MONSTER HUNTER • Relaxing Music Compilation

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  • Everything you need is in the description, take a look 😊

    Tracklist for mobile users:

    00:00 – Pokke Village ~ Monster Hunter Generations

    04:39 – A Heros Return ~ Monster Hunter 1

    06:11 – Private Quarters ~ Monster Hunter World

    10:34 – Village on the Sea, Moga ~ Monster Hunter 3

    16:47 – The Wind of the Village's Water Wheel ~ Monster Hunter 2

    22:28 – Kokoto Village ~ Monster Hunter Generations

    29:30 – Thoughts of the Land ~ Monster Hunter 2

    33:26 – Shooting Star and Airship ~ Monster Hunter 3

    38:33 – Astera (Day) ~ Monster Hunter World

    43:34 – Maihoruku (Day) ~ Monster Hunter Frontier 2012 Anniversary

    46:59 – Amusement Quarters of the Snowy Village ~ Monster Hunter: Freedom 2

    49:51 – The Great Waterfall ~ Monster Hunter 1

    51:49 – Prayer of the Heavenly Maiden ~ Monster Hunter Frontier G

    53:53 – Private Suite ~ Monster Hunter World

    57:45 – Invitation from the Guild ~ Monster Hunter 3

    59:07 – Under the Starlit Night ~ Monster Hunter 2

    01:04:30 – Maihoruku (Night) ~ Monster Hunter Frontier 2012 Anniversary

    01:08:05 – Yukumo Village ~ Monster Hunter Generations

    01:12:15 – Splendid Life ~ Monster Hunter 2

    01:15:24 – Living Quarters ~ Monster Hunter World

    01:17:59 – Song of an Old Tale ~ Monster Hunter 1

    01:19:41 – Before the Performance ~ Monster Hunter 2

    01:24:19 – Before the Performance ~ Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    01:28:14 – Research Base ~ Monster Hunter World

    01:32:19 – Lullaby of Rippling Waves ~ Monster Hunter 3

    01:37:18 – Beneath all the Stars in the Sky ~ Monster Hunter 1

    01:38:59 – Night of Lonely Contemplation ~ Monster Hunter 2

    01:41:56 – Bherna Village ~ Monster Hunter Generations

    01:46:22 – Living Quarters ~ Monster Hunter World

    01:48:58 – Path of A Moonlit Night ~ Monster Hunter 2

    01:54:03 – A Moment of Rest ~ Monster Hunter 3

    01:57:36 – Mezeporta Wind ~ Monster Hunter Frontier 2012 Anniversary

    02:01:58 – A Luxurious Time ~ Monster Hunter 3

    02:06:26 – A Moments Peace ~ Monster Hunter 2

    02:10:23 – Colourful Banquet ~ Monster Hunter 2

    02:13:42 – Gajalaka Hideout ~ Monster Hunter World

    02:17:50 – Beyond the Fog ~ Monster Hunter 1

    Thank you for listening!

  • Thank you so MUCH ! 😀 I love all of your videos and MH is my favorite video game ! I feel at home with the Pokke village theme ❄️🥰
    Happy hunting everyone !

  • While MHW Iceborne is my favorite and it has its nice orchestral tracks for the fights, it has nothing on these mellow chill tracks tracks from Generations

  • I can't figure out which game this is from. Is it from MHW? The texture and shading look really low but the Rathalos' wing physics is phenomenal.

  • Wow thank you so much! I wanted to give these games soundtrack some listening to and this is the perfect place and time! I appreciate it!

  • @Tenpers Universe

    I FUCKING LOVE YOUR CHANNEL! So many specific and beautifully constructed mixes/playlists here. I've been around for a year now. Your first video that I've watched was the Sonic Chillout music comp. and I loved every video that you've posted since.You're doing and incredible job and definitely helping my long ass study sessions. Thank you for all your work and I hope you keep make more videos and have a good time doing it. See you!

  • the music: peaceful
    the aptonoths: doing that one sims animation when there's a fire
    the other monsters: happy lads
    also shout out to that one rathalos casually murdering an aptonoth, very cool.

    in all seriousness, this is a really good compilation of music from monster hunter!
    it took me a while to realise the background was a looping gif and not live footage of someone leaving the camera in an area.
    hope you're having a good day and keep up the good work!

  • Pokke Village OST makes me always sad because I started my MH journey with Freedom Unite when me and my friends were kids.
    Just one of them even plays world but he is also barely online so Iam playing mostly alone.
    It just reminds me of times were playing MH hasnt felt so lonely.
    I get the same feeling from Borderlands 3 Sanctuary Theme because we used to play BL2 as kids and thankfully 3 toghether on its release.
    But after a short time I was left alone again grinding bosses after completing story.

  • First Song: Pokke Village
    Well, this is good
    I forgot how much i love Moga Village, i've kind of been looking for opinions on moga, and seeing it so early in this playlist was enough for me to get goosebumps, thank you for this

  • Thank you for these wonderful playlists. I happened to notice that the astera at night at 1 hour 46 mins is actually living quarters. C'est domnage, i was looking forward to hearing the lighter tones of night astera.

  • That Monster hunter 1 theme at 4:39 hit me with nostalgia so hard. Shoutout to all you hunters who started at the beginning and to those who came after and are still yet to arrive.

  • Honestly I got the feels when I heard the moga village theme that’s when I started playing monster hunter had a great friend who got me into the series. I haven’t seen him in years I wonder how he’s doing

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