Lifetime – In God’s Country (2007) – Part 1

100 thoughts on “Lifetime – In God’s Country (2007) – Part 1

  • So this is Mormons cult? Ok so now i know what to say whenever they knock on my door: get the fuck outta here

  • Another group of idiots who dont understand Christianity and the truth put together this movie….we aren't like this so what the hell…..fake people geez.

  • This isn't sad, it's modern slavery. How are we ever going to be a proper society when stuff like this goes on? Well one thing we could ALL do is recognise that there is no such thing as God. He is not a safety net for the downtrodden and he is not an excuse for the power hungry – GOD DOES NOT EXIST and it's time we grew up and faced that fact!

  • This movie is so hard to find! Thanks for uploading! Watched it once a few years ago when they showed it on Lifetime but now it's quite difficult to find…thanks again

  • Ok this has popped up in my recommended five times so I clicked it. Are you happy YouTube? Will you finally leave me alone now about it?!!?

  • 6:46 "and I'm not your mother anymore, I'm your sister-wife" 😟 How and why would any sane person ever consider that normal.

  • Hello to everyone who reads the comments this is no religion its a cult made up by man to get his dick wet by Two to three woman and have all kinds of damn kids not a religion god left for us so people of the world dont do this or be apart of the stupid ass Pentecostal cult either their beliefs dont make any sense so thats also a cult in the name of Jesus Christ Amen 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • I think it’s sad the man sat first then gave his MANY wives permission . Men in this culture just want and excuse to have many partners and have it be legal . They are NOT GODLY men.

  • This has nothing to do with what God wants, it have everything to do with perversion and hypocrisy. I felt sick watching that 14 year old GIRL go with that pedophile in his car.

  • They are fucking DISGUSTING. This is one of the reasons why I dislike organized religion… people use it as an excuse for this shit

  • This place is a pedos dream and the perfect place to hide this is absolutely disgusting and it's disturbing that this still goes on

  • Let's be sweet ! Exactly what I'd hear my ex Pastor and his wife say to their kids. Sickening. Control happens in the fundamental Baptist church too. Cults!!


  • Disgusting how they use the bible for their actions and how they twist what it says so they can get away with it..but they can only get away with it until they die and meet God themselves and have to answer for what they did

  • She'd die of shame if she only had 5 children?? Well, it is her procreating time?? WTF????!! I only have 4 children… And I've been teased numerous times for having "to many"….

  • Excited- Ok what do we have here for today??……….0.o………….cringe….so….much cringe…and im only in 2:22 just glad there is true Hope

  • It was very difficult to watch this film till the end but I am glad I did. It appalls me that in this day and age these so called "Elders" of certain sects still behave in this disgusting way. They have no respect or thought for the women in their Church or community. The look that older so called "Prophet" gives that young teenage girl makes my skin crawl.

  • The reason young men were sent away was do the older men would have the young women – frightening how child abuse, rape is accepted in God's name for this and many religions – Wrong ! So wrong

  • One this is a movie not documentary im not religious person but im pretty sure the bible said judge not or cast first stone or some dumb crap like that . Two we are all products of incest and sexual devious acts if you disagree with that your just fooling yourself. It was not uncommon for couples getting married at 14 in 1900's its was the law that made it a bad thing not saying i agree with it just thats way it was then. Your judging people by law and politically correct version of bible which has been revised and rewritten who knows how many times. If you think about it some men in bible actually did have many wives and concubines this is one main reasons i dont agree with any religion to me its all BS. Religion has caused more death wars and destruction then anything on this planet


  • They need Buddha and follow the enlighten way of true life. We , human each have their own potential inside to improve better by ourself , destined own route , not necessary to follow any Gods command.

  • How did they support all those children? Huge houses? Cars? I know they owned the land, but still….? They did visit outside doctors & dentists and such….where did the money come from?

  • Having to share your husband and the father of your children with other women? This ‘religion’ is just a fancier word for ‘cheating’.

  • The mother was so caring for her children. I am so glad that she found the strength to get out and create a new life for herself and her children.

  • the whole world is and it will never stop till we repent like God ask us in the bible more times than I can count sinners will never enter the kingdom of heaven

  • The Bible does not say anything About marry little girls. People that do that are sick in the head . More like rapist to me.

  • This movie is sick that’s why I didn’t even bother watching it to the end. Especially when they use the lords name in vain. No respect to god at all.

  • I’ve seen this and I “think” it’s based on a true story. I might be wrong but it’s a show worth watching anyway. Thank you for the upload

  • I’ve said this before. I f I had to share a husband with other women he would have to be the most gorgeous man on the planet. These men…NOPE. Also I certainly would not be taking any orders from a sister wife. Especially that woman. One man for one woman. Period.

  • This is supposed to be a story about in gods country, which being one of the cleanest countries means England, yet it's American accents and talks about the crazy Mormons. Was somebody in a psycho spasming fit when they produced with or do they have a gun to their head?

  • I never downgrade anyone's religion, because who am I to judge someone about religion… Not downgrading, but just think that how these old men, leaders whatever you want to call them, want to marry these children is terrible…. I feel they rob them of there childhood.

  • Mormonism has the worst doctrine 🙄 polygamy, Jesus as a brother of Lucifer. And what else? Tsk! I pity those people that were brain washed by this religion. I hope someday they might realized that they need a Saviour 😓😭💔 it broke my heart.

  • This is just disgusting old ass man she probably. His granddaughter age that’s not god he going to hell

  • Evil ,evil,evil,cult al done in the name of God my heart breaks for these women and children ! There is a saying the wheels of God grind slow but they grind sure ! These evil men one day will be punished for all this .under law they should not be able to get away with taking underage girls
    Disgusting makes me so angry

  • I normally don't have a problem with polygamous relationships or marriages as long as the people are 18 of over and are in complete agreement that they want to marry I'm not in any way condoning forced marriages

  • Sad thing is … they still write to Warren Jeff's and pray for his escape from prison. Even after he admitted that he wasn't the "real" prophet to begin with. It was William Jessop, not Warren Jeff's.

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