[Applause] you every a baby every a Barry Wow ah I memory somebody have a memory a memory a memory and very wet ball hi I am so excited honestly I am the happiest man without you guys honestly yes I'm looking at precious graduate Hey 1+1 to do this ha ha the next thing is to move you into that base to top the chapel and out of Nigeria yeah definitely I mean it only makes sense yet i cha cha as an accountant I will progress to walk in money furnace Minister of Finance and I'm going to surprise you and I will cool if it will refer to command laminates your pictures and your certificates enough certificate I know I mean we're in this cocky after four years of education actually mommy mommy yes I am enough of this none the Nestene is I will give you money money to prepare a favor nice Hey yes I did then and then me you know so that she said let me see let me see you Hey look at you look at how pretty you are hey I really missed you I missed you too Wow brother of a doctor and on a council yeah welcome my baby mama mama wisteria she returned yes she came back in the morning yes she left she said she's going somewhere what about Papa mmm so what will you eat mom anything you give him I will give you let me bring your back we do typically the jasonandrhe hope the food is delicious yes yes content doctor but the apana content doctor daddy want to thank you for the further you know the results of your love k and affection chicken I'm saying that I didn't play any interfaces to your father one either I used to beat somebody all the time even for the tiniest mistake somebody oh no all you can say about your mother no the top cannot today is a days of celebration now let us or eat drink and enjoy the fat laughter let us stop and then post first to a happy family do a happy family if we will be people who realize there is pepper yeah why is my daughter so excited go to news am i expected this time mother you remember the hospital I applied for a job I was called for an interview they offered me a job this is the appointment letter I know you always make me proud chikka I know that God brought you into this family yes make us proud and wipe our tears away always blessed I'll continue to multiply your effort in name you know I always believed that you make me nuts you make us proud yeah I can't wait for daddy that Monica I will collect enough money bless your feet you're a good child I am what is that dead know it has come let's celebration continue for now yeah hey please do don't say that like doctor like how will you say that sis please help me with a trace of dress our Hospital is training Welcome Party for new employees tomorrow so can get to meet other staff and get to know each other you not seeing anything gave me my phone I'm talking to you a losing anything ceases this is a very serious issue I need you to help me with the choice of dress I want to look stunning tomorrow please can I have my phone and if I don't give it to you a bill a parent you are not a graduate a parent you did not Cocteau's Oh better you effect do you know that the CV this dad gave to me to give to the bank where my friend is a manager is fake fact CV the bank did a verification on the CV and discovered that the certificate inside a CV is fake a better never went to school and better is not a graduated who investigated and this could told me that our daughter you bill here get out of school since two years haha are two years is good since our second th I am disappointed especially you chica you knew that your your your your sister dropped out of school you didn't mess early cross you didn't say anything about it you affect me I tried as a father to bring you up but what did I get in return what did I get in disappointment disgrace and Paris neck is soft Iberia Oh hearkened to mean all this war you will never in school Jesus you mean you will never a student daddy is upset mommy is crying where did you get it wrong a beer a you must feel very righteous now don't you me you are after all dr. chica and me the dropout dr. chica I have an advice for you stay out of my business Eddie I'm sorry for everything I never knew a baby dropped out of school I know you're terribly hot but we can amend its the Moose Emperor's and part of it is she went as fast at T and n what I see vote for me me too for me daddy please forgive her I'm apologizing on our behalf please there is no forgiveness she was suffer for I will not forgive her she'll be punished he's please forgive her go make up for it hey daddy please forgive her she is your daughter I will make it up for for ha please forgive her Phil every day oh my god look at sea of blue Sophie oh my god oh my god you look so nice here hop in hope you let me drop you okay or maybe we can catch up are you near 40 come on get inside get inside Wow I'm excited I'm so excited to see you we are going to have a lovely do today I'm so excited Wow Oh small world yeah I'm so excited to see you once again after a long wide so tell me feel what have you been up to since we left you know actually I travelled to UK for my MBA for right now I'm back to the country and working with couple of for tours or tanks you know trying to achieve my dreams nice nice one okay so what about you what are you up to oh you know same old same old leaving in this country freshly out of uni job hunting that's it that's pretty much it for me for now I would like us to looking for a job and fingers girls go get one soon yeah hopefully you're going to get a job so what about lunch all you're going to tell me that your mom is going to be with you for you know a lunch sounds perfect we wish that they have a consonant you'll give me a wonderful time well let's just say I was trying to make up for the lost time yeah EULA Mae doe for those times but you would have spent the nights my parents will look for me if I spend the night with you oh how could I ever forget okay then so when I was seen again there is always tomorrow look who we have here welcome so tell me what have you been more must be looking for you as alternate date really Wow so who is he and how does he look is he cute tall is this so sure tell me I just want to know about him I was just being concerned my queen I didn't save your life God did you collapsed as a result of mental stress you work too hard you need to rest advise you take plenty of vegetables and fruits and you'll be alright thank you you're welcome I have to start going out I have patients waiting for me at the hospital it's alright thank you so much promise me you take every health I'll come back tomorrow to check on you bye she's we'll do this what are you crazy what's wrong with you are you a madman are you blind and you a mad money because you will take a blind man to drive the way you just drove and spiced tell you what on me that's wrong with you baby stop it please I'm very sorry about that but this time what were you driving soon I I'm sorry I'm so sorry ladies please I didn't know that was a possible day I I could have driven away but I had to stop to let you know how sorry I am please it was just a mistake please please because how crazy did you drive and then apology does he seem apologetic in any way my dear it's rare to see one ball and beautiful doctors these days especially female ones thank you my queen you were calm that reminds me where are you from I'm from obvious states Oh obvious Tate that's nice Oh dr. chica I wish my son was home to meet you really yeah she's my dear would you spare some of your time to have dinner with me and my family if my shadow came it's oh come we have to start going so soon yes [Applause] and he mana pay me to drive and also teaching me for now yes that you are doing Devi you drive you are driving make sure you drive where and always match your brake much braking not just you happen to my daughter ah take it thank you thank you celebration time yeah let's go what is happening to me why does everything and lay hands on fall apart look at chica chica is a medical doctor who now has a car and her own home and the area let's go drop out my cost of what maybe maybe she can reach since we were kids she's the only one good things happen to obviously that I don't work hard enough [Applause] this why Ukraine my life is in shambles and yours is solid gold isn't it pretty clear this don't talk like this I came here to tell you that you can move in with me the house is yours the car also belongs to you we are twins remember whatever I own I share with you yeah Zeke I hope you're not chicken no jokes it's for you're serious my sister thank you I think I'm sweet killing myself about how I change the film oh man that boring anyways get your things ready first thing tomorrow we are moving into my house oh yeah oh yeah anyway I go I go with my sister I love you sis hi who are you why have we seen before moreover my name is not field is this a joke phew please young lady my husband says he's leave him alone that's how you desperate girls go about looking for people's husband to see I just imagined game so let's continue our food yeah good of course I totally agree to enjoy Oh [Applause] sis did you see my khaki mm-hmm what's with me oh thank god she's gonna have it I need circles walkand I'm running late my plants with this it's a friend let's end the day with the car please take a cab a berry you know is pretty difficult to get Cubs around here most especially about this time of the day besides my office gave me this card to ease mobility I knew it I knew you would go there it was only a matter of time dr. chica you take on the slightest opportunity to drop it to my face that I don't have a car end up to you the one that has a car what should we do really should we should be going gather all the musical instruments available to us got a trumpet some Bank maybe gather some people head out to the street and announce some more that's you have this house have the car and that you a doctor I am nothing should we do that since I don't mean it that's way okay you can have the car I'll find my way I'm going to City Hospital 32 5 9 it's macho gopher Gosselaar let me give you favorite drink notably there was my time I just wanna hold it so close with my am side I love you like myself imodium cool this is nominee non-domestic move easy let me say I was little I was nine comment you take us pick business just sticking out like this snowmeow see I won't pass ego I don't know that you come you know give tactic and within the call a knocko I won't enter an isoquant in Konya you're much like the guy is not to damage it no no no is not too damaged besides this car is registered with full insurance whatever happens to this car my company will take care of it so let him go GK we just come here and embarrass me like that I'm not surprised it's very to become of you yes is my car the insurance the pool fix it guau guau once our people are on the radio to help you are now sits take we thank you for the embarrassment I have a car my sister wasn't up any chicken you got your safety Tootsie Mikey okay oh that she's all right bloody victim honor to marry that one she don't know that he's okay my happy don't worry I'll take the car home everything is fine things are getting out of hand a baby doesn't want to change I have tried all my best to prove my love to her and mean well for her she keeps trying everything to my face mama I'm tired of up no my dear you cannot you cannot be tired of your sister you of all people you know your sister and her attitude you have lived with her all this No never send all the best okay I'm sorry Mira please I'm sorry sorry now today the other company where are you coming from I'm coming from this school what's good the one I am the head must or another have been helping us all for the past two hours your sister Anna and we're just coming back now for the last time where are you coming from papa on my way back I went to my first song to collect Sound City a baby you are lying hey what is wrong with you what is your problem look at your sister intelligent wise and clever making us proud well yeah you are really discouraged Takumi from appearing and I don't understand you at all I don't understand you at all dividual GUI is too good for you at all change your ways Shh you yes now we may decide to elect the money hmm oh and now had to attend a school that's that is a yeah yes any problem I still have to be because you are my best known conditionally hey chica my dad and so far you have won a child I would do anything for you I don't pick you up you want to see my school oh you would pay my school hi further if I may suggest yes can we use the money and get some more a bigger shop in a new environment he why because because she's a businesswoman we should use the money hey don't worry now you have said it when we use part of the money part of the money for sure I'm so happy for you I am sure your mother would be so happy with this you are so clever and wise I'm happy with you goo goo goo now get me a cup of water let me drink because I what is it are you dragging like that this is yoga cow and I tend to go for fighting she must already be my buffer credit this one African hey chica chica I said you to answer pineapple oh yeah oh I know you very well my hmm listen madam Ryoma how much is your money because we're only hey 5,000 pesos face today that old madam na te pataka all this insane is babitch to me all I want is money for my views unless – secretary in the ministry of education and now we are going to move from the village and we're finished from the village mama the difference is we are adults now I have my own life to live I can no longer manage every stain in my house anymore you don't wanna fend for herself let that be our own woman mama no my dear you can do such things you cannot remember she's your twin sister hmm no matter what you have to accommodate her and also pray for her me mama it really doesn't look like one who is ready to change you I assure you she will let's confess positively vanilla Jim well every where you going to with your bug I'm leaving your house I am sick and tired of your insults you kidding me right every where are you going to where I'm gone it's none of your business okay you are an adult I cannot stop you you can take care of yourself when did you start this morning when was the last time you took your malaria drugs so don't do you don't take God's at all that day to another morning what's wrong with him he's running temperature I took his blood levels good morning just getting the combo you find one okay I must commend all of you for your efforts in bringing this hospital to the level it is now we have worked as a team who have worked as a family and even more within a short period of time we have saved patients other hospitals have written off and also in a very special way want of appreciates a genius in our midst a great doctor whose professionalism has been since this doctor joined us the level of commitments to duty has brought about a lot of changes and this sensing in this hospital ladies and gentlemen please put your hands together for dr. cheetah other Falls and turn off us Musti on course they sure that the standard already said in this hospital does not drop thank you I miss you so much sorry I reacted this home back home chica I've had you home hey you give me some time to think about it and get back thank you this would Britain ok madam a constable all you need to do is take lots of vegetables and plenty of vitamins yes doctor I do not know is that in any of my diets thank you very much I've been inviting you over for dinner why have you refused to all of the invitation madam please don't blame me there's lots of pressure in my workplace and so many patients to attend so with lots of ailments that needs proper supervision but you still have time to go just a few minutes of your time with my own family I don't think I'm asking for too much am i no really but I'll think about it and it promise this time around I will not fail you thank you so much I have to get going like I said early on it's lots of work for me at my workplace so I'll be seeing you some other time tickle of your health sir Villa please I needed to get me the files for deficient in words to my doctor how are you I'm trying father how is mom we are fine we are fine okay um it's just just out there Billy please give other phone no I'm at work is there a problem no no no problem we are fine we're fine just that I have a message for her no now your food is set well thank you very much but your sir they'll give out a message now took this photo doctor EB okay woman one last did you talk with this child is a problem child is there any problem my friend finally secured each other in this company and I have tried her number or to UofA remotes or chica I just need I just called chica she said she's at her workplace justice yes you know two people we're just everybody's me Thank You him how about hold he said he's been trying to reach you on the phone I should come home and see him he found you a job he's forgot you and automatic employments in the conduit free to resume secretary I think it's a big company with good turnover why don't you go and see daddy you explain better to you I'm so excited by these news what you know what just try and pay that he visits you explain better to you [Applause] good day my queen you work on my daughter thank you so finally you've decided to honor my invitation thank God for that meets my friend dr. chica but the chica misprints Emenike my son hello hold on I know this face you the guy that drove into that pothole some time ago and splashed water on me and my sister Wow you remembered yes if I recall I apologize to you and your sister that day yes that was Miley of you oh you two know each other sort of that makes you um make yourself comfortable hmm good mom make sure that she's okay of course I'm do just that so where do you say I can find my key on top of my dressing table okay yeah so dear what can I offer you you already given me what I think I'm contented with that my mom is so irritated that you came it is an honor to have you it's also my pleasure I haven't had this kind of hospitality in a long while you haven't seen nothing yet well you came on my mother's invitation legs will be mine then you have a proper definition of hospitality Wow so till then it's nice meeting you it's my pleasure I have to get going I am talking about a job ducked in you hundred of thousands every MOT aid and you even have a chance of anything I don't want that kind of job what have you gotten another but I do not want to be anybody's secretary do I look like somebody who is cut out to be a secretary please perhaps if it was an oil company job you know be smiling to the office Bernardo you know shut up a very you don't have any work now and you already been choose look younger you better be useful to yourself as you become a Paris active sister chica you just take a good look at yourself you're not even qualified to work in an oil company you had quality time to get yourself a good results but what did you do this you threw everything away now you are dreaming to work in an oil company better wake up my dear wake up think about it meet my sister Ebury every meets my friend in mini key the guy I was telling you about how are you I remember you you're the reckless driver that splashed dirty water only just here today was an intentional still sorry about that it right don't mind my sister she's always like that both of you look alike really yeah that's because we're twins okay are you a doctor too let's talk about that later can we eat we're tire so now tell me what do you do with what time how did you do – what I don't know what you're talking about the last time we saw him I didn't see you to exchange contact so how did you – it's ok I met him again through his mother you're telling me you know his mother – huh and when did all this happen a Barry you are so forward I just met this guy he is my friend but I'm beginning to like him a lot he's a nice guy a lot of these were running late my lord how do I look very gorgeous the most beautiful woman in the world wild world thank you oh my god of course we can good day your highness good be my queen what a minute is this the engine that saved the life of my queen and at the same time spinning the head of my deus on is he yes Father ah she's dr. chickadee I see I see gee meet my father the King your highness I have had lots of lovely things about you it's a pleasure meeting you thank you my dear you're welcome thank you welcome please make yourself comfortable common sign comes this is our so my queen how is your health now oh my dear as you can see ever since I came in contact with you I've experienced great improvement in my health thank you so much for giving me a reason to live again my queen I have told you before we are only instruments in the hands of our Creator only God gives us reasons to live again I'm happy you are at your best now thank you so much and so we will live what are you not we have a cooperative media to attend as consumer we're on our way I'll see you when I come back because we have a lot falafels what lovely Jews what anything called Logan's see my excuse me my phone hello okay I'm sorry I have to go I have an emergency okay I can't drive here really yeah take that and I get a couple feedback [Applause] what's with him what's your him weapons happened yes recently it was fast what yes you are getting married to him yes I'm getting my dream I said yes to him and who I forgot um sis I wanted to talk to you yesterday but I thought you needed rest I want you to know that I understand how you feel very soon things will fall into place okay she just wanna call you her sister just not happy nothing sentimental for me don't talk like this in every situation give thanks to God look at my life and know that something good is happening around you I have decided to hand over my other cards to you yes since I have a new one when I return in the evening I'll give you money for 4 I I want to be happy at all times okay I love it so much I just wanna unholy where Oh I think the battery is down chica you knew this car was faulty but you have to give it to me what's your plan to kill me Iberia don't be ridiculous the car is fine really he had the batteries a bit down all you need to do is to charge it and you'll be okay can I give you a ride so how you going to go let me help you out have a nice day she just wanna call you Percy stop not go any when you play guitar hi what are you doing here coming coming oh okay my office branches just close by and I didn't know you come around this environment I came in such a good job Oh so how did the job hunt and go not so good but I'll be alright politic jealousy you know that you can go no attorney erotic encounter here i stashed launched knowing let's take the bold step to go out the saturation no anyways you're job hunting these over yeah every day we came to get you a job Pena agreed so first thing tomorrow money you go to his office and see him what yes you have a job serious new jokes here I'm very serious busy day at work I basically to come back set and share this good news with you bookie come to my office the only reason I'm giving you this job because your sister asked me it doesn't reason giving you the job so you have to be very very very serious with the job because this company is known for hard work and you can tabulate it must be ready to stop the company anytime you would be color born so are you ready yes sir boo-ki she is one replacing she turned out to a district then sure something she wants good morning how was your night fine thank you I hope you slept well I did so I found you your new work very well thank you you look good thanks how's everyone I hope that treating you nicely yes and how is your new okay let me see your boss sis remember didn't idea wherefores a mini case today sorry I can't make it why I have to be somewhere very important today but already to dad and mom they were coming together Casa they always been this time this is how it's supposed to be I am so happy for all the good news I am here what else can a mother ask of both of you are the reason we are alive today are most especially a berry I love the new path she has chosen so when is he coming hey mom she'll be visiting during the weekend oh that would be nice just tell him we are expecting him my will see my tears my things I know we won but I do Oh gotcha why [Laughter] mechanimal oh yeah me too yeah Oh Logan's we will see my ears baby [Applause] look at you this girl is lovely what I am lucky to deliver this cow depends on you madam maybe when would you love how to deliver the cow can it be ready in this five days don't do good as we celebrate and dine together let's celebration never depart from our lifes amen amen as a gate freeze you're welcome and I must say that we are so grateful for the opportunity you give those I bury to walk with you your company we are so appreciative my price you're welcome thank you once again well I can do anything for her [Laughter] Isaac Englander with 30 well once a day you work on you every every every a Barry Wow Wow somebody have remembered a very very and very wet ball it's past 9 a.m. are you not going to walk today No I'm on leave I need to rest right howdy terrible dream well yes tell me about it never mind it's just a dream get ready okay for shopping today you know ready got a wedding gown I need to shop for a show and my jewelry's oh she just wanna what is all this how bad is a condition it would take time for to recover what the results came out that she would be because I'd say that West [Applause] this is so sad I think it's my fault it's my fault no I said that and the one that was driving it's not a word don't blame yourself she should be okay too son accidentally myself doctor how Kritika my daughter's cases the warning word for a barrier a kiss is a very minor one she is the individual dislocation in the region and the other cheetah the accident affected her cartilage elastic tissue that supposed are born in other words her puppies region was affected meanwhile nice area to leak until now until she regains consciousness mr. dick doctor your daughter has a slim chance of using her legs again which means she may not work at it not exactly sir there is nothing we can do now until she regains consciousness hi migraines mmm no no actually I don't feel so good I mean a lot of pain feels like I'm dying I can't even do ah I've been battling with it it just it comes and goes it's like pain sucking my talking to my marrows yes can you come around are you coming over here okay all right up up you waited mm okay it is a very serious situation is there any hope of our using those legs again sir considering the fact that she's still in coma there is a little we can see from now until she regains consciousness dr. Phillip so why don't we fly her part contact our partners Ovadia especially the specialists didn't perform a surgery on her sir I understand you perfectly well but from the professional point of view as an orthopedic doctor I think Lionel abroad now is very risky then you must give it your best there is no option here only the best thank you sir I'll try yes come in hi my friends it'll welcome ah maybe I came as soon as I can are you alright no my knees killing me especially around my knee area Oh how do you feel now wait-wait-wait-wait you'll be fine yeah ah you how'd you feel it's kind of better yeah hello Oh oh thank you for the reminder thank you I'll be with you guys in a jiffy okay okay um sorry I have a very important meeting to attend if you don't mind I can take you to a hospital so that it can want to check on you no no no there won't be any need for that that's cool I still have the pain relievers to give me from the last time please say it Steve I will come and check your end evening hello madam Oh dr. chica how are you fairy – did doctor not so good doctor what is my state chica you're suffering from paralysis doctor what are my chances of walking again doctor I say what are my chances of walking again [Laughter] see what fate has for me I might not be able to use my legs again please don't say such the doctor Somali doctor said I am a doctor sue I know what it means to be on the wheelchair I want you to know that you are not in this alone I promise to be with you I promise to stay with you we have lost my energy I am not feeling myself I am here for you let me be your energy please I will stop at nothing to make sure that you walk again excuse me please dr. chica is that where true took my suit I'm very sorry my child I thought it wise to visit when I heard you begin to consciousness I'm sorry thank you so much my queen thanks for coming I'm how not oh come off it of course you're going to be my daughter-in-law all I want is for you to be strong and I'm very very sure that very soon you will recover fully thank you she'll be discharged tomorrow oh really and the doctor says she can't be having her treatments from home oh really it's a good sign of recovery oh happy Oh one swing I did let me think that way I just want to thank you okay I just want to thank you for the Louvre your family has been showing on my daughter there's only God doesn't bless you amen oh my child I have to be on my way now I'm sorry okay thank you we appreciate thank you she's such a good woman yes hello hi joy I'm fine thank you so listen joy I have a car that I'm willing to put up for sale in fact a hobby car but I want to sell now now now so you know how you know your way around things would you happen to know a car dealer or anybody interested in buying a mini solid car yes oh yes nothing there's nothing wrong with a car the engine is fine there's there's no scratch no debt I just you know yes I have the papers it's okay okay sounds good sounds good to me so I'll wait for your call thank you John thank you so much Michael Remy will you play guitar she just wanna owe you love is all that matters my heart longs for you when I tell you that I love you I mean every bit of it just know that you are my life I don't need dreams because I find you from the heart that loves your mindset someone is messing around do you know who dropped this no no eyes chica chica is fine and how are you doing I'm not doing fine Montaigne fire ever since the accident I'm not being myself but now it is here I can imagine she kept in such a situation the car is in perfect shape as soon as you pay you go with it madam I'm not in doubt that a guy's in good condition but I want to take proper look at what I want to buy fair enough all right I know the purpose are complete and we loot that what I have offered don't you add any extra money on it no that is all I can so how you paying cash or check oh well anyhow you want it if you needed cash object I'll give it to you she just wanna call you pussy stop me will you play just wanna just wanna hold you like she just wanna hold you when she is hard and hope the way she is cold everybody stop I just wanna hold you I told you I just wanna hold you so close when I am sorry I love you like myself imodium hi chica hi very welcome thank you where's the car is it at the mechanic oh no I sold it hey Billy how could you hey how could you do that what why why did you sell the car it was given so much troubles I had to sell it you should have taken it for repair and given me the bill hmm besides it's an official talk you don't have the right to sell it without my permission well since you gave the car to me I assumed that I could do whatever I wanted with it you're welcome young man why are you coming from check us place of course and I told you before living I see is like you what's the whole overtime dinner father you don't expect me to sit back what happen anything I mean she's a woman she needs emotional attention my son you have to take it easy on yourself I told you all would be well chica I know is a fighter no matter what she's going to run out I know she won't get over it you see it's not that I don't understand I do but all I suggest is if she's not fit if I don't go up there and get another bride because you must marry before the economic festival will you be named to this draw you know that and remember to be very disastrous we lose this chance remember that I understand father and I promised that I will not let you down I need to have some rest all right talk to your son I hope is not getting it say Novi a woman forgetting the fact that he has a greater responsibility to disk andum your highness don't worry yourself he is just passing through emotional setback I'm sure you'll get over it soon okay you have requests also emotional setback I'm cutting also life is so cruel I remember working on this ground some months back but now I'm on the wheelchair not now not now that we are set to fulfill our dreams of getting married but I can't help it you oh good idea how are you I'm sorry I had a party of freda cummins and I thank God for preserving your life okay yes my daughter to God be the glory happy you fully recovered isn't it your majesty and well that mom you know her dr. chica will be the love of my heart I actually brought her so that we can start from where we stopped and you know our marriage preparation that's why all right can we can we see a little yeah okay sweet axe I'll be right back are you crazy I don't understand that let me rephrase the question is anything wrong with your head you brought in a creeper to do that to me as your wife your father oh my god this is not happening this is not happening dad that is doctor chick howdy the gal I introduced to you as the woman I love the heart dr. chica so I'm glad you can't see you can't see that she is no look at dr. chica you can't see she is not Oh God the beautiful game introduced to me you can't see that she is not crippled you can't see that she is not going to be a liability to you a parasite to you that you cannot before my wifely duties you can't say that come on dad now get back in there and take that thing out of my palace he else I would do something crazy that any year that he has it would keep your mouth just go dear Brittany and take out you go silence woman decision is final I said I know I come here please take me home why would you say that my love take me home now if you don't I will myself out please just can't what I used to do what I'm beautiful okay okay all right I will take you home together my data I have told you to stop crying if the kid said you are not awarded at I am I still a daughter it was written about your faces the same is with enough torture it was it was a city grant how'd you just open up but serve me to fill cheetah how can you wish for something like that there is still God in heaven then majesty do we not postpone the ceremony until on fine sister boo right no no that can never happen in my reign but how could you even suggest that it claimed a festival like you know was passed on to us by our forefathers I can never be the one to change the order no you're correct and a must be presented to the people and that is a tradition that is the tractor show that is the tradition and my son is intended to make me an object of ridicule before my people but I won't give in that privilege no your majesty that must be avoided and do not forget that if you fail to name an heir the tibias old you do not have been able to succeed you therefore representing dynasty would if you formally no it hasn't gotten to that at all nothing as such I promise fix this I gotcha water [Applause] [Applause] dr. she going to meet her her case is a little complicated as a result of the impact of which some see time is running against you the equally my festival is fast approaching and you'll get to present a bride further please I need more time to put things in place that time will not be granted it can never be granted that this is marriage were talking about someone I will live with for the rest of my life say go get hold of yourself get out there and bring home the woman and save our dynasty or I'll be forced to make the choice for you either of the two will solve the problem else you will lose on irritants yes that's wrong chica chica I can't get out of my mind I can't get out of my mind it is difficult difficult all good good times I know that's you know I'm about to lose my rights as heir to the trauma from the Mary Mary Mary you know crazy nah yeah I know drinking too stupid she heard now tell me what do you want what you want me to do I want you to go home she wants me to go you want me to go home same cover to do what what's up I've told you of exactly young lady her kiss is not yet as critical as you think all she needs now is love and care especially from here how hungry with proper medical attention I believe she instead of you what is your problem now my program open the gates oh I hope you get Rapids about his majestic only make I know open these gates for you say make I know if you'd allow mucky entities please are you crazy yes no no no your father say make an ally make it interface the majesty sir are you making some of this now if I open the gates well of the begins our son starts with my finer quality gates are other things unless it's good morning father what is good about the money I have come to talk to you Father please call out the blockade of a company so they can have access to my office and why would I do that the flyer that refuses to heed an advice follows the cost down to the grief you have to say that to be a stubborn fly denying me your father my own rights then you should be ready to face the consequences father this family depends on that company for how long will you place it on that locking Keys until you bring home a bride it's Dominica I'm warning you time is not on your side see this is the way that will gradually gradually remove everything that be lost now you've made your point can you please call the security to open the company's gates for me so they'll pick some of my personal items no not be heavy Pete no pin would leave that office for no reason and you watch out very soon I'll place embargo on your personal account you noticed of a medal your majesty with the women of this kingdom have come to inform you about the initiation process of the new worlds and the initiation process is supposed to commence before the ickey jnana festival among my fellow women indeed I am honored to have you here today I remember when I was invited and initiated before my husband was named the heir to the scandal I urge you to exercise a little patience with us because we had a setback trust me I and my husband are on top of it the prince has to present his vegetables else he will not be crowned the heir to the truth – Kay oh excuse me let me get you a gift no one visits delay your home without parting with a gift no please I I wanted to talk to that at least to give me some time to to get a woman of my choice I mean it's making life difficult for me what we're talking about here is a the lifetime commitment well so we don't know the lifetime to make a choice you have to present a life now I should be dragging the Bell family with you but you know Festival is very very important to our people I know I know is very important but man we can't postponed it postpone it at least let me get let me get rid of this emotional stuff that I'm passing through what are you saying there's no way the festival will be postponed just because of you you better have steamed up because your father has given you a deadline once you feel he will own abilities I shall be come come up with what this shall be which is what the wife of course oh nice sounds doing that you are welcome to the temple of Jubilee what brings you here wise one you came highly recommended by a friend of mine I have a sister that needs to be tamed since we were little girls she has taken from me all that rightfully belongs to me she has been the most loved of all she has been the most intelligent she is a medical doctor and she is engaged to marry a prince as we speak he'll have nothing I am not taking it anymore I want what is mine I want that man I ran the prints please give me the prints when she's there twin sister I shall also blood jubilee we go into a request vegetable samosas because her heart is pure as a clean chicka chicka you are bugging your feet oh my gudd oh my gudd wow you look good beautiful god let's go have lunch look at you tell me are you so beautiful have you had lunch all that have lunch there yes you just you know a beautiful that's at arrives can we do to help our denial well yes I can read so beautiful so why don't we yes just wanna thank you that I have a surprise for you okay before your surprise could you please sit your place down right please thank you all right so what is your surprise my angel and I have fixed a date for our wedding and who have decided to tie did not who is your angel what are you talking about I am Joe the wonder always make you happy do you want always to smile on your face mom that is what the minute my eyes the second day all my memory failing young lady your name is Moroni yes your highness good the one that was in the company yes oh are you know Chico it is twin sister I am what are you the one my son is serious fixed of what he did with yes what yes I would be delighted today's fight you can't sue my own eyes you know the things are no longer this thing I thought how could you what are you saying daddy you're saying I do not deserve good things like my sister a man who ate your the tongue for your sister no wonder you wanted this to be a surprise to us all this happy why honest no no please please please I can't take this it can't happen first it was the ill-fated girl and became crippled now it is a twin sister the same family into my palace no it is not acceptable it is not at all lose the kingship to another family let's give our son a chance remember the kilian a festival is around acknowledge you would want us to lose completely do you he is my lord please give him a chance he is our only Son it's not just about kingship and wherever his well being what has eloped to worse she is not ad other Kingdom they see people getting married to trees and bring them into the same home excuse my body has given a chance what was to lose completely please yes give you cheese my doctor please [Applause] I wish she will understand mr. Feeny now tell me how do you think her sister will fever she recovers and finds out that how all sister is married to have feelings the man equation made the choice of your daughter there's no ham in this same man who came to marry chica turn around to propose to the system just give them your blessing that will not happen I will not support such a meanie there is no justification for it mr. Philip mr. death there is another dimension to this she has one if she does not allow to marry this man why should we take a life Ron I know at their work you know what shittin me let her take a life all I care [Laughter] well thanks please understand that it is also our data I know that what I did yes no it is not in our hands if you don't give a period blesses what she will do to yourself you want to lose my daughter's please consider this is my period consider keys Kiva good morning did you sleep well yes okay do you want to take anything should I get you food should I get you about Jews I'll show you you're saying hmm we will get your t-shirts okay this beauty a bit it should she just left there – she went to change she has been yellow three legs it's a good video your father will be here soon I'll call them and tell them you awake make yourself comfortable you look beautiful [Applause] she has been the most intelligent she's a medical doctor I choose engaged to marry a prince will happen I am NOT taking anything I want what is mine mama I want to pray please give me the Prince wishes just win sisters like you really we're going to have a place where there are consequences because her heart is pure as I clearly do not wear anything she has won before for me really immunity because as criticism Oh what am I doing here with you I don't know where's chica oh you pussy star Michael Remy when you play keytar she just wanna oh you pussy smell a clammy when you pinky just wanna hold you so close I love you will you come and oh do you like her Sam she just wanna hold you where she this unholy when she is


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