Family ambushed in Mexico linked to triple-homicide in Houston 31 years ago

11 thoughts on “Family ambushed in Mexico linked to triple-homicide in Houston 31 years ago

  • So it wasn't necessarily drug cartels, maybe more cult self killings. It took far too long to report this obvious possibility.

  • Once again, the Half Chan community broke this case, the same day the murders happened in Mexico. The "News" stations, are worthless, and late. I'm surprised they were given permission to report on this part of the cult. This is not even the biggest revelation in the Cult's history.

  • Satan is making his move. For his time is short he is collecting souls.If your soul is in jeopardy repent accept Jesus Christ as lord and savior . I know satan has been hunting me 3 years WE Jeffcoat Rd Pelion South Carolina. Community herassment aka gangstalking aka persecution

  • Interesting fact:
    The YouTube guy that has the channel called "that was epic" is a lebaron…. He has a couple of videos where he documents his visit to the familys compound in Mexico and he tells a little bit of the story of the Lebarons history from utah in the 1800s to the familys migration to Mexico in the early 1900s when polygamy was outlawed…. But no, i disagree with this notion that it was family from the past… First of all they were killed in mexico which means they were still a part of the cult. Secondly there is known and documented hostility with the jalisco new generation cartel… They kidnapped a member of the family some years ago and the familys community sits right in the middle of a cartel drug travel route into the us
    Check out the doc on Vice about the Mormons in Mexico

  • Yeah well this should have be reported nationally, you know how many people who only got the 1st story…but not the follow up. Smh.

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