Nayantara’s Necklace | Konkana Sen | Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films

Nayantara’s Necklace | Konkana Sen | Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films

It’s natural Style should be effortless… Cool Cool In all my travels… Hong Kong, Tokyo… I would pick up any random thing… and it became my style! Now what should I say? Say anything..impress me.. Uhmm… We booked a Kathmandu tour from The World Traveler Agency but I had to cancel last minute… Dheeraj’s exams got suddenly pulled up. Wine? Wine? What are you going to go and order there? Yoghurt? No, I’ll drink fresh lime soda No, Chardonnay! What? It’s the name of a wine. Chardonnay Vintage chardonnay Not chardonnay. It’s chardonnay. Chardonnay! Cha…Chardonnay. Cha…Chardonnay. Glass or bottle ma’am? Do you want me to pass out? Just say bottle! Bottle This is how you swirl the wine Smell it! Take one sip It should show in your eyes that you gargle with wine, everyday. Have you ever had wine with anyone other than Samar’s dad? Babes! You’re damn naive! I don’t know… I feel strange inside! What do you mean strange? What if someone catches me? Oh! Chill out… relax… drink some wine Wine gets you intoxicated and in intoxication, there’s.. Romance! What is romance? Romance…It’s not Bollywood’s songs, is it? No.. Or a card for valentines day? That’s also not romance So then what is romance? Nayantara… Your name itself sounds like a poem! Aww.. My name is Alka… Sounds like Alka beauty parlour.. Alka beauty parlour! You’ll have just come from dubai right? Hello! Hi! I’m out.. No I’m waiting for the bus. here meet my friend..Alka. Hello.. Samar and her son Dheeraj are in the same school. Did the people from the bank call? Should I call you in sometime, once she’s gone.. This happened in the Mahabarata also… The character Vidur… watched the entire war from a distance How? Television! What’s the difference between then and now? There was surgery then… There’s surgery even now. And planes? Babes are you on fb? FB? What will I talk about? Why? Anything… Politics, sports.. food… Fashion? I can’t do all this.. I don’t even have any friends Except for Mrs. Malhotra The one who stays in D 206 Her son and Samar is this enough? Yes They go for karate together But even my conversation with her the belt, yellow belt if he’s sick, then which medicine should he take? If he is fine… then which medicine worked? I can’t talk about all this with him, can I? The water is boiled! Anyway… there’s a kitty party in my building They call me but I don’t go do you know why? Firstly I have to make food at home and take it with me then I have to deal with their comments clothes, husband oh no, I can’t even turn off the gas Refrigerator, microwave too much going on.. What if he grabs me? What do you mean? In 10th grade.. he grabbed me from behind What if he grabs me from front this time? Why would he do that? It’s not like he is uneducated He is the CEO of a big company He’d have some manners Has this ever happened to you? Why do you keep asking me? You asked me for advise and I’m giving you some. It feels like I have an exam I don’t know what I was thinking I shouldn’t have taken it up And this Girish he turned out to be such a smart ass! What if he traps me? I don’t think ill be able to do this Let it go, then! Ya… What is the use of being so tense for nothing? You should enjoy it Not be scared! Forget about it! Anyway, It’s almost time for me to pick up Samar from Karate. Have one more cup of tea? I’ll pass! You finish your work… Bye Oh and send me the dry cleaner’s number. Bye. Facebook, its really strange. Old people, new faces. Why? Did you get a friend request from a boyfriend? No, he’s not boyfriend we were together in school Oh, okay. We would just make eye contact then and now I see him on facebook after all these years And he says he used to like me in school! Stupid. He used to like you? Yes So sweet. And you? Me? No!!! I just chat with him I’ll write two lines he’ll write a paragraph It feels good Don’t go beyond chatting! If you turn on your webcam make sure your scarf is on You never know what becomes porn these days Just hi, hello goodbye and fuck off I keep ignoring him but he sent me a song the other day! I didn’t even hear it! he stays in Malaysia? Yes, Kuala Lumpur You must have travelled the entire world right? One or two trips abroad a year Next year, US, Disney Land Samar’s choice Every kid should go to Disney land, at least once Yeah. That’s true. New places, new hotels I love the smell of a five star hotel if I had it my way I would stay in a five star hotel my whole life! When we were living in Dubai I had a walk in closet The size of an apartment here is the size of a balcony there Imagine! So then why did you leave it all to come here? Why? People are coming to India I don’t want to live like a second-class citizen, anywhere Be careful Samar! It must be a really expensive flight right? Malaysia to Bombay? Depends, business or economy? Must be business he must not be paying for it himself the company will pay for him right? But still I mean… He’s coming all the way just for one night Alka.. I want to see him just once!!! I want to see him just once!!! Will you go to meet him dressed like this? Why? Wait, wait… Now! Wow! Now you look like the one who’s come from Kuala Lumpur! Oh! I have something for you. It’ll go well with this… This must be really expensive It is! It’s some vinatge designer Bought it in Singapore I had to fight with Rishi to buy it That makes it more valuable Chardonnay! How much is it? I’m giving it to you We’ve been neighbours for a while now “I could never keep you happy!” He hit her with brooms, shoes, anything he found! “Loan, loan. Money. Money.” That’s all they talked about But why he had to kill his little son? Rich people can’t deal with losing money What was the child’s name? Samar They just came back from Dubai They were in a huge debt The husband only fired the bullet The child and the wife, both died! A glass of chardonnay Starters? Yeah, anything.. We’ll have some bruschetta Thank you That’s a lovely necklace It’s vintage. Bought it from Singapore. Very nice So you travel a lot? One or two trips abroad a year, usually Pleasure with business Actually… thank you… sometimes he is so busy that we only get to chat on Facetime And in hotels, there’s the pool side There’s so much to do in five star hotels, for children If I had it my way I would stay in five star hotels my whole life! Mine is the opposite! When I enter a five star I feel so strange I find it all so fake the elevators, the music the water nobody feels like family everybody is just serving you Bloody hell, everything is just a job! At first I used to enjoy this lifestyle but now all of this feels empty You know what I like? I like something simple Maybe a good show on TV A sweet wife Children doing homework at home while I watch television and then I get irritated by the sound the cooker is making you know? The mundane. Just simple and usual. Next year, we’re going to the US Disney land, Samar’s choice Actually Girish every kid should go to Disney land at least once right? Cheers!

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  • Ish short film ke bare me Jan kari mana ek magazine se pai thi. Real me film dekhna se jyada khusi magazine me ish ke bare me porne Aai

  • From the makers of Rozana here's presenting yet another short film NOT JUST HER STORY —-
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  • Nayantara was a figment of alkas imagination. In the beginning she says her only friend is the lady from her building , SAMAR'S mom. she also mentions she talked to the lady (samars mom) just a bit. Alka is lonely since she has no friends and an unhappy married life, so in her imagination she is bffs with samars mom nayantara, who she admires. I think since she is not friends with nayantara , she had to steal the necklace she admired just for the date , maybe thats why nayantaras husband murdered them, because their last hope to get out of poverty, the necklace, was also gone. It feels as though the director has left the interpretation of the story to the viewers by sprinkling small clues here and there lol.

  • Kya bkwaas short films h samjh nhi ati..end to specially .kya h story kya huwa kya end…totalllll stupid n faltu bkwaad

  • My interpretation of the story:
    Nayantara and AlKa are two friends. Nayantara seems to belong from an affluent family, Alka seems to be impressed and appealed to that opulent lifestyle.
    Alka just like any middle class Indian housewife seems to be disgusted by the mundane , monotonous lifestyle.
    Maybe on Nayantara's persuasion she goes at FB. Meets Girish. Finds a great solace in chatting with him. She seems to be sexually deprived too.
    Stay at Dubai, fun with children at Disney land all seems to like bed full of roses to Alka. A lifestyle only few can afford. Little she did realise the futility of this.
    Finally, she goes at the pub, meets her friend Girish from Kuala Lumpur.
    She fakes an entire episode of her life. Behaved and mimicked every little Nayantara's words. She felt these high end lifestyle would impress Girish.
    Alas! Girish taking about his mundane fucked up lifestyle ..hits her with a reality jolt. She's bewildered to hear his story which is basically a reflection of her own. On a metaphorical level she's occupied by Nayantara's soul that she even says "Sameer" as her son. The necklace does impress him which basically is outside appearance of luxurious lifestyle but her life stories doesn't which is basically the REALITY. Appearance vs reality is a strong theme here.
    She's again jolted back to the reality when she learns Nayantara is DEAD. She sits in Nayantara's car pulls out the necklace signifying that she's back as her own self ALKA. She gets her lesson to imitate one's lifestyle can being only momentary happiness.
    Thus, the movie tries to convey that "we're born naked and would die too naked".
    Brilliant acting by Konkona and Tillotoma ma'am.
    Thank you!

  • This story reminds me of the story THE NECKLACE
    It's a Russian story which was in our english text book in class 9
    The protagonist Mademoiselle was unhappy with her own life and desired for a rich life . She had a friend who was wed in a rich family . One day she borrowed a necklace from her friend and danced in the ball gracefully as if she was the eye of the evening but unfortunately she lost the necklace on her way. Unable to find it she brought a same looking piece from the company and gave it to her friend. She and her husband had to pay a high price for the necklace and in order to overcome debts 10 years passed . Finally after 10 years Mademoiselle met that friend and told that how she managed to return her the necklace after so much struggle. The friend replied

  • Who died? Was nayantara an imaginary character? Make stories that can be understand not leaving it's viewers guessing and assuming….

  • एक बार जरूर देखें बहुत ही मार्मिक चित्रण है और संदेश देने वाली लघुकथा /फिल्म

  • Public show off by buying big cars, eating in big restaurants.
    They don't know they can invest and help others

  • This is what called real acting. This bollywood big budget movies and stars all are fake, money makers. Actors like konkona, tilottama, gulshan they are the future of hindi cinema. Directors and producers please replace ur fake stars with them and see the magic of hindi movies all over the world.

  • I just can't believe that even a short film can be this much beautiful… acting , music, skill of camera…. everything left me speechless….this is just a WOW film

  • What a concept, performance, Direction and the creativity. Far better then many bollywood's 2.30 hr. Nice.

  • Jus amazing, each clip has its own meaning. I watched the film twice with different takeaways both the times.

    Would love to watch some more like this.

  • Those tears of Alka when Girish depicted his dream life …she acknowledged she's lucky but in illusion she played the character of nayantara through out!

  • In fact , in d simplicity and humbleness is d true happiness be millionaire or poor. The fact that most of us dream of this so called high profile life as happy one is in deception. The true happiness is being proud with one’s own life if it’s lived with dignity honesty and truth. Never replicate another’s life you don’t know what misery n sorrow hidden in it.

  • हम सब कहि न कही नयनतारा की जिंदगी जीते है। हकीकत में लाइफ सिंपल होनी चाहिए। ऊँचे ख्वाब सिवाय अकेलेपन के कुछ नहीं देते। वो घर मे बनती हुई दाल की कुकर की सिटी 5 स्टार्स होटल के महंगे खाने से कही ज्यादा कीमती है। हमे लगता है कि जिंदगी में ये सब खुशी के लिए जरूरी है। पर असल खुशी तो जिंदगी की छोटी छोटी खुशियो में है। परिवार के साथ वक्त बिताना मोरिशस के टूर से कही ज्यादा कीमती है। पर हमें वो दुनिया ज्यादा भाती है। पर उस दुनिया मे आखिर में एक खोखलापन ही है। जिंदगी का असली मज़ा तब है जब हम इसे जीते है न कि इसके लिए हम बाहरी चीज़ों पे निर्भर रहे। इस कहानी में आखिर में अल्का को अहसास हो जाता है कि उसकी जिंदगी ही सही है जिसमे जो कुछ है सीधा ओर सरल है।

  • Pay attention to the little details –
    1. At 4:30 when Nayantara's husband asks if there were any bank calls she immediately switches language and replies, "We'll talk later, when she's gone" this shows her act of hiding the reality and then camera focuses on the small mask hanging on her car which signifies her masking the truth of her lifestyle.(Open subtitle if you didn't get this one)
    Before and after the scene the camera frame remains in a way such that the mask is shown b/w both of them.

    2. At 18:30 Alka was copying Nayantara to an extent that she says "we are going US and it's Samar's choice" while her son's name was Dheeraj not Samar.

    The Necklace here represents the fake reality we present in front of the society.

  • the story told us……to live your real life not try to imitate others without knowing completely truth……and whatever you have live fully your present……


  • To be very honest …95% mardo ko aisi hi simple sadharan ladki chcahiye hoti hai …….I saw it consecutively twice….perfect story with a in depth message for those who can understood.

  • The mask hanging in nayantara's car also explains that she's wearing a mask. Which depicted her happiness and how amazing her life is but actually it's the opposite.

  • What if, nayantara was lying about all those luxury n sophisticated lifestyle..d way alka was telling her old showing off…n at last the real truth about their condition came out..
    N also in the first scene she was doing makeup from watchong some videos like she couldnt afford a parlour..i hav no idea about this thing..this is just what i think..
    And also when alka asked about her return to india she couldnt answer to that satisfactorily bcoz she never lived in Dubai..she just aspired for that lyfstyle which she couldn't afford…
    On the whole, nayantara's necklace was fake like her lyfstyle..

  • Story ye he ki actual me nayantara koi rich family se belong nehi karti wo to sirf alka ke samne dikhwa karti thi.actual me to girish ek rich person tha.usne 5star hotel,abroad travel ye sab se bore ho chuka tha our wo ek simple sa life style jina chahta tha.girish se milne ke bad alka ko ye samajh aya ki nayantara vi uske samne sirf dikhawa karti he kyu ki actual me koi rich person 5star hotel me lifetime rehna nehi chahega.last part me nayantara ko uske husband ne mar dia kyu ki wo bahut befizul ki kharche karti thi jisko ek middle class husband ko afford karna muskil tha.last me alka ko ye samajh agaya ki nayantara vi uske samne dikhawa karti thi jese wo girish ke samne kar rehi thi our wo wohi par us nekles ko chhod kar apni khud ki jindgi ko apnalia.

    Moral:-hum sirf wohi chahtehe jo hamare pas nehi he par hume ye samajh me nehi ata he ki khusi humari pas hi hai our hume bas use dhund na he…

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