Diablo 20th Anniversary Retrospective

Diablo 20th Anniversary Retrospective

Welcome to my realm of terror. Diablo to me is… atmosphere, wrapped with action. Constant action. Diablo is stories. Diablo is loot. Magic loot. Cool loot. Phat loot. Diablo is the ultimate -epic
-dark Gothic scary fight between heaven and hell. No one would know
where that is from, probably. Enough. Uncle. Diablo was a new style of game for us. Before Diablo,
the idea of this fast pathed real time RPG did not really exist. Blizzard is making a RPG? Why would you do that?
RPGs are dead. It was pitched as a turn based RPG Get ready for it… done in claymation. A lot of great things
that people take for granted now like great 3D graphics
were things you did not have back then. You had to be very creative
in different ways to make the game. We had really decided to do something
sort of brash. We wanted to take the twist of turning a turn based roleplaying game into a real time roleplaying game. And it made it fast pathed
it made it immersive. It was not something that
you would have to invest millions of hours in because you are trying
to answer the questions of this story that is going on. You invest millions of hours in Diablo because it is fun to play. Who does not remember
some of their best boss fights My favorite boss fight is Belial. Belial. -Duriel.
-Duriel. Malthael. The Butcher. Fresh Meat. Fresh Meat. Like… what was that? And this guy comes out…
Chop! Chop! Chop! Our initial instinct was
lets hide it kind of deep in the dungeon. And Allen Adham said “no”. “Lets put it right at the beginning so everybody who plays this game is going to experience that right away
and it will set the stage.” We want you to feel a little bit nervous and a little bit scared. It is not a comfortable experience. The core of the Diablo experience is that terror or that horror
that is there. There is really two stories going on. There is the story of the game. Titanic forces,
heaven and hell against you. The story of the ascent of humanity. Continuing to strive to achieve something against some pretty terrible odds. And there is a lot of
hacking demons and stuff. And of course on the other hand,
there is the players story. The story of staying up way later
than you should have. If I could just get to that next waypoint. Oh man,
I am super close to leveling, okay… You know that boss
is right around the corner. Before I knew it, it was dark. Okay, I am just going to play
to this last area and I am going to close this out. I called in sick to work
that very first day the very first time I installed Diablo. I finished the whole game in one sitting. You are invited to just come in
and stay a while. Hours, days, sometimes even weeks. Deckard Cain says it:
“Stay awhile and listen.” Stay awhile and listen. Stay awhile and list… Stay awhile… Stay awhile and Li…
No I cannot do it. Stay awhile and listen. What makes Diablo fun is getting
that awesome piece of gear. The first time you saw that amazing item. And it got the stats you are looking for. You know, it just completely changed how you thought about your character. Oh my gosh I got this set item. Hey do you have this set item? And is that camaraderie
of being with your buddies and yelling at each other and then when suddenly someone
turns their hostile flag on and then kills half the team when they are in the middle
of a boss-fight. Ah, I just died I don’t get to get revenge
on that bastard who killed me. Becoming this close to killing Diablo. Missing the treasure goblin. Having to do it all over again. But then finally doing it that is also what makes it satisfying I actually would like
to see Diablo harder. I think there were a lot of things that took a while
for people to discover and find. Best kept secrets of Diablo well… …Secrets. Probably the biggest secret
about Diablo is if you click the gem stone
a million and one times… So are we talking about the chat gem? The chat gem? I do not know how much I want to talk
about that one. We are not allowed
to do chat gems anymore. There was a gem in the user interface and someone decided
that you can click on it. And people start
attaching meaning to that. What is up with the chat gem?
What does the chat gem do? We think the chat gem does this. It is not a million times.
It is a million and one. One million, ten million… Tech support would constantly
get telephone calls “Try clicking it a hundred more times” The chat gem did exactly
what the chat gem was supposed to do. It never did anything. It is completely function-less. And of course when you deny things people start imagine it is real. There is no cow level. Cow level?
No, I am sure there is no cow level. Of course there is a cow level. That does not really sound
very Diablo to me. I know there is the answer
I am suppose to say. I would have to deny all existence
of a cow level. I would have to deny the existence
of a cow level. I have played the cow level. That sounds utterly ridiculous. Frankly, I do not appreciate the bummer. Maybe. I think the tone of Diablo really sets it apart
from other Blizzard games. Well Diablo is our only mature rated game so I think it gives us an opportunity as developers and also as players to kind of go to some really dark places. It pushes some boundaries. If I remember there were a few countries where we did not get to release. We do not set out to have mature rated and I do not know that we will do another
mature rated game. A mature rating actually carries
a lot of weight and a lot of responsibility. It is not something
that you want to take lightly and just do because you can
because you are a mature rated game. There are forces of heaven and hell clashing with the mortal world. There is going to be
some bloody noses guys. Diablo was also the first game on the battle.net platform. Back then, IT support
was pretty wild wild west. There was one person
working on Battle.net. As a fledgling IT guy
it made it very interesting because I was used
to the interaction in the office of “Oh yes let me help you
with your computer” and then there was a machine in the room and if you turn that off,
10,000 people just lost their game. This is too important to have it be one persons part time job. And so literally Diablo created
the Battle.net team out of nothing. I remember when that service was amazing that there were 1.000 or 2.000 people online
to play games with you. And now we look at the order of
millions upon millions of people. that engage with our games. I think one of the goals in development on Diablo 3 was accessibility. We wanted to be really accessible to players of all skill levels. The game should be pick up and slay. So we did a lot of experiments with what we call “action story telling”. were a lot of it would happen
out in the world. And that is really I think where the game found its feet. I think Diablo rounds out our IPs. It is the alternative music, you know. It is the Radiohead to the Britney Spears There was a big part
of what makes Blizzard, Blizzard and what grew the fa base of our company. Diablo has a legacy. We are celebrating
a 20 year anniversary and people are still playing this game. Somebody will say “What do you do?” and I tell them
“I worked on World of Warcraft and now I work on Overwatch.”. And they will be like
“Yeah I don’t care about that do you know anybody who works on Diablo?”. Yeah… You know our community
is more than just a community it is part of our family. There are all these amazing stories of how people made these connections. I remember we got a letter
from somebody saying “Hey I met this person playing Diablo we are going to get married”. I have given a copy of the Game
to one of my friends every time and because he is far away I can only really interact
with him at times just to say “Hey what is going on”
through Diablo. And I think about that bond,
that friendship like, that is massive. We come to work with the best people and day in and day out,
what is our goal? To make things explode
in blood and treasure. And I cannot think of a better job
that you could have and I am so excited to come in every day. I just want to say thanks
to all of the players. Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you for 20 years of Diablo. We will see you in hell.

100 thoughts on “Diablo 20th Anniversary Retrospective

  • "We wanted Diablo 3 to be accessible."

    -Designs the game with no offline mode.

    10/10 would wait for hours to play on launch day again

  • No, thank YOU Blizzard for these hundreds of hours of joy.
    I hope we'll get some news about necromancer progress soon.
    Before that "Bul'Kathos will guides my hand"!
    P.S. Pleeeease, make pre-order of necropack available already, I need to give you some money. ^_^

  • diablo 3 is not gothic and definitely not scary … and 3d in d3 sucks
    its made only for earning money from old players, made by corporation who only focus was on wow and pay for play

  • ~ 1:10 "you had to be very creative in many ways to make the game"

    "You had to be Blizzard North" – FIFY.

    Also, seriously, why you still can't quite capture the atmosphere and feeling of the first one? Is it because there were less cinematics and less rails and people could just fill the gaps on their own, begging Deckard for an inchling of information here and there? Or is it because D2 became an arcade thing and D3 a repetitive monotonous thing?

    Also, needs more Matt Uelmen.

  • okay you thank us for playing that game. to only not really listen to us saying, we would like to see it flourish. If you read these comments all of us can tell you this. WE the COMMUNITY want the mature rated. it is was made it great no hold backs. we wanna see something like in the shadows with little to no sound but your own foot steps and a monsters rips you a new one. make it "scary" again. what you call scary is nothing to like a game with head phones on full blast. example resident evil or silent hill. i know it is a totally different game but every one from my youth remembers them games, why? Because they terrified you.

  • lets just hope diablo 4 will be more like diablo 1 and 2.
    also they said they worked on new event and additions short and that necormancer is in production not so long so i wonder what the whole team was up to all this time?

  • If you obviously use an overabundance of makeup and facial moisturizers, you get your opinion card of what's scary revoked.

  • The thing that makes Blizzard so special is they play the games they make, if you don't love what you make then the fans won't. Love these guys.

  • The guy at 1:16 is wearing a Blizzard North T-Shirt. The guys that actually developed the best and most awesome first part of the series, and the studio that was killed by Blizzard.

  • dafuq these ppl are talking about, seriously (I only watched like 5 sec, but i have to go to sleep, i will give it a go again tomorrow)

  • "Diablo is our only mature-rated game"


  • All the great moments and things they mentioned are actually about Diablo 1 and 2. They feeling the right vibe about Diablo but it seems to me they afraid to go off today's standards and cliches. And i guess the reason is money. You do not have any confidence or guarantees of successful project, but the main thing is to create what really makes you feel about Diablo and often it goes along with the risk. You have to commit yourself to the sanctuary and make it feelable not by describing it with words.

  • Best part of the video is at 8:05 when the harp cuts off the WOW-D3-type music, and there is a hint of hope that D4 is going to be a long epic Gothic dark plausible fantasy Adventure

  • DIABLO 3 DOESN'T EVEN have a touch of what they are talking about which describes the true essence of Diablo. The music, horror, terror, spirit, soul… IT is not there in D3. Sigh

  • "I don't know that we'll ever do another mature rated game"
    Translation : Mature game wouldn't make enough money

  • the game was fun while it lastet until 90% of the ppl got banned and the game broke apart cuz no new expension either , well all we can do is think back to those old days and wait for diablo 4

  • Ahh the best part is, that I have all of Diablo series games on disk's, i guess i should play them again 😛

  • Dear people of Blizzard. This video is simply awesome, but next time you do something similar, please put the names and occupations of the people talking, since not all of us know who they are and I am sure I am not the only one who wants to know the people behind this awesome game.

  • How about show more stuff from the game rather than the hideous mugs of a bunch of talking heads doing terrible impressions?

  • Diablo 1 + diablo 2 + diablo 2 LOD … some of the best games ever made ….. diablo 3 is garbage .. developers and team should be embaressed … basically they baby proofed one of the most popular rpg games ever . Taking away the pvp. Trading . And social interaction. Should have just done d2 remastered .

  • they just need to make d4 but go back 2 the old b.net on d2 lod where u make games and channel's out of town dueling anyware and make a new story with the throw back of d. d2 and lod mixed in d2 was best game ever made stole my soul for 9 years alot of ups and downs over that game alone d3 ok but every disappointed being a diablo lifer love d but lission to the real fans not the ball babys that could not make it in d2 and threatened them cuz they where noobs or didnt care to put time in to make it…..sry rant over

  • You ever played a wrestling game and messed with the create a character option, the faces in this video remind me of pretty much all of my results.

  • Love these games i actually played diablo 2 then i really fell in love with diablo 3 on xbox 360. I have went back and played the others on pc and still play diablo 3 to this dat on xbox one

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  • These guys talking about what made Diablo so great. I hope they understand the irony that they completely lost it in Diablo 3. What made Diablo 1 and 2 so great was that it gave me a sense of dread going into certain dungeons. Like Diablo 2, act 3 – those swamp dungeons definitely gave me a sense of dread. Act 2 the burrows made me feel so claustrophobic.
    Diablo 3 the monsters are mainly an annoyance or irritation for me to blow through to get to the next elite pack or boss/rift guardian…

  • I almost died from laughter at this dudes recollection of the Butcher 😀 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZxHmvVBQVZw&feature=youtu.be&t=107

  • Talking about the Butcher encounter as if it'd be scary and dangerous, then he just comes out and 95% of his damage is super easy to dodge.

    Also, I'm glad they're talking about the amazing feeling when you see a great item, shame it happens 50 times a day on D3, seriously, fix the itemization.

    3:50 that guy is great.

  • So many hours in Battle.net playing Diablo 2 in the first year of the game before expansion. A little less after Expansion but still all the way up to WoW release I played almost every day D2 in battle.net.

    Sort of a comeback after 1.10 patch but it was not so much fun anymore (too many changes I didn't enjoy as much). But still every now and then I keep playing D2.

  • Blizzard stole some of the sound bytes for D3 from the Tales From The Crypt episode "Showdown". I think there is a major lawsuit at hand here.

  • I really like Diablo 3, it's a game I've played so many hours with no regret. With that said; A Key factor that made Diablo 2 such great, to me, is the classic, hauntingly beautiful soundtracks of that game that created the grim feel and really made you "stay a while and listen". Diablo 4 needs classic, grim and d1/d2 inspired in-game soundtracks! sadly I think D3 could have better soundtracks that should have been more inspired by classic tunes from it's eariler games. But RoS had good soundtracks!!

    Many thanks Blizz team!

  • I just checked the releases of every diablo game and found that Diablo was released on Dec 31 1996, a year before I was born and that might explain why I am the devil/Diablo in my friends tarot cards lmao. Wish I could've experienced D1 & D2.. I want D4! ^_^

  • Put David Brevik in charge again and fire the rest of the clowns from Blizzard South that worked on D3. Do an HD update for D2 and make D4. We will try very hard to forget D3 was ever made

  • "Compelling stories. Intense multiplayer. Endless replayability. Qualities that made StarCraft, Warcraft III, and Diablo II the titans of their day. Evolving operating systems, hardware, and online services have made them more difficult to be experienced by their loyal followers or reaching a new generation.

    We’re restoring them to glory, and we need your engineering talents, your passion, and your ability to get tough jobs done.

    So if you like wearing many hats, know small teams are the most effective, and look forward to challenges that will create millions of new adventures for our players: we would love to hear from you.


    Make gameplay first again on modern operating systems.
    Create conditions for experiences that look as good as they play.
    Own implementation and curation of features new and old.
    Combat hacking to improve multiplayer.
    Diagnose and fix all the things: crashes, deadlocks, overflows, heap corruptions, etc." (Blizzard, 2015)

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