Learn Push 2: Recording in the Arrangement View

Learn Push 2: Recording in the Arrangement View

When creating music using Push, you’re recording these ideas
in the ‘session’ view in Live. However, there are some functions
that you can perform from Push that allow you to work in the ‘arrangement’ view. In this video we’re going to have a short look
at how that works. So I have a project set up in the ‘session’ mode
on Push. To record to the arrangement, I simply have to
hold the ‘shift’ button and press the ‘record’ button and trigger some clips and scenes. Now all of the clips and scenes
that I trigger from Push are being recorded
directly into the arrangement view in Live. The ‘session record’ and ‘arrangement record’
functions in the software are completely independent of one another. The Push ‘record’ button
takes Live’s focus into account. In the ‘session’ view, the record button
is equal to the ‘clip’ record. In the ‘arrangement’ view, the record button
is equal to the global recording. Once you’ve recorded some clips and scenes
into the ‘arrangement’ view you may realize that you want to re-record
some ideas as clips. To do this, you can simply hold the ‘shift’
and press the ‘record’ button while you’re still in the ‘arrangement’ view
in the software, to record new clips in the ‘session’ view.

18 thoughts on “Learn Push 2: Recording in the Arrangement View

  • Can I also record Automation in Arrangement View with my Push? I know i can while recording Clips, but doing it in a well arranged Layout would add results that sound way more natural and human than doing it at the computer

  • Does anyone ever use audio tracks with Abelton? All I ever see, virtual midi sounds. Never any gear.

  • Recording not working at my end.. please more detailed tutorial with all setting stuff. I see the tracks in arrangement view but no sound after hitting play.

  • Ok tried this advice and it didn't work – however if I use Select + Record then the session record works. Looks like either a software update or change which didn't get updated in the tutorial yet.

  • Good Lawd ableton!! I spent $700 on Push2 and STILL gotta go through all that?? This whole 2 different worlds (Session & Arrangement) not being able to work in simutaneously AT THE SAME TIME is just retarded. That's why a LOT of producers (not DJs!!!) don't even bother with Session view. I have Live & Push2, but I swear it's so stupid that arrangement and Session funcion different and independently from each other. And BTW, why the HELL do you make the Drum rack able to have separate the sounds/drum pads…. but NOT automatically separate them into separate tracks? You gotta do all this workaround stuff to do it. it's 2018, Hello?? Please, my fellow Live users, please tell me…. am I making sense, or am I trippin?

  • Are you able to switch between the session and arrangement views using Push 2? It's utterly ridiculous if you can't and must shake my head in extreme disappointment at Ableton

  • This portion of Push feels like a pretty serious oversight – everything in Session view is just amazing and doesn't require a computer, but Arrangement View feels really half baked. That's disappointing.

  • I see less and less reasons to keep my Push2 and Ableton Live as a whole. 10.1 is out but still almost nothing useful for arrangement mode. I've been waiting for years for Ableton to incorporate using Push2 in Arrangement mode, but all they do is try to force people into working in Session, WHICH IS NOT SUITABLE FOR EVERY GENRE, ESPECIALLY NON-LOOP BASED, NON-ELECTRONIC GENRES.

  • Is it possible to record only automation in arrangement view, while not overwriting the old clips? I get that you can keep the written notes, but it still creats a clip with a new name on top.

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