LAST MINUTE WEDDING PLANS | what we’re thankful for

LAST MINUTE WEDDING PLANS | what we’re thankful for

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  • Hello everyone and what a week it has been. As many of you know, we are leaving Portland on Tuesday and our wedding is on Saturday. We have a lot going on but we got this. We hope you all had a great Thanksgiving if you celebrated the holiday. We had a nice and peaceful one with my younger sister. Our wedding is this weekend so we are super super excited for it. We still have our vows to write. Okay, thank you all for the support and kindness through these chapters in our lives.

  • Great video guys. Loved seeing the family. Laughed out loud at the dogs trying to get some turkey and then cuddling with you in bed!

  • Oh guys… I am feeling nostalgia seeing u anxious and nervous about ur wedding. Enjoy every minute of it. Whether it's fun or stress.. A few years down the line u guys will be laughing remembering all the moments.

    Wishing you a wonderful, healthy and blissful wedding life.

  • Estamos, todos que amam vcs, ansiosos pelo tão esperado dia do casamento. Desejo a vcs muita felicidade sempre é que a União de vcs seja sempre um exemplo a ser seguido por todos os casais. Vídeo lindo, família fantástica e transbordante de amor e carinho. Amo vcs seus lindos, de coração!! Bjs deste seguidor que espera sempre ansioso pelos seus vídeos. Deixo meu coração repleto de muito amor para vcs dois !

  • Oi meninos amei o vídeo vcs estão muito mais próximos a cada dia que passa lindo ver a união de vcs o carinho de um com outro é muito lindo ver o amor de VCS ♥♥ BH

  • I am so happy about your wedding coming up! I will be thing of you two on Saturday for your big union together in the presence of your family and close friends! I hope for Bernardo sake that the cake will be delicious because he really loves his sweets! 🧁🍰🎂May God bless you both and continue to bless you both! 🙏❤️I am waiting with great anticipation as to where you are moving too! 🌅🌸Kisses! 😘

  • This one was interesting to watch, your family seem so sweet and that house is tomdie for. Its funny how our dynamics change when we are around family, but I loved the end of the video when Adam expressed he’d had a tough time, I got that and I send him hugs xoxo – You guys are doing so much in life right now (and always) so im sending my love and support always xx PS…Adam while i totally live you Bernardo is totally becoming my favourite BECAUSE HE LOVES SWEETS 🤣🤣🤣….Adam come to the dark side and live sweets too xxx Thanks for sharing again xx Steve in London x

  • Can't wait to see what the two of you have planned. I look so forward to seeing your wedding. And please don't worry. Your love for each other will make it perfect.

  • I’m not going to lie, I got a bit emotional! 😭 I loved seeing your family coming together for a very special day, but also to help both of you on the preparation for the wedding! Such a beautiful bond all of you have! Blessings to all!

  • Congraz both of you may God bless u and stay love forever ..all the very best wishes.. U guys..gve me wedding treat .ha ha..send me am from Kerala in india 🎊🎉🎁

  • Wonderful video. Wonderful peek into the lives of two great people! You two are nothing but ❤️ heart! Thank you!!

  • Who will cry first during the wedding vows? Bernardo? Love your sister and cute kids. Your Mom's the best and that Boxer, (my fav dog) adores your Dad. Have a wonderful wedding. A+B=L❤VE

  • Boys! At your wedding reception, I think you need to have those macrons to represent the French restaurant you first met at in Brazil!!!! Omg! Please do that for me!!! 💋

  • Hey you guys I’m so happy to see more about you and I know this wedding is gonna be spectacular don’t forget to enjoy every moment of it because this will be in your memory bank to remember and don’t forget to share your goals and dream and I wish you the best ever congratulations

  • Guys what a journey and I’m looking forward to see more of the adventures and fun begins
    Love you all and what a great video if felt the emotional part of it too around the 16:00 mark

  • Ever since I've discovered your channel. I couldn't stopped watching every videos you have. And now I'm excited about your wedding day. Just relax and kicked that stress out. Adam you're so wonderful and Bernardo is so cool. That's made a lovely couple. You're an inspiration and good example to LGBTQ community. Good wishes to two of you.

  • September 24, 2017 vs December 2019. Hard as it was, had your family accepted you being gay back then everyone would have missed out on their own much needed growth, and . . . you wouldn't have met Bernardo. There's a right time and reason for everything.–Jay in Seattle

  • Excited for the wedding congrats Adam and Bernardo i love you both take care and God bless both of you❤❤❤😘😘😘😘

  • Awww Adam mom is a sweetheart she on her phone recording I'm sure taking pics glad she's come a long way you're family are amazing glad Bernardo is part of it now congratulations on the wedding guys

  • I’m so excited for you both for the wedding on Saturday… just remember that everything IS perfect as long as you are there together! (Try not to be stressed and focus on the moments and creating memories, that will last a lifetime, with your friends and family Saturday! ) 😄 Congratulations!!!

  • This was so sweet.
    When you say “This sister is the wealthy one, this is the energetic one, and me? I’m just the cutest one!” But you have to smile and wiggle your nose when you say it.
    Try it out at the reception. You’ll see how well it goes over. 😉

  • I believe the wedding has already taken place based on comments. If so, my congratulations and best wishes. So happy for you both. Continued love & happiness!!!

  • Postscript: and a big ‘thank you’ to Adam’s younger sister for hosting the wedding we’ve all been looking forward to! I felt honoured to be able to enjoy, albeit at a distance, some of the hospitality.

  • So many love frm india 😍😍😍hope mai aattain karpata aplog ki wedding….. I wrote in hindi…. Hope so i could attain ur wedding love u both frm India.. all the best

  • I'm so excited!! Love watching you two and I'm so happy your taking the next step. Are you videoing and posting your marriage? 💜

  • You boys are great! You really need each other, its beautiful! You both were made in heaven, and for each other. Congratulations you loverboys! I wish many great years together and continue your quest for going out and making memories!! Until next week, love you both and take care.

  • Hi Lads

    Amazing video as always and wishing you both and family a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    Warm regards

    Richard in the UK

  • Omg im so happy heard if you married , wishes the best for everything , longlasting in married life and succed in every part of life Amen , GBU

  • So glad for your family support and giving thanks for many blessings. I loved it when Bernardo said he was thankful he has your family as his now. I loved your sister's home.I love you guys!

  • Are we invited in your wedding? ❤😜😂
    Time passes so quickly…in this video I can see the future ..and in upcoming videos my gonna cry, cry alot ..

  • good luck guys with the wedding, don't stress yourselfs the most important thing is you have eachother and love between you guys is so strong

  • Hello Adam & Bernardo
    Happy Thanksgiving, such a nice family & nice time together. Happy wedding in advance. Wedding brushing looked in your both faces. preparation looks lovely. Without family support it's very difficult to arrange.Love you both.God be with you wishes for wedding.

  • Thanks to see you. Please don't stress for the wedding. You have a stunning family and you two are so beautiful. Nothing can go wrong with two beautiful men like you. Al my love for you

  • Always a pleasure to seenyou guys and thanks for sharing this with us , I personally can't wait for the wedding. How is Bernado's green card coming along ❤❤❤

  • Great video guys!!! I enjoyed it!!! Congrats on the wedding!!! I’m excited for y’all!!! I have a great thanksgiving my grandma brought me thanksgiving dinner since I’m getting well from my surgery!!! I love y’all sister house!! Both of y’all have sexy toes!! I love y’all much!!!

  • Momentos maravilhosos espero que sejam muito felizes e realizados VCS são um par perfeitos.
    Aguardo o vídeo de casamento no YouTube que a gente não podem ir que está longe mais no vídeo a gente ficam mais pertinhos de vcs. Parabéns muitas felicidades sempre amém 🙏🏻😍♥️🇧🇷🇺🇸

  • Olá meus queridos eu amei o vídeo ta maravilhoso eu adorei ver à família ajudando nos preparativos do casamento de vcs vcs tem uma família muito linda parabéns eu desejo toda felicidade do mundo pra vcs tenha calma ja deu tudo certo eu estou ansiosa pra ver o casamento vai muito lindo que Deus abençoe vcs beijos fica com Deus amo vcs ❤❤❤

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