Donald Trump announces ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is dead

100 thoughts on “Donald Trump announces ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is dead

  • OK

    I am claiming my ownership of this insight:


    The man suffers from catastrophic SYNAPSE FAILURE.

    Watch the sentence about how the troops blew and big hole in the….uhhhhh….. (watch his eyes roll to his top right as he is struggling to get back on track)…uhhhh…..(finally the defective synapses make a shaky connection and he remembers what sentence he is in)……and he comes up with the word……"house". The guy labors to find the word……house.

    TRump 2020……….into the compost heap.

  • Know your enemy.
    Al Bagdadi was chased bij a dog and by that, he knew Allah wishes not to save this insect Bagdadi and blew himself and unfortined his 3 innocent children.
    Allah can not stand dogs and I thank President Trump for knowing his enemy.
    He is the only president with a spine.
    Whatever the medea says, we love Trump.
    Greetings from Holland.
    By the way, don't look like you are eating a lemon.
    It exposes who you r cnn

  • Shout out to my fellow English teachers who undoubtedly cringed.

    Donald Trump is to the English language what an Orca whale is to a Honda Accord.

  • All this fake manufactured outrage but CNN over how Trump announced the death of a bonafide piece of human feces, oh I mean an "Austere Religious Scholar" makes their reaction Clinton's announcement after Gaddafi was assassinated in Libya that much more hypocritical

  • Thats not a vivid account! Thats one of the most worthless and stupid announcements I have ever heard from a leader. Trump on the contrary doesn’t sound quite different from these maniancs, just that he is better dressed although with a menial mind.

  • I’m a Muslim and I’m proud of what happened but seriously?? Took this many bloody years to find isis and kill these creatures. This was so planned🥱😒. Givin me modern warfare vibes doe 👀 Xbox 360 days 💔.

  • Wow…trump had them killed, even the kids…Trump watched it … L I V E…Trump ENJOYED IT.
    How nice….
    Maybe it was all faked … for TRUMP's sake!

  • Alacbar, jk I think he's a coward and a wimp in the murders and operations he headed to lead with the last and least fact that he killed his own kids too.

  • Now is the time, President Donald J. Trump needs to bring down the drug cartel in Mexico put a end to violence in and around Mexico and the United states of America.

  • Anyone appreciating a safer world would no doubt welcomes ISIS's leader's killing. But few, I suppose, will never ever appreciate the president's way of describing his death!!!
    《…died like a DOG》!!!!!
    OMG!!! How could one be
    《 ruthless》and compared to a dog?!!!
    (Dog or coward) ?
    Do these two go together? Does anyone remember of any dogs being coward? We generally associate dogs to loyalty, friendliness, even sacrifice,that is jeopardizing his life to save the life of his master/friend.
    Does one know of any other animals kinder and friendlier than the dog? I personally don't.
    Mr President, mind your language..

  • Muslims will take the sigh of relief. He is the responsible for killing thousands of innocent muslims and other tyrannies. Highly condemn US for what he did as first unleashed him and then threw him into the hell.

  • How can CNN have the nerve to critique Trump when he has brought the worlds number one most wanted terrorist to justice?

  • I heard al-baghdadi offered to suck off every member of the special forces team if they would spare his life. That would be the only time Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon would want to be in the military.

  • I heard al-baghdadi offered to suck off every member of the special forces team if they would spare his life. That would be the only time Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon would want to be in the military.

  • Twitter Troll tRump 👹 fake bone spurs trying to take credit for our brave Military. I have more respect for the military dog than potus

  • 😂😂😂 funniest thing about this is all the brain dead morons who believe this shit 🙄 just like obummer said about bin laden when it’s common knowledge he died years before from liver/kidney disease, if the USA had killed either of these so called terrorists they would have put their bodies on display. I have seen no evidence that this guy is dead & the only evidence of bin laden’s death was a desert welly floating in the sea, it’s all lies


    tRump's brain is really f*cked up. Really. Abū Bakr al-Baghdadi al-Qurayshi "died like a dog"?

    But the military "dog" was a hero? 🤪🤔

    tRump's brain cannot hold the same symbol — dog — as a figure of speech from one sentence to the next and it mumble jumbles through its own reality on a 3rd-grade level.
    And as it tries to mumble jumble through, it gives praise to Russian soldiers prior to giving praise to our very own.

    tRump must go. To jail.

  • Trump will easily win next election on the basis what he has done, he might be brutal in his language but then he delivers

  • Nice but its still not going to stop the isis or ms13 but it is a start go job trump i hope he get reelected 4 more years i believe he is Making America Great Again

  • The inability to implement the radical Islamic caliphate in Syria has forced the Anglo-Saxons to gather their forces. Some of these jihadist groups have been transferred, pending orders, to the Balkan area. The goal is the same as ever, Russia. The center of radical Islam in Europe, is located in Kosovo, an artificial state born thanks to the NATO operation in the former Yugoslavia in 1999: a state that, at the center of the Balkans, is intertwined with the center of terrorism and traffic of drugs and this is one of the most important tools of Western politics. It is no coincidence that the largest US base, "Camp Bondsteel", is in Kosovo, where many of the hidden US intelligence operations are headed. The establishment of a Salafi caliphate in the Balkans is a new strategic goal for the United States: it will have to be established by the middle of the new century. Now there are construction processes of supporting structures of this caliphate. In 10-15 years the nucleus will be formed, whose boundaries are outlined by the habitat of the population that practices Islam. These are Albania (56.7% of Muslims), Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia (33.3%), Bosnia and Herzegovina (40%), Montenegro (19%), Kosovo (96.9%). It will be a hotbed of radical Islam, which operates through terrorism in the south-eastern womb of Europe. Needless to ask who will benefit from it. Active combat cells have already been created, there are training camps for enlisted militiamen. Serbian and Austrian intelligence services identified 46 in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 10 in Albania and Kosovo. Many Western analysts believe that the open conflict will begin when, once the Balkan caliphate is implemented, it will try to push itself towards the Caucasus. The next global comparison is inevitable.

  • I guess the WHIMPERING DOG AL Baghdadi chubby shelter is referring to was an overweight, foul smelling child killer, and rapist. Since we KNOW STELTER WAS NOT ON THE RAID to KILL the WHIMPERING DOG AL Baghdadi–we can presume the WHIMPER DOG AL Baghdadi died as declared by POTUS. Or is Chubby Stelter referring to another WHIMPERING DOG Who killed and raped innocent people?

  • Has al-Baghdadi been resurrected twice already?
    How the freaking hell that al_Baghdadi is killed by the US special force for the third time already?
    When would al-Baghdadi be killed and blasted into pieces for the forth time again?
    But then again, it is you CNN again, which bashed China with insulting smear by claiming that the 39 Vietnamese found dead in the freezer container were Chinese, and CNN correspondent in China even provoked the Spokeswoman by posing the question intended to insult China by saying,, "if China is so advanced, how the freaking hell would Chinese want to enter the UK illegally? "
    But also again, Who would really care what you CNN say? It's been far too many times!!!
    Shame on you CNN!!!

  • AlBaghdadi is a CIA agent, his role is done perfectly. Good timing to kill him just before election, just like how bin laden is killed before 2012 election !

  • ok now I'd like to hear his response to the American Mormons massacred in Sonora Mexico. They were children. Women, and children set ablaze. Murdered in cold blood. Why is there no coverage of that?

  • I just saw jimmy kemmel version of this one 😄
    He said he is writing a book
    " he died like a dog but a beautiful one"
    That one cracked me up 😄
    Be free be like donald

  • Trump is worse than Al Baghdadi. Actually he is worse than Hitler 😂
    Allah subhana wata ala sees everything thing ☝️
    He will bring justice to this horrible situation on earth🙏

  • The dumb thing is they thing it’s over.
    But it never ends there will be no ending
    It will go on and on…
    they will Comeback as another „Group“
    It’s the world we humans are evil.
    There will always be a Return!
    They will make another Ruthless idea.
    Every person with a brain knows it.

  • Thanks president Trump this has been the most debased and barbaric organization in recent human history. His death is welcome for safety of human lives. Peace on earth

  • We have respect for all presidents currently and in past history, do a good job 👍 or move on. But answer us this mr and Mrs political culture- how come they always catch or kill one of these terrible guys B4 elections ? And our schools, healthcare, infrastructure and economy’s stay the same with little or no change 🤔

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