Psycho Vadhina || EP 07 || F2 || Funny Family || Tamada Media

This was back in the day when it was summer. My brother and his wife slept in the room with AC and I in a room which didn’t even have a good fan. So, I had to make do by sleeping in the hall. Why isn’t he still up? He is sleeping like a dog. […]

Celebrate National Youth Science Day with Illinois 4-H

hi I’m Natalie Becerra-Stasiewicz. I’m the state of Illinois CS or computer science innovator fellow. I want to remind you about the National Youth Science Day which we were celebrating in the whole month of October. The first activity is called picture passion. It allows youth to make an animation about a cause idea or […]

Elephant in the Room: Talking Race in ANY Space

[Music] Good afternoon. Thank you for coming to the Elephant in the Room – Talking Race in Any Space. This is a tricky conversation for us in Wisconsin as well as in the United States. So first, my colleagues and I that are here presenting with you want to thank you for coming to this […]

Polygamist Perverts 3 – Return of the miscegenatio

I was thinking, if polygamy is not sinful or immoral, then why is it illegal? In the United States, in the late 17th century, miscegenation laws were put into effect to stop blacks from marrying whites. You mean that marriage laws come from racism? Yes, Originally in the United States, government comes from “we the […]

How to Play Bohnanza

Hi! It’s Ryan from Nights Around a Table, and this is Bohnanza, a set-collecting, trading card game with a twist, for 2-7 players. Let me show you how to play! You and your friends play bean farmers. “Bohne” is the German word for “bean.” Why they didn’t call the English version of the game “Beananza” […]