Lord of The Rings: 60th Year Anniversary Edition | Harper Collins – Book Presentation

Lord of The Rings: 60th Year Anniversary Edition | Harper Collins – Book Presentation

Hello and welcome to the third episode of Pontus presents stuff. In this episode I will show you the 60th year anniversary edition of lord of the rings by J.R.R. Tolkien, so yeah let’s get going so yeah this is the 60th-year anniversary edition by Harper Collins. It was published in 2014 so yeah you get this slipcover protection I guess(?) It’s pretty nice, you get like two backs of the book in this way. And this is the back cover here’s the back of the book(I’m meaning the spine). And here is the front you just slip it right off yeah the first page you get the map of middle-earth, a very, very nice map and you have this cool painting and it’s a very high-quality the painting as well. All of the books contains of different drawings and paintings. Which is really, really nice. The paper is pretty thin but it’s feels very high quality. It can be a bit the reflective at times but it’s not a huge problem. At the end of the book you can see a map of Rohan, Gondor and Mordor. There’s also a map of the Shire. It should be right here! So the book contains of these cool drawings. The text is very… it’s a good slice to read not too big, not too small it’s about 1,200 pages long and it contains all of the books. It also comes with a bookmark, right here which is pretty nice But yeah that’s pretty much all I wanted to show you guys! I really recommend this edition. It’s a very luxury and nice one. But yeah thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time!

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  • Hi, I just got my 60th anniversary edition. Is the spine of this book supposed to be just thin vellum with cloth cover or did I get a faulty product? The spine doesn't offer any support to the book and bends inwards with the page block. I reckon this will eventually cause grooves or even tears to this the spine, making it also look very bad on the shelf. Here's a picture of what I'm talking about: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_NgylLxYX-ncUFMelVhbnh0Uzg

  • Make sure to also check out this video about the LOTR 60th Year Anniversary Edition. I talk about the issues with the book's spine. https://youtu.be/KoJhsrJAe_o

  • A nice looking edition. I have ordered the 60th anniversary edition that is divided into three books and comes with the Reader's Guide(or companion, I can't remember the name XD).

  • hi pontus, does this book has illustrations by alan lee?Which editions have the illustrations by alan lee? I have watched the movies and want to read the books in a Alan Lee style perspective… Does the 50th edition have illustrations by Alan lee?

    I hope you can help me!

  • great video! I have been so confused and I don't know which edition to buy which has all the maps, illustrations appendices and other stuff. I preferLotr in one volume as opposed to three different books, including the hobbit. which edition would you recommend? thanks.

  • Can you help me please ? I want to know What is the Different between this Edition published by Harper Collins and the same Edition published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

  • May you please post a link of where to purchase this? It's quite costly and all the international sites don't ship to the US 🙁

  • Questions: What's the difference between this current one compared to the 1991 version? They seem exactly the same.

  • I have this now and love it. The pictures are awesome, nice 12 point font, very high quality. Only thing is the paper is shiny and hard to read if under a lamp. I’m not a fan of the see through plastic sleeve so I don’t use it. I wouldn’t recommend this copy for an initial read but definitely if you’ve already read it and just like to go back and read parts.

  • Whats the difference between this and the 50th-anniversary edition? I've heard the paper quality isn't as good as it is in the 50th edition though it may not include the illustrations, would I be better off getting this one or the 50th anniversary edition?

  • If anyone here can't afford this version (like me ) I recommend the 1991 edition (which is also illustrated by Alan Lee).

  • Hi, fellow, thanks for your videos! What's the weight of this beauty? I want to order and delivery cost depends on its weight.

  • Thanks for the video! This convinced me to take the plunge and buy the book. And it's so gorgeous.

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