Hear How Diana Confronted Camilla | Diana: In Her Own Words

Hear How Diana Confronted Camilla | Diana: In Her Own Words

I walk into the house and stick my hand out to come the first time I think you look at it over that we’re all upstairs and I just chatting when I suddenly noticed there’s no color move Charles upstairs so this disturbs me so I make my way to go downstairs Finn I know what I’m going to prove that myself try to stop if we’re going downstairs don’t know don’t go down there I’m just gonna fry my husband I go downstairs it’s a very happy – threesome going on downstairs I’m gonna childhood in my home I don’t know change anyone it’s not like this is your moment it’s how exactly I’m joining the conversation just oh my best friend and I said coming I’d love to have a word you know I got really uncomfortable for the head – oh yes I said to me okay boys you should come and I’ll be out for a minute and they shot upstairs like chickens in their heads and I could feel upstairs or how breaking with what she going to do it’s I said commitments to accept mmm I was a terrified them and I said come and I just like to enjoy new it’s actual experiment which is I don’t know what recovery life that’s what I know it’s very much a management and she said to the baby she said we’ve got everything you’d ever want to Oh tribute which anything you want I don’t even know what she said anyway so I said I want one husband and she said brightly she looked down the whole time I said to feel I’m sorry I’m in the way I don’t see how to anyway I don’t need to be happy [Music] in the car labor Mahajan was over me like a bad rash I cried like a Democrat for it was anger it was seven years of pent-up anger yeah cry and deceit that night and you’re next when we work out when I thought different shift to mentorship I’d done something said what I felt still the old Jemison universe running around but it wasn’t so death as it’s been before and I said to him but the we came through they say I said Oh Diane Sawyer watch there what I thought you coming up there’s no secret to me ask her I just said I loved you with nothing morning

100 thoughts on “Hear How Diana Confronted Camilla | Diana: In Her Own Words

  • "you will never fall apart Diana, you're still in our hearts, never let you fall apart, together we'll dance in the dark"

  • kings allways used to have mistresses… from thousands years happening this… old story and ever lasting… really sorry for diana…
    nice woman but too naive…

  • Diana will be forever remembered without a question of a doubt she is a historical princess that will never be forgotten and tell and her story will continue to go on as decades pass rip princess 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇 you are in heaven with God

  • Yes, Diana was beautiful but Charles had something more with Camilla. As tragic as it was, it's actually the antithesis of the classic fairytale. The Prince wanted the chemistry and companionship of Camilla, and not the Disney version that the public wanted. I think there's something in that for everyone to reflect on.


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  • This is why Charles is my least favorite royal. Camilla doesn’t deserve her title and I can already imagine England falling down with the reign of Charles. Ugh.

  • The question should be what Charles wanted more? He had a most beautiful woman , kind charming wife, two beautiful kids and still cheated with that witch. I can’t stand Camila!!

  • All that charles wanted was to produce real heirs to the throne. After he got that his mission was accomplished and wanted to get rid of Diana to marry the alligator who he was in love with all the while…..Now there was a reason to marry after Diana's death.

  • No woman should ever be put in the position to have to confront her husband's mistress. It's the husband's job to right that situation by cutting ties with the mistress and honoring his marriage vows. Poor Diana.

  • Diana was the people's princess, that was evident before and after the divorce. She was bigger than all of them so they took her out

  • Camilla may be Queen consort someday but history would always paint and remember her as the mistress and homewrecker. Period.

  • I like Diana as a person so wouldn’t purposely try to smear her name now when she’s dead, but don’t forget: she was a cheater too

  • 22 years have passed Princess Diana left us in a tragic accident but we miss and love her a lot still…no match to her amazing beauty and wonderful personality…God has blessed her always and will bless her..

  • Poor Diana. The world really is cruel. Making good people suffer like that is inhuman. I am not saying I am blaminh someone but Diana definitely don't deserve what happened to him.

  • There will be consequences for their shameless betrayal of Diana one day..if not here, then they will face God. But it this life, it would be great vindication if the queen comes to her senses and has Charles passed up for the throne in the end. She must realize the public will never accept Camilla on that level

  • Terribly sad what happened to her 🙁 She kept things very classy which says a lot about Diana. I like to think that Camilla has changed but who knows ¯_(ツ)_/¯


  • Camilla will be accountable to God with her actions of splitting up Charles & Lady Di, concurrently, Charles will be accountable for pursuing Camilla whilst married to Lady Di. The Queen is accountable to God for her actions to allow these two bozos to get married so they can be happy. While all through history, the princes had to abdicate the throne to get married to their lover. While the Queen underhandedly changes the rules to suit her needs and the monarch. knowing full well that Lady Di was and is right that Charles is not fit for top job.

  • If he liked Camilla so much, he should have quit the throne and married her. Like other royals did for the loves their life

  • Charles is so ugly as is Camilla, they deserve each other. Princess Diana was so Beautiful and became more Beautiful as she got older. Such a Tragedy. Her Heart was pure Gold. RIP Diana

  • if not because of camilla princess diana is still alive, Poor Cinderella become sleeping beauty in a bad way😭 sorry to my English。

  • I think everything went wrong since the beginning of Camilla and Charles relationship, because people critics her not beautiful enough, not good enough for the prince. Also royal family did. Her family made her married to her ex-husband who cheated of her. What Camilla and Charles did was totally wrong to Diana. But what she said to Diana reflected her suffer. Diana got people's love, but Camilla didn't. That made Diana marry Charles. Anyway the only thing that Camilla could get was Charles's heart. Charles could marry any other beautiful women who can win people's heart, but he insisted to marry Camilla.

  • CPB that ugly old troll had some nerve! It’s a pity present day royals can’t exhibit emotions… should have been in the days of Elizabeth I

  • I will never understand why Charles cheated on the most beautiful and gracious woman in the world — doing so with a dog like Camilla.

  • Why is everyone making out that Diana was a angel. She had a affair with James Hewitt. She was not all innocent. Also dont blame Camilla for the marriage breakdown, it takes two to tangoed, Prince Charles was to blame as well. He was in love with Camilla way before he got married with Diana. I am sure William and Harry loves Camilla but not as much as their mother Diana.

  • Poor Diana I cant believe Charles and Camilla got their happily ever after and growing old together😞 karma will never touch them I see. No justice for our beautiful Princess.

  • William and Harry should be ashamed of themself loving Camilla so much after what she did to Diana!!! poor Diana means nothings to her strange sons!

  • The real people behind Diana's death will pay dearly. Karma is just waiting for the right moment to strike…SOON!

  • It physically hurts knowing anybody had to go through this. But I cannot fathom why this had to happen to Diana, the most generous, caring, and gracious person I have ever witnessed walk this earth. I feel as though the queen is simply out living Charles so as to not allow Camila anything more than what she currently has weaseled out of him.

  • It physically hurts knowing anybody had to go through this. But I cannot fathom why this had to happen to Diana, the most generous, caring, and gracious person I have ever witnessed walk this earth. I feel as though the queen is simply out living Charles so as to not allow Camila anything more than what she currently has weaseled out of him.

  • I feel as though the queen is simply out living Charles so as to not allow Camila anything more than what she currently has weaseled out of him.

  • For anyone who doesn’t know, if it weren’t for Diana, Charles would not be in line to the throne. She gave him William, the heir. Then Harry, the backup. As soon as Charles no longer needed her he tossed her out like trash and married the cow we call Camel. Not exactly sure but something about Diana’s position then death made it necessary for his accession.

  • U can never receive God's blessings with another woman's husband Diana loved her husband otherwise she wouldn't have stayed, someday Camilla will feel that same betrayel

  • Diana said she wanted her husband. Sadly, he was never REALLY her husband. He married her out of royal duty to produce an heir and a spare. He never loved her. He was there physically, but not emotionally or lovingly. Diana was too young and too naive to realize what type of union she was getting into…it was never a marriage, it was as cold as a business deal. I was in a marriage exactly like that for 20 years. When the truth hits you, it hits hard. It is very destructive, to your heart, your mind, your soul. RIP Diana.

  • Let's make sure she never becomes,Queen. They destroyed Diana and I have no time for the Royals anymore. What is a royal just an entitled person who think they can get away with anything. I.e. prince Andrew and Epstein

  • You will be alive and remembered Princess Diana forever.The life will come to an end for Charles and Camilla with self guilt and shame.

  • She was wayy more dignified than i would have been with that woman
    And they royal family vilified HER! All my life, i had grown up listening to my mum talk about how princess diana was the wrong ome, how she… "broke rules" and couldnt "adjust" to the royals. When i grew up and actually realized what had happened. I was furious.

  • Women have no need 2 worry 4 men.. If he's trash, not worth worrying about.. If he's good, he won't cheat, & no need 2 worry.. U just have 2 find out soon 2 stop wasting ur life with someone that doesn't love u

  • If he becomes the king, then he becomes head of the church. How can god allow such a cheat to be the head of the most secred institution?

  • Diana you were an ANGEL and will always remain.
    Camila is a mistress and will always remain in stress.
    She was jealous of you and greedy of your name and fame with wealth.

  • Honestly prince Charles has never been very attractive to me, and hearing more and more of the awful story and history only makes him uglier

  • I'm so proud of Diana , she was a beauful woman , I'm so happy she got to live her life the way she wanted after she left him

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