Guests: Hwangbo, Song Kyunga, DIA’s Chaeyeon&Somyi, Julien Kang[Hello Counselor/ENG,THA/2018.08.13]

Guests: Hwangbo, Song Kyunga, DIA’s Chaeyeon&Somyi, Julien Kang[Hello Counselor/ENG,THA/2018.08.13]

We will counsel you on your unspeakable concerns. National Competition on Worries! Here are today’s guests. An original idol girl group member. Hwangbo. Hello. Song Kyunga. (Korea’s top model Song Kyunga) DIA’s Jeong Chaeyeon and Somyi. Broad-shouldered Julien Kang. (Nice to meet you) Today must be a special episode. – The hot body special. / – Right. Julien Kang and Song Kyung-a are having a hard time sitting on the floor. Stretch out your legs. They are so long. (Long) (Oh, I’m intimidated) Stretch your legs out, too, Yeongja. (Look at the difference in the length) What? I didn’t stretch out my legs all the way. (Cheer up, Yeongja) I was so amazed when Kim Shinyoung hung onto Julien’s arm. Since DIA members are here… – Okay. / – On both arms. (Is that possible?) Can he do it? I’m heavier than I look. One, two, three. Hang onto his arms. (Welcome to the shoulder world) (The dignity of broad-shouldered Julien) You are too light. You should eat more. (That was fun) Kyunga, your daughter is 20 months old, right? Yes. How do you keep your figure? I actually weigh less than when I was single. It’s weird. Whenever I’m about to eat, my daughter poops. What? “Mom! Stop eating. You’re a model.” She’s such a good daughter. How are you doing, Hwangbo? I’m just living an ordinary life. I work at my cafe on some days. If not, I just rest. You own a cafe, but… You don’t open the cafe every day? I can’t work every day. I need to have fun. So… How many days did you open in July? Tomorrow is the last day I open. So about 4 days? (Absurd) That’s more than I expected. Do you have any concerns, Hwangbo? Yes, I do. I have an old car. I don’t know if I should get a new one or not. How old is your car? That’s such a personal concern to share here. We’ve never had a concern like that here. How can you mention such a personal concern? For how long have you had that car? 17 years. That’s a long time. 17 years? That really is a concern. – It’s a serious concern. / – It is. I spent a lot of money fixing it. I’ll make an exception here. Should Hwangbo get a new car or not? – We’re asking them to vote? / – Yes. I really wanted this. We’ve never done this before. If you think Hwangbo should get a new car, please press the button. Can I add this, too? Should I buy a used car or a new car? (Oh gee) Excuse me! That’s really up to you. It’s a serious concern. If you think Hwangbo should get a new car, please press the button. (What does the audience think?) Out of 200 people here. (Nervous) (Just get a new one!) Please stop! (Surprised) 153 out of 200 said you should get a new one. Out of 200 people? Can I ask those who didn’t press the button? (Hey) Stop by next time to ask that. Thank you. Jeong Chaeyeon, you sing, act, and are active in various fields. In the drama “To. Jenny,” your cute acting made headlines. Let us see it. – You’re embarrassed, right? / – Yes, a bit. Taekyun, why don’t you show her first? That was terrifying. Go. Hold on, teacher. When will you speak casually to me? That was so cute. As a team member, what did you think? I thought she was in need of more affection. She’s very young. – You’re 19 years old? / – Yes. – A senior in high school? / – Yes. See? What do you think now that you’re here? I’ve been watching this since grade school. I’ve always wanted the pink scarf. That handkerchief. Yes. I want it so badly. Can you ask in a cute way? “Can you give that to me?” Go. Can I borrow your pink handkerchief? (This is Somyi’s!) Let’s listen to DIA’s new song. (Their new song is a bonus) (“Woo Woo” by DIA) (Their refreshing charm with an upbeat melody) (Former idol singer’s motherly smile) (Two cute kittens) ♪ Woo woo woo baby ♪ (DIA is the best) How cute. We have three concerns here today. Please show us the keywords. “Unbearable Worries.” “Son, Please…” “Easy Man.” “Unbearable Worries.” Hello. Protect and serve! I’m a policeman in my 30s. I’m always working hard for people by listening to people’s complaints and going to crime scenes. But this is something I just can’t handle. Ring ring ring. “It’s me. It’s an emergency. I need your help. I… I… I have a cavity. What do I do?” “What? Go see a dentist.” “It can’t be anything serious, right? Wait a minute. Would it cost a lot?” “Just go see a dentist.” “I brush my teeth well and floss them. Why did I get a cavity?” “Just go see a dentist!” This is my friend of 10 years. He’s a worry freak who worries about everything. “About that trip we are planning together. Should I not go? Should I go? But I don’t really feel like it. Should I not go? What should I do? Tell me. Go or not?” “I don’t know!” To make matters worse, he is indecisive. A bigger problem is… Ding. “Buddy, where are you?” Ding. “I’m worried. Where are you?” Ding. “Why won’t you say anything?” Ding. “Answer me!” Why does he keep calling me about his worries? Please, I’m begging you. Please get rid of my friend’s concerns. (Buddy! Stop worrying!) Do you understand this concern? I’m a bit indecisive, too. – You look like you’d decide well. / – No. When your husband proposed to you for how long did you think about it? You must’ve contemplated it for a long time. This is a different matter, isn’t it? When he proposed, my eyes trembled. ‘What do I do? What do I do?’ I said yes about a year later. – A year later? / – He waited a year for you. What do you think, Hwangbo? I think you would make decisions well. “I’m not going to open my cafe today.” (Hahaha) She must have no concerns. There’s an app for this. For trivial concerns. For example, if you can’t decide what to eat, you can enter three dishes and it’ll give you an answer. – There’s an app for that? / – Yes. I’m surprised. I just don’t understand. Let’s bring him out and talk to him. He’s not the worry freak. He’s here today because he can’t stand his friend who can’t make up his mind. Please come on out. (Who’s concerned about his worry-freak friend?) (Manly) (Park Gihun) (Welcome) – He slid down smoothly. / – He’s handsome. He looked like he was concerned when he came out. – He’s not the one. / – Really? When he was sliding down… – He is asked. / – His friend. His friend keeps asking him questions. – You are not the type to worry, right? / – Right. That’s what it looked like. (SO COOL) Tell us how much your friend worries. When he has a little concern, he just keeps calling until it’s resolved. He will worry for at least 2 weeks. At least 2 weeks. – For 2 weeks? / – Yes. What kind of concerns does he have? When he got a license, “What if I get in an accident?” “What if another car crashes into me when I’m doing a u-turn?” Or he worries that if he gets in an accident during the exam, he might not get a license. In the end, he got his license. But he still can’t drive. Because he’s too worried? (Absurd) One time, he was looking for a house. He started to worry about dew condensation. Dew condensation. His parents who live in Gangwon-do had to come to Seoul many times to look at houses. He kept asking me to come, too, and made me touch the walls. So I went and checked the walls. You’re so nice. I thought he was looking at underground houses… He wasn’t? It was a well-ventilated house on the second floor, facing south. Even then, he was worried about dew condensation. So he missed his chance to buy good houses. Does he have a girlfriend? Yes, he does. What a relief. Since he calls you so much I thought he was interested in you. I’m sorry. Let’s see how often his friend texts him. “Guys. Guys. Answer me.” No one is answering him. “Oh darn it. Why is it so hard?” I thought I read it wrong. He’s good at cussing. Gihun. Junyeong. Junyeong. Gihun. Gihun. Junyeong. (His friends aren’t answering) “Why are you contemplating that?” “It doesn’t seem to hurt.” “It’s a bit sensitive.” “The friend worrying about coming to this shoot.” The friend worrying about coming to this shoot. You’re an angel. “Gihun, did we make the right decision? I’m so worried.” “Gihun, it’s so hot out. “Gihun, did we make the right decision?” (Gihun is sick of it now) (Unbelievable) How many messages does he send you in a day? Right when I’m about to go to work, he already sent me 200-300 texts. – 200? / – Really? I don’t answer him back usually, but he… He keeps texting you even if you don’t answer? You said that he’s also indecisive? When we decide to get together, he worries about where we’ll meet, what time we’ll meet at, what we’ll do and why we are meeting. Because of that, we just end up not meeting. Why would you worry about why you need to meet? You just do because you’re friends. Even if you do end up getting together, you have to order food or drinks or something. He tries to decide what to order. It takes at least 30 minutes for him to decide. After he orders something, he gets worried. He talks to himself. “Should I have ordered the other drink?” – He regrets his decision. / – Oh no. “The other one seems better.” We get frustrated. I understand that it’s frustrating, but it doesn’t negatively influence you directly. It does. It really does. One time, the four of us decided to go to Busan. On that day, only the three of us were there. We called him, but he didn’t answer. We waited for him for 2 hours at a cafe. We finally got in touch with him. He said, “I’m sorry. I’m going back home.” Why? He said that he was contemplating whether to go to Busan or not and decided that he should not go and he turned around. He made a decision for the first time. Later, we told him that we had a great time. He still regrets not going. Why did he say he turned back? I’m sure there was a reason, but he wouldn’t say. Let’s meet this friend and talk to him. – Hello. / – Hello. It seems like you were quite worried about coming to the shoot today. Whether it’s the right decision or not. Yes. I’m afraid that people might recognize me or badmouth me. I wasn’t sure if this is serious enough to be a concern on TV. So I couldn’t sleep for 3 days. I lost a bit of weight on my face. I see. Do you like the way you look on screen? Yes. (One concern is resolved) He’s smiling big. What do you think of your friend’s concern? I do understand that I worry a lot, but he’s my good friend and understands me. So I didn’t think it was a concern. You don’t think you worry too much? You don’t think you worry over little things? I think everyone worries just like I do. – Not at all. / – Everybody? (No. Get a grip, please!) Why do you worry about things that won’t happen? I always think of the worst case scenario. If things don’t go the way I expect, I feel anxious. In order to reduce that anxiety… I start to worry and to relieve that stress, I talk to my friends. I want to hear them say that I’ll be fine. Your friends were in Busan. You were on your way and then turned around. Yes. Why did you decide not to go? All of a sudden, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to have fun if I went. (A realization of his ability to have fun) No way. Try to be more positive. Why are you always so negative? I’ve heard of people worrying about getting in an accident while traveling. But never, “Will I be able to have fun?” “What if I don’t have fun for 4 days?” (He’s so peculiar) I think you’re too inconsiderate of your friends. They are your close friends. I do feel bad when it comes down to it… But I come first. You worry a lot, but you’re selfish. Why do you worry so much when ordering chicken? Yeah. I don’t get that either. When I order chicken, I always think, “Should I get fried or seasoned?” There are so many other choices, too. Once I decide that, I must decide whether I should get regular or boneless. (So many options to choose from) Sometimes, regular chicken tastes good. – A maze of choices. / – At times it’s cumbersome. When I contemplate on so many aspects, one or two hours just fly by. He doesn’t know his limits. I have to drive for 2 hours while on patrol. I can’t check my phone while I’m driving. My phone just continues to ring. Isn’t your partner sitting next to you? Yes. I always have an older partner with me. I can’t help but worry about what they think. Of course. And when I’m at a crime scene… – At a crime scene? / – I have my work phone. But sometimes, I have to use my personal phone for photos. When he messages me, a screen pops up and my phone vibrates. The crime scene photos are taken out of focus. We must arrest him for obstruction of justice. You should arrest him. When I flood him with messages, he sends me a brief message that he’s either working or patrolling. Then you shouldn’t text him. But I want him to listen to my worries rather than do that. He’s so selfish. I need to get it off my chest to relieve my stress. So whether he answers my texts or not… – You just text him? / – Yes. Do you have a job? – Yes, I do. / – What do you do? I am a computer programmer at an IT company. That’s why you always have access to a computer? Yes. I can use a computer anytime. That’s how he can message all the time. Doesn’t anyone complain at work? I get feedback from others at times. They say that I think too much. I think of too many variables even on simple tasks. He told me that his boss yelled at him because he couldn’t decide on a place to go to. I was supposed to choose a place 3 days before, but I couldn’t decide on a restaurant even until the day of our business dinner. So what happened then? I asked another employee to choose for me. He was very frustrated. You must’ve had several choices to choose from. Let’s pretend there’s a business dinner tonight. What were your choices? I thought of going to a pork belly place. Why didn’t you go there? I was afraid that my boss would be concerned about his health from eating pork fat. You were afraid he might say it? – I thought of a sushi place. / – That’s good. I was afraid some people might hate seafood. – So next was chicken and beer. / – Yes. But I thought it might seem too simple for a business dinner. What are you supposed to eat then? You should’ve at least proposed something. Those are the things I worry about. You should’ve gone to a buffet place. So he has a girlfriend. Do you have a girlfriend? I have a girlfriend, too. I’m curious to see what she thinks. She may come here in the next episode. “My boyfriend can’t say no.” My phone kept ringing when I was on a date. Ding. Ding. Ding. Ding. She asked, “Who is it? Is it a girl?” So I showed her that it’s a guy’s name. She said, “How can two men text so much? Did you switch her name to a guy’s name? I’m doubting your sexual orientation.” “It’s weird if that’s a guy.” Sure, because it’s too much. I think he contacts me more than he does his girlfriend. I’m sure he has conflicts with his girlfriend. Yeah. I think we are all curious. We are surprised that you have a girlfriend. How hard did you think before you decided to date her? Even to go on a date. You said that you have a girlfriend. Does she think you’re her boyfriend, too? Maybe she doesn’t! A surprise! Maybe she doesn’t even know his name. That’s not true. You asked your friends whether you should date her or not, right? (No way) I always ask them what I should do. You ask them about dating your girlfriend? (Disgusted) Wait a minute. When you first kissed her… – “Can I kiss you?” / – No way! Did you think about it? Or do you not worry about those things? Right. Have you kissed her or not? It’s possible. I have kissed her. What is the worst case scenario in kissing her? Did you think about it? Is it getting your tongue cut off? You didn’t worry about that? When you kiss someone, you get in that mood. Then I just naturally do it. Why don’t you ask your friend about it? Isn’t your girlfriend tired of you being indecisive and a worry freak? She gets mad often. One time, we went to a food court to eat. There are so many things to eat there. Why did you have to go to a food court? You shouldn’t have gone there in the first place. Go to a place with just one dish on the menu. I couldn’t decide what to eat, so she got mad and ordered her own meal and ate. – I would’ve done the same. / – That happened. What do you think? How would you feel if your husband or boyfriend worried this much? I would hate it. – Would you break up with him? / – Right away. – Even if he’s very handsome? / – Even so. What about you, Somyi? If your boyfriend… You’ve had a boyfriend before, right? Puppy love. It’s a very difficult question to answer. “Should I be honest? No! I shouldn’t be honest!” Their agency would oppose. What if your boyfriend is indecisive? If he’s only decisive about kissing. I’d be so frustrated. (Angry) (You know how I feel now, right?) I think their other friends are, too. Oh, they are their friends. I’ve been friends with him for 10 years, too. I went along with him for about 5 years. I thought he was joking around at first. But he wasn’t joking. He was serious. Then when his friends have concerns, does he listen to them? That would be great. But he doesn’t. As for me, my parents were always busy, so I grew up with my grandmother and aunt. When my aunt got sick, I called him to talk to him. He called me back 2-3 days later. Oh my. I just accepted it at the time. I recently held my child’s first birthday party. – He didn’t come? / – He must’ve not gone. I told my friends when the party would be and had everything set up for them. He never called me back. (Oh my) That’s terrible. He only cares about his own concerns. That’s too upsetting. I wouldn’t have been friends with him. I’m surprised that you have any friends left. He called me 2-3 days later. But you’re still friends with him? (Very upset) – Hwangbo. / – Yes? He’s not even your friend. Why are you upset? He’s not even your friend. It’s like you want to cut him out of your life. How are you with your family? I talk about my concerns with my family, too. I am still looking for a place to live. I ask my family what they think. “Do you think there are cockroaches?” “Is this a good choice?” That’s understandable. (Great timing) Let’s meet his brothers now. I’m a college student and I live in a dorm. Every day he asks, “Who are you with? Are you with a girl?” I tell him that I’m with friends. Then he asks, “What’s the boy to girl ratio?” I think he’s worried that I will meet the wrong kind of woman. I don’t live with him, so it’s not so bad. But my brother lives with him. He doesn’t look happy. His other brother. I’ve been living with him for 3 years now. We don’t get along well, so I do have a home, but I stay with my friends. – You don’t go home? / – I don’t. He is mistaken. He thinks it’s because the house is too small. So he’s been looking for a bigger place since December. But he’s still looking. If it were only that, I could live with him. But if something goes wrong, he takes that stress out on me. So I’m always worried. I always hope that he isn’t stressed. When I come home and he’s angry, he yells, “Why didn’t you clean the house? Why is it dirty? It’s so stinky in here.” There was this absurd incident. I got really hungry late at night. So I mixed rice with kimchi. I quietly ate rice with kimchi. I didn’t want to wake him. I ate one spoonful and he came in and said, “Why are you stuffing your face at this hour?” Oh no. Didn’t you tell him that you were hungry? I was hurt by that. I worry so much that I get stressed often and take it out on others. Especially when it comes to food… There’s no specific time to eat. You eat when you’re hungry. Who decided we should only eat 3 times a day? Wait till I get my hands on him. I’d like to ask his brothers. Was he like that since he was born? Or did some incident cause it? (Curious) When he was young and even now, he really cares about us brothers. During the 1998 financial crisis in Korea, we ended up moving from Busan to Gangwon-do. The five of us lived in a single-room house. We had a squat toilet in the restroom. It was very tough. What’s worse, our dad had liver cirrhosis and was placed in ICU for 3 years. I think he felt responsible for the family. That’s why he worries so much. Our father has recovered now. Dad got a liver transplant and is all better now. But he still has many worries. I feel bad for him. You want him to relax a bit. I still remember everything vividly. It was really tough. I was belittled for being poor. When I was in elementary school, Dad collapsed and was taken to the hospital. In high school, the doctors told us that our father could die if he didn’t get a liver transplant. Since then, my family has told me, “You’re the head of the family now. You must take care of the family.” I heard that a lot, so I think I matured at an early age. Whenever I make a decision, I do it so that my family can all benefit from it. I always put my family’s satisfaction and well-being before mine. That’s why I’m always so prudent. There was a sad reason behind it. What are you most worried about if your brother continues to be this way? When he has a serious concern, he can’t do anything. He just stays at home and sighs all day. – When I see that… / – He blames himself. Yes. I’m afraid that he might do something foolish while he is at home worrying about something. You’re afraid he might get depressed. He must work out. (It’s a serious concern) Do you have similar concerns about him? When we were studying for our next exam… (He looks back on the past…) He didn’t want to ask for money and was worried, so he didn’t look after his own health. He worked part-time and only slept 1-2 hours a day. He only ate one meal a day. He got jaundice at that time. Now that time has passed, he has a bad back and a bad liver. He doesn’t like spending money on himself, but he has to spend money for his medical bills. (How sad…) I want him to live like a human being now. I’m really sad to see that you worry about things that you can’t ever prove. For example, you go to a restaurant. Then you regret not going to the other one. You can never prove that you would’ve been happier if you went to that other restaurant. You must travel back in time and go to the other place to see if it would’ve been better. You’re always trying to find the right answer. But there are none in life. You only make choices. And when you do make those choices, you take responsibility for it and go on. – I see. / – It’s fun making those choices. – Why are you about to cry? / – I’m not. – Why? / – No, I’m not. You ambiguously have tears in your eyes. Choose whether to cry or not. Your tears can’t be the worst case scenario. Oh gee. Either cry or put your tears back in. Why are you conflicted? Why don’t you make a promise? How about sending 10 or fewer messages a day? That’s tough. Going from 200 to 10? – He’ll send long messages. / – Go easy on him. He’ll send long messages instead? How many texts does he send? He sends over 300 texts when I work. He sends fewer than 300 when I do work. – 100 messages. / – I’ll start with 100. It’s your life. Don’t ask others about your own life. You missed out on so much while you were worried. Hwangbo. Go solve your own car concern first. So should I get a new car? Help me make a decision! Within 5 seconds! (Contemplating) Don’t you have many memories with that car? Oh, how frustrating. Hurry. Should she get a new car or not? – Get a new car! / – Get a new car! (Finally made a decision) What would you like to tell your friend? Try to enjoy your life from now on. Don’t… Don’t lose any more friends. Yes. Enjoy making decisions in life. I didn’t know you were this concerned about me. I’ll try to worry less from now on. Say something to your brothers, too. I’ve nagged at you a lot and yelled at you. I’m sure you’ll live your lives well. Thanks for caring about me. You can’t be in control of everything. Make your decision and leave it to fate. If you continue to worry, you’ll ruin your health. (An unexpected strict command) It’s not good for your health! It’s a concern. He’s nice, but it’s a concern. You worry too much and miss out on many things. I feel bad for you. I’m afraid you will become psychologically ill. That’s the worst. I think it’s a concern. What worries me is this. It’s okay to talk to your friends about your concerns. But if you are indifferent to others’ concerns… Yes, that’s bad. Those friends will be more hurt. That’s why I think it’s a concern. If you think it’s a concern, press the button. (What does the audience think?) 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Please stop. Please show us the result. “Unbearable Worries.” The last digit is a 9. (How many people relate to this strange concern?) 139 votes. (They got 139 votes) The concern that I’ll read is titled, “Son, Please…” I have a female customer’s role for you. Hwangbo. She’s picky and rude with a nice body. Okay, okay. Hello. I’m a mom in my 50s from Busan. I own a food cart with my son. Busan food carts make really good grilled eels. The customers all say something about my son. Especially women with great bodies who are picky. “Hey. Who’s that? He looks peculiar. Who is he?” You’re good even though you don’t open your cafe. Then I answer in a whispering voice. “Oh… You see… He’s a part-timer.” Why can’t I tell them that he’s my son? – Because I’m embarrassed. / – Why? I’m so embarrassed. For about 5 years now, my son hasn’t cut his hair! (Looking around) Everyone’s looking for him. (The audience is busy looking for the son) You thought we’d reveal him so soon? Hold on. My son has long hair down to his waist. My son has long hair down to his waist. (I saw him earlier) His body is a lot better than Hwangbo’s. No wonder people think he’s a woman. So men see him from behind and come after him. They see his face and say this. Men in their 20s. “Hey! U-turn! U-turn!” (This is the effect long hair has…) My son wasn’t always like this. He used to work for a nice company. But then one day… “Mom! I quit my job.” He quit his job out of the blue and this is how he lives now. I wonder why. Looking at my son’s long hair in this heat is really frustrating. Please help me convince my son to get a haircut. Let me help you picture her son. Hwangbo, turn around. This is the son. She has long hair. – I’m so curious. / – Me too. His body… Girls! Come here! (That man who would be a rival to Hwangbo is here!) Julien, have your parents opposed anything? Dangerous activities. For example, jumping off cliffs. Mom forbade me to do it and I did it more. I wanted to do it more because she forbade me. I think this is the same thing. It’s a busy season for food carts in Busan, but she closed it to come here. Imagine how frustrated she must be. Please come on out. (Who’s frustrated by her son’s long hair?) Julien, why don’t you go escort her? (Jeong Yunsuk) Welcome. You’re so beautiful. – You’re so beautiful. / – You are. ♪ What things are the same? ♪ ♪ Mom’s bangs and mine are the same ♪ You’re right. You have a better facial contour though. You look very… Korean. Please press the button, everyone. Is that a compliment or not? (Is it a compliment?) I read in your story that you called your son a part-timer? Yes. When customers ask me who he is, I’m embarrassed to call him my son. (It’s that bad?) It’d be okay if his hair was average length, – but it comes down to his waist. / – Wow. How did he grow it out that much? I’ve never had long hair like that either. I’m the eldest of a strict family. So I always did what I was told. He is 31 years old now and this is how he lives. So I’m so worried. It’s really hot these days. Does he tie his hair or let it down? He just lets it down. That must be hot. It’s so aggravating to look at his hair. (I want to tie my hair all of a sudden) How does he dress? Maybe it’s because of his hairstyle, but he wears vintage clothes. People around my mom’s age think vintage style makes you look like a homeless person. Exactly! Imagine him walking around on the beach. If he carries an empty can… People will throw coins at him. What kind of music does your son like? Maybe he dreams of becoming a rock musician. That stresses me out even more. He’s not like that at all. You’d rather him do music? So he doesn’t like heavy metal music? No. Couldn’t you respect your son’s decisions? Has he changed after he grew out his hair? He was just an ordinary, diligent and kind boy. I couldn’t ask for more. Then he started to grow it out for some reason. You’re upset that he’s growing his hair out? Or are you more upset that he quit his job and hasn’t found a job for 5 years? First, it’s his hair. – His hair bothers you the most. / – Yes. I asked him to get a haircut. But he refused. He’s a man in his 30s now. I can’t keep asking him to do it like he’s still a baby. You’re right. I just say, “Our water bill will be high. Our shampoo expenses will be high this month.” I keep making excuses. You want him to understand how you feel? Two years ago, he passed the first round and had an interview at a company in Seoul. He hadn’t cut his hair by the evening the night before the interview. – But he had an interview? / – Yes. I asked, “You’re going to go like that?” What did he say? “I haven’t decided.” It was late at night. He was contemplating it? (That sounds familiar…) Your son is here! (Here is her son) He got a haircut. (At least his hair is nice and short) So he was conflicted? He went. Do you think they accepted him? Of course not. Of course he didn’t get the job. Aha. (What’s wrong with my son?) It sounded like he works with you now. Is that right? I got sick and got surgery. So he came to help me out. But I get sicker when I look at him. Customers keep talking about him and staring at him. She said he looks as good as Hwangbo from behind. He’s going to come down the slide now. Let’s bring him out now. Please come on out. (Men chase after him when they see him from behind) (What does the son look like?) (Wow!) (Frozen in place) Oh my! (Beautiful back) (Nice body) (Long hair) Wait! Wait! Not yet! Not yet! Walk backward. Just a little more. Just a little more. Walk backward. Just a little more. – He really has long hair. / – Oh my. – He does look like a woman. / – He even dyed it. Yes. Ask him to turn around. One, two, three. Please turn around. U-turn. (Silky hair) (I nearly called him a girl) U-turn! U-turn! U-turn! Please come down. (I hate his hair) He looks like a rock musician. He has a great figure. (Stagger) Someone needs to escort him. Someone needs to escort him. Are you all right? (Crash) (Long hair never looked so heavy) He even dyed his hair. She said he looks prettier from behind. He has longer hair than Hwangbo. It’s like Hwangbo is with her friend. You girls. Come over here. (They are both very skinny) It makes a huge difference. All right. Oh. What’s wrong, Hwangbo? I think I lost. – You’ve never lost to a man, right? / – Never. This is her son. Please go to your seat. He could easily look like a woman from behind. – He has a great figure. / – He is so skinny. He has a calm look, too. Please introduce yourself. Hello. I’m a 31-year-old from Busan. I’m a guy. My name is Lee Yongho. Nice to meet you. Why did you emphasize that you’re a man? I am mistaken for a woman a lot. You heard everything from back there. Do you understand your mom’s concern? I don’t think it’s a serious concern. Even if you were in her shoes? If I have a child in the future, I wouldn’t care what they do. Let me be blunt and ask you. Why do you grow out your hair? She doesn’t know. There is no particular reason. What? I never grew it out intentionally. If that’s so, couldn’t you just cut it? Your mom hates it so much. Why should I get a haircut? You won’t cut it because you don’t know? Or is it because you want to oppose your mom? Rebel! No. I just don’t have a reason to get a haircut. We got a similar story on our radio program once. This man just grew out his hair for no reason. Then one day, he showed up with a haircut. When he was asked why he cut his hair, he said that poop kept getting on his hair. (Hard to imagine it) He got it cut because it was dirty. Maybe he’ll end up getting a haircut someday, too. I’m sure you’ve faced some inconveniences, too. When are you mistaken by others the most? I once went to a public restroom. Someone said, “This is a men’s restroom.” That man must’ve been shocked. I didn’t know he was talking to me at first. So I did my business and left. He came after me and said, “This is a men’s restroom.” So I said, “I’m a man, too!” (No way…) Men who are older ask me, “Where are you from?” or, “Are you sure of your sexual identity?” I was on the subway once. I was sitting close by. They were whispering. “Is that a man or a woman? Is he gay? I wonder what he does.” People are prejudiced. I get that a lot and I have to explain each time. It’s upsetting. Mom must’ve been upset to hear that. She said, “So why are you growing your hair out?” But it doesn’t make me think that I need a haircut. (Can’t understand) She said that you changed after you quit your job. May I ask why you quit your job? Companies have trivial rules. Sure. Men’s hair can’t cover their ears. Men’s bangs must not cover their eyebrows. I wanted to change that, but it wasn’t easy. – They were set for years. / – A hierarchy. Because of that, I stood out. After 3-4 years, I couldn’t take it and quit my job. Did you start growing out your hair because you wanted to relieve that stress you got from work? Not really. It just happened naturally over time. So there was no specific reason for doing so? Right. (No one can understand his reasoning) You want to find another job, right? If the company can accept the difference, yes. That’s why you went to the interview like that? It must’ve been. I thought going like this would look rude. I was afraid they’d arrest me. So I tied up my hair. I put it up in a bun. A bun? I looked it up online. Online. I went in and they laughed at me. I wish that other people would accept who I am and not judge me by my looks. I understand that you don’t want to cut your hair because other people make you. But your mom is stressed out by it. Couldn’t you be a good son and do it? Because there’s no reason you’re growing it out. Your mom said that she liked you better then. Yes. He was like my son. – What about now? / – He’s like a daughter? I don’t know. I don’t want him to be my son. Couldn’t you grant her wish? I feel like she should be more understanding. No matter what other people say, as my family, she should be more understanding. She would if you had a reason for doing this. But you say you don’t know. Did he look nice and clean-cut when he had a job and had his hair short? He was a good-looking man. – He looked completely different? / – Yes. You’re curious, right? How did he look 5 years ago before this long hair? You still miss your son from back then, right? Did you only bring one picture? – I’m not sure. / – All right. We’ll show you the son that Mom liked. (How did he look with short hair?) Please show us. – He looks so much better. / – He’s so handsome. – He looks like Cho Seungwu. / – He looks good. (He was so handsome…) (He resembles Cho Seungwu) How long ago was this picture taken? That was when I was young. Maybe it’s not his hair. He looks good because he is young! He looked good because he was young. You look a lot like Cho Seungwu. Can’t you just get a haircut? Can’t I just grow my hair out? Okay. (Nearly in tears) I have nothing to say. Mom is in tears as she sees that old picture. It brought back memories. Is it because of your son? Why? (She misses her son with short hair) Your son said that family should be more understanding. Sigh… I just don’t want to look at it. We live in the same house, but I get so angry when I look at him. So I leave notes for him. We can no longer talk to each other. Has your relationship with him gotten worse as he started to grow out his hair? We used to see movies together. With you? What else? We went out to eat and we shopped for shoes. But now, people stare at him when we go out. Whether I want it or not. So sometimes I end up buying the wrong size shoes. – Because you’re embarrassed? / – People stare. “That mom seems to be normal. Is that her son? Her pimp boyfriend?” My relatives say, “You raised your son well. You two live together now. Why do you let him look like that?” You feel guilty? As his mom, I don’t like that he gets stared at. I can’t explain the reasons to everyone. I’ve thought about it, too. If my daughter grows up and tells me she’ll shave her head, I’d be very upset. I understand how you feel, ma’am. She’d be fine with people staring at her, but it’s painful to see her son getting stared at. (Mom doesn’t want her son to be criticized) I’d like to ask you this, son. Mom loved going to see movies with you. It’s rare for a mom and son to go out together. You went shopping together. People said, “You raised your sons well.” Yes, and you two went shopping together. She seems to miss those times. You… She seems to miss those times. You… (He suddenly bursts into tears) Oh no. We’ve been talking through writing notes. I thought that would make him get a haircut. It’s been tough over the past year. We barely spoke 10 words to each other. They barely spoke 10 words over the past year. (They’ve drifted apart so much) You miss those times, right? Son, do you miss those times, too? (Do you miss those times, too?) I was just reminded of that. He was reminded of the times he spent with his mother and he feels bad, too. Were you mad at your mom about something? As my hair got longer, she told me, “Don’t come to help me with that hair. What on earth do you think you’re doing?” So I didn’t help her out for a year. I just wished she would accept me for who I am. I could see that my own mother was starting to look at me like other people did. Yet the only thing that had changed was your hair. Yes. I’m still the same person. He came and opened up his heart, too. I understand how Mom feels and I also understands how the son feels. My mom never wanted me to dye my hair. She was so embarrassed by me and wouldn’t go shopping with me. But I was very happy with my dyed hair. People told me that I look great. So my mom said, “If you like it, fine.” But you’re not happier with your long hair. – You just drifted apart. / – That’s true. Tell us one benefit you got from your long hair. Then your mom would understand that you’re happy. I… I think Hwangbo is cruel. How can she ask that to a crying man? Oh my! Your heart is a refrigerator. If you let me know, I’ll try to persuade your mom. Maybe there are benefits. What benefits do you have from your long hair? Yes. Maybe it keeps your ears warm. (The must-have item for winter) Maybe he wanted to keep his ears warm. Maybe he really liked that or maybe it’s because he no longer wanted to go see movies with Mom. I got chills! What a twist! Tell us at least one benefit. Or did you become more popular with women? Now that I think about it, there are more negative things. There are more negative things. Tell us at least one good thing then. My neck is warm in the winter. See? Mother! – His neck is warm. / – That’s why. You were so thoughtless. You should’ve bought him a scarf. This is why he grew out his hair. This isn’t about your hair anymore. You two have drifted apart too much. Could you maybe approach your mom first? Cutting your hair could come later. It won’t happen soon, but I will do my best to look more clean-cut soon. That’s too vague. Do you mean you’re going to tie your hair? You’re going to wear a hat? You’ll trim it? What are you going to do? Tell us. Maybe you can wear a turtleneck and stuff your hair inside. (Very clean-cut) I’m serious. That’ll keep your neck nice and warm, too. It would look neater. This is your last chance. You both came here today after closing the food cart for the day. Just make a promise. I really… I really had no intention of cutting my hair, but… – Huh? / – “But”? (Does that mean…) (He’s going to get a haircut?) I don’t know. Aside from this program… (He’s toying with them) Don’t tease us. Just say it. This program has nothing to do with it. If you really want to help our ratings, you should get it cut on stage right now. (That’s correct) That would be helpful. However, whether you cut it later or not doesn’t matter to us. Mom! Mom! Think of your mom. Everybody is hot. So, husband! Oops, not husband. (Freudian slip?) What are you saying? Oh my. Where is Yeongja’s husband, huh? Son! Just make a promise. Mom! (Has he decided?) I won’t cut it all the way. Your shoulders. Let me ask you in return. How short do you want it to be? – You know Jung Jaehyung? / – Bob cut? – You know Jung Jaehyung? / – Bob cut? – If it’s a bit longer… / – That’s nice, too. You could get it permed or tie it. It would look good on you. All right, I’ll do that. (He will no longer have long hair) (A bit smile) We did it! (He has made a big decision) – Wait. / – You really look happy. He said he’ll do a bob cut. I trust him. I’ll leave that to him. Okay! That was a great thing to say. I love you, Lee Yongho. He’s crying so much. Along with Mom. – Really. / – They love each other so much. He is so warm-hearted, kind and charming. (He has finally understood how his mom feels) I feel bad that I couldn’t help her out even though I am her family. She was sick once. I hope she will be healthy for many years until her grandchildren are born. I love you. (I love you, Mom) Son! Son! Please come hug your mother. How many years has it been? Here he comes. Mother. Please get up and hug him. Please give her a hug. (Son… Mother…) (A hug after several years) (I’m sorry for upsetting you) (We hope they can understand each other) (And go back to being close) They really love each other. (Make happy memories again) Let’s start with Somyi. You should approach your mother first. (Somyi’s opinion / It’s a concern!) Oh my. She’s trying so hard not to cry. You two drifted apart, so I thought that would’ve been your biggest concern. I want you to resolve it, so I’ll say it’s a concern. He admitted it, too. There were more negative aspects. I hope everything works out. You said you’ll let your kids do what they like. You can’t know that until you have a child. – Right. / – He can’t know that. My mom said, “I hope you have a girl like you.” I didn’t know what would be so bad about that. – You had a child? / – No, no. You scared me. I got goosebumps! Not yet, but I’m at that age now. Her words give me goosebumps now. You’ll understand how she felt someday. If you think it’s a concern, please press the button. (What does the audience think?) 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Please stop. I wonder how many votes they got. “Son, Please…” Please show us. The last digit. A 4. Did they get over 100 votes? (What’s the result?) 139 votes. (They got 144 votes) “Easy Man.” Hello. I’m a man in my 40s. I have a cousin who’s like my older brother. He’s such an easy man. Ring ring ring. Ring ring ring. “I’m into hiking these days. Come with me.” Ring ring ring. “I’m into bowling.” Ring ring ring. “I’m into weightlifting these days.” Ring ring ring. “Hey! Let’s go ride a motorcycle together.” (He gets into different hobbies very easily) My cousin is a hobby addict. The bigger problem is that he always asks me to join him. “Hey! Isn’t this bowling ball awesome? I got all these for $1,000.” – Wow. / – “What do you think? I bought a motorcycle to ride around. I spent $23,000. Isn’t it amazing?” He buys all the equipment from head to toe even before he gets into the hobby. I know that he doesn’t have much money. My cousin is now 43 years old. Luckily or not, he’s still single. “Try to stop him. He is still single and he wastes his money! How frustrating.” “Hey! Why aren’t you getting married yet?” My family says those things to me. But my cousin never shows up at family meetings. I am so frustrated. Please stop my cousin. Have you ever gotten into any hobbies? Julien? You must like to do sports. I can understand the cousin. I love doing sports. I could do it for 4 hours a day when I was into it. – Every day? / – Yes. He must be passionate, too. He is into many hobbies, but he also spends so much money and makes those around him suffer, too. Let’s meet him. Please come out. (Who’s concerned about his hobby-addicted cousin?) (Jang Seungryong) (Welcome) Tell us what hobbies your cousin has now. He’s into hiking, CrossFit, weightlifting, deejaying, bowling – and riding motorcycles. / – I see. There are more, but these are the top things. Is he good at all of them? Does he stick to all of them for a long time? No, he doesn’t. – He goes back and forth. / – He isn’t persistent. A little bit at a time. Yes, that’s the perfect expression. Your cousin isn’t married. He seems to enjoy his own hobbies. How would that affect you? He makes those around him do them, too. – Together? / – It’s like a pyramid scheme. Oh my. I got injured once from joining him. How did you get hurt? I got in a car accident and got surgery. Oh no. But he said, “You have to recover by working out. You must train your injured ankle.” So we went hiking in the winter. Everything was frozen. I fell down and got a big cut on my leg. And I crashed my head into a tree. He turned pale and didn’t ask me to join him for a while. Then we got together and played bowling. – He wants to lift weights together. / – Weights? He wants me to ride a motorcycle with him, too. That’s dangerous. You don’t mean riding in the back, right? He asked me to buy one, too. He asked you to buy a motorcycle? Oh no. (That’s terrible) The bigger problem is buying the equipment. When he hikes, he buys all the equipment. – He spent about $6,000. / – For hiking? Why do you need so much equipment? You’re just walking up a mountain, right? Hiking outfits, hat, walking stick. You’re not climbing up Mount Everest, right? He bought professional gear. – For weightlifting… / – What would you need? Did he buy the weights, too? No, just clothes and shoes. All you need is spandex, right? (Oh my) Saying that would make those athletes upset. How much could those outfits cost? He has 30 of them. What? Why would he need 30? He has one for every member of the team? He bought the same one in different colors. Is he rich? Has he saved up a lot of money? (How is he able) (To have so many hobbies?) That’s the biggest problem. He borrows money. (He borrows money for his hobbies?) He borrows money? You should never meet a guy like him. You mean a loan? A secured loan? Or a credit loan? He gets whatever loan he can take out. Oh no. So he doesn’t pay one loan back fully… Right. If he starts something new, he gets another loan?. – This is the biggest problem. / – No way. I’d understand if he could make money from it. But he doesn’t even get paid for these hobbies. Let’s meet him and talk to him. Hello. Hello. Nice to meet you. Why do you have so many hobbies? I can’t control myself when I get into something. I just have to do it. (I know what he’s like) How do you have the time to do all those? I work out 3-4 hours a day. That’s more than how much I work out. I go weightlifting twice a week for 5 hours at a time. I ride my motorcycle on weekends to Yangpyeong or Sokcho. I bowl 2-3 times a week. You don’t date women? I’d like to. That’s why he has so many hobbies. You get sick of women easily, right? No, not at all. I tend to date one woman for a long time. I think you’d meet many different women. Since I have so many hobbies, my standard of looking at women has changed. A woman whom I can ride a motorcycle with. A woman whom I can lift weights with. You want different women for different hobbies? No. I want to do all those things with one woman. (Different women for different hobbies) I’d like that, but I can’t. Not many women ride motorcycles or lift weights. It’s nice that you work out, but why do you have to buy professional gear? By taking out loans. You must look great with great equipment to have hobbies. Your abilities are more important. You have to look good by being good. (Oh gee) He brought pictures of his equipment. Let’s take a look. Wow. – He does look good. / – They’re expensive. He looks awesome. These are motorcycle riding outfits? This is the bowling equipment. That wrist protector is expensive. These are for weightlifting. Weightlifting. Deejaying. (He even has an LED screen) – Wow. / – He has an LED screen, too. How much did you spend for all those? Be honest with us. For bowling, I spent about $2,000. I have two pairs of shoes for weightlifting. – Each pair cost $300. / – They’re expensive. You don’t really need those shoes. That’s not true. You do for weightlifting. No way. Do those shoes make you stronger? It makes it easier. Weightlifting shoes and CrossFit shoes make a difference. And clothes. Why do you have 30 of them? There are different trends. So I bought them in different colors. There are pants that make me feel stronger, too. And… The motorcycle was the most expensive one. That cost $25,500. – $20,000? / – $25,500. Then I upgraded it, too. (Is this for real?) Do you do social media? Yes. Do you upload your pictures? When I go on a tour, yes. It’s because of social media. I’m not trying to brag. I was wondering why he spent so much, but I understand. It’s because of social media. He’s trying to show them off. I’m doing social media for my record only. But you let other people see them, too? Well, yes… You like getting people’s comments, right? We got you. I get disappointed if many people don’t press “like.” (That was the point) There was a reason for everything. The production crew interviewed him and added up the total cost. The total came out to $70,000. He could’ve rented a house with that. But it’s not good to buy that all with a loan. I’m almost done paying it back. – You haven’t yet? / – I still have a little left. (He still has a long way to go) It’d be nice if you can enjoy them by yourself. Why do you make others join you? It’s so much fun and it’s good for your health. So I want them to join me so that they can be healthy and relieve stress together. Your cousin got in a car accident. – Metal pins. / – He must work out. He had metal pins in his legs. Hiking is a cardio workout. I thought he could get better by walking. But it was in the winter. (I’m sorry for getting you hurt) Did you always know he was into these hobbies? He’s been asking me to bowl with him for 6 months. He keeps pushing me to buy a bowling ball. He said he had found the lowest price. Lowest price. I almost bought one. Did you ever consider introducing him to a woman? I introduced my colleague to him once. Before they even met, he sent her pictures of him riding a bike, bowling… – She would’ve hated that. / – Oh no. He sent her too many pictures from the start and she lost interest afterwards. (That’s why he’s still single) It would’ve been nice to show her in person. I couldn’t, so I sent her videos of me. – How many did you send? / – Too many. Women hate that the most. How many pictures did you send her? Several hundred? About that many. (Unbelievable) Several hundred pictures? – Out, out, out. / – She would’ve seen the bluff. When I get into something, I send every picture I have on my phone. Her phone might’ve exploded. She must’ve hated it. What do you think of a man like this, Hwangbo? It’s great that he has hobbies. A woman would be interested if she gradually finds out about your hobbies. You would look so charming then. You two hadn’t gotten interested in each other yet. Instead of building up interest, you showed her everything. She’d lose interest. Once you start dating, she finds out, “Wow! You can ride a motorbike, too?” Let’s say a woman had her purse stolen. You show up with a bike. Vroom. Like in a movie. He goes into an alley and you throw your bowling ball at him. Then beat him by weightlifting. Yes! In front of people. (I learned about love through books) With more and more hobbies, its harder to get really good at any of them. You’re not that good, right? That’s not true. I don’t start something I’m not good at. I competed just 3 months into doing weightlifting. I won second place. How much did you lift up? Clean and jerk. I lifted up 105kg. You did CrossFit and weightlifting. You must have great physical strength. You must be very muscular. I’m good at squats. Why don’t you compete against Julien Kang? All right. All right. (Show me what you’ve got) – How do we do this? / – Can you lift me up? Me too? Together. (He lifts up 70kg Dongyeob) How will you lift me up? What have I done wrong? Do it at the same time. We’ll count. Get ready. Go. I can do squats very well. I lifted up 105kg. (I’ll show you what I can do) (Show me what you’ve got) Get ready, go. One. My pants are about to rip. What should I do? (Julien looks worried?) (Eager to win) No way. (Do you know how much money I’ve spent?) (Not bad) He’s heavier than Dongyeob. Okay! I’ll stop now. I’m too tired. He can do more. (Julien isn’t stopping) I’m 10kg heavier. 14. – Why? / – How many can you do? He won’t lose. (This is not right…) (Please put me down) (Trembling / Going strong) Unbelievable! (Professional hobbyist lost) Are we going to film this all night or what? You can do more? (His ego was hurt) (You said you work out every day…) Come on. You want to try something else? You just lost. (I won’t go easy on him this time!) – Simultaneously. / – Pull-ups. No rebounds! You’re supposed to do that in CrossFit. You have so many excuses. – Okay. Rebounds allowed. / – Okay. – What is that? / – Rebounds. Using your body. I don’t know how to do that. I’ll just use my arms. We’ll only count the ones done right. Get ready. Go. (Julien checks how far up he goes first) One. (He gives up after doing one) How can he go up so high? Go. (He barely does one pull-up) (He’s going up all the way up to his chest) (Professional hobbyist loses completely) (Disappointed) My club members are going to yell at me. (Julien isn’t done yet) (Not tired at all) (You must go all the way up here) Unbelievable. Ordinary people can’t do even one that way. – Really? / – No way. Are you sure you’re doing all these as hobbies? (Swing swing) (A father’s skinny arms) (I’m going home now) It’s too hard. (He’s tired) Try it. Go. (Whoa!) (That’s how he became a frog) (Taekyun did 2 pull-ups) Barely. You barely did two. (He couldn’t even do one) (He’s upset by his loss, too) Let’s meet someone else now. I’m a makeup artist like him. – A makeup artist? / – Yes. I believe he’s part of 10 different clubs. He must go work when there’s an appointment, but he can’t go. He once missed his lecture, too. – He can earn money that way. / – Oh no. I know how much he gets paid. He gets paid quite a lot. He gave that up to go enjoy his hobby. I did too many squats that day, so the next day, I couldn’t walk. So I cancelled. Then I had another lecture. But I did squats again. I was supposed to lecture standing up, but I did it sitting down like a talk show. Like a talk show. We once started a business together. I worked from 3 a.m. to 1 p.m. and went to the office. He just got done with his morning hike and said, “Shall we go get beer?” I got just frustrated. Things didn’t go well for 2 years, so we quit. You closed the business down. I didn’t get paid properly either. (Oh gee) You’re doing these things to be healthy, right? Have you checked your health? Doesn’t everyone go through this? I can’t sleep because my heart is racing. What? Not everyone goes through that. – No? / – That’s… (No, no) I have insomnia, so I take sleeping pills at night. Your body is telling you something. It’s telling you that you’re not healthy. You must listen to your body. It’s signaling you. Do you know when you create muscles? When you’re resting. I can rest when I’m riding a motorcycle. No. Your body is tense. Sure. Your back hurts, too. Why do you think you turned out this way? I was hurt too much when I was young. (Hurt?) My parents died in a car accident when I was 19. I felt so empty inside, so I do these hobbies to get rid of my thoughts. So you can’t be alone without doing these hobbies? Right. I told those around me that I was lonely because my parents died. What I heard in return was, “Good-for-nothing orphan.” That’s what people called me. My relatives turned me away and treated me like a beggar. You were hurt too many times. So I was traumatized. Did you know about this? Yes, a little. I know that he tries to act cheerful with others, but he gets depressed when he’s at home. He doesn’t tell me about the hardships. He tells me after he’s gone through it. Since you trust your friends, couldn’t you talk to them? They might not want to hear it. It later comes back to me negatively. You don’t tell them to be considerate. Right. Your friends and your cousin may be waiting for you to open up to them. (Wouldn’t they be waiting for you) (To share your pain?) Do you have other things you want to try? (No way) I want to try bodybuilding. You want to try it? I want to try paragliding and skydiving next year. I’ve already looked into it. But do you think you’re satisfied by these hobbies? Or are you more satisfied by bragging about them to others and hearing them tell you that you’re cool? Would you do those hobbies regardless of how people on social media react to it? No, right? – Without uploading it online. / – No, right? I think it’s the latter. – Latter, right? / – Yes. I’m saying this because you had no one to talk to when you were young and you wanted others to acknowledge you. I am saddened by the fact that this is the only way you can be acknowledged. (Try another more positive way) What would you like to say to your cousin? Try to balance your hobbies and your work. – That’s what I want you to do. / – Yes. I didn’t know you were that worried about me. Thank you so much. Let me just try paragliding. It’s something I really wanted to try. But I’ll do other hobbies less and take care of my health. Will you drag him into it or not? I won’t ask him to join me. Please say it. I’ll never ask you to join me ever again. – I promise. / – He’s so extreme. He’s upset. Let’s start with Julien Kang. You need to slow down a bit. It’s a concern that you’re affecting others. I say it’s a concern just to warn you. I think it’s a problem, too. Please look around you a little bit. Please press the button. (What does the audience think?) 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. (Heehee) This sound must be like pressing “like.” He’s enjoying it. He likes it. Is it an expression of interest? Please show us the result. The last digit. How many votes did they get? (They got 138 votes) “Son, Please…” won this week. This is a reward to cheer you up. Until the day we are all worry-free… Hello Counselor will continue to counsel you. Thank you. (“Now or Never” by SF9)

100 thoughts on “Guests: Hwangbo, Song Kyunga, DIA’s Chaeyeon&Somyi, Julien Kang[Hello Counselor/ENG,THA/2018.08.13]

  • OMG it's just hair come on 🤦 why is she making such a big deal out of it. She crossed the line when she said she didn't wanna Look at him. He's clearly suffering more. Not talking to your son, and refusing to accept him for years, just because he has long hair? That's absurd. Let him do what he wants and stop trying to control him, he's 31 for God's sake. And frankly, he looks amazing with long hair.

  • I think the guy with the long hair is just trying to go against the social norm. He could be just frustrated since they have a very strict rules in Korea. It is not really bad but I'm sure that his concern is not even a thing in other countries especially in the west. But still, I'm happy that he cares about his mother's feelings.

  • I don't think the son with the long hair is really a problem unless we talking about their mother -son relationship drifting away because of hair . Seriously? What kind of mom is this? You should always love your son no matter what. Don't you guys know Steve Aoki ? He got long hair also a DJ. He had a song with BTS . The point is Steve is living a normal life without none of these
    problems. People in Korea should be more open, stop jumping to false conclusions. The mom was in the wrong for been ashamed about her own son of all those years. He still look good with long hair and forcing him to make a decision to cut his hair was really wrong. You should never force someone to do something that he /she doesn't want to do. I feel like he love his hair so much but people around him not being acceptance of it can make really depress/stress . He might end up cutting his hair because of his mom happiness but what about his own happiness? Does it not really matter to her/them? I feel bad for him seriously 😍😍😍💔😞

  • honestly the second concern is not even a concern, he looks fine with long hair even better than a woman do. and to be honest i kinda get what he's getting at like you don't have to have a solid reason to grow a hair, you just do. even if he wanna cut it or not it's his right, i believe if he cut his hair now relationships with his mom will get better but i don't think him as an individual will be fully satisfied and happy, why? because his mom only wants him to cut his hair and not the well being and freedom of her own son.

  • He looks really good with long hair. With and without. If hes healthy, hes living, let him be. Its ridiculous. I understand the Mom because shes his mom and they have this view if what their son should be, but people care way too much about what other people think. I honestly want to be his friend. With his long beautiful locks.

  • the second concern is so fvcking dumb.
    he said he didn't have a particular reason to grow out his hair, but I believe that he was trying subconsciously make a difference in the world, you can see it by the things he said.
    he went to that interview with long hair because he wanted to find a company that would accept diversity, he wanted to work with open minded people and was trying to be part of what, maybe, someday will change Korea's perception of people.
    that woman's son was doing a motherfvcking good job being himself and not be ashamed of it, and she comes to complain when he's being revolutionary.
    plus, i really know how he feels. my mom is just the same.
    that bitch should just let him be, her son is not doing anything bad.
    they didn't said anything about addictions, alcohol problems, smoking, gambling and other shit.
    he's just a good guy with long hair wtf, this isn't even a problem, he's trying to open Koreans eyes but that bitch of his mom fvcking brought him in the national TV and forced him (alongside with the hosts, i'm really disappointed by them) to promise to cut his hair.
    This will just close Koreans minds even more.
    If she can't accept her own soon just because of his hair length, she failed as a mom.

  • The second concern is sooo stupid. Like if the son likes his hair to be long then that's how he likes it. He is a grown man and if he wants to grow his hair then let him. I'm disappointed in the mom because she was really mad that her son grew out his hair. Like how can you not spend time with your OWN SON just because he grew out his hair???!!!! That makes absolutely no sense at all!!! Like that really pissed me off! As a mom she should care less about what people think and love her son no matter what but no she acts like how others do to him and that's just soooooo wrong on many levels

  • all i can say about the 2 concern the mother basically ruined and destroyed her son happiness for her own selfish how you should look crap

  • (Let me just preface this by saying I absolutely love this show, but absolutely not this episode)
    Nothing was fixed with the second concern, they practically forced him to make a promise he clearly wasn't comfortable with; they didn't listen to him at all. Their mother and son relationship is probably more stressed now than it was originally, given how obviously hurt the son was at the end.
    It's sad seeing a mother struggle to love her son for something as trivial as hair. I get that their society is a lot more strict than it is here is the U.S., but that's no reason to practically disown your son; to not be able to admit hes your son at all. And the message that the whole situation sends is horrible, it's practically saying screw individuality; forget about yourself and your happiness, just do what society tells you.. What a great way to make kids fear society…
    I feel like he was crying more out of frustration by the end… I can't even imagine how small and insignificant he felt, to have his one plea for acceptance blatantly ignored, on public television… Just let him be himself… I honestly want to see him become a model or something just so he can rub it in everyone's faces.

  • The second concern is so fucking frustrating; It honestly pissed me off. The son tried to prove that looks don’t matter but everyone else clearly disagrees — Korea is gone. They are all becoming plastic and it’s kind of annoying ugh

  • the son looks so boring with short hair, just let him be wth. he looks like a whole anime character its so cool. moonbok has it, jeonghan used to. why can't he. also he's over 30, let him choose himself?

  • Can anyone answer why he needs a reason to grow his hair? So long hair defines your sexual orientation these days. This isn't a concern, he should be sitting down there saying his mom doesn't acknowledge him b/c of how long his hair. I love a man with long hair it does make you lose your manliness.

  • Seriously ya'll making him feel guilty over hair. They say you have no reason to grow it and your making your mom stressed. WTH is wrong with people his mom should be embarrassed about her own actions it hair and it's his hair. This is just like the tattoo concern in the past. This drives me crazy really really crazy!!😑

  • My simple thoughts on this. You have your long hair sir. Prove to those people (the MC and the Audience) and your mother that you can be a better son, a better person with long hair. Clean up well, take carer of yourself and health and strut your long healthy hair with confidence. Acceptance is a transition. Help your mother in accepting the new happier you. Be patient with her. Explain to her. Its a give and take on both ends. I hope you both can find common ground and be happy in the end. P/s: Please don't mock the will never know how she feel since you are not in her place.

  • Sometimes there is nothing could make us happy except ourself maybe his long hair make him happy in a way but there are something people dont understand about ourself. Hope you happy with your mom! second concern

  • A guy having long hair is fine. why pressuring him to cut his hair. he looks good. it's not like he doesn't wash it and looks bad.

  • The second concern is just stupid let the man grow his hair just because he grew his hair doesn’t make him a different person and the third one he clearly doesn’t know what he’s doing you don’t need to spend so much money just to lift weights or to bowl he can just bowl like everyone else and not be a bitch about it

  • concern #2 exposes the deeply-rooted social issue that stems from traditional korean patriotic ideas that affect everyday lifestyle that it has become the norm, not just in korea, but in a lot of other countries incl. the West. only recently ppl have been accepting of these social changes in the way a man appears/dresses. but its funny how a simple thing like "hair" can result to such scrutiny. why? bc '"a man must have short hair to give him the identity of a man and not a woman", bc if he has long hair he's confusing the population of his sexual identity–there's so much effed up stuff thats subtly exposed in this one concern and it goes down to how they view women and female characteristics/attributes. like in the West, people of African-descent can't even have their natural hairs be worn yet when its become "fashionable" it's allowed, and the women have it worst, always. post-colonialism misogynistic ideas are still sickeningly widespread even in 2018. shameful.

  • She’s really CRYING over her son’s hair. Tragic. If it was my child I would proudly say this is MY SON and if y’all have a problem with him and his beautiful hair then y’all can line up to fight me.
    Seriously, there are times that Hello Counselor misses the mark on certain topics. This is wrong, as a mother you need to be the one supporting your child and defending them against small minded people NOT caring about what others think.

  • I literally feel like the real reason he is growing his hair out is just because he wants to be accepted for who he is. His mom admittedly said she grew up in a strict household. Maybe he just doesn't want to fit into a box and be restricted by the opinions of others

  • That old lady ughh just let him have long hair you are his mother and you say he is not your son anymore because he has long hair ahhahahshhshs i think he should be who sits over there he looks do sad this is so dumb

  • If women can have short hair then men should be able to have long hair. People think too much about it it's legit just hair. If the person feels confident with their hair long then why force them to cut it.. It makes no sense. I'm so disappointed in my mom right now cos I asked her if she would force my brother to have short hair she said yes and that men should rather be gay if they are gonna decide to have long hair like mom really ?! The concern should be the other way around the son should be complaining about the mom cos she's being ridiculous.

  • i havent even finished the 2nd concern but im already mad whats with their obesession to have everyone sunject to the same standard of beauty he looks great and i hope he doesnt keep the dumbass promise to cut his hair if thats what he likes his mom needs to accept her son and stand up for him if expressing himself like that is what makes him happy and other people need to learn minding their own damn business i could write an entire essay about this rn im so angry lmao

  • I don't agree with most of the people who are mad the fact that the MCs and his mom forced the guy in second concern to cut his hair short . Even he himself said that there are more negative than the positive ones and that the long hair did not make him any happier . Gosh .Could you guys understand that ? It even made him and his mother drifted apart . That's why they persuaded him to cut his hair short . It's for his own good too . I bawled my eyes out for the second concern .

  • Playing the Devil's Advocate for the Hair Issue in the second concern: The hair length had a deeper meaning for both of them. The son is clearly challenging his place in society and narrow minded stereotypes after having to be a proper clean cut son and employee for years. Mom comes from a background where little to no 'extravagancies' of this kind were allowed as she said. If for the son, it's whatever to grow out his hair (even if it's a rebellioud act tbh), the Mom sees it as a symbol of failure of parenting and a slap across her face. Imagine being confronted to your worst fear everyday of your life? She couldn't bear it and cut off communication with him. The son challenges the very same society her mother belongs to so it's deeply unsettling and upsetting to her as she tries to get why she failed so bad. Now don't get me wrong, he was right to be questionning his path and his desires for his future but sadly some societies aren't as "f*ck my parents i do what i want" as others, and you can clearly see his struggle between finding his truth by himself as an adult and relief the suffering of his Mom by refraining his growth. I am disappointed the hosts didn't dig up more on the matter as it would have put a better understanding of each sides. This settlement does nothing but patronize this 31 years old (gasp) men and provoke frictions in the future in the form of distrust of the son and unvoluntary stronger smothering of the Mom.

  • I am so mad right now. The second concern… what is so bad about having long hair? And why can only men in entertainment have long hair? If he is feeling good about it so why can't he? The mom is ridiculous with saying she is embarrassed of calling him her son. She should be proud that he has courage to be who he wants. If my child would do sth like that I would be so happy about it. I really pity him that his mother is so stubborn and not supportive. And the way she played his emotions with the guilt… it was HER fault that their relations got bad. She was the one who was ashamed. I feel so sorry for him, oh my god…
    And the MCs? And guests? How come nobody took his side? Sometimes I forget how ridiculous, fusty, intolerant and conservative Korea is and it was a tremendous wake up call.

  • How can a person deny their adult child affection just because of something as trivial as the length of his hair?! He obviously likes how he looks with long hair and shouldn't be left out because of it. It seems like he has a more progressive mindset than most adults in that environment. From what I know Koreans in their 20's and 30's are more accepting of things that seem out of the cultural norm. The older generation and bigots are the problem. I wish he didn't promise to cut his beautiful hair.

  • I can relate to the long haired man. I'm a girl with curly hair and because of the fact that I'm a girl, I've been forced to straigthen my hair in order to "look good" and "being accepted by the (shi**y) society"
    let us be us, there are worst than haircut problems in the world, am I wrong?

  • Moonbok, jeonghan, ren….etc.. they all had/have long hair and they're beautiful with it…I understand that they're idols but this man loves his long hair so why make him sad and forcing cutting it???? Some people are so messed up.

  • I don't get why 144 out 200 voted for the second. Did I miss something? like what the heck. I cried more due to the mom saying that she is embarrassed of his own son. After that I can't laugh any of their jokes. Even the MC idunno, I feel like I kinda lost my respect to them

  • The irony. Asian countries have traditionally worn long hair, why is it do frown upon nowadays. They are clinging unto their history and traditions, but are selective about it.

  • TBH like cutting hair? that stressed the mom out? seriously? LET HIM KEEP HIS LONG HAIR FOR THE LOVE OF GOD JEEEZUUUSSS IT'S HIS FUCKIN HEAD

  • Lee Yongho is such a gorgeous man!!! His long hair is astonishing! So sexy!! 😍😍😍😍 I'm so mad they forced him to promise to cut his hair cuz his mom wants to please all people who doesn't even care about her!!! She should just learn to love his son!!

  • I'm a girl with hair till my knees (I'm 5'4) and my hair that long not because I grew it, it's just I didn't cut them. I don't feel like it. Even though I didn't especially grow them, my heart (and as well as my mother's) will hurt because I'm used to it and it's a part of me. I've had long hair for far too long and I can't bear to be pushed into cutting it just because. I know long hair has it's downsides like not drying for a day and a half (and not at all in winter), breaking my brushes to halves etc etc but it's a part of my body and my identity. I wish nobody is pushed into the position this guy was. I wish him all the happiness in this world.
    Instead of asking the poor guy to cut his hair go and cut those stupid long nails girls grow. They are more dangerous than long hair. Why don't we start with Hwangbo?

  • the mom is so irritating. she only thinks about what she feels not what the son wants. the fact that she is ashamed to call him her own son but a part-timer is absolutely disgusting. i used to have my hair all the way down to my knees but my mom got irritated by it and bc she said its inappropriate for me to have long hair bc its hot, im a girl btw. i got so upset to the point where i yelled at my mom bc she wanted to cut my hair so bad and make it to my shoulders. shoulder length hair doesnt sooth me bc i have a round face and i never liked short hair. i cried so hard when the lady was cutting my hair because i spent a more than a year growing it.

  • i understand that the mom doesnt want people to bad mouth her son but what would she prefer: pleasing other people or seeing her own son happy?

  • long hair has always been a part of Korea's culture and tradition before… Korea implements their old tradition and culture but are very selective about it. Hair is just hair, its part of Korea's culture.

  • If you don't be so mad, please skip the second topic. All in my head said why why why. Why a man can't have long hair?

  • I have never been mad for a concern 2 months straight. Some days I just get reminded by this poor guy who had to cut down his hair just because his mom "didnt like it"… wtf it is so ridiculous he is 30 years old can he live his life how he wants to?
    His mom should have proudly tell everyone who he is when they asked "he is my son, isn't he really handsome?".
    Parents should support their kids why was everyone acting like he has cancer what could be healed with an operation but he doesn't want to get it? Even if that was the case as a parent you must accept your kids point of view because after the age 18 you are not someone who has to be told what to do but get advices…
    jesus sorry i'm just still mad at this mom
    + this mom should really experience what pain actually feels like, crying about a fucking hair would be her last thing to think about -.-

  • How can a mother be ashamed of his own son? Is she really his true mother? If it is then its a shame to have such a mother. I am feeling so bad for him. Just let him do what he wants. His pleasure lies there. The mother is indirectly snatching his own sons happiness. This is so cruel.

  • The guy from the second concern looks gorgeous with long hair! It‘s rare to find men who actually rock long hair – why would you force him to cut it??
    It‘s like saying that girls should have long hair and wear very feminine clothing to not be mistaken as a boy from behind.
    I can‘t understand this concern at all… 😒

  • for one, julien wasnt going ass to grass on the squats like the other guy….. and their both of their knee angles were baaaad.

  • I understand jim I am in the opposite situation I am a gorl I had long hair for most of my lfe because my mom wanted to but recently I did a boy hair cut and since then my mom keep telling me to let they grew back or thing like What are you doing do you want to look like a boy… Just let this men do what he want with his hair

  • I am really pissed and disgusted by the hosts and the person on the show, the man with long seem so sad because people don't let him be himself. I was so pissed I wanted to cry.

  • to be honest i think his mom needs to sit there instead of him. i mean if he wants to keep his hair long then you shouldn't have any problem. who cares if people are saying things. if you don't take your sons side then who would take it? Because of she is embarrassed to call him her son i feel so bad for him. He is old enough let him live his life.


  • How can a concern about HAIR get more votes than a guy who is indecisive. Not being able to make a decision is a way bigger concern then HAIR!!!

  • I understand that it’s Korean culture to have those rigid standards for how girls and guys should look, but one of the ways to break those kinds of standards is for people like that guy with the long hair to break out of the mold and show people that there’s nothing to be prejudiced about. Nothing will change if people just tell others to “conform back to a ‘normal’ look because culture isn’t going to change”. Change happens in the few that are brave and stand up to the norm, and honestly that guy showed a lot of confidence in his looks and even said he didn’t think he had to cut it just because other people were prejudiced.

  • My heart broke into pieces for Lee Yongho , you could tell he felt so depressed and pressured by how everyone reacted to his hair.

  • Does anyone know if the man with the long hair ever got it cut? I really hope he didn't bc he seemed to like it and he shouldn't have to cut his hair just to ease societal pressures. I got really mad watching that part just bc I went through the exact same thing where I had hair about the same length and then I cut it off due to societal pressure and now I'm trying to grow it out again. I'm happier with my longer hair and it doesn't make me less of a dude or weird bc of it.

  • I agree with everyone below on the second concern. But also the first concern is nothing to laugh about. In my oppinion, if you worry to that degree it is already a mental disorder, which cannot be healed by nice advice, but only managed. For that, he needs support of a real psychatrist to give him relief and advice how to manage his life.

  • I relate to the first person so much! I am such a worrier, but the way I cope is asking all my friends if they have the same problem. It's horrible, don't fall into it!

  • I'm so sad and angry about second concern. What the fuck. He can have long hair he can be feminine he can define himself as a woman(I'm sorry if I made a mistake English is not my first language) I'm just disgusted

  • What a mom for being embarrassing and cautious by other people views just because his son have long hair.

  • probably the worst episode just because they forced a guy to cut the hair . . wth is wrong with these people . . clearly its the biggest concern for the son because of the so called people who cant accept him with the long hair. . its his hair he can do whatever he wants with it. . . .

    hope there isnt another concern where a girl is asked about her SHORT HAIR

  • I couldn't be on this show. My heart broke for the man with the long hair. I wouldn't be able to keep my mouth shut. How could say you wish he weren't your son, stop speaking to him because of his hair? That's not love. You don't have to agree with his decision, but to pull your love away to get him to submit is twisted.

  • I've watched many episodes of Hello Counselor now and if this is a true reflection of Korean society I can't believe how deeply homophobic it is.

  • Man with long hair — I really can't understand… what's the problem? Many women have short hair and nobody has a problem with it. The son should have been sitting there and not the mother. It's just hair and she is making such a fuss about it!!!

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