Death Row Love Story: The Couple Who Were Sentenced to Death

Death Row Love Story: The Couple Who Were Sentenced to Death

They framed me for Laura I was wrongly convicted and sentenced to death. In the beginning when I was first sentenced to death the hardest thing for me was [being] hated A robbery happened up in the next County and Following the robbery [there] [was] [a] shootout with [police] and two police officers were [killed] two men were arrested one that evening one the following morning with a third man escaped, I was amazed at myself that I wasn’t afraid to die for what I was afraid of That they would take my dignity away from me, Jesse And I my husband at the time found ourselves in Florida with a broken-down car And we just needed a lift The Policeman drew his gun and said no one was to move and then they were shooting I Covered the children. I was still in the back of the car and when I looked up again [Jesse] was standing there the other guy was running around the car with a gun in his hand ordering Jesse to put us into the police car and We were all taken into custody and of course they didn’t believe me My sentence actually was life, and the judge overruled the jurors and sentenced me to death anyway I Did think for a while like if they did come and kill me how would I go? You know and at first. I thought I’ll fight them if they want my life They’ll have to have my blood under their fingernails. They’ll just have [to] drag me there. I’ll fight and I won’t let them do it At the time I knew I couldn’t possibly face [forty] years And I considered an whether I should kill myself or not, and that was a reasonable proposition to me at the time but I knew if I did that they would say I did it out of guilt and remorse and Then that would be a further reflection of my already suffering family when you have to live with seeing people you’ve known for years and years and years and perhaps become friends with being taken away, and executed day after day after day I Mean that is [soul-destroying] Can you just imagine if they came and one-by-one started taking people out of your apartment building and and killing them? Unfortunately, Jesse because his sentence never changed. He was executed The natural reaction is to be angry and bitter over what happens you to you but to hold on to that is not [natural] The natural response after that is to recover We’re survivors We both made a similar decision when we were released from prison We didn’t even know [each] other at that time and that was to heal I Knew when I heard Sony’s teller story. I was so shocked by it all I knew that I needed to talk with this woman and she needs a job with me, so That was it I said well How did you get through your experience of being wrongly convicted and sentenced to death and all that he says all right? [I] did yoga and meditation. [I] couldn’t believe it. [oh] Not not everybody does that when their sentence death so that was our first [bond] and then our first discussion was about forgiveness This is definitely beyond my wildest dreams. It’s wonderful primarily. I think because Sonny and I are together We don’t have to explain ourselves because each of us knows exactly where we’ve come from It is the past, but the past is never gone When I first met Peter I Could it was it was kind of amazing because I didn’t know what I was expecting but I wasn’t expecting something quite so big and tall and and and formidable Yeah you

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  • Doing yoga and meditation helped him sail through the sentence. It is evident from the fact that he has more hair on his head than Sunny.

  • Ok no offence to anyone but i dont think the issue here is the death sentence. Yes, it has a part to play but the main point here is that wrongful convictions should be stopped. Even if the death sentence was removed from the law, imprisoning people for up to 40 years of their life is equally as bad as killing them. Even Peter said that he considered whether or not to just kill himself. So the point im trying to bring across is that the problem lies within the wrongful conviction, and not entirely the death sentence

  • I once spoke with a mother of a man who was wrongly convicted and executed (I will not provide any other details, as I gave my word I would not identify him or the family). She had an interesting point of view. She and her son were of strong faith, and felt like regardless of circumstance, this was his time. Because of their faith, they believed he was essentially being set free from this world, and moving on to bigger and better things. She shed just as many tears when he was cleared as when he died, but she remained steadfast in her beliefs. She held no anger, but felt the system should be overhauled for the benefit of others, who "wish to remain here, in this existence." She seemed at peace with her position, and before the trolls start in on this, who are we to judge? What interested me more (I don't know that I would've felt the same way if it were my child), was her reference to child murder victims – the same philosophy. She believes that the children transition from this life as a welcomed relief, and hinted they are gone spiritually well before their physical death. I asked her what she thought about the torture and pain endured prior to their deaths (for those who experienced this), and she thought on this for a few, and replied the human spirit, which is one in the same of our soul or spirits that depart upon death, would transcend this pain and suffering, and become stronger people. I thought about this when hearing of the women who were found to be captive for years in a basement or cage, etc.

  • "Can you just imagine if they came to your apartment building and killing them one by one?" (Paraphrasing.)
    It's known as the Holocaust.

  • What upsets me so much is that they murdered her partner, imagine being in love and then knowing they were going to be murdered for something they never did, how sickening. I’m so glad they managed to find each other even if the circumstances were tragic

  • What's the point of a jury if the judge overrules and sentences someone to death anyways??? The justice system in America is absolutely mind boggling

  • The death sentence is so wrong! How can it still exist?! And on top of that they just seem to be handing out these death sentences like candy. I would get why somebody would want to kill a serial killer who’s been perfectly proven to be guilty (though I still think it’s wrong) but a young women who just happened to be present a murder scene?! They SAW that the driver had a gun so why did they believe him?

  • To be honest putting them on death row was a little much. I just find it crazy that if someone kills a cop it’s the end of the world but if a cop kills someone it’s like “ oh it’s okay he’s a cop “ . I don’t get it .

  • the usa is a sick country. The endless killings are extreme. Yes, bad apples are a problem but even kids of 17 can be killed, kids go into jail for ever. It is so sick. The USA is a country without a conscience. The poor have a hopeless life. Europe is so much better and has a heart for the poor.

  • I wonder what’s a realistic number of people on Deathrow sitting there innocent 🤔 Like what goes through the mind of someone about to die knowing they got the wrong person and some how the real killer is out here living a normal life along side the rest of the world.

  • This lady’s story was definitely made into a lifetime movie . Unless someone coincidentally came up with this plot and made it into a movie on their own.

  • So so sad, sweet, heartwarming, bitter all at the same time.

    I love both of these people but I’m sad it meant that their lives were wasted to find each other.

  • Good for them, I'm glad they're living happily ever after because if that had been me I'd probably be angry and bitter for life. I can't imagine losing 15 years of my life and on top of that in solitary confinement on death row over a crime I didn't commit! It's heartbreaking knowing Jessie died for nothing. Imagine if the guy had never came forward after Jessie was executed? These 2 innocent ppl wouldn't be alive Today! Sucks how we'll never know how many innocent ppl have died in the hands of our justice system.

  • "I wasn't afraid to die but what I was afraid of that they would take my dignity away from me."
    Strong Words

  • She may exaggerate cause they are not executing women constantly in any state. So many lies and the question is mute, why, for attention.

  • I hope they got money for being wrongly convicted. They also shouldn’t have to sue, but just get it automatically for all the years wasted and the pain and suffering.

  • Why after did the real shooter confess.. that's just horrible man. Can't imagine what goes on in the mind when someone is being wrongfully put to death.

  • At least I will leave my life knowing I did not kill anyone. I did not know anything before I was born and hopefully it will be the same when I die. But if a God judges me I know I will not be guilty of murder like the people that put other humans to death.

  • Just an addition to this story: Jesse Tafero's execution was horrific. There was a problem with the electric chair, or rather, the sponge that is used on the head. Apparently, Florida had used a synthetic sponge instead of a real one. According to former Virginia executioner Jerry Givens, synthetic sponges do not conduct electricity well. Tafero caught on fire. The death penalty is nothing but pure state-sanctioned barbarism and must be stopped.

  • Not only was Jesse wrongfully sentenced to death, but his execution was also botched. During the execution by electric chair, the chair malfunctioned, and flames 6 inches high shot up from his head. Such a terrible tragedy 🙁

  • So awful. How many innocent people have been wrongfully executed? I am so happy this couple met each other. Thank you God….

  • They are such a beautiful couple. I'm so sorry for their horrible tragedy but glad it ultimately brought them together.

  • Wow What a story.!
    Two positive minds
    There is a light at the end of the tunnel
    Always look at the cup 1/2full and not 1/2 empty

  • Before i want deth penalty for henious crime..but right now wathing this..maybe life in prisonment will be fine coz yes we have justice here but sometimes there is also a bictim of false accusation and we cant bring them back to life..

  • 2:30 – 2:55 is how animals feel in animals agriculture. Each steak on our plates would have felt the same way. Go Vegan.

  • Incredible. Those two aren’t survivors, they’re warriors. It’s such a damn shame that those years they spent in prison were wrongfully taken from them. I wonder how many people have been wrongfully convicted by not only that judge, but all across the globe throughout the ages. I wonder if they received any sort of compensation. I hope they are successful in their fight to end the death penalty.

  • I'm sure their crime files will open up different parts of the story, which is not that pretty and cute.

  • They are an incredible couple! I hope they have a great future, filled with all the happiness that they deserve 💖💖💖

  • This couple gave a talk at my law school. Peter said that he wasn't allowed complete books in prison, so he had to study for his release from a few pages at a time. Sunny said her husband was killed by electric chair, which malfunctioned, causing a horrendous death. By far the most inspirational two people I've ever met. It was an honour listening to them talk and I'm so happy they've found each other. The death penalty needs abolishing. X

  • I thought this was going to be about glorifying murderers as “doomed lovers.” I was surprised.

    The death penalty in its current form is abominable. Only people for whom there is zero doubt whatsoever that they committed the crime, such as mass shooters, should be executed. Otherwise with the possibility of error and unethical attorneys (all of them pretty much), it’s too risky.

    That driver is absolutely vile. I hope he suffers remorse and that it burns him alive from the inside for the rest of his life.

  • America may the lord have mercy on that country cz killing is too much in prison good Lord they have no any other pernishment? even the Innocent die.

  • With the title I was honestly expecting a serious cringe fest between two criminals. I wasn’t expecting this amazing and heartbreaking story. Lucky beyond belief to live in a country with no death penalty. It feels like the easy way out for too many sick criminals and with the risk of repeating what happened to her first husband, it’s just not worth it. Life with no parole is a great sentence. Should be used more for violent crimes no more of this 10-15 years for murder bullshit.

  • when human beings play god, the world we live in right now is the end result, such an arrogant, despicably corrupted race.

  • And then people want to give people accused of murder and rape an instant death sentence. But what if they didn't do it? You would just be as a bad of a human being as you accused them to be.

  • Its a fact (found through post trial dna analysis) that in the US you are more likely to be a victim of a miscarriage of justice if you are facing the death penalty, than if you are accused if shop lifting.

  • Anyone who is for capital punishment deserves to have what happened to Sunny and her husband happen to them.

  • Whoever gave humans the right to decide whether someone lived or died or not? If you ask me, humans (in general) aren’t very good at deciding.

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