my wife left me. (“How success destroyed us”)

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  • I am sorry for this harsh change in your life. You had indicated that your success influenced your wife to leave. It is too bad that you and your wife were not climbing the mountains together. Your parents had that commonality as you said, a unit of combined engagement – in their case a common struggle to survive. Having moved from her home and family so far away has its own set of typical challenges. Seeking that happy balance in all things considered with a partner/lover is a delicate dance indeed.

  • brother !! so much reality in what you said. I wish you good luck. Sometimes a pause is all that you need to ask a question "what's really important in life". It can change everything that you do, question is, "when you ask that question for yourself".

  • He seems disingenuine. Idk what it is about him.

    Doesn't really make sense. He would have to fuck up pretty big time for any sane person to give up such a life of luxury not only for themself, but also their kid.

  • Don't waste your feelings on someone that doesn't love you. Do better next time. Guess she didnt love you to begin with.

  • I'm now close to… what you are going through. Deep research and studies on the subject of "why it's so difficult". Now, I begun to understand the lines in females lyrics of the songs they sing. Its like another language. Far away from my understanding… and yet only few months ago. It's too late to make some changes and fix some decisions, but as long as we made this first step too our enlightenment. We will be fine!

  • You were married to a materialistic, entitled person. You dodged a bullet. There are good women out there. Keep your head up! Some tech girl will fall for you after watching your videos.

  • I'm getting alarm bells when you talk about your relationship. You seem more connected to your financial success than to the relationship.

  • You've married a typical Tokyo Gold Digger !! It was good that she left you, however taking your son without a notice.. THATS WRONG!!!

  • Men are taught to be successful but aren't taught that women can't be trusted. Woman have a biological need to bare a child from 21-35. She doesn't really care about you once she has that baby, she wants your seed. Men research online about red pill, blue pill. Most men don't learn how women manipulate men. We aren't taught this in school.

  • You don't have to apologise for making this video. You're human. you're honest with yourself and that's important for moving forward and correcting your mistakes.

  • I love when you said your personal value of money hasn't caught up with your success. It just helps me understand someone a bit better…

  • Remember to vote democrats in 2020. Once they pass universal healthcare, free college, and free housing your wife won’t ever leave you again!!!!

  • Iam sorry maybe adopt a kid and rais them yourself. Better yer get siblings. Start over. This way your not alone when your old. + you have the means to do it.


    Hey man, Rollo Tomassi did a breakdown of this video. I suggest you watch it ASAP if you haven't already. It's going to give you a lot of valuable insight into why things happened the way they did. All the best brother

  • This is my opinion of course. Step one: Any painful or seemingly negative experiences are part of what brings us our dreams. Most people do not know how good their life can be. I was married twice actually and I, of course, like anyone else, want the perfect relationship to be the first one. As a society we are not there yet. We all will get there. Step two: To realize that all people are connected to one progressive movement towards love. The more we focus on it, the luckier we become and the wider our opportunities. Experience taught me that. I am poor by most standards in the USA but I am also happier than ever because I just give the little I have to what I deeply feel are worthy causes and it just has opened so many doors in my life. So many people are suffering this minute because they are born in the wrong country or family and that is not their fault. When all humanity, and that of course starts with one, realizes that by improving the comfort and happiness of everyone starting with those that suffer most, all people will naturally work as one organism. That is how every system in the universe around us works; things live for the purpose of unity with the next highest cause and thus are benefitted in every way that all member beings can share. None go without. 3) Now is just the time that this world will learn this. Many people are having success nowadays doing things that benefit everyone. This is very different and only started in the last 60 years or so. All the corporations before that were and still are trying desperately to rape the world and are losing thank God ! I know you have gone through the experiences you have and painful as they were, not to hurt you, but to help and even save many others. Here is someone that is so very outspoken about the crime rampant on Wall Street for example (linked at the end of the comment) Regarding your family, you will soon have the family you dream of. So why and how did it not occur before ? That is a very long story but the bottom line is that the purpose of life is joy and to share love in a family. Above all (even though it is the bottom line) that is the only lasting true direction of everything that happens. If it hurts someone, that means it is the dying throws of the old world that you are shaking off of you and you will soon be free of because you know better now than to pursue something going the other direction. Now you will just feel if it is good or not and stay away from the nots. Find a charity you really believe in and give it your every hope and effort. That is the fastest way I can think of on my own anyway. Everything I feel and the luck I have today I owe to that happening to me. Again, thank you for sharing. You are one super amazing and honest man ! Oh and your son… you will be very close when that time comes. For now there are billions of children that would love all your hope and inspirations to share with as of course few have it now. I just hope and pray for your future to turn out like mine has and I believe it will be better than that.

  • Please check out coach Greg Adams channel he will provide elaborate details about women on why they behave the way they do and the marriage system is a scam.

  • Same thing happened to me. Multimillionaire, no debts, son not even 1yr old and my ex wife to kill the marriage just like that. I spend years trying to understand why but it doesn’t matter anymore.

  • You NEVER learned about the "red pill" or MGTOW. If you refuse to learn, you'll repeat the same mistakes over and over, to your demise!

  • If you were neither success nor wealthy when your wife decided to married you, the success (you mentioned so many time in this video) may not what she want or care about.

  • Hang in there buddy….when there are no problems in life…. Some people create problems, just to have that element of drama in life.

  • Her government mandated entitlements and access to your assets and future income were already vested. Sounds like you just got punked by gynocracy – also referred to as divorce raped. I can relate. I've been there done that – been paying for last decade and had most of my access to children stripped.

  • TechLead you need to check out Rollo Tomassi, he did a 2hr break down of you, explaining how we(guys) have same problems you do.
    He had helped millions of guys and even save some from committing suicide.
    We’re all with you buddy, It’s time for you to Unplug from The Matrix 💊.

  • Sometimes creating a sense of security has nothing to do with providing financial security instead of being physically and emotionally engaged in the minutiae of their families’ everyday banalities. Experienced lots of friends raking it in but they were (at least de facto so) never really present at home—their wives packed up and left. Having too much money to appreciate small gifts was never their problem—it was a lack of engaged and lingering presence in their families’ lives. The time they felt they had to spend being mentally away from their families to earn what they deemed to be financial security never managed to outweigh the emotional insecurity they created in their financially ambitious wakes. However, that was them—I obviously know zilch about the circumstances of your relationship. Btw, refreshingly great video about iPhone 11 being ‘crap’—insightful like few others.

  • Aw man I watched the videos in the wrong order and now I feel lowkey bad for my other comment (though i do still stand by it so maybe I’m just a jerk). I’m sorry it’s been such a painful experience for you. I echo what others have said, there are so many books out there about differences between women and men. With the emphasis you place on wealth and how hard you’ve worked for your success, I imagine she asked for nicer and nicer things thinking somehow it would make her feel closer to you again to feel that the fruit of your efforts was heading in her direction vs. just occupying your time/keeping you away. But it probably wasn’t her love language and like you said, you two just needed to enjoy it together, but the way that was best for you both. I wish y’all could have worked it out and I hope you’re able to get partial custody of your son. 🤞🏻Best!

  • I think you guys just have different ways of showing love and prefer receiving love (love languages). Words of affirmation, acts of service, gifts, time, touch. Maybe she wanted more investment in other ways, for you buying a gift could be seen as an easy way to invest given you have so much already. This could be time or other ways since money is not so limited, giving it really doesn’t seem as special unless it’s substantial. But thoughtful ways like taking action or words or even time may be more valuable. Or maybe it is gifts for her and that’s the way she likes receiving love but you seem so reserved to invest in her in gifts that she doesn’t feel the love. This is a complex issue but I think it’s just a mismatch in love languages. It’s really sad to see. Hope it does get better though!

    You might have Misunderstood

  • U just need to hit the gym and fuck some real hoes she left u cuz u a beta that's all money ain't gonna make u an alpha chicks only give a fuck about 2 things money or who the baddest muthafuka in the room is and that's who their gonna fuck being nice to a girl is not gonna last they eventually take advantage and move on when they are bored

  • TechLead saying himself not to judge and that this is only one side of the story and that she is not the point of the video yet all this woman hate in the comments is amusing

  • Sorry but no you can't take helicopter halfway up to the mountain Everest @techlead, there's not enough air there.

  • Women do not respect BETA MALES. Don't buy her stuff, don't be a little doggy… women respect bad boys who put them in their place.

  • This is why I'm just gonna knock a girl out and pay child support and visit my child in the weekends women cannot be trusted

  • I'm sorry this happened to this man. It is a sad story, but not surprising. This is typical female behavior. Women are hypergamous and selfish. Google Briffault's Law and hypergamy; you will develop a new understanding of female behavior. Men…never, ever get married! Save yourselves and go MGTOW.

  • I will always hide how "wealthy" i am for example i get a normal amount of money every month and i get myself Stuff like tech and all but i won't get myself expensive clothing and cars it just isn't me and it does not benefit me

  • At least they have left you with a gift called humility so that it pushes aside all pride & arrogance. Also Tech, perhaps your parents were showing your wife a side that you were not seeing. We can easily become imprisoned by other people’s expectations & manipulated by their emotions if we don’t feel we have adequate support.

  • Always be ready to see a woman go. Women will eventually loose attraction for the man especially if you give them everything, that is why you need to treat them like crap. Make them earn every penny they get from you.

  • This guy is a problem. Spent $30 on her birthday. What’s a joke. It seems this guy is controlling and abusing his wife. He brings her to seafood restaurant or bakery only when he wanted to apologize. This is bad, man. It seems this guy is stingy and doesn’t respect his woman, let alone the child. This guy is all about money. It is good to have money and even more money, but it is not everything when you disrespect your wife. This guy needs to learn how to treat woman.

  • Remember that this guy is not the only successful man out there. There are millions and they are respecting woman and their friends.

  • My advice to you is to look at yourself in the mirror and asked yourself a question, did I treat my wife the way she should be treated? I hope you know the answer. I wish you luck in the future .

  • I will withhold an opinion until I heard your Wife's opinion – which I doubt I will – but this is an interesting insight into how you've dealt with the situation. Also, I hope that you get through this difficult time, and hopefully things you have will improve.

  • One thing I notice about us guys. We leave with our heads up, take all blame, and never talk bad about kid mother but we know inside. Women will leave and try to destroy you mentally, financially, and emotionally.

  • I noticed that women who do not respect you would back you up when all goes well but is some problems appear they would dig out men's smallest sins and imprefections.
    How shallow and desperate it is.
    There is a hope as men are getting smarter about women's nature.
    Techlead.I sense your parner/wife left you because you did not want money to be element to cement your relationship.
    For me you as quite wealthy person did not see money as greatest personal value had more morals then she had.

  • Life is too short to worry about making other people rich. Companies don’t care if your personal life is a wreck as long as you are profitable for them.

    Very few comments here saying he should’ve gotten a job with better hours. If he is very talented- and I think he is- he should have no problem finding a job with only 40 hours per week. Even in the middle of the country you could get a job in Chicago or Houston and suburban rent is only $1,000-$2,000 per month with a very high living standard.

    Sorry this happened to you. I really like your videos. I hope you can repair the relationship somehow. Your son deserves to see you everyday!

  • Wow this is such a touching video for someone with money to actually admit that money doesn’t buy you happiness I pray the best for you because you seem like a honest man!

  • Haven't heard her side of the story, but based on what you said, you two had different perspectives about money, and it should be a blessing for you that you're not with her anymore.

  • To say this f’ing sucks ⚽️ 🏀 🏈 would be a gross understatement. You’ll have to dig deep to get over this one. However, time heals all wounds…. although, some will leave one hell of a scar.
    You have two choices. Either, nose dive into the ground, crashing and burning and ending it all or pull yourself out of the nose dive and learn to fly again. What is it going to be?


  • Hey man, I know this is over 2 months later but that boy has a father he should spend regular time with. If you haven’t already surely you can push for being able to see your son, best of luck moving forwards!

  • It’s not complex, she is selfish. She values her happiness above others. Women want a mans presence

    Gotta read Corey Wayne to understand it all.

  • I feel like she was a bit selfish. Doesnt matter how much a gift costs, if she was a good wife , she would love you for you. She would also be quick to forgive minor mistakes , because in the end, the sooner you are refocused, the sooner you can return to a successful path, and that is a win win for everyone. Sometimes this kick in the balls is for the better. Focus on your son, everything else will work itself out in time.

  • Isn't her up and leaving with the child to Japan considered kidnapping? She can still collect alimony in that situation? If so that is so wrong.

  • I emphathise and I'm sorry it's worked out for you this way, but to be honest (and I mean no offence or pain) but it wasn't success that destroyed you as a couple. You need to look elsewhere for the answer, for the truth before you can learn from this. Money isn't the problem.

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