Divorced Couple Looks At Their Wedding Photos

Divorced Couple Looks At Their Wedding Photos

it's a good reminder that things things were good and will be again they are good I'm Sarah purchase FB and today I'm gonna be looking at my wedding pictures with my ex-husband it should be interesting we met through friends well technically we met in a bar but we knew people so it feels a little less sleazy she had a red top on I was smitten from go and she was playing at too-cool-for-school it was not a match at first I really wasn't interested but he grew on me and he asked me out by like a month later first date was on August the 9th Paris's history and our here within I say about a year of dating we moved in together and then we got engaged it was a year and a half later New Year's Eve at a Black Crowes concert after one too many drinks I said to her I have no ring I have no money but I love you I don't so the rest of my life with you will you marry me she said yes and we will hook up the next morning she looked at me and said you still want to do this yeah and my mom got sick she got diagnosed with cancer and so we knew that she was like gonna make it so he actually did a justice of the peace ceremony in December but the wedding wedding I just wanted a big party it's wonderful was awesome so after we got married he switched jobs now we're working all the time we don't really see much of each other I'm getting up at 4:30 in the morning and I'm out think that the things that affected the marriage is just time away from each other between his work and me doing theater I was just getting more and more frustrated not with her more with just I really don't like the way this is my life is going at this point the marriage was good it was just got to a point we weren't a married couple anymore we were just two people living in the same house and it needed to end it was that was the end of the chapter we he actually is the one that brought it up he was like I think we should separate it was really tough it was not easy we basically went from roommates who get along to roommates who don't get along who don't even want to be in the same room with each other obviously it hurt but looking back it was the right move for Apple Phyllis I moved to New Orleans for six months I was not in a good place drank way too much she was one of the people I turned to why did you want to do this video I wanted to find a way for us to be friends I don't have a lot of people and I I don't want to lose this so I wanted to figure out a way to remain a friend it'll just kind of looking forward to just seeing these pictures of people we haven't seen in such a long time I think it might just kind of give a little bit of like closure I'm a little bit nervous how are ya yeah waiting for people yeah I'm so patient and she liked us thanks B twice Buffalo Exchange cool cool so what lovely things did you say about me uh you're a terrible person I was glad to be out of this I don't know why I'm doing it I'm gonna go hopefully this isn't one of those things that in concept it sounded like a good idea but now after looking at it we're like that's like a picture hey do it hey yeah I really seriously haven't liked of these in forever oh look there's your hair there's my hair yeah [Laughter] honestly there are a lot of people here too that like we don't I don't see anymore yeah like here anymore so no it's a good reminder that things things were good and will be again they are good think that there's a stigma attached to divorce it's always gotta be bad and it doesn't always have to be bad you kind of can choose depending on the scenario just have as much respect for yourself and for the other person is humanly possible thank you for being here and being you and not just walking away Sam thanks for sticking it out with me and wanting to still be my friend and making sure I was okay when I got back always cuz I wasn't I know could have easily gone the other way and yeah okay I'm gonna hug you okay okay you

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  • That poor sweetheart. I feel for her. This is exactly what I'm afraid of and why I can't see myself being with someone.

  • I know SOOOOO many women who were happy by themselves and not interested. Then nice men grow on u. Then they realize they don’t like loving u just a little more than u love them. Bad!

  • How can this guy barely show any emotion towards her? He said he was nervous but it looks like he doesn't care. Lots of people commented they hope these two get back together again…I think he would just break her heart all over again…

  • This kinda hits close to home. Not that I'm married, I'm a teen, but because I have photos of my parent's marriage. I barely remember them being married. They separated when I was 4 and officially divorced when I was 6. One of my favorite pictures of my father was taken on their wedding day.

  • I have a bf and i dont want to meet his friends at all

    Like he can hangout with his friends anytime he wants just dont invite me to hang out with them because they speak different language and i feel like i would be out of place

    And i noticed his been distant; i asked him to go on a hike with me to compensate that but he decline my offer

    Also i keep my relationship with him a secret to my family so that when we broke up ; easier for me to move on since no one will have to constantly ask me if i move on from him, etc … we been going out for five months but i feel like we have no quality time together

    What should i do? Should i just end it ?

  • My biggest fear… I've been with my boyfriend for 4 years I couldn't imagine marrying him and then one day waking up and realizing I lost him . Even tho I know he loves me more than he could ever love anyone. It's still always in the back of my mind. I hope she finds someone to love and cherish her forever because she is so special.

  • It breaks my heart to see Sara with those expressions on her face & sadness in her eyes😥Brought tears to mine.I agree marriage shouldn't be forced when couple have tried everything to make it work to no avail,but I feel like Sara didn't want the end result to be divorce as much as Austin did.

  • Girl, I know it's hard, but just try to move on, find a better guy. Your ex is not worth your tears. He was never ready, how dare he ask u to marry him when he is not even financially ready. All I can say is he is selfish, and you are too kind and way too good for him. Stop torturing yourself. You don't need him in life.

  • He probably wanted to go mess around with other women. Once he’s done and he’s weary he’ll come running back to her, I just hope she find a man who loves her before then. He doesn’t deserve her. Marriages have ups and downs it’s not supposed to be rainbows and butterflies every single day forever, there will be dry spells, there will be downs, and turbulence but you don’t just get up and walk out. You try to communicate your feelings, you try to find common ground.

  • Though I’ve never been to this situation, I totally can feel exactly the same way that she felt and it touched me.
    It seems like men never feel/express the way women do. One day this man will eventually realise what he’s missed in life.

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