Choosing Photographs for Fiancee K-1 or Spousal CR-1, I-129F or I-130 Visa Petitions

Choosing Photographs for Fiancee K-1 or Spousal CR-1, I-129F or I-130 Visa Petitions

in preparing a fiance or spousal visa petition
for USCIS it's important to include some photos that proves that you and your life partner have met each other
in addition you have the opportunity here to tell the story about your relationship and to
give the impression how sincere your relationship is so it is important to choose the right
photos and that's what this a presentation is all about my name is Fred Wahl and i am the Matchmaker and Webmaster at the Heart of Asia Romance Network we've been online for about fifteen years
now and have helped thousands of couples usually
from USA to overseas to Asia and Pacific find each other and to get married
and start families almost everyday i get phone calls from people advising
me of their happiness their success and then asking questions about the fiancee visa and
spousal visa process. It's a bit complicated it needs to be done properly the first time i've put together this presentation to
help answer a lot of questions up front i hope you enjoy and good luck in starting
this adventure I am not an attorney nor do i work for the U.S. government if you need legal advice please go to an attorney or to the government what i provide here is practical useful advice a successful visa petition is both art and science the science is filling the blanks correctly
and remembering to attached all of the required documents but the art comes in when you choose which evidence to present that will convince even the most unfriendly and skeptical consular
officer that you are a bona fide couple. One element of the rainbow of evidence sources
you have are the photographs that you send in. imagine this as if you were giving a very short slideshow of only a minute or two and you're using that opportunity to tell
your whole story choosing the right photos to show to immigration
is extremely important. The simple purpose of the photo is to show that the two of you have met
face to face. That's accomplished with one photo but to demonstrate your bona fide relationship you need to tell a complete story and this is going to be about choosing which photos to tell the story and
even more importantly to talk about which photos NOT to share which would hurt your chances It may seem pretty obvious in the photos you send them both you and your fiance should be visible in the photo Only choose those photos that show positive body language between you
and your fiance look at the couple on the left they're both smiling they're both leaning towards each other they are in body contact. They, obviously by their body
by their posture show that they are a happy couple compare this to the picture on the right where it looks like they just had an argument. If you have tight close-ups on the couple's faces The story is very limited. It shows the two
of you together but you've already said that a hundred times so better that you pulled a frame out a little bit take the photos at a midrange so that we can identify the couple together as well as where you were and what you were doing this shows that you spent time together and
that is the most important part to show that you traveled and you did activities
together and you were happy in each other presence while you were doing it. Try to go on more trips to visit your fiance and if possible go at different times of the year, so your
photos will reflect different seasons or the different events or festivals or holidays
that are going on so that it will be very clear when the picture
was taken. Take photos at different times of the day to show that you spent a lot of time together. Having your camera automatically insert the month day and the year into each photo is
the simplest and most effective way to demonstrate when your photos had been
taken and that they had been taken one more than one day pick some stocks with friends or co-workers hit a couple is genuine one would expect the
proud fiancee to "show off" and introduce her fiance to their friends or co-workers or fellow
students. A group photo at her place of study, work, or
leisure with her peers is a good choice. A serious fiance will meet his new in-laws and especially would want to meet her parents
or family elders, to in essence, ask for her hand. Photos showing the couple together with her happy and all
"on board" family is a must. Don't be repetitive. One of my clients gavep me twelve pictures
of him and his fiancee at a single restaurant of course each one of these pictures was very precious
to him and his fiance but, these should be saved for the family album not used with this visa petition. One possibly two pictures that tell about a particular moment in your time together is interesting
and effective. A consular officer will be reviewing your
petition and then sitting down with your fiance to interview
her about your relationship. You want to make sure the photos that he sees keeps him friendly interested, on your side that he has a positive feeling about you and your
fiance. This person may have strong moral, racial, religious, or cultural biases. Be extra careful not to inadvertantly offend him. Do not allow any suggestion of sex no matter how subtle into the photos you choose. No kissing, no hugging, no pictures in the bedroom. Avoid looking like King Kong with a tiny Faye Raye Organize the photos so that you don't seem to be overwhelming and overpowering
your fiance. Try midrange shots perhaps with both of you sitting down
together so your heads are side by side. Avoid negative body language from the other people in each photo. I got
one photo of a couple with her parents. The couple is smiling but the parents were scowling. Perhaps that's the way the parents always
look i will never know but that particular photo made it appear that
the parents were not happy with the engagement. Such a photo should be avoided. Be sure not to be culturally offensive. I got one photo in the couple were in front
of a statue of the character out of her country's cultural history. The couple were making hand gestures like
the character was wearing horns. Perhaps the consular officer would've thought that was funny like a couple did or perhaps he would have
been offended. I would not want to take that chance. And also don't cheat I've seen many photos where people have faked the date stamps on the photos. This will always get caught. Please don't even attempt it. Everyone's case is going to be different but my imaginary ideal of a timeline of a
genuine romantic engagement would be as follows: My ideal couple has been corresponding for six months or more. The man flies to meet her for the first time. They spend a week getting to know each other. She shows from her country. They are in love. Three to six months later he can't bear to be apart from her any longer and flies back to her country. He stays longer this time and he meets her
family her friends. He gives her a ring and they are formally engaged. She shows him more of her country and upon his return to the U.S.A. he submits the fiancee visa petition. The photos I would like to see from
the first trip are just simple photos of the couple together
on different days wearing different clothing in various identifiable locations. From the second trip somewhat the same idea, again photos of the couple together
on different days with different clothing and different locations but also added would be
photos with her and her family or with their friends, with an engagement party, she wearing the engagement ring. If you need assistance to prepare your
petition come to For do it yourself'ers I offer the service where i will review
your package and give you my comments before you submitt
to immigration and finally also for do-it-yourselfers I have two e-books one for fiancee visa
applications and another for spousal visa applications. at or

45 thoughts on “Choosing Photographs for Fiancee K-1 or Spousal CR-1, I-129F or I-130 Visa Petitions

  • my husband doesnt live in America, so will I still have a interview?
    Or will the interview be after the spousal visa be accepted?
    And does it matter if the visa attorney not in the same state as I am in?

  • Hello sir..Thanks for the video..My fiance is about getting ready to submit a petition for fiancee k1 visa…I just need your advise pls…We have know each other for almost a year through a family friend and started dating 2months ago..He visited me for 1week in december 2018 and went back to see his parent..In January 2019 I also visited him for 1week before he travelled back to the state..We have all documents to prove we are in a geniue relationship including pictures…Do we have a chance of getting a visa…Thank you sir…

  • particular questions asked about parents and siblings: names, ages or where they live-suppose the parents and a sibling are deceased. how do you respond in the interview?

  • Wher do I get my translated document like passport birth cert ss card and…wher do I get the notarized document that proves I'm single…I plan on marrying my sweetheart that lives in the Dominican republic….how long does it take to get these translated documentation…we plan on getting married in her country

  • Good day sir Fred. My fiance print out/develop our photos together and all photos have same date below. The dates is when he print out/develop our photos.

  • hii sir I'm Pakistani and I'm engaged with American lady. so if we will marry in Pakistan and then how many month I have to wait in Pakistan for going to usa .,?

  • Hello sir fred im separated for mire than five years and feel very happy to set me free about my past married life i have three kids and have their owned family except the youngest coz he is a gay were experienced very hard to their father since the beginning but i tried to sacrifice coz i dont want them to raise a broken family until it comes the time that i cant stay anymore my kids have their owned life hes not change always hurting me physically and emotionally everytime he drunk until one day i decided to separate and even he want to come back i did not accept him and my kids know my sacrifices until my second eldest daugther put me in asian dating i met my fiance he propose me to marry him we have chat and call for two years and six months until he decide to visit me here in phils to meet my family this coming may he will back here again to be with me spent his vacation with me and my family

  • what about if the couples are only spend their time everyday in there apartment cos they're not really an outdoor person and those photo that they have was the photo that they took in their apart which not really offendable? tho they had some photo's while they've had a date but they just took it only in weekend

  • Hello Fred,what we gonna do when me and my fiance has no proof of pictures together, but we're in 2 yrs relationship,we just meet here on Facebook, please help me what we gonna do

  • What if we have no photos that shows positive body language? Pls read my story below ⬇

    Joveth's POV

    Meinard and I first met in May 2013. It was his second visit to the Philippines and he was with his mother and younger brother John during that time.

    He celebrated his 36th birthday at Max's Restaurant and me and my sister's were invited for a dinner party. The next meeting was when we travelled to Corrigidor Island, few days after his 36th birthday. We spend the whole day touring around the island with his mom. Corrigidor Island is a former US Military bases during the World War II. Honestly, I can't remember any conversations that we had on that trip…but one thing is sure…we enjoy the trip. On the same month, I invited him and his mom in my hometown in San Juan Batangas, we had a town fiesta celebration that time and that was our third meeting. I remember being with him once more on a night before her mom fly back to United States and I was there to help them pack their luggage.

    Years has passed. One day I was surprised when I received a letter from him. It was purely a casual hi and hello's. Sharing what he has been doing over the years. Delightedly, I answer his first letter. Until the second, third, forth and the countless letters comes in. And one time he and his mom sent us balikbayan box with lots of stuffs and goodies from United States.

    I can say that thru those letters he sent, I was able to get to know him. He's been sharing all the stuffs that he likes and he dont likes. He shared with me all his experiences in the military years way back. He even share his plans in life, like having his own restaurant and making his own family. Aside from letters, we randomly exchange emails and and chat messages thru facebook and messenger.

    2016, his mom and step dad decides to retire in the Philippines. And since I was so busy that time, I misplaced some of the letters he sent. Mostly, I wasnt able to answer on time. And the last letter he sent, Feb of 2017…sadly I lost it before I could read it.

    Nov 2017, I got a message from her mom that she is coming to the Philippines again with Meinard this time around. I volunteer to pick them up at the airport.

    Dec 7, 2017 they arrived at NAIA Terminal 1. I wasn't surprised that I'll be meeting again the shy-type-in-person Meinard.

    His two months stay in the Philippines has been the most memorable time of my life. I notice that he doesn't bought me any gifts from the US 😄…little did I know, that his presence would be the best gift that I ever received. A journey of a lifetime is what he brings from the United States. Few days after I picked them up at the airport…shocked and surprised is an understatement…oh my God he proposed marriage.

    To cut it short, I didn't gave him my answer right away. Why?! Because where not even lovers or in a boyfriend – girlfriend state of the relationship – as far as I know. What I did was, I ask for a time to think about the proposal.

    That day changed my entire life. Before he came in, I was so ready with all the plans that I have for 2018. From personal to my career. It was all set and ready set its sail by January 2018. But when he proposed, my life is as if I was stuck in middle of roller coaster hanging, not knowing if I'm gonna plunged in or up…I just paused and hang for a while.

    Few days has passed, I can't even gave him my answer. I spend so much time with him. Hoping that I could know him much better in person. So, I decided to spend most of the days with him. We eat together, we watched movie together, the first one is Star Wars the Last Jedi and some other movies that I forgot the titles. We travel, we attended birthdays and family occasions together. I even attended their family reunion…and I also invited him over family events, until he learned that I already told my family about his marriage proposal.

    He didnt bought a ring from the United States because he said, he doesnt know my finger size. One day at the mall, he push me towards a jewelry store and have my finger measured. He even ask me if I am ready to gave him my answer so he can buy me a ring. Still the answer is I DONT KNOW.

    January almost ends, and he was about to go back to United States…and here I am, getting pressured everyday.

    Before he came in into the picture of my life, all is set for me. My plans are ready. His proposal is a great opportunity and a very good passes for me to get to United States. And who in the world who doesn't have an American dream? And that is exactly my reason why I cannot give him my answer. I dont wanna said YES, because finally I can go to the US…and I dont wanna said NO because I am afraid I would regret it later on. So I was really confused.

    When you ask me about how I feel about him? I'll be honest, he is not my ideal man. He is not perfect, well nobody is perfect…but he is too far from what I wanted for a husband. But over our small talks and silly conversations, I got to know him more…and I realized that he is the kindest person that I knew. His love and respect for his mother is amazing. I saw it everytime I spend time with them. And I admire his mother for raising such a kind, witty and smart son.

    Come the last day of January, I spend the night with them. They're going back in United States the following morning. Still, I cannot say YES…I dont know why, and still confused.

    In the morning, I bring them to the airport. Some casual talks along the road until we were finally there. He hugged me tight. He bids goodbye. He turns his back.

    The moment he enters the gate…I cant help my tears falling. I dont know what I feel. I feel like I'm loosing a big part of me. I feel like half of my life was taken away from me. I feel numb and I dont care if people were staring at me. The moment he said goodbye and turn his back on me, was the most painful I ever felt. I'm so sad. I feel like I'm loosing him.

    And I cant do anything but cry. I booked an Uber back home crying but I didnt stop calling him thru his Philippine number but he wasnt answering so I decided to go home. When I reach home…finally he answered my call, and right there and then…I told him that I regret not giving him my answer…he said its ok, I will always think about you and pray for you.
    I said, NO…listen…its not okay. I really regret it…because I realized that I cant live without you. My life wouldn't go back to normal again. The moment that I realized the he is going back in the US hits me. It feels like he's not gonna come back and I can no longer be with him…so I decided to give my YES…in between tears.

    The moment I said that, I feel so alive. I feel so happy. I feel so light like I was floating in the air. If only I realized that it was just that easy to say YES, I could have done it earlier so I can spend more special moments with him.

    So there, we got engaged…officially on Jan 31st. Without a ring on my finger.

    Since then, until this day…my life has been incredibly amazing. Last year, I made my plans for 2018…it was a whole year planning. But all of a sudden, when the super blue blood moon appears in the sky, my entire plan has changed. I am now looking forward on spending the rest of my life with him. Now, I am not only planning for my self alone but we are now two planning our life together.

    Our relationship and engagement is not a normal type. No pictures of us together that can prove or show that we are a couple but our relationship is genuine.

  • Hello Sir Fred. I just want to ask if its alright to use collage image? because we do have lots of pictures together so i decided to make a collage with 8 photos.. but the whole image can be seen, each photos surrounding is also cleared. and also i make a collage when he proposed to me from the time he get the ring to his pocket up to he wear the ring on my finger.. then i took screen shot of my facebook post when he send me flowers, gift and it is also collage.. then i paste it to word then we stated when, where and what is happening in that photo.. is it alright Sir Fred? Thank you so much

  • hi visa coach, johanna here.. me and my american bf dating online for only 6 months and he will come to marry me this following month is it possible for us to qualified for spousal visa after we got married even for the shorter time we've known each other?

  • Hi Sir Fred.. i want to &my fiance just talk for only a short time only 40 days.. then he visit me here in phils. for two weeks then we tavelled to HongKong &He propose to me in HK.. then we aply fiancee that ok..coz we know each other for a shoet time..but our relastionship is genuine….

  • hi! may I ask, what if our pictures dont have date in the lower right? is it still ok? thanks in advance.

  • Hi, Im Nica. I would like to ask if it is possible to file fiancè visa, he proposed to me on skype…we have our pictures together with his fam and mine, and I am working in Singapore. We're both Filipino. he was my former classmate when we were high school in Philippines. He visited Phil last June 2014, he left December 2014.. We lived together, and travel around philippines. Any idea or are we going to pass the visa? Thank you.

  • Hi!Was your goodluck is a treat?So you mean even you met once is it a big factor that i will be deny Sir?

  • hi Im Jen I met my fiance last March just this year and he visited around July and he went back to the US and his planning to get me this year.So i would like to ask is it possible?Is there factor that will deny our visa we also have all the supporting documents and were talking every single day when his not help me please

  • I just received a approval of a fiance visa I prepared for my fiance. I had no photos of us together, so I just sent emails of our communications with the other needed forms. Just a little over a month USCIS send me a approval, and the beneficiary number.

  • hi ,,, ill like to know if it would be an issue been out of my country when it comes to apply for this type of visa??? I'm cuban , and i currently work overseas with the person i have a relationship , pls advice . thanks

  • Hello me and my fiance have apply for the k1 visa we met just one time for 7 days this last month and this is the first time we include picturs when we were kissing in public so i want to know if this will hurt our chances to get the visa approved or not , and thank u

  • Hello sir, im getting ready to submit a petiton for my fiance's visa k1 im an american citizen borned in the US but i live in the same country and city as my fiance (Venezuela). I havnt read anything wrong about not being in a long distance relationship but i havnt read the opposite eather. Will it affect the approve of my petition?

  • hello sir , thank u for ur nice video , my wife applying for me to come to usa by CR-1 i just wants to know do i have to fill the G-325A too or she just have to fill it? and if i have to fill it its 4 copies or just one? thank u

  • Hello, would you include pictures of the husband with the wife's mom, but she (the wife) is not in them? or pictures of both sets of parents but minus the spouses?

  • How about if the fiancé can come to Egypt for just one time for two weeks because she can't afford another trip , is this will effect the consulate decision

  • I am in a similar situation as your example: I met a woman online who lives abroad(Philippines, while I am in USA), and we have known each other for over a year, but started dating 8months ago. Back in August I visited her for a week(just like your example), and in January I am visiting for a month. Is two years since the FIRST visit absolutely required for the Fiancee Visa? We have tons of photo's from our first trip, and will have more from the second, and emails to back up our talking.

  • OK. So you might be faced with a higher standard to demonstrate your bone fides. So TAKE ACTION to make sure you have abundant and persuasive proof to demonstrate you are a genuine couple. Concentrating on proving the bone fides is where I excel. Call me and we can discuss your case, and take action.

  • Too bad we are a bi-racial, same-sex couple. We could offend a great variety of these unknown consular officers simply by being a couple. They are, of course, obliged by law to not discriminate but with these things, it's going to be hard to prove that the officer is giving us a hard time just because we don't meet their personal agenda.

    OH WELL.
    Going to go for it anyway now that it is FINALLY possible.

  • Good photographs go a long way in telling the story of a genuine couple. Its time for you to force yourself to use a camera, at least for the benefit of immigration. To refuse to do so, puts you and your petition at a disadvantage compared to the "NORMAL" camera friendly couples the consulates see. I case you don't know it yet, I personally help couples to put together their petitions, and "do it right". Save yourself and your fiance a lot of anxiety, have him call me and help you, start to visa

  • I love your videos, they are very helpful. I'm planning to do this Visa with my Fiance and the pictures make me nervous we just do not take pictures together. We do have a couple from Christmas but that is about it. I'm not 100% sure what I should do. We have seen each other multiple times.

  • Sorry, without having your full set of evidences on my desk, knowing your situation, the number of trips your husband has made, the quality and quantity of photos, etc.I can't offer a "is that ok?" opinion. Please ask your husband to contact me directly, and I can help prepare your spouse visa petition and bring you to the US as fast and reliably as possible.

  • I only visited my fiance once…. and then proposed at the end of my trip. When i came back to the USA i bought her engagement ring, but all of the shipping companies do not let me ship an engagement ring overseas… Do you think this will be a problem for when she has her interview?

  • Thank you so much for answering. The photos that I sent were too small. Is it really to resubmit photos to go with a already submitted packet? Will that push back the processing time. Our packet is due to be processed in mid January.

  • Thank you so much. Is the photo of engagement is important? We didn't have formal engagement. after I met her and feel the compatibility, I told her about future plan and we don't have party or celebration or ring for that, will it increase our risk to be rejected or do we MUST have to be engaged formally in order to increase our chance to be approved?

  • Hi Fred, I have known my wife to be for almost 3 years now and I went to her country 6 months ago to met her. At that time I spent about 2 weeks there and took many photos but at that time we didn't use the time stamp feature on the camera so the photo doesn't have a date and time stamped on it. Is it ok? I heard that if the photos are digital, they can find the information in the hidden information inside the file, I think it's called EXIF data or something and they would be able to see.

  • HI! Is it enough to include 2-4 photos in the package? And do we need to also include the Affidavit of Support? Super thanks!

  • should it be necessary about the time line of the petitioner going back to the hometown of the fiance? how if he is working in the military and military members are only allowed to have a personal leave once a year and they can't exceed beyond 30 days. it is still pretty considerable if the petitioner had only visited the fiancée once due to his job and finance right? we've taken tons of photos together from different places and he was only with me for a month due to his work..

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