Is Time Travel Really Possible?

Is Time Travel Really Possible?

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  • or time travel could be dimensional travel thus killing grandpa would only create a new timeline in a dimension separate from your original timeline and dimension. in other words you can go back in time and kill grandpa and still exist.

  • Time travel will create another timeline Everytime you go back in time or forward to Future specifically if you did something that would greatly affect that timeline. Thanks Steins Gate.

  • Paradox’s are impossible because going forward or backwards in time will only cause alternate time lines not effecting your own timeline

  • Pfft, Captain America came out of the ice perfectly fine 70 years later, Tony Stark made a time travel machine in one night and Hulk said our future doesn't effect our past, our past becomes our future.
    I believe them.

  • I was diagnosed with Schizophrenia. My experiences alway related to some sort of dimension rift. Within the 4th dimension I discovered that time is longer than normally perceived by humans. Humans only perceive every (80 to 100) moments, on their timelines. Each person has there own timeline that almost parallel each other. The length of the timeline is determined by lifespan. Each pair of timelines is divided based on offspring. The timelines crisscross based on human interaction. Eventually, we will have the ability to go back in time and repair timelines. In other words relive our lives or someone else's life without making the same mistakes and we have to keep doing it over and over until we all do everything right. At that point we will be able to live whoever's life we want to to see what it's like. Right now there can only be one time traveler at a time from this time period because the system isn't established to deal with more than one person. The time traveler has to live someone else's life to make repairs on it.

  • its easy to travel to the future..
    you just need to wait…

    how ever i dont believe in time travel anyway..
    by a simple thing..
    if it possible for us to go to the future, then the sum of energy on that time will increase..
    mean that total energy and mass on this current time also can be twice big on a sudden.. or 3 or 4
    i m not sure this world can hand it… and the energy will goes to infinity.. space will INF times bigger also.. the world entropy also.. it simply makes law of nature and thermodynamic's laws not working..

    let make it simple.. if there is a star , in sudden the entropy goes to 1000x bigger… the star will blew it.. the same suppose to be happened to the entire world, i think..

  • Suicidal dude who has a time machine hmm maybe if i kill my baby md i wont feel pain

  • you can travel back time before you will born or the time you don't exist,
    you can also travel in the future, after you left the timeline or after you die.
    you can't time travel on the same time you still exist cause if you do so then you the one who time traveled will replace the one(yourself) who never left timeline and you will never go back time where you left.

    Law of nature.

  • If it was I would go straight back to 1833 to stop president Polk from splitting Oregon country between the United States and British Canada

  • Perhaps multiple dimensions exist as a "fix" for the Grandfather paradox? Every event that is happening right NOW creates an alternative historical timeline in order to prevent a paradox from happening in the case someone would travel back in time? Because all these histories then affects the present wich in turn again creates "new" historical events, it MUST create a feedback-loop, weaving together the past, the present and the future in a single NOW. Thus breaking the concept of time. That would explain how different timelines could interact with each other, because time wouldn't be a linear direction, but rather a ever changing circle capable of being squeezed and overlapped. But since the past always affects "now", wich in turn alters the past again by fixing potential paradoxes, the circle never really creates a path to the past we know, but rather an alternate past wich would be vastly different in both story and the way its fundamental laws of physics works. Timetravel could according to my own theory actually be multiverse traveling. Or more likely – just some random rumbling as a result of too many redbulls way to late at night when I should be sleeping because I have a really important task to do painfully early tomorrow and it would cause some serious problems if I overslept. I wonder why pigs sound like the do? Maby it's a kind of sonar x-raying the ground in search for truffles? Can pigs see through clothes? :S If we could tap into a pigs brain and intercept its vision, then pigfarms could be the future of environmental-friendly x-ray clinics! Yeah… I should buy a boat.

  • so imma have to say that Avengers Endgame probably has the most accurate time travel theory .. If you go into the past then your past becomes your present which then makes your present the future essentially so making a change in the past cant change your future but instead makes an alternate timeline/dimension

  • the grandfather paradox would not be a paradox if you do not consider free will to be real. If you exist, and you attempt to kill your parents, you know you failed before you even went.

  • when you time travel to the past it will create a new timeline and it won’t change the future because if the present(you) goes to the past the past becomes your present

    Thats what i understand from endgame

  • After watching end game I can tell you that after you travel back in time the past becomes your future and the future becomes you past. So which means if you killed your grandfather that timeline becomes your future, which means you don’t disappear.

  • Say there were two planets 10 light years away, with a wormhole connecting them. If I travel through one and then wait 10 years, would I be able to see myself at the other end of the wormhole (let’s say I have a gigantic telescope)?

  • Yes I am in the future, only 2021 but Donald trump passes away in September last year and the world is falling into anarchy

  • I have a question: About 4,000 years ago on the other side of the galaxy intelligent beings invented time travel, does that mean we could then go back 4,000 years? Just how large a fold in space time we talking about?

  • But if you travel back then that will be your present. And in that present you weren't born which means you should not exist? Would we maybe just dissappear?

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