Family Accuses Woman of Seeking Death Benefits (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Family Accuses Woman of Seeking Death Benefits (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. Hello. Hello, Your Honor. This is a case of
Willingham v. Griffin Allen.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Ms. Willingham, you
are here to prove that Nathaniel Allen who
tragically passed away fathered your son, Nacorrion because his mother and
aunt say he is not the
father preventing you from collecting death
benefits. Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. Ms. Griffin, you
and your sister say, Ms. Willingham is trying
to pin this child on your
deceased son so she can collect social
security death benefits BOTH: Yes, Your Honor. and work the system.
Is that correct? Ms. Willingham, what has this past year
and a half been like since Nathaniel’s family
denies your son? It’s been hard. Um, it’s just basically… I mean, I’m a strong,
independent woman, um, of my children. I don’t ask for help. So as far as
…system, I don’t know where
they’re getting that from. I don’t even… I barely
call them, ask them for
anything. Um, so I just basically want
to get the results out that, you know, Nathaniel is
the father of Nacorrion so they can know, you know, and, um, I’m just… (HOLDS BREATH) JUDGE LAKE: I can see this
is really upsetting you. You don’t know where to begin. GRIFFING: Yes. Ms. Griffin? You say Ms. Willingham
is here about the money. Explain to the court
why you feel that way. Yes. Because like, about
six weeks after my son had passed,
he come to me and
says that… “You have to go and help me.
I need you to help me.” And I said,
“What I need to do?” So she texts me… and they told her
she had to get letters. So I wrote a letter
and a couple others… And, no, I don’t believe
this is my grandson. JUDGE LAKE: You say,
you just don’t believe… GRIFFIN: No. ..this is his
biological child. You don’t believe
this is your grandson? No. And so she needed
you to confirm that this was your
son’s biological child? Yes. JUDGE LAKE: Did you
write the letter? Yes, I did. JUDGE LAKE: Did you bring
that letter to court today? No, I did not, WILLINGHAM: I have the letter. You do have the letter? WILLINGHAM: Yes. I’d like to see that. So, Ms. Willingham, you asked
Ms. Griffin to please write
a letter on your behalf because you wanted to
present it to the Social
Security Office so that you could potentially
collect death benefits for
your child whom you say is Nathaniel
Allen’s biological child. She wrote… “To whom it may concern, “I am Latricia Griffin, (JUDGE LAKE READING) There is two blanks. “…These are his kids (JUDGE LAKE CONTINUES READING) What you’re testifying
is that this letter hurt
your case. They need a proof basically,
um, from his family that, um, they witnessed him
saying that Nacorrion was
his son. And they couldn’t provide
me with the information. Before you saw this letter did you know that
there were doubts? I’ve heard rumors that they
didn’t think. But, you know, me and Nathaniel, before he…
Way before he passed, had a conversation… He told me that, you know,
he knew that Nacorrion was
his son. Before he passed,
he wanted me to give him the information
so we can put them on his
four one pay plan. ALLEN: Even me and Nathan,
we had a conversation too. And he told me that he didn’t
think Nacorrion was his son. He said that it
was not his son. GRIFFIN: Because Nathaniel has caught you
and this other person. Girl, boo. And he walked
out on them… Lady… No. And he said, “Mom, “that’s not my baby “because she come to me
tellin’ me it’s my baby
but is not.” When you say he caught her your son told you he
caught Ms. Willingham Yes. with another man? ALLEN: Ms. Willingham
and my nephew was not together when the
baby was conceived. He was in another
relationship with
someone else. Yes. Yes. Girl, boo. Because they were
staying with me… Her son… No, no. She was staying
with you? Yes. Him and the other… No. They were staying with me
when they were together. No. No. Who was staying with you? My son and his
other friend. Yes. Okay. Was staying with you? So you knew he had moved on BOTH: Yes. and was in another
relationship? And you believe
she had moved on Yes. Yes. and was in another
relationship? And you believe that
person could potentially be, Yes, I do. uh, Nacorrion’s father? Me and Nathaniel was on
and off for six years. We were staying
together on and off. When we get into an argument
or fight or whatever he goes over to his Mom’s. She would keep
him away from me so he can stay over there
with her or do what he
wanna do. He had his little
flings or whatever… GRIFFIN: No. I think
she hurt my son. Hurt your son?
What did I do? Your son hurted me. You hurted him. What do you mean? You
know your son wasn’t right. No. You hurt my son by… Going with other guys. Yes. Other guys? No. Your son was a whore. Because you’re not? Okay? JUDGE LAKE: All right,
let’s be respectful. Whatever. Let’s be respectful. (INDISTINCT CROSSTALK) JUDGE LAKE: Hold on. Hold on. He called me
every day. JUDGE LAKE: Ladies. Ladies. (GAVEL BANGING)
Let’s get some order. Let’s get some order. GRIFFIN: Please do. Let’s get some order. WILLINGHAM: …they ignorant. JUDGE LAKE: All right. (INDISTINCT) So, you all had time
when you were par… Mmm-hmm. You were on and off. And so you believe that
Nacorrion was conceived
during the time when your son was not
intimate with Ms. Willingham. Is that what he told you? Yes. And Ms. Willingham,
you dispute that. You said that is not the case. WILLINGHAM: That’s not
the case. He left me for
a whore. We were together.
I called him. I took two pregnancy tests. I missed my cycle.
I called him when
I found out. You know, when it came
out positive. I called
him and let him know that. He was lying in the bed
next… With the woman, you know what I’m saying,
he had left me for. Why would I, as a woman, put a child on someone if I knew that, you know,
he wasn’t the father of
my child. I don’t… You know, know. So did you ever try to get
a DNA test before today? Well, I couldn’t. Because,
I mean, he’s deceased. I mean, we’ve talked
about it but we’ve never
went through it. But did he ever deny that Nacorrion was his child? He did deny when
I did tell him like… I found out I was
pregnant with Nacorrion when I was two
months pregnant. Two months pregnant.
I did not know I was
pregnant before then I had end up meeting
someone when I was
two months pregnant. But I was already pregnant
with Nathaniel’s child. You know, so, that’s why
they don’t think that
Nathaniel is the… The father of Nacorrion. GRIFFIN: My son
asked for a DNA. But she wouldn’t
give it to him. WILLINGHAM: No.
That’s not the case. We couldn’t afford
a DNA at that time. WILLINGHAM: Whatever. Because he came
and asked me too. And I told, I said,
“Whenever you like,
I will go with you. You all weren’t
trying to help me ’cause you all not
trying to really be
in this kid’s life, period! GRIFFIN: And on the day that That’s not the case
and I really don’t give… she had the baby, he didn’t even go
to the hospital WILLINGHAM: She’s a liar. because he said
it was not his. BOTH: No. JUDGE LAKE: Was he at the
hospital, Ms. Willingham? Matter of fact, I went
through the whole pregnancy
by myself. It was me and
my baby. Okay? When I was in labor,
she called me and
was like, “Have you talked to my son?” And I told her, “No.” And I’m… I don’t want to.
I’m fine without him. I didn’t have no reason
to call you because
my son said he didn’t have… Whatever. Okay.
…nothing to do with you. …my son’s still be going
over to your house. What
do you mean? ‘Cause I helped you. Whatever. Helped
me do what? You need a child
care to go to work. What the hell did you do? Okay. So I work. I watched him while
you go to work… Okay. That’s it. Whatever. JUDGE LAKE: Ladies, I need
you to talk one at a time. But I do want to understand
this because this is
interesting testimony. You’re saying,
Ms. Willingham, that on the day you
were giving birth WILLINGHAM: She sure did. Ms. Griffin called you to
say had you to Nathaniel… Which would seem to
indicate that, well,
has he heard so he can come
to the hospital. Basically, she said,
“Have you talked to
my son?” And I told her, “No.” I’m… Did he ever show up
at the hospital? WILLINGHAM: And I wasn’t…
I was fine with it. Is he on the
birth certificate? GRIFFIN: No. WILLINGHAM: No. He’s not.
He’s not on none of his kids’ JUDGE LAKE: And so after
you brought the baby home… birth certificate. …you say since that
time, Ms. Griffin, you know, has opened her
home to your children? Since… Yeah, to this day. For you, that seems to
indicate that she accepts… WILLINGHAM: I mean,
my thing is, if I
feel like… …a child is not GRIFFIN: I helped her. Because she’s working. my son’s… Help me? She don’t have day care. I don’t even call you. I’m watching everybody’s kids.
I’m the grandmother. If you need some help You… Whatever. to go to work and keep
a roof over your head. (WILLINHGAM SCOFFS) I’m gonna help you. That doesn’t mean… She barely helped me. She helped her…
She helped her two
other daughters with their kids more
than her… You know,
since he passed, it’s been hell. They don’t really spend
time with my kids, they don’t call
my kids. Nothing. Well, Ms. Allen,
tell the court what you understand
about this situation. Well, what I understand
about is, when the baby
was born, my nephew had
called me from work and told me to come over
there and look at the baby. And you know, I didn’t
have a problem with that. So when I got over there, he’s… First thing he said,
“The baby don’t look like me
and he is not mine.” So your nephew, the deceased, he told you Yes. Yes. to your face? He says it? He called me to come to look at the baby. JUDGE LAKE: He wanted
you to see the baby? ALLEN: Yes, ma’am. And that seems to suggest
that he was confused Yes, ma’am. as to whether or not it
was his biological child? He also told our cousin Shauna that it wasn’t his as well. And if you wanna talk to
her I have her number. We
can call and talk to her. Well, I actually do
wanna talk to her then. GRIFFIN: Yes, I do. You have her number? Please, write it down and
Jerome will you get that
telephone number for me? JUDGE LAKE: Thank you. The baby’s not his. What is your cousin’s name? GRIFFIN: Yes. Mmm-hmm. Oh, you wrote it down.
Lashauna London. JUDGE LAKE: Hello. LASHAUNA:Hello?Is Lashauna London
in please?This is me.Hello, Ms. London. This is
Judge Lake calling from
Paternity Court.
We are here discussing
the paternity of Nacorrion Allen and, uh, your family is in
court today saying that, uh, Mr. Allen, Nathaniel had words with you
concerning this child.
Is that true?Yes, ma’am. He…Said that he was kind of
positive that it wasn’t his.
He was positive?But down the line,
later on, he was…
Wasn’t sure.So do you know anything personally, first hand,
about this entire situation?Uh, I just know what
my cousin be telling me.
They used to just have
problems but they’ll, uh,
get back together again.On the last one, on Corrion,
they wasn’t together.
He was doing his thing,
she was doing her thing,
Me personally,
I think Corrion is his.
Looks just like him. WILLINGHAM: He
looks just like him. JUDGE LAKE: This is
your testimony that despite the fact that
Nathaniel told you that this was not his
biological child, you believe it is?Yes, me personally
’cause he kind of…
He kind of favors.JUDGE LAKE: All right.
Well, thank you for
taking the call. (APPLAUSE) Bye-bye. (INDISTINCT MUMBLING) Oh, wow. Well, that… GRIFFIN: Oh, well… GRIFFIN: Yes, ma’am.
Mmm-hmm. (LAUGHS) That surprised you? ALLEN: Yeah. LATRICIA: Never. You’ve never heard her
say that before? JUDGE LAKE:
It did confirm your testimony
in the sense that she said he initially said, “This is not my child”. Yes. And then he said,
“I’m not sure.” JUDGE LAKE:
And then she offered
her opinion, that she believed
in fact, it was. LATRICIA: Yes. It was his last words,
he asked me to do. He said, “Mom,
I want you to help me
to see if this is my son.” And that’s why LATRICIA: Mm-hm. when Ms. Willingham asked
you to write the letter… …to the
Social Security office, what you wrote,
is what your son
asked you to do. You said, Yes. “He had doubts, Yes. “and please may we
have a DNA test?” And it’s a very
complicated situation. So, to help, the court would
like to call Faye Sykes. She is a national,
financial, security advisor. Jerome, can you
please escort
Ms. Sykes JEROME: Sure. into the court room. Thank you so much
for joining us today,
Ms. Sykes. JUDGE LAKE:
We’re here um, Absolutely. discussing a very
complicated case. Because unfortunately,
the potential father is deceased and we cannot
get testimony from him, how difficult is it getting death benefits
for a child? Social security office, needs to be able to show that this is a descendant
of the deceased. Um, when there is not both names on
the birth certificate, there are some other ways that we can go about
to get that proven. And so,
how would you
get that proof? So, if the father
had listed the child on an income tax return, listed the child, as a beneficiary on a will
or a life insurance policy, if there potentially
might have been anything in writing,
where he spoke about the child being his. Those could be admissible
for um, making that a valid claim
with the Social
Security Office. What does a mother do
in that situation, when the deceased’s family
in not cooperative? So, what I would recommend is, setting an appointment
with a social security office, calling them ahead of time, and explaining the situation, they’ll tell you what
documents are required. So that, when you go in, they can potentially
go ahead and accept that as a claimant
for the deceased. But, if there is not enough
valid information, they could deny the claim. JUDGE LAKE:
And so, if Ms. Willingham
would’ve allowed Mr. Allen to put Naccorion on the 401K
paperwork and information, it’s a possibility that
she could’ve collected those death benefits, right? But… Correct. …if it’s proven today, that he is not
the biological father, Exactly. then she can’t. So the stakes are high. I think it’s time
to go to the results.
Jerome? (APPLAUSE) Thank you. These results
were prepared by
DNA diagnostics, and they read
as follows. “Because there wasn’t
a blood card available “to test the DNA
of the deceased, “Nathaniel Allen, “we performed
a grand-parentage test “in order to determine, “if the deceased’s mother “Latricia Griffin, “is related
to Nacorrion Allen.” The results read as follows. In the case of,Willingham v. Griffin,when it comes to 4-year-old
Naccorion Allen, it has been determined
by this court, Latricia Griffin and Naccorion Allen… (EXCLAIMS) Are related. (APPLAUSE) (COUGHS) Yeah, you know.
You’re very welcome. I just want to… To say, um… I’m glad he’s
blessed us with
a grandbaby, (CHUCKLING) ’cause that’s number 14. (CROWD EXCLAIMS) (APPLAUSE) JUDGE LAKE: Wow… Yes. LATRICIA:
And I would like for her to bring him over more
than she has been
bringing him over, I don’t care what she say
but bring him. Ms. Willingham, as much
as you felt rejected
and maybe put off and denied,
that protection
you felt over Nacorrion, it’s that same protection, Ms. Griffin felt
over her child. And he may have expressed
just some doubt, and when your child
says something to you as a mother,
you feel it too. JUDGE LAKE: And we hope, Yes. And I did. that this moment in time, will start
the reparation of that. (APPLAUSE) JUDGE LAKE: All right? We have counseling
and resources for you all, I wish you
the very best of luck.
Court is adjourned. (APPLAUSE) (BANGS GAVEL)

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