BIKINI DESTINATIONS Moorea – Season 5 Episode 1 1280×720

BIKINI DESTINATIONS  Moorea – Season 5 Episode 1   1280x720

home to some of the most incredible beaches in the world the breathtaking heart-shaped island of Moorea embodies all the romance of the South Pacific join us as bikini destinations takes our stunning bikini models to this magnificent island paradise I'm your host Adlon maka and join me as we explore the Polynesian island and what it has to offer on this episode of bikini destination Moorea Moorea is known for its majestic beautiful islands and marine life with white sandy beaches and lush landscapes it's easy to see why on this episode of bikini destinations we travel to the South Pacific and the island paradise of mo'orea to bikini destinations we'll wrap this magnificent island was formed when half of a monolithic volcano crumbled into the blue green sea this event some three million years ago created this unique heart-shaped island paradise that has now become the perfect backdrop for our exotic photo shoots now let's meet our next model that came all the way from Palm Beach Florida hi my name is Tia McDonald's and I'm from Daytona Beach Florida I have never shot with a bikini destinations before but I was so excited when I found out about it because I've had you know friends that are models that have found a lot of opportunity from this experience and I was just beyond you know grateful to have this opportunity it's absolutely gorgeous here but as we were taking our ferry over its are pouring as in a tropical climate always sort of a problem at times but I'm sure we'll find out something obviously my personality is very goofy and fun I just like for everyone to see an exhibit so I think that that's the most important thing especially when you're on a beautiful island with amazing friends you need to enjoy it be kind of really good why this is better is really a first rain day so I guess cool so when I hope for this experience to bring me is not only amazing photos but more importantly you know just closer friendships with everyone that it's really really cool to be able to come to such an amazing island of Moorea and you know spend that time and have that experience here all together we're on an adventure so always trying to find a new thing to do and then you adventure the to see today we went up the mountain we went through a whole bunch of mud piles we got super dirty which is exactly what we were expecting and wanting and a blast there's nothing better than this it doesn't it just doesn't she's South African so I mean what would you expect going through Safari basically with with a wild one it is amazing that she's like a driver so very responsible for the team so as you can see this is pineapple fields it's my first time seeing a pineapple field and I just think it is amazing each crop looks like the top of a pineapple being able to see you know a farm on this beautiful land of things that you eat at home and really get a taste of somebody else's culture in the way that they do things it was just beautiful I just want to run in there but it looks good and kind of stinky [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you hello thank you for coming welcome to ethylene and the Cristina we were very happy to welcome her to our facility at the Maryland Center how facility is a conservation and educational facility we are offering many different programs with the dog when I came here I know that Mariah had a lot to offer but I did not expect this at all this was amazing and I get to go home with some amazing experiences and I am just so happy to have done this this is what you have to tick off a bucket list so write it on there you you a fun or a happy-go-lucky goofy kind of thing I feel like that's a piece of me as well you being here in Moria has been absolutely phenomenal so far I've got to swim with sharks I've got to swim with stingrays I've got to swim with dolphins swimming with the dolphins was definitely different than my experience before this time I was able to be taken by the dolphin down into the water so you find yourself really letting go and like I said becoming one with nature I actually had to heat e on my dream board as a child is a little girl and growing up as a teen at didn't you know the famous picture with all the huts and the bungalow is going out the water now I can look at that picture and I can see myself in that picture so I think it's a really cool accomplishment for me and I'm living that dream shooting here has been an incredible experience here is a peek at some of my shoes my name is adilyn machina and I'm from South Africa being from South Africa my passion for modeling started with travelling as a young girl mom's done really want to open their wallets to send their daughters and traveling the world so I had to work my way to be able to travel and I started doing modeling so I'm very blessed to be here today and I think of the beautiful nature and how grateful I am to be here and I just show all of my happiness your eyes because those are are the most important when you phone it's um it all shows in your eyes I have a thing for extreme sports so as kids we grew up on wave runners I did like first jet ski race I think when I was 10 years old and yeah it was for me I just had to beat all the guys my age because they they believed me like yeah you can't do it I'm like I'll show you I'm here in Moriah I'm gonna go and take this baby for a spin so let's see what she can do a check to Mariah wouldn't be complete without some local sounds and Polynesian dancing and I just got to the chute and there's all these beautiful flowers and I think they're going to make me a little headdress that what you go one of the ladies actually dragged me in and she's like you want to make your own unlike listen I don't want to mess it up if you're doing such a great job and she actually showed me how to make this so believe it or not I am with my clumsy hands with this beautiful decoration together and it's amazing what you can do with what you have you that's far from you you have one hour to hear sharks sting is all kinds of fish you'll see when we get in the waters you're just gonna be swimming around us they pretty much even avoid us oh I'm the closer that you walk towards and they'll actually swim away if you're treating them with respect then in most cases look at all the stars back here twelve sharks yeah we just got to the place where we get to swim with the sharks being in the water I definitely feel very comfortable I couldn't wait to get in the Sharks were just that that was the biggest part for me because like I said before you know I've had them near me but I never purposely got in the water with them overall we definitely got some really awesome shots though and aside from the Sharks the stingrays those were pretty cool it just felt really good it was very invigorating good to be able to push myself to that limit and go through with it and let myself go it kind of you know gives you a different perspective on nature kind of because you jump into the water afraid of sharks but I definitely would do it again and I'm so I mean it's so cool let's meet our next model who came all the way from Paris France my name is Vanessa Lawrence and I come to Paris in France I'm Adela on 8 years I'm like Dan sign language opinion I like shooting topic in unison salsa I like so much immobilized beautiful and I open I can write family or with a job more efficient as it because it's amazing my friends and me I'm a clown so I don't know but a simple person I think a great person with a big yes with big up and I'll try modeling it's important because not only my life I love my family my my mother my father all and I tried to be simple all my time you know if I'm sixty but I'm trying I like the beach I like to water and use I'm like you're sexy water the beauty of Moria is that it has accommodations to suit most everyone's needs the most stunning of all the resorts is the Hilton mo'orea lagoon Resort & Spa this resort offers unmatched luxury and elegance this luxury resort is conveniently nestled between the islands two famous bays and set against a beautiful mountain backdrop and crystal-clear Lagoon the stunning Polynesian architecture of the overwater and garden bungalows blend seamlessly into the picturesque surroundings no expense was spared on this magnificent property most popular with the honeymooners is the island on an island overwater rooms which are connected by winding wooden walkways built on stilts over the lagoon guests staying in these overwater bungalows enjoy a luxurious oversized king bed private sun deck and direct access to the lagoon and its exotic marine life there's never a need to travel off property to enjoy any of the spoils of moriah the Hilton mo'orea offers several unique dining experiences complete with world-class cuisine in stunning views of the Pacific active travelers and explorers can take advantage of an array of guided tours or lagoon activities like jet skiing snorkeling paddleboarding or almost anything else one can imagine now let's meet our first exotic model that grew up on the island you my name is Enid I wish from Tahiti and I'm 23 years old I like to posing I like to work in the modeling I like my hair the color of my eyes I like to show my body I have acted in the pictures but I am so excited to see them now let's look in on our next model from the islands my name is colony Salman and I'm from Tahiti when I look at my pictures and I don't want me telling my eyes and my hair I'm very focused do great pictures I like hanging out with friends a little bit of sir I'm kind of a happy person and nice and always mining as you can see we're having so much fun and it's a dream come true this place is amazing beautiful sure I'm like I'm so happy if we can discuss all the dancing was amazing these guys definitely have great moves they have um showed us a little bit of that that we can take home and go and shower friends it's basically all in the hips right I'm gonna do this whole thing fly Air Tahiti Nui just eight hours from Los Angeles complete with world-class cuisine and stunning views of the Pacific is the Hilton mo'orea boo Resort and Spa

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