HUGE 38' TRAVEL TRAILER RV! Can Sleep 9 plus a huge perk!

HUGE 38' TRAVEL TRAILER RV! Can Sleep 9 plus a huge perk!

what's going on guys I am still out here at Tarrytown RV Supercenter in Grand Rapids Michigan in their indoor facility which is super awesome taking a look at this huge huge Salem travel trailer guys you're not going to want to miss this one be right back so we got to take a look at the numbers on this unit this thing is simply massive so this is going to be almost 38 feet long eleven thousand two hundred and eighty eight pound gross vehicle weight rating was a two thousand forty one pound cargo capacity rides on 15-inch I rated tires this is just a massive massive travel trailer three slides this is wood framed aluminum sided construction rides on a 12-inch I beam as well which is really nice of course you're going to get double propane tanks as well as space up here for two batteries has a power tongue jack has a scissor jack stabilization all the way around this one uses the LCI solid step black steel wheels outside speakers these salem's are very very popular this is a travel trailer brand that a lot of people get because it's very affordable while at the same time they really don't skimp on amenities plus they give this huge outside kitchen area with a really thick door sink as well as your out side refrigerator and I'm guessing it has a barbecue grill that flips around it does have incandescent lighting back here as well as up on top plus it's wired for a fury on backup camera coming around all three slides are rack-and-pinion slides so that's very nice and they're all full extension slides so a lot of slides on travel trailers only extend out about that far or even this far this one extends out the full three feet plus again that's solid 12 inch eye beam frame running the entire length and they have nice stabilizer arms on the stabilizer jacks those come in really handy because those keep it from having that rocking feel when you're walking around on the inside there's your sewer drain and this is a 50 amp connection coming around now the front here this is not a pass-through storage but it is still a very sizable storage lots of room in here you can easily store probably even a folding bike chairs table you can store a lot of stuff in there that is a good-sized front storage area let's take a look inside of this Salem 3 3 ts again roughly 38 feet long one of the really nice things again about the Salem Line is you get a lot of really nice amenities and a ton of space at an affordable price now I don't know the price of this specific unit you'd have to go on their website to look at it but I can imagine it's probably going to be maybe in the mid to high 20s maybe low 30s nice freezer refrigerator nice upgraded stove fury on microwave lots of cabinetry has a very nice light feeling interior as well with dark wood tones coming back to the bunkhouse area nice flip up top bunk see this is a bunkhouse that a lot of families love because it gives you a tremendous amount of room for you to bring your kids and even their friends you have a top bunk here you have a sofa here which converts into a bunk as well as another bunk above it plus all of your cabinetry here to store things up here is going to be where you would mount your TV so on some of these bunk houses they put the TV mount in here but they opted to use that space on this trailer for storage and you want your TV up here on a swivel arm with your cable connection and power up there nice huge backside window and this is also an emergency escape but this is a huge bunk house so here's the front area of course dinette area which also turns into a bed as well as a nice sofa which also turns into a bed plus you can mount your TV up here fireplace cabinetry on each side this isn't real stone this is a wallpaper material does make it look nice though nice air conditioning system up here that is fully ducted plus more storage underneath the dinette area overall you could easily sleep 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 you could probably sleep upwards of 9 people inside of this travel trailer definitely a trailer you could bring the family and all your friends with let's take a look at the bedroom area so going into the front bedroom or the master bedroom in this case since there is a second bunk area bedroom you have a really nice queen-size bed lots of room on each side of it huge full-length slide which gives you a tremendous amount of room here at the end plus massive closet area this is just a huge closet area here and the reason why this specific coach doesn't have a pass-through storage up front is because this is the storage area beneath this closet what it gives you though is an area for a washer and dryer so it's already plumbed for a washer and dryer and that takes up the area that might normally be your pass-through storage you typically are never gonna find an area for a washer and dryer in a travel trailer regardless of the size so the fact that this one's already wired and plumbed for a washer and dryer assembly makes this a very unique travel trailer plus it has these barn style doors here very nice you're gonna have more storage underneath the bed as well so the battle flip up to give you storage there you have some nice compact end tables on the side of the bed or nightstands and what's nice about them is they don't protrude out over the bed very much so I've never really liked how some of them come really far out over the bed it just seems like something you're gonna hit your head on this one only has a single AC unit in it though it does have a spot up here and I'm sure you can opt for a second AC unit in this specific travel trailer very nice simple layout for the control panel as well nice dual basin sink this is a very cool travel trailer again I'm not a huge fan of the sofa and the dinette next to each other only because you're kind of cocking your head to the side to see the TV but that being said this is a very very popular floorplan and people that get it generally really liked this floorplan especially the fact that this huge slide gives you all of this space right here so if you have kids if you have toddlers and they like to play on the floor especially if it's a rainy day and everyone's inside you're not going to feel crowded and this affords you a tremendous amount of room to bring people for sleeping space as well as a nice comfortable large dinette area if you're gonna be eating dinner or eating lunch or you know feeding the kids and again on the outside of this coach you are going to get this really nice long awning it doesn't cover the full length because I don't think they make a 38-foot awning but it's going to cover a good area of this side of the trailer plus you're gonna have that nice flip up outside kitchen area which will also provide you some protection if it's raining or you know if it's just bad weather and you're out here trying to cook over although this is a really cool whore plan and a lot of people love these bunk houses because again they allow you to bring so many people with you now in my opinion this trailer is only 3/4 ton one ton towable so I would definitely not ever recommend towing this behind a half-ton truck and in many ways I would even suggest towing this behind a dually just because of the length and the weight and the height a dually is gonna provide you with more stability when towing something this large that doesn't mean you need a dually to tow it but it's just my suggestion if you have one it's gonna make it a little bit easier that being said this is well within the weight of most 3/4 ton one ton and one-ton dually pickup trucks you shouldn't have any problem towing it with any of those trucks as long as it's properly equipped and Specht to tow something this heavy and this long anyways guys I will put a link in the description to Tarrytown RV if you are interested in looking at this specific unit I do not know the price off the top of my head but I can imagine they're gonna give you a pretty aggressive price if you're interested because they are typically in that 30 to 33 percent off of MSRP plus they own their own delivery company so they can get you just about anywhere guys if you haven't had a chance please take a moment subscribe to my channel give me a thumbs up and we'll talk to you again very soon you

47 thoughts on “HUGE 38' TRAVEL TRAILER RV! Can Sleep 9 plus a huge perk!

  • All the dealers of Salems in our area have lots of unglued and warped materials inside the interior due to the heat. Everyone just walks away

  • Can anyone give constructive opinions on the downside of stick and tin trailer vs fiberglass as far as leaking

  • Can you start covering interior height? At 6' 6" the old style 6' ceilings just don't cut it way too short for those who are taller

  • Nice review. If you wanna review something similar but one grade nicer in my opinion check out an open range lite 312BHS
    we bought one and love it!

  • Love your videos but don’t always like what your showing. This is not an exception! It may be massive but there are so many things that I don’t like about it! Oh and you left out something else I can’t like…..the loo!!

  • Kinda funny you didn’t show the bathroom… BUT it probably doesn’t have one. That’s probably why you didn’t show I believe

  • Do you have any idea if the dealers that offer a lifetime warranty on the rv’s they sell worth the extra cost or is it to much of a pain for someone that travels a lot

  • The company needs to use Azdel panels heat treated with curves and bends with pinch weather stripping around the edges that fit together like a jigsaw puzzle that blot all together to make a solid outer shell. That bolts to the chassy with large rubber mounts. Designed with slide outs and frameless windows with azdel storm shutters that are on electric motors on slides inside the hull that slip out and flush cover the windows. The air conditioning unit hot water on demand unit and everything else located under the unit keeping all the openings in the shell underneath and very protected. Tail lights higher up close to the top large that only go a little way into the outer shell with well insulated wiring for zero water penetration. The roof all thick high gloss Azdel panels for a very long life. Inside cabinets all Azdel panels with vinyl wrap with the vinyl seam's protected in grooved seam's with a plastic T to wedge down into the seam to hold down and protect the edges of the vinyl wrap on the Azdel panel cabinet's and inner wall's and Azdel panel's on the ceiling with vinyl wrap and on the floor's with wood flooring attached or vinyl or carpeting. All inside azdel panel's bolted on and can easily be removed for access into walls ceiling or flooring to effect repairs and upgrades. Design a better product that is well worth the investment unlike most modern trailers these days? 🤨😐

  • JD, do you find that a trailer of this size is not really suitable to be bumper pulled, and that salem forced this concept? It seems to me that after 35 feet, from a drive-ability and stability stand point that you are really entering the fifth wheel platform. Do you agree? Thanks for another awesome walk-through!

  • I do not get batteries outside. If you want to winter camp they freeze. There should always be a covered battery tray. These ones outside tell you the builder isn't up with what people want to do not. Nash just introduced a trailer specifically for boondocking with a12v fridge that is big and pulls 3 amps.

  • This unit has some nice features, but as a large trailer owner myself, (2019 Jayco 298bh), were forgetting the elephant in the room. In many campgrounds, at least in WI, good luck turning around, maneuvering around. National parks, state parks, good luck.

  • Very nice unit 😎👍 But the wife and I will be going with either a 5th wheel or airstream.

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