Chantel's Friend Has Info About Pedro | 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?

Chantel's Friend Has Info About Pedro | 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?

I'm meeting up
with my friend Obed. Obed was the family friend of
Pedro's who I met when I first came to the Dominican Republic. And the last time
I spoke to him, it seemed like he had
information about what's going on with Pedro. I really feel that
there's something not right about
Pedro's trip to the DR and how his family
is treating me. Can I have a mojito, please? Thank you. I can't believe you are here. Because when we speak
by the video call, I never thought you would come. Well, I thought about it, and
my friends really pressured me. And I really thought
that I needed to see what was going on here. Yeah. CHANTEL: So what's
going on here? Oh, well– as a friend
of Pedro's family, I wanted to, like, come
forward to Chantel and tell her the truth because I am the
only one who knows his family, like, for real, because they
did something similar to me. So I know how bad they are, and
she needs to know what she got into with Pedro and his family.

37 thoughts on “Chantel's Friend Has Info About Pedro | 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?

  • Sometimes I do wonder if this show is linked to all those U.S. deaths in the DR, this show has done nothing for U.S. and D.R. public relations at all.

  • long sigh
    Wake TF up Chantel. How are you such a bad bitch body wise and a straight up AIR HEAD in real life? You’re giving me NICOLE vibes and I don’t like it one bit.
    ( who again, I believe speaks perfectly GOOD ENGLISH but pretends like he doesn’t 🙄)

  • it was a roumor but I think it's true. His sister and mother set people from the DR with people from the U.S. they match make but it's solwy for the purpose of a green card and financial support. they get these vulnerable people from America, the trash get the paperwork in line and do everything to get the couple a citizenship and financial help. they make money doing that. they want to come to America with Pedro cause Chantal would be responsible for them. they are ugly rude manipulative things.

  • I don't really believe Pedro has bad intentions. I think both of the families went into this with a bad attitude, and it's caused problems.

  • Why are you married to a man that you have to sneak around to meet a "family friend" to figure out what he or his family is up to? There is 0 trust in this marriage…..0. If you can't trust your partner you have NOTHING, you to have absolutely no business being married. There is Nothing to fight for!

  • She better be careful, PEOPLE are dying there….don't drink the liquids , eat the food, matter of fact don't even breath the air

  • She needs to just go on and divorce the man and move on…I think we all are beyond tired of this story. TLC is milking this to the boring end…

  • …yall keep asking ”chantel is so sexy why’d she pick pedro”…😂👀i thought that was pretty obvious early on. 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️ I guess not lol

  • Pedro sister and mother look like dead mummys even with the makeup on..

    They should cast for a spot on the walking dead movie thats coming out, they will get role, they dont even need the stage makeup

  • LOL, I really don't get why people don't realize that these shows are a scam and nobody in their right mind would hook up with someone from another country to bring them to the US to marry. Culturally this family is typical DM, they wanted their son to find an American to marry, get himself a green card, and then start sending them money. He is controlled by his mother, and especially his sister. They wanted a nice home and all the mod cons that go along with it, and now they have it. Some of these women need to take off their blinders. Chantel needs to grow some common sense, with all that has happened and with all of Pedro's siding with his family, and the fact he wanted to get away from her, should be a red flag for her to leave.

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