Commissioner Alastair McEwin AM on accessibility & engagement – First Public Sitting – 16 Sept 2019

Accessibility is also at the heart of everything we do at this Royal Commission. It will be accessible to all who seek to engage with it. The Royal Commission will also take proactive steps to reach out to those in hard-to-reach communities. In particular those in rural and remote areas and those in closed settings. […]

Father’s Day Church Arrangement 父親節教堂擺設 W-003A

( Please choose Subtitles and Subscribe ) The third Sunday in June every year is the Father’s Day, and today I use Sunflowers to show you a church arrangement to mark the occassion We should pay attention , when placing Sunflower ,we generally make it a straight line. But try not to make Sunflower oblique […]

【Touhou vocal arrange】PARITY ~ Persian Villainess

I look behind once more mouichido furimuite and hesitate, a bitter parity tameratte nigai PARITY I can still see ima mo mada mieteiru the label they wear aitsura no LABEL wa I can’t escape this gloom and anger iraira to moyamoya ga A laughing parity hanarenai warau PARITY There’s no safe place anymore! anzen na […]

2019 Baccalaureate Ceremony

– [Announcer] May I have your attention, please. For your safety, please note the location of emergency exits. They are identified with illuminated signs and are located in the lobby and the upper sitting level at both ends of the building. In the event that an alarm sounds, please exit immediately and calmly as directed […]

2016 Naturalization Ceremony

Today we are at the James Lee Community Center, a Fairfax County Community Center. And we at the Literacy Council of Northern Virginia are hosting the Naturalization Ceremony for new citizens of the United States. These are folks who come from, well fifty-two countries and they have learned English, studied the United States Government and […]

How to Increase Engagement on Your Videos

(inspiring music) – Hey, I’m Keri Murphy, and welcome back to Inspired Living TV, where we inspire lives and empower entrepreneurs. And I first have to say congratulations. You have started to use video, you understand the power of video, and now you’re wondering, how do I get people to actually engage in my videos, […]

Community Engagement Showcase

[music] Sandy Lopez: The importance of giving back, I think it helps students to build a community with one another, but even within the NIU, as we call the “communiversity.” It does happen here. I see students on and off campus, but that’s what this showcase is about. It’s to showcase our students, their involvement […]

Inkpad Arrange Menu – Alignment

[Lindsay] Offering a quick and easy way to align objects the remaining six options in the Arrange menu will align selected objects to each other along your chosen axis. Next to each Align option you will see a diagram showing how the alignment will affect your selected objects. Align Left This will vertically align all […]

🍀 5 Easy Ideas to Build an Epic Vertical Garden with Smart Arrangement 🍀

Some of these easy ideas to build an epic vertical garden can provide insight and inspirations for homeowners with limited outdoor garden. Vertical garden ideas are mostly doable and possible, as long as you are willing to do some extra efforts to prepare the land and the arrangement. Don’t forget that the overall process isn’t […]