Is time travel possible? Brian Cox and Nalini Joshi offer their views | Q & A

Is time travel possible? Brian Cox and Nalini Joshi offer their views | Q & A

28 thoughts on “Is time travel possible? Brian Cox and Nalini Joshi offer their views | Q & A

  • There’s no such thing as two dimensions in the real world. You can’t compress anything real to make it two dimensions. Other than three dimensions are only possible in math, but then this math does not correspond to anything real.

  • Sorry but man that red-haired woman in the audience asking the first question is damn sexy can you come over to uk please?


  • There are two things perpendicular to each other. If you leave one you switch to other. Each is a different time. So you can get back to where you left with gain or loss of time. Quantum mechanics allows that. Just like a cold world and a warm world each having different rates of expiry. You can have quantum freeze and resurrections anywhere. The world can repeat itself. God created it that way innumerable possiblity.

  • If you travelled just a few seconds into the future, or the past (which you can't) the earth would have moved and you'd be killed in the vacuum of space.

  • You could prove you’ve travelled into the future by telling the future version of your science partner who will remember the moment you left to go into the future.

  • if 1 man done time travel. past to future or future to past …. then what about his present…..? will be…? is it necessary to keep mind present …..?

  • The conjecture would not be as significant as theory suggests, the disturbance caused in the past does not adversely affect the future as 1 believes, Time Travel has already been done with The Philadelphia experiment being the most noted example. Unified field theory 😉

  • You cannot travel into the future either because if you could, then when you travel back to your era you'll be traveling to the past.

  • So maybe time travel is possible within a given dimension. But maybe it is not possible to interact with objects in our normal space and time dimension, if we are in dimension 5 or higher.

    I don't really understand this but my thought is a process where one shifts, or phases, to a different dimension and then travels. Then shifts back to the normal dimension of space and time. Assuming 11 dimensions; M-theory.

    It's interesting to think about.

  • If they can time travel then why would tell people how to build it everyone could go anywhere at anytime idk what would happen to the time line it would screwed and there would no way to fix all the problems that dumb people had created really no one should every go back yea its all cool time travel would be amazing but its to dangerous think they go back and make 1 little mistake the world as you know would never be the same

  • From a technical stand point, there are thousands of time travelers every day in the US, however, we refer to them just as travelers. I speak of those traveling from state to state across time lines (zones). Example: If a woman takes a hour long flight from Indianapolis to Chicago, she will land exactly the same time she took off as Illinois is, time zone speaking, an hour behind Indiana. Boom, time travel exists!

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