Finding Hope – 10th Anniversary of 9/11

Finding Hope – 10th Anniversary of 9/11

My name is Victor Guzman,
and I’m a 9/11 survivor. I was on the 85th floor
when the first plane hit the North Tower. Since 9/11, my life has
never been the same. It’s actually better. This is my story. I remember the sky was
a perfect blue. It was a beautiful September
morning. I know he had a long commute, an
hour and a half, two hours. And one time we were sitting out
talking, and he determined that he was commuting about
20 hours a week. And we said, “Well, that’s
a part-time job.” I get into my office and start
typing my billing, as attorneys do. And I remember pressing Print. As I’m getting up, I hear
this great explosion. And the building rocks forward
to the point where I have to brace myself against the
wall at my desk. And then it snapped back. There was nothing but
smoke and smell. We saw that the elevators
weren’t working, that some of them were actually blown out. We found the staircase. We slowly descend down. I do remember, at
the explosion, saying a quick prayer. And I still say that it was that
prayer that kept me calm. All of a sudden, family
became important. Before then it was getting
the material things for the family. That was one of the reasons
why I went to work at the Trade Center. I was going to make
much more money. He had started this job probably
about three months before 9/11. He was gung-ho about his job. I just remember sitting in front
of the TV, grabbing a pillow and just rocking
back and forth. And as I was doing that, I
remember distinctly thinking to myself that he had kissed me
goodbye that morning, and that was really odd for
him to wake me up to just kiss me goodbye. And I was so thrilled that we
said goodbye on good terms. At that point, I wasn’t sure
what was going to happen. We finally get out. And as I started running,
I hear a loud crunching of glass and metal. And when I turn around, I see
that tower, that I’d been just a few minutes before running
out of, starts coming down. The faster I ran, the
closer that plume of smoke was coming. And all of a sudden,
that plume of smoke just overcomes us. And I was just at
Pace University. I remember I’m still shaking,
and I go in. And at that point, I hear the
North Tower come down. And I remember just
my knees buckling. And I just fell into
the chair. I put my hands in my face, and
I’m like–the first question was, “Why me? Why did I survive?” And then the
next thought was, “I was in that building that
just collapsed.” And as the years went on, that
guilt became an issue. First year, I suppressed it. The first year, it was more
about the notoriety, the “Oh, wow, you were survivor of
9/11.” And that took me through the first year. And I remember around the
second anniversary, I emotionally fell apart. I dreaded going to sleep. So I would stay up late. And then when I got to sleep,
I didn’t want to get up. I just didn’t want
to deal with it. It was hard–again, I guess the
ego, that I should be able to deal with this. “I shouldn’t be an
emotional mess. I shouldn’t be teary-eyed.” Or
“I shouldn’t be jumping at every noise that I hear.” The realization came
that I couldn’t do it by myself anymore. It was humbling to realize
that I needed help. How’s it going? Great. The bishop, he would always talk
to Victor and give him a hug and ask him, “Victor,
are you OK?” He became another
father figure. I remember him always putting
his arm around me, and how I needed that–how I needed
someone else to realize that I was in pain. The hard part about changing
is that I was enjoying the money I was making in the city
and realized that I had to have faith that 1) we were going
to continue to pay our bills, and 2) that we were going
to have to do without. I wanted a job that I was
allowed to come home early. I took a job in Newburgh, which
is about 30 minutes from where we live. And the difference it made–that
I was able to go to a baseball game, my daughter was
on a soccer team–and just those little things that weren’t
important before became the focus. [WHISTLES] Scripture study. Let’s go. John. Let’s go. One thing that we were lacking
in, because I wasn’t around, is sitting together as a
family and reading the scriptures. And I found a new life
in the scriptures. And I would bury myself in the
scriptures, actually looking for solace. And as I continued to do
that, I wanted to share that with the kids. I wanted them to have a love
of the scriptures. What I saw through
Christ’s life was that He was the healer. He was going to make me whole
for the sacrifices that He went through. It wasn’t the pursuits
of money. It didn’t talk about commuting
four hours a day. It talked about loving the
little children and how He blessed them throughout
His life. And that opened my eyes. Well, he was always
a great man. But he became greater, I
think, because of his experience. He’s more family-focused. He’s more focused on his
community and focused on serving others, in addition
to his job. Yeah, he’s still working
hard in his employment. But he’s paying attention to the
real basics in life, the things that really matter. He’s focused right in there. Even till today, he has called
me on 9/11 since the first time, just to say hello, that
he was thinking about me. And that made all the difference
in the world. After 9/11, some have said
there is no God. For me, He’s never
been more real. [MUSIC PLAYING]

100 thoughts on “Finding Hope – 10th Anniversary of 9/11

  • Recently in my Theater class, I learned about how tragedy was often thought by the early adopters as the "greatest tool for education". Although 9-11 was in fact a tragedy in every sense of the word, this man allowed God to take such an awful situation and molded it into something of substance and beauty. Enduring through adversity, and listening to that still small voice simultaneously, are very crucial in our path to progression. In these hard times, may we all strive to become better.

  • Very meaningful and a beautiful message. If only everyone, myself included could live with the perspective and wisdom this man does. Very powerful message, thank you very much.

  • The anniversary approaches again
    Let us cling to our family and friends
    To our faith and hope in Jesus Christ
    The master and giver of our very lives

  • I know Mr. Guzman and his wife. I was part of the same stake in Newburgh, NY and even worked two offices apart from his. I came to US in 09/07/09, was IN the towers on 09/08/09 and I felt that when the towers came down, part of my own history was erased… God Bless You All!!!!

  • This was inspired. Thank you for making it, and thank you to the Victor Guzman and his family for sharing their story to help all of us heal.

  • This is a great day to think about the victims. No politics. No war on terror. Just those we lost that day. This moving account from inside the buildings allowed me to focus my attention on one victim. [ thehappeningstory(dot)blogspot(dot)com ] . the hyperlink doesn't work, so cut and paste and replace each (dot) with a period. It's worth a read.

  • I'm so glad that a little bit of good came out of this tragedy, the Guzman family understand what's important now. New Yorkers are strong, brave Americans who are trying to rebuild. This should be a national holiday, just like Pearl Harbor Day. My flag is flying on my porch, to honor those who experienced September 11th, 2001 firsthand. God doesn't make bad things happen, but he can comfort and heal us if we turn to him. God bless America!

  • You're forgetting Memorial Day and Veteran's Day. Also, Easter is a celebration of Christ's Life and Death for you. As is Christmas. All holidays have serious undertones. A reminder of the blessings God gives us. A remembrance of those who died for freedom, for life, or because they were doing what they should.
    And Patriot Day is on calendars.

  • After watching a bunch of really sad videos about the tragedy of 9/11. It was so awesome to see someone actually showing the positive things that came out of 9/11. Great filming BTW. People tend to blame 9/11 on God, not recognizing that God, because he is merciful, gives each of us a free choice and those who did this to us, made that choice. It's not our job to judge WHY God let this happen, but to understand that families like this one would not have been transformed without 9/11.

  • It seems strange sometimes that we find comfort from others stories. Thank you for sharing yours. I feel empowered by your story. Stronger faith too. God bless you my dear brother, and all those healing.

  • One who never forgets, in retrospect WHY tragedy has beset them, gains the courage toward action and cooperation in preventing future catastrophe… thus honoring the sacrifice made.


  • acually this guy was my dads missionary companion. Victor if you read this he was anthony porter you might have called him tony but this morning he told me about you and he said that you were his favorite companion if victor you have a youtube account his is anthporter you should check him out and one more thing i really want to meet you victor i have always wanted to meet a 9 11 survivor

  • My Brother in the video, thank you for telling your story and giving me a more stranth in hope in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He was with you on Sept. 11, 2001

  • i think people should find that arguing between politics and all that other crap, we should start over as strong americans who wont just brush this off there shoulders. Over 2000 people died undeservingly. America needs to find faith again.

  • Thanks Victor, it is a beautiful story. Heavenly Father has a wonderful purpose in store for you, that only you can do!
    God Bless your family!

  • Thank you, Victor!
    Very, very powerful video. You have taken a wonderful approach to a most devastating experience.
    May God continue to bless you!

  • Can we as a nation find it in ourselves to put aside our differences and our sins and find our God again? I know that if we can and will, we will be both stronger together and stronger and confident before our God. God bless the USA!

  • I, thought this vidio was very touching, it took me back a few years. I will share this with others
    and ask others to pray for there families. To help them mentally as
    well as spiritally, and physically also. Thank You for sending it.

  • This video not only tells of your renewed spirit through faith in Jesus Christ but is nicely done. It has a very nice quality which makes it good to share. Thanks for putting the time into it so others will listen to the message. God bless you for telling your story!

  • The very was so Spirit Filled, it even touched me through the internet, strength and faith are what I need to build up, it was also important that his Bishop never forgot him and kept up with him.

  • Sometimes we have to be shook to the core to realize what is really important in ones life……family, in an instant it can all fade away, grasp every moment, every time you can…..

  • Thank you for this. I just saw it today even though it has been up for sometime. This is a beautiful tribute and reminder. In reality a place to find hope. Could you change the title to "Finding Hope – a 9/11 Story" So that searches for 9/11 find it.

  • What a beautiful video, and what a great way to remember 9/11!

    I lived in NYC when I was little, so even though I wasn't there at the time, 9/11 had a special meaning and significance for me as well. And I have also experienced the gospel of Jesus Christ changing my life, as Victor has. I know that it works!

  • Listening to this story gives me shivers. So powerful! Stories like this make me want to "be still and know that He is God".

    Thank you so much for posting this vid! Definitely going in my favorites!!! ^_^

  • Any Time we are faced with eminent death, all things Speak with the most profound voice. We are able Anytime to hear and's just a matter of remembering our essence. Much Love

  • God is in the details of our lives and often blesses us through others who hear and and act on God's whisperings.

  • I hope we all feel as bad for all the inocent people killed in Iraq, Afghanistan and all the other wars. They all are as son of God as we are. May we all put the human kind above our contries and that God doesn't bless only usa, but also ALL THE COUNTRIES, cause nobody is better than another!

  • Story is about a 9/11 survivor who found joy w/ faith & good practices in the Mormon, but can happen true seekers on other spiritual paths. Truth in all faiths speaks to love, compassion & generosity.

  • @southport97 but it can. I think that is the point of this video. We don't have to do it alone and it can get easier. We will never forget what happened that day, but we can still move on and be happy.

  • It's so refreshing to see someone talk about the good things that came out of 9/11, instead of the bad. Our Heavenly Father knows our struggles, and we can either choose to go to Him when we need Him most, or we can go our own way and be depressed and angry. No matter what life gives you, God can give you more, and He can give you better. RIP all those who died on 9/11 <3

  • This guy had a huge guilt for something that he should not have had. But I guess you can not know what survivor's guilt is like until you go through it. This guy remembered the teaching of the Church and his faith, which showed in this countence. This is a an amazing story. It really hit my heart. Thank you for this.

  • Basic beliefs of Latter-day Saints (aka Mormons) are 1) Faith in our Savior, Jesus Christ; 2) Repentance for our imperfections through Christ's sacrifice/atonement; 3) Baptism for the cancellation of previous sins and 4) Receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost so we can receive continued inspiration and forgiveness from God in our lives.

  • @trashthethrasher Go to, it has a ton of useful information and you can chat with people and ask any questions you have. It tells our beliefs, values, FAQ's, shows profiles of members, and shows the truth about what we believe.

  • A Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Message

    The Prophet Mormon not needed to describe the nature of this testimony

  • Thanks for leaving this video on here, it is inspiring to focus on the lord and the love for our family this day of rememberance. God bless those that were lost and affected by this.

  • He’s lucky Mohammad Atta hit so high and not lower down like the later plane. Otherwise he’d be dead. I always wondered why Atta hit so high, and why they hit at 8:46 and not later?

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