Joe Dispenza – What is REAL LOVE and how it feels | WONDERFUL

Joe Dispenza – What is REAL LOVE and how it feels | WONDERFUL

It turns out that the signature of the quantum field is greater and greater degrees of oneness and wholeness, right? So think about it. Um, When we live in stress, we live in separation, right, because our senses fool us into believing you’re there and I’m here and everybody is separate from us and everything is separate from us. That’s 3d reality, right? But as you start opening the center All of a sudden, when you become nobody no one no thing nowhere in no time, right? That’s the moment that your consciousness lines up with the consciousness of the field. That’s when you are totally present. Now here’s the deal if I can get people to believe that just because they can’t see something doesn’t mean It doesn’t exist that they can just connect and pay attention to that field and stay present with it and become more aware of it Moment after moment after moment every interaction with that invisible field Every experience lays down the circuits in their brain for them to perceive more of it, right? So then as they keep their attention on it, they start moving closer and closer to it So they experience less separation and more oneness and wholeness. So then when that happens there’s a cascade of All kinds of physical and chemical and energetic things that begin to happen. So for me the best way that I can describe that feel this is intelligent love it’s greater levels of order and unity and oneness and when you strike it and You hit it. It is the most Incredibly electric feeling you will ever have it is the most familiar unfamiliar feeling who ever have you will swear that you are ancient in that moment and you will connect and it won’t be just like Love for your puppy You will feel it in every single cell of your body and I mean like a vibration Coherence where your body becomes electric and the only way we can describe that is love you you you taste that one time Okay, here’s what I say I always say the first time it happens the first time it happened to me and every time since When I come back to my senses, I always say the same thing Joe Dispenza you got this all wrong because some Veneer some conditioning is lifted. You start realizing that the way you think life is isn’t that way. So now When I’ve had those moments Lois I have said there cannot be any more love than this until the next experiment time I Mean, how much is there right I mean wow You get super humbled. When was the last time? whoa about Well about five days ago. Yeah. Yeah a moment. Oh, I just had a very profound mystical experience. I was I’ll tell you this short story and how often does it happen. Also, I don’t know. I mean I I live for them Try to do it every month. I can’t no no I CLE I just do the meditations and and then when they happen I’m if I’m just in the right place And I don’t have it playing the catcher An email that answer and I have a little laxity and I can kind of surrender into the moment. I just I had this incredible I Don’t know how to describe this but they there was a geometric pattern like mandala, I don’t know what it was and it moved right through my entire body and it was like Working with me with my physical body and while if I could surrender to it it was just incredible bliss, I mean incredible Incredible bliss. I mean, I don’t know how to describe it and and and when that occurs That’s when it happened to me I had this my heart was just lit up like it was it was a was an experience wasn’t a physical experience You know as it was from within and here’s the weird thing every time it happens my heart feels Live like it lasts for days like the emotion what we experienced last day We’re like, uh, what’s up with you like well and you’re just kind of joyful got this big smile on your face I just am so happy to be alive. So I think that Independent of listen, I now know I mean we’ve measured genetic changes hormonal changes neurotransmitter changes We’ve measured immune system responses by trading fear for gratitude. We’ve measured gene expressions We now know that people can Signal the gene too. So for kick to reduce cancer and tumors the signal the genes grow new neurons We’ve measured this signal the gene for for stem cells will go to damaged tissues and repair them Oxidative stress gene signal we’ve we’ve seen that in our and our students now here’s the deal After all of those studies in the last six years You can’t tell me you’re too old to do this work can’t tell me that we got people in their 80s doing miraculous things I can’t tell me you’re too sick to do this work the people that work the end of their life Stage four and we Turn that battleship around. Well, you can’t tell me that you had to turbulent of a past to do this where people that were really rough paths that are now free You can’t tell me you’re not you’ve never meditated for where people have never meditated before the most profound mystical experience You can’t tell me you’re too overweight to underway to add a shape to in shape You can’t tell me that anywhere because all colors all races Everybody can do it. That’s the cool part about it and when you get a community of people together And you move them from one state of mind to another There’s this moment and I can almost predict when it happens the second or third day Where people just start hooking up and then when they start hooking up, you know, we start we’re seeing now on our events I mean a lady that was blind from birth 5% vision, but the only event was seen I mean, how do you explain that? We had three people in the last two Events that were deaf their hearing now. Wow people with crutches that were limited or walking without crutches and canes Spinal cord injuries. I mean Parkinson’s disease in a week like that’s gotta be like well if that’s it doesn’t wake you up to what’s possible and you’re witnessing a tumor on A woman’s thyroid that was there at the beginning the event that’s gone at the end of the event I mean like you you got to scratch your head and just go out the reality Isn’t at all the way I think it is. Right. And so there’s this humility that comes like well, I don’t know anything but I’m willing to go down push the envelope a little bit more. So we’re only as good as our ability to execute this right but as we get better efficiency over to you and since I’m all about consistency, and I’m only the first guy to say Do the blood test do the scan? Let’s do the test to make sure that it’s just not in your mind It’s in your brain. Yes No, so so now so now the evidence then supports it the the testimonials supported in all of a sudden people now are beginning to wake up to What’s possible and just like the four-minute mile? The four-minute mile is broken once it’s broken the Pierce never did so we’re just seeing now this same thing we’ve peer pierced eval in people are just Just all in is there not 50% in they’re all in and my goodness We’re creating this kind of wake in momentum But not just for healing but for creating new jobs and the relationships new Opportunities moments everything for whatever it is that they want from people come people come to the work for all kinds of reasons. Sure I don’t really care. But by the time they start doing the work All they really want to do is give because when you feel so amazing and feel so great about yourself That you no longer want anything The first thing you want to do is give I mean when we see that brain scan moving into coherence and those two hemispheres come Together and all sudden. You see that heart just start going boom Boom very orderly in see the more energy going in the brain. The brain goes into super coherence You can walk around and look at that person who was getting the brain scan and there are tears of joy rolling down her face She’s feeling so whole That it’s impossible to want. How can you? Whole mmm. Now you feel like you already leave everything you you feel you have it already. That’s the moment the magic happens So she’s no longer creating from lack and duality in separation Scarcity scarcity. She’s feeling like it already happened. That’s that’s a very profound signal in the field That’s dropping a big stone in the water. And it’s producing some big waves and things are starting to manifest. She’s attracting she’s inside Yeah, now she’s drawing it to her So then so then if you’re doing that to answer the original question is that then if you keep practicing that then you got to get up and maintain that modified state of mind and body your entire day and it’s just a Practice and as you do that and you start seeing all the fun things happening It’s not like oh, I gotta go create my life today you’re like you’re like I gotta go because I don’t want the magic to stop so I just do it because I love the crazy magical wonderful things that happen that that I would just just Never anticipate in my life, and so people are catching on to it and they start coming for one reason, you know They’re they want money or they wanna help her but it’s not about your money. It’s not about your health It’s not about your new relationship. It’s not even about the mystical moment. It’s about who you become in the process because Overcoming all those limitations to become somebody else. Nobody can take that away from you Wow And do you feel like you’ve answered those questions? Too for yourself Who am I? Why am I here? What am I doing? Yeah, I think so I think though that was our questions you still have an answer No, I mean it’s not that there’s questions that I still haven’t answered. It’s just that I’m I’m always changing my answers Because I’m not I mean even my definition of surrender just from six months ago It’s not even close to the same definition that I have today. What’s the definition now? Well surrender man is just greater degrees of letting go and trust everything I just like like I like when my world is going sideways and my staff is just freaking out I’m always like oh, I’m just gonna let call I’m not gonna control anything. They’re like what ship is think of like Yeah, but I gotta go against the chemicals. I gotta trust because if you’re gonna stress in that moment to have anxiety, you’re gonna cream Oh, you’re going to make things worse So I just let go all the way all the way and and and you got to lay down The very thing you used your whole life they get what you want For something greater to occur and that’s not that’s not one bite. That’s not one leap. Mm-hm It’s a practice and so is letting go a little bit more entrusting if you if you over surrender That’s little that’s lazy and lethargic If you over intend that’s trying and forcing. So there’s this Razors Edge between Intention and surrender, right you got to be able to be able to take action, right? Yeah, right. That’s around Right, right, but you don’t want to get in the way, right? So and that’s just it’s a lot of trial and error, you know, but you figure it out right Wow. Yeah What do you feel like your mission is right now that Wow, so, um for me right now, I mean my passion is are these week-long events. How many do you do a year? We do about two 1000 just a little less than once a month, you know around the world and it’s usually about a thousand people And now what we’re doing is we’re doing this whole nother level We’re doing two really cool things one is a challenge activity And what I want to do is we now know that our students can create a lot of brain and heart coherence But they can do it with their eyes closed in a room with a thousand people and soft music playing with y’all safe But now let’s get them in a situation where that would normally Elicit fear or some emotion get them in the real world get them in the real world and get them up Somewhere where they’re feeling a little uncomfortable or they’re being challenged through endurance and Let’s seem create brain horn coherence right on that spot like this is this is the moment this is this is your life Like you got to be able to do this right now. You can’t say I can’t it’s too hard. I can’t do this I’ll start tomorrow. I don’t want to that’s not the moment. That’s what you do in your life Let’s put you there and instead of just white knuckling and pushing through. Let’s get really conscious surrender Let’s get really present Let’s create that heart and brain coherence and let’s work it and then make them move when you’re in that state you know rhythm through that resistance create that kind of coherence and and and And I was just at the heart math Institute who we partner with and we’re the doc Childre the guy that created heart math He said it’s all about rhythm through resistance It’s about that ability to create that kind of internal order when there’s chaos going on around you. So what’s the relevance of that a? Person who’s going through a challenge activity. That’s a huge obstacle course and they have the belief that they have a spinal cord injury or they have MS or Parkinson’s disease and they never try anything in their life And we got them up there and there’s people rooting for them and they’re in that state and they’re in that heart coherence and they go through that whole course and They’ve overcome They’re gonna walk back in their life and whatever challenges that they have. They’re gonna be like it’s not says nothing I’ve just reset this scale So the other thing is that people move past where they normally can go there’s a liberation of energy And that’s a valuable energy that just needs to be organized. So they start Organizing that energy then they’re doing magic. The other thing we’re working on is some is Non-local healing with what we call the cage got a person to lay down with a health condition. We get eight people around them We teach them about energetic coherence. We talk to them about the science that it’s not matter that emits a field It’s the field that creates matter change the field you change matter We give them the science and the understanding and then we let them go and we have seen people All kinds of healings take place in ten minutes. Like how do you explain that? How do you explain a person laying there who isn’t even being touched and their entire body is moving in all these different directions by it with energy is It’s incredible

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  • Could actually be emotional manipulation of self considering it requires a mental act of meditation. Why can't it be constant ? Living for an experience that comes and goes ? How does self fix self? He referenced majic, majical several times. It's verbal magic on his part. How about living surrendered . what is true surrender? If it's true you can't take it back. Mental gymnastics and cash for the teacher ? Just questions. I'm reminded of Benny Hinn , And other faith healers.Discernent is needed. Where did he mention our Creator ? He didn't. Because you have to follow him to get this ?? Definitely validity to energy fields. Seems he has marketed it. Red Flags everywhere

  • I feel like they are talking about me,this it's really happening to me after 10 years of learning and practicing I started to feel like I love every one and everything it's happening in my life. I love my self and this doctor Joe dispensza for all that he's sharing with us

  • I believe all that he's sharing with us I barely found out about him 1 week ago and and I heal myself from a very bad depression I spent much money with doctors because I was in pain most of the time .panic many other symptoms. Every thing changes when I stop thinking I was sick and connected to my conscience no one thought me how to do it I just listened to my voice inside of me and it's guiding me to feel super happy and peaceful

  • I've had them three times. All in my twenties… a feeling of disintegration of self and integration into ALL… can't explain… a very present ecstasy

  • Compassion & forgiveness is the best way to experience true love – practice this towards yourself & others

  • The first time it happened to me I thought I was having a heart attack. My heart fluttered so intensely that initially it really scared me. Immediately following I experienced a blast of electric energy that shot both up to and through my head and down through my body simultaneously. I've been mediating for almost 20 years. Never before experienced anything like it.

  • 💛 I’m going to take that intro and do that with my mind when I meditate with Dr. Joe’s stuff, thanks babe 💯

  • Very nice words, buy I still did not ear How to do it ….. I cannot spend 5/6000 € for the seminar. This very happiness it's only for rich people ?

  • Joe along with years of teachings from Buddha and Ajahn Brain, Eckhart and Ram Dass has really amped up the energy and zooms right into the nucleus. His work is flooding so much light into the world. So grateful.

  • Nice to hear! I've had these experiences, they are awesome and it does feel like a natural high for a fee days. But I haven't been able to get there again for a long time😒

  • I had crones disease…doctors wanted me to take 16 pills a day….I made the mental shift…NO…and….I believed I didn’t need to….so….I didn’t…and it worked….it has been in remission for years….and it almost killed me. My doctors ask me what I did I tell them “diet, exercise, mediation, yoga, but above all…faith and belief that it would all work”.

    I literally have not taken medication for years…4-5!

    Now….nobody is really sure where crones comes from….it’s environmental?! I was abused as a child…I carried it around inside for decades….it was internalized…and I’ll tell you…it was poison I swallowed…it ate me from the inside and ripped my intestines open….and then healing.

    I didn’t know I was doing all this…I found Joe this year….but as soon as I heard him I knew it was all true!

  • I have this big O’s of overwhelming love, they come and go and it’s amazing, I had no name for it, but now I know what it is!

  • I do think the title is misleading, the term "real love" wasn't mentioned too much in the video. Maybe a title of the effects and importance of meditation is more accurate. I think there was sound information on the benefits of attending these events and how deep meditation and energy work can heal you and others around you.

    Thanks for sharing this video!

  • The feeling is unlike any you have ever felt before, its literally BUZZES & TINGLES your entire being from inside out …
    And you dont have to meditate to feel it,
    Meditation is Really Good,
    I can do all Joe Describes without meditating & so can you,
    In Joe's book becoming Supernatural, he Describes in a trance state, meditative state, he saw holograms, I do that without being in a trance or meditation & you can to, the only thing you need is the BELIEF you can do it & the KNOWING its all real, just ask yourself to be SHOWN or to CONNECT to your Divine Self/source … and watch what happens… you dont try control it, or force it, just wait & it will come, after all, Its been waiting for you your whole life to WAKE UP to the truth of who/what you truly are …
    Which is A divine magical love filled Being that was created from Love for Love … Love is our natural state of Being … Loving of Self Acceptance of Self knowing of Self 1st & foremost is the Key to BEING 💖

  • Love is indescribable, real or 'fake'. I love this complex world because we all experience it differently, yet we can be on the same page when we share about it.

  • Jaren geleden had ik zo een geweldige ervaring doch de snelheid van mijn hart had het niet lang volgehouden.
    Op het moment dat ik me bewust boos maakte op iemand was die staat van zijn als bij toverslag verdwenen

  • if you Really Really Love Something, you Also Really Really Fear Losing it. Its the snake eating its own Tail. Calmness is the Middle ground peace 🎼🎧🎼👌

  • This is exactly what Cymatrax is designed to do, be a part of daily practice to facilitate a better cognitive brain optimization.

  • I felt this on the day I woke up. It was like a wave of pure beautiful energy sweeping thru you that I went out of my room and asked my room mate. "Did you feel that?" and she looked at me like Im crazy. But I have felt this on the very days after the experience, information about the universe just started coming and still coming til this day.

  • This feeling of Love is nothing compare to any love in terms of human experience. When you are enveloped with this divine love, gratitude is overflowing in your being.
    We are all divine consciousness and we are love itself. What a wonderful discovery and be alive in this era. Everyone has to wake up and experience our true nature. Love, joy and blessings to all beings on earth. At the core, we are all one consciousness that came from one source that is making this universe alive. 😍

  • Al what joe dispenza say's is al ready written in the holy Quran . Like empthy your mind & dount hold on negatief thougs .

  • It was definitely life changing, but my life first changed after I saw him online and read his latest book. 👍💥
    Saw him with Gregg Braden. Will see him again in Sedona in October with Bruce Lipton. You can get a lot for free online, unless you actually need a major healing, which I did not. His longer live sessions now sell out in about 8 minutes, he told us. He travels over 300 days a year now, and requires at least 1000 people for a longer event. He sold his property, etc, and is dedicating himself full time to helping others. He is the real deal. 😉

  • I absolutely believe I have that same encounters four years ago almost on a daily basis . first started therap Braden prayed about getting married all these miracles. I still say devine or bees everywhere I want to my office were my reason to see orbs and geometric shapes lol I told the story before it is absolutely amazing !!! godly pure love. amen

  • I so get you . I get this when I go to natyre and when got weadher And when I’m so relax and I atract ether.. this happent to me from the time I become vegan. My heard was is filled with love and I fill one with natyre. I this I atract elektomagnetik filld Of eather. Don’t knaw to explain . I love to speak with man and. To tell him

  • I have never felt that kind of love before…Im really hoping I can.
    I do his meditations, and nothing seems to happen.

  • What is the work that we have to do? Kindly talk about the procedures that we have to practice in order to be in this magical meditative state.

  • After trying the meditations in his last book I was able to feel this electric power he speaks about throughout my body. I went unconscious and when I came back it felt soooooo amazing. For about 1mo I could not take the blissful smile off my face, NOTHING bothered me. I also noticed how people giving me their back would turn and look at me. I've experienced this a couple times more since then. Don't doubt, try it for yourself.

  • I love this man! He is changing my life. My mind has been attached to a traumatic childhood and to those toxic family members my whole life! I’m finding myself. I’m meditating, doing his work. Finding my way! My mind is quieting down! I’m not going to quit! I’d love do do his work shop one day. To truly know joy, love and forgive all! Know the dreams I desire! Have prosperity and let go of fear. The greatest challenge is finding gratitude and thankfulness! I was lived I. Lack and low self worth. I am worthy of love, peace and a surrender like I’ve never know before! I let go! I love the thought of just letting go! Lay it all down and trust!!!! Trust! Faith! I don’t want to get in The way! Of my life being fantastic!

  • Posted by Gazelle: Realizing that you know little or nothing; including who you are……… Not a bad place to be. There's some freedom in it, awe and wonder. Letting go without getting pulled back in is a challenge for me. Trying to get a handle on, and heal, physical problems. You make it sound so easy? Do you travel around the country and do seminars? If so; can I get a schedule of where you will be and when?

  • I can't get into a true meditation state. I get it with other stuff but can't get it with Joe.
    What can I do?

  • Joe Dispenza teachings Has trully transformed my life. it couldnt have been a better time to find out anout him. After Reading Joe Dispenza Book Becoming Supernatural i had a spiritual awakening . this feeling that he speaks about is REAL . This experience something that you cant go back to being the same.

  • How would this work for drug addicts. Thinking of introducing to rehab centers and offer group meditations for sober group homes.

  • I love you joe …. and you are an earth angel …. take care not to get attached to any particular experience or sensation …. or hat is a pitfall take the wise middle road of the observer and greet those moments with utter gratitude and all other less pleasurable or more painful …. we are here doing the he business of transmuting the negative we are doing the deep house cleaning of alchemists we are healing ourselves and the past present and future of our mother we are bringing the balance of the divine feminine and the divine masculine…. it is an exciting time !!!! Thank you

  • It feels like Dr Joe speaks directly from the Field. He's inviting us all in there with him and collectively we are creating a tsunami of Universal intelligence and love. Nothing can stop this! It's wonderfully Out Of Control!!!!

  • I know exactly what his talking about I've experienced it a couple of time listening to relaxing music and writing or reading my affirmation.

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