Family of man accused of killing a teen said they’re being terrorized

9 thoughts on “Family of man accused of killing a teen said they’re being terrorized

  • So where was hpd while they were vandalizing this home?the kalihi police station is 2 minutes away from this house? The parents of that boy should have showed him right from wrong. We should all be able to protect our selves in these kind of situations….

  • They are not safe you have to spend the rest of your life if you are found guilty in Federal Protection prison please I beg you whoever is doing this stop let the law take its course no harm to anyone else stop do not hurt any innocent person, I understand what he did was unjustified but please stop and do not hurt any innocent people again let the court system decide his fate whoever is involved stop now before this gets way out of control and more people get hurt or killed

  • It all starts from home…. Look wea da dead kid come from and look what they did to the house. It all starts from home… low income people are put there to irritate the middle class. It all starts from home

  • Kalihi is just helping prove the point that he needed to shoot that kid. Garbage community breeds criminals . I'm sure he was a "good boy" all-star sports players. Lol what a joke. They should quarantine Kalihi from the rest of the state.

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