FAMOUS GRAVE TOUR – New York #1 (Lillian Gish, Montgomery Clift, etc.)

42 thoughts on “FAMOUS GRAVE TOUR – New York #1 (Lillian Gish, Montgomery Clift, etc.)

  • Thank you for this wonderful film. I can’t find the words to tell you how much I enjoyed watching. It has been so entertaining, such history and clips of the deceased. I can’t wait to watch more!

  • Hmmmmm Maybe if you didn't "Stroll" so much you could have covered more ground and seen more graves. Get A Move On!

  • excellent, i have watched four of these and your taking me to places i could never been able to go, thank you

  • Fell upon this channel about a week ago completely addicted to it now, so much info about actors etc. of our past so interesting, a big thumbs up!!

  • Whitney Houston's tombstone must've been made out of some cheap material. That should last forever she's been dead for 7 years and the writing and picture already wore off. Strangely why nobody else's tombstone washed off like that and alot of those people been dead for decades!!

  • What does that symbol that looks like an 'S', almost a cash-symbol mean? I noted it on the Astor monument shown in this tour and I've seen it on on other monuments too.

  • You have the best voice Arthur. I'd love to be on this journey w/you. I have been to Marilyn's grave. Keep up the awesome work. 🏋️‍♂️🏋️‍♂️

  • I accidentally fell into this channel and now I really love this because in my country people seems afraid to talk more about deaths and funeral but since I subs here I found out base from your tagline 'celebrate the life of people'. Ahh I feel like that's the real purpose of life now! I don't have to be afraid of death anymore as what I heard too: 'only plastic rose would never lost its petals'. Thank you mr. Arthur I love to learn history too from you since I didn''t know most of the name but I loooove to hear the story behind that's more intersting fact to me! You deserve to be in History channel too😘😘😘

  • Enjoy your work. The cat was a test. Hope you took Him along with you. The Black and White color palette says it all in numerous ways. Much like the Masks, both sides shown.

  • In frame 11:14 when I was a kid I sent a letter to Santa to give me balls that will bounce off the floor, when I woke up I had no legs.

  • +Hollywood Graveyard "I'll Always Love You" was not recorded for "The Bodyguard". It was originally recorded & performed by country music star Dolly Parton. Whitney only recorded a cover of it.

  • If Whitney Houston never met Bobby brown the drug addict, Whitney would have still been alive and married someone better and have a daughter(better looking) who would have still been alive

  • Dudley Moore should've received an Oscar nomination in Foul Play (1978) as Best Supporting Actor. His character "Stanley" stole the movie. R.I.P.

  • I simply love your narration. These are outstanding videos – I really feel like you take us all along with you. Thank you so much for making such great films.

  • Actually Strawberry Fields is a place the song was written about. It wasn't named for the song.
    Strawberry Field is a real place: it's an orphanage in Liverpool, England, specifically in the suburb Woolton. It is not the home itself, which Lennon never attended, but the surrounding area, on which the song dwells. Lennon's actual childhood home was 251 Menlove Avenue, only a short distance away.

  • No mention of St. Paul's and the incredible history of being untouched by the 9/11 devastation? And the famous buried there?

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