is different so I got a gift receipt in case she wants to choose different color or she wants to totally exchange it so so this was the main gift then I got this cute little little rabbit it will be from kids this one is a cloud B it's a really good brand we have their sheep that makes the white noise um it's it's it's a nice one so I really neeli and now I picked this little rabbit it's super cute and soft it's very nice then I got heard this the baby ganic that's what I got from the Toys R Us even they didn't have much stuff but they had still something so this is a mineral based this is a mineral based sunscreen and this the second thing there's a spray for insect repellent I mean it's an insect repellent there it goes my dog oh and another thing that I got so instead of buying a card I got her a book I thought this is a super cute book she could reach to the little baby they're gonna have a baby girl so I thought this was a super cute book did they could read to the baby and of course I didn't have anything to pay for the baby shower so I got me obsessed it's a yellow flower dress very nice one wasn't expensive I think I don't know you can let me know in the comments below I I'll show you how it looks later and I got these cute little earrings with it like this I think they've all nicely match I love the tassels at the end okay guys so that's it that's my baby shower hall I hope my sister-in-law's gonna like the present and she will enjoy the the shower so I will see you in my next video okay bye guys


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