Meghan Markle's Family: Thomas Markle Junior Talks about Prince Harry's Fiancee

Meghan Markle's Family: Thomas Markle Junior Talks about Prince Harry's Fiancee

hello meet again on our showbiz gossip video happy watching I would describe my extended family as a cross between married with children and Dexter probably his dukes of hazzard and the Simpsons versus the royal family being the older brother was a new sense of responsibility it was nice having Meghan around she brought a lot of joy to her family being that she brought us closer together I do have a sense of pride in in maybe being successful it was just obvious from day one that she was destined to be somewhere really big she's not necessarily a princess but she's carried herself on that level I mean from day one and she's obviously doing this for her little like flash-in-the-pan fame and fortune telling the whole world about her pushy princess sister which is just horrible not even true she used to tell her friends and other people that Doria was the maid I did get into some trouble and it was a domestic altercation case was even dropped before I went to court Darlene and I have always you know loved each other Darlene and I were actually made for each other so on her birthday we got engaged I hope Prince Harry comes to my wedding and I do want Harry to come to my bachelor party I have to throw him a really good one but I haven't heard back yet thanks for watching don't forget to comment like and subscribe on our Channel

36 thoughts on “Meghan Markle's Family: Thomas Markle Junior Talks about Prince Harry's Fiancee

  • I am sure Tom Jr's landlord colluded with him to sell the stupid story about rent. Otherwise, why has he not kicked him off since. Anyway this is why,Duchess Mehgan is campaigning for women education so that women like Tom Jr, s fiance will know that she is in an abusive relationship and run away fast.

  • Conni Charley, how well do you know the Duchess of Sussex? You are a hater! Your hate will come back to haunt you. How do u manage to hate on someone you don't know? What benefits are there for you? Please, stop it. You are hurting yourself. Peace and love!

  • YES they are her family they are white they accepted her as mixed. That is not necessary true to whom it may concern. Oh yes they are… although if she doesn't want anything with them anymore ok but when she is no longer royal watch her go crawling back in their direction when she has done damage to ADORABLE PRINCE HARRY AN D SHE DOESN'T KNOW WHO TO TURN TO. YEA SHE IS NOT GOING TO BE A ROYAL FOREVER.

  • Like his shameful sister, Samantha, this man’s delusional, he’s ‘off’, unstable and outrageous. Losers! Am Glad those Markles were not on the guest list to attend Harry and Meghan’s stunning Royal wedding.

  • Please make these people shut up they are an embarrassment to America . Like the Prince would actually go to see this guy ..

  • So your racist sister use to tell people that meghans mum was the maid and who know what other horrible things you two have said to her and her mum. Yet you two expect an invite to her wedding?

  • I feel sad for the dad he was thorn between his racist kids and family members and his black wife and mixed daughter. The jealous always speak of the love their dad had for meghan from the day she was born..It seem like he just let himself go…

  • You see he admitted it Samantha would refer to megs mum as the maid. And they put her and her mum through hell because they were black now the wonder why meghan wants nothing to do with them
    They did not foresee this little mixed girl being where she is now…its sad her parents divorced because of his racist family. Thay man loved meg and her mum and they could not handle it

  • When Megan was child according to a video i saw on YouTube she play a role of MAGISTY and she was taugh and angry with her peers and she was ordering to them😆😷😲💏👤💃👹👣💔

  • Before she met Harry in one show an interviewer say to her about Wiliam and Hurry Megan did not mention she did not know them then after she met Harry and engaged she said lies that she is from USA and she did not knew Harry before toooo funy👤👹👺💃🙉👣💔💔💔💔

  • Toxic Tommy and Psycho Sammy both claimed to be living with their father when he married Doria. Doria and their father divorced when Meghan was six. That would have put Toxic Tommy at 21 and Psycho Sammy at 23 (Both ages are guesstimates.). Are we supposed to believe they lived with Doria? Of course not…yet they were all SO close and the 2 of them helped raise her? pffft Too much of an age difference at the time.

  • Thomas and Samantha are a true disgrace. I for one can guarantee neither of these animals will get anywhere near Windsor Castle.

  • Oh, Chrrist! Give it a rest, already. For your sake, just shut it to save your self reapect. The sarcasm does not help.

  • That all she care about herself and nobody else. Not her family, friends, she very controlling Diva/Drama Queen. Yes harry should watch because something still is no right Meghan Markle.

  • Some tabloid just exposed that his son Tyler grows cannabis ,which is legal in Oregon – maybe that's why Meghan left nephews off guest list. It claims he wants to name weed ,sparkle markle ..I hope this isn't true.

  • How many language you know I sleek 5 language ,can u teach me African English accent probebly I have to shut instea of talking u first learn how to talk not shutinggg😆👤

  • Kudos to Meghan for dropping these money hungry low life. If u notice the ones who truly matters are not seeing craving media attention. I would have dropped them too. They are hardly her family anyway. They are like mange or leeches

  • First of all it is shame she say she doesn't know them because her mother was 2nd wife and maybe her mum created for family problem then if they are bad she has also genetic bad gean but Hurry doesn't also she has African gean!second she left her x housband for her carrier and now she left her carrier for ….any way if she say she is from damage and average family she grown up in that family and environment which DEFENETLY effected on her,who was their comon friend who introduce her to Hurry!!?

  • My opinion is that Meghan markle's half-brother and half-sister have some serious emotional problems it appears there trying to cash in on Meghan markle's Fame at this point she has not tried to keep in contact with either one of them it appears she doesn't want to be bothered with either one of them and it appears also they're trying to force themselves on her the half sister didn't even know that she was dating Prince Harry till someone told her and as soon as she found out she was going to write this tell-all book then the brother he decides he was going to intervene and tell people what's going on in her life that's how he got his claim to fame he didn't even get her permission to tell people anything this is how ignorant this man is he is so intrusive being in the same house doesn't make you a family that's a title it's quite evident that he doesn't know what a family is nor does his sister it's more than people living in the same house Meghan Markle appears that she doesn't want to be bother what is it that they don't understand
    they haven't had a relationship with her in all these years they said that she's too busy it's not she's too busy she's too busy for them as soon as they heard she dating Prince Harry they were coming out of the woodwork sudden here they come like leeches these family Dynamics are something else especially when you have some family members that are nothing but leeches on the other half of the coin you have these crackhead media whores who call themselves journalist who are going about pimping the General Public with half-truths and divisive Behavior Concepts so they can sell to the tricks on the corner I guess crackhead media whores will keep those two until they can get enough trash and when they have got enough or when there's nothing else to get they'll end up in the trash dump you know crackhead journalists love digging in the trash not for truth but for a story that's a big difference


  • I Believe Something Happened Or Some Things Were Said To Meghan By This Side Of The Family Growing Up. And Meghan Wants NOTHING To Do With Them , It's Understandable. Now They Want To Claim And Call Meghan As Family. Yes Her Father Is Acting On His BEST BEHAVIOR.😏 Mmm Hmm …..

  • You know markle will and has dropped all of her family like a hot potato, she has no family loyalty and Harry needs to be very watchful of this social climber. She has no loyalty to anyone only herself.

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