hello everyone this is the start of a very exciting travel vlog but I'm still in Vancouver now I'm heading off to the airport in a couple of hours after dinner my mom has been kind enough to offer to make me dinner and then drive me to the airport which is so awesome so I'm here at her house and I got a special request from one of you on Instagram to see my travel outfit so I'm going to do exactly that but of course I also need to show you a cute little poodle you haven't been in the vlogs for a while I know you're sitting cutely being so good wearing my nouvelle apparel cardigan which I always wear to travel in either the black or the pink the pink of course has more more silk in it so it's really really nice if you're going somewhere Hut which I am I also plan to take advantage of this if necessary in the evenings on my trip and in case you guys don't already know from Instagram we are going to New Orleans you're going to New Orleans with me and I'm going there from today so today's Wednesday but it's a red-eye flight I have to go overnight and I'll and Thursday morning I'm meeting my boyfriend at the airport and then we're spending go one two three four and a half days there and it's kind of like a family reunion for him as well so I'm really excited for the trip he's been going there a long time and I'm just really thrilled to see it through his eyes but for this flight I'm just going for cozy I'm actually gonna take off my makeup shortly and pull my hair back with a hair elastic that you can see but this t-shirt is from Ted Baker it's really old it's like 7 years old or something I bought it way back when I think I had just left England like I'd finished my studies I'm literally photobombing myself can you guys see that that's me like 3 years old sort of funny so yeah Nouvel apparel Ted Baker Lululemon I always wear these to travel because they're nice if your ankles swell a little but they're still really comfortable and then I've got Valentino shoes that I've been given special dispensation to wear in the house to show you guys which of course lady is walking that's okay I'm getting a good toe licking and then I have got my rose scarf which is the just when I'm traveling because it keeps me warm it's oversized so it's big enough to wear as a blanket or as a scarf and it's just so cozy and the pink in this particular style that I chose is just so nice on a tired face after a flight it just really brings out the rosy notes in your cheeks so that is my outfit this is the other mirror option but it's like quadrant style my mom's been going through a lot of family photos so I thought I would show you guys this gem which is my Durham University graduation photo this is the end of law school and yes my eyebrows are deeply over plucked and in case any of you may be graduating just wear neutral nail polish this would be a good choice this is not a good choice the deal but I thought I was being super cute and edgy at the time and kind of doing a cool juxtaposition with my graduation rows which were pretty cool I'm very and very Harry Potter esque and then there's another collection of gems that of me over here I am well documented all over the house so I'm gonna go down to have some dinner edit Friday's video so there's a video up for you guys and then head off on my travels and take you guys along with me so I'm still in my nouvelle apparel but the rest of the outfit has changed but I should say welcome to New Orlean so I'm actually in the airport it's not really New Orleans close enough for the next hour and a half because I'm waiting for Rick and he has a direct flight coming in but it's a little bit later than my mine was actually early which never happens I celebrate I mean I'm sure this isn't the best on table all I'm here but this place has really good reviews and they just had a bite and it's super super yummy this is a shrimp and grits we both made it so I thought before we strew our stuff everywhere I would show you the room and what it looks like so we're staying at the W in the French Quarter I just saw really good reviews for this hotel and yeah we're just staying here one night before we join Rick's aunt and uncle at their place and so I just wanted something that was gonna be comfortable it's pretty modern um I think the room mostly lives up to its online description it's just a kind of cozy which we don't mind but I don't feel like fur superior room like it is all that spacious really but it does have a really nice patio and I really like I like shutters so I'm gonna show you the outside I'm loving the architecture here I feel like you can get a taste for it if you haven't been probably most of you guys know it better than I do here but it does feel very European right away and it is I don't think that I could bear to actually sit on the patio at this time of day because it's noon I need to like go back inside now before I melt but it is a beautiful day outside actually fogging up from the humidity there are these great buskers there this better there we go so I have my chicory coffee which is actually and this had to be the first thank you about whatever : I didn't expect that this is gonna be message there's no way to make it it is worth dying there sugar you know where are we now it's really cool he's like an old crew hotel with this really quirky bar and it's been but if you've had a few drinks it's so slow that you wouldn't even call me Colleen yes I will I will try I will try a prolene with you if we can open the door let's see well be respecting the weather Oh he's a chocolate and so how do you say it what is the proper way so it should be praline but in New Orleans they said there we go sit c'est bon and this craziness is the start of Bourbon Street what is that orange thing big bird but orange Sumi generous Wow [Applause] with trip in line and then the rest of everything that you'll see is all stuff of but this dress is around Rebecca Taylor I definitely over when you've really day and this is the world I've got my boutique hotel uses in grade a crossbody bag in New Orleans for someone like those it's like super my belief is being narrow sidewalk and then I was actually thinking of wearing my Valentino sandals because I wanted to be dancing him so that I could meet my worthy and I actually didn't know this but had to make leather sneakers and so I feel like pets are maybe chosen the white sneaker my way to do I don't really care if it's really and they're so comfy got these great little well for being like a very urban at the end of the day to just relax oh yes no to french toast beer now watch family always days and now we're trying to fund them there somewhere humming traffic I have a climate I think I'm now wearing my hair naturally curly because there's no point in styling it I'm feeling good so because of the bank so I'm antiquing for five minutes I just met his on tonight hall and I saw his sister Katie who I've met before and they're all so nice I'm really really lucky so right now we're just gonna hang out for the afternoon and then we're going to our favorite date night spot Whole Foods later on just to get some supplies and stuff because now we're staying in a timeshare so his family comes here every year because they have a timeshare for two weeks yep super nice I am just like coming down from like you know taking exams and being really really busy and just starting to enjoy it sometimes I think it takes like at least 24 to 48 hours to really just enjoy being on vacation and not having a schedule pretty special to issues with my great aunt and she operated the first door in 1890 what are the top notes to new you know Nietzsche going all that or are you gonna tell us [Laughter] little bergamot cedar it's spicy you for sure a spicy in would Gio we're gonna find out this is a test I see oh there you go very good pardon I love cardamom I'm not surprised I like it no I won't finish a whole hot coffee in this weather so let's just share mine we like sharing coffee very cute place it says favorite I love all the French doors that are on everything around here I feel like every window and doors a character-building piece like your family kind of game yeah well you could pretends to be kind of a Midwest game invariably the people I've come in contact with know you'll succeed good morning bright and early on this hundred percent humidity days I look right now this is not gonna laugh but it doesn't matter because we are starting the day on such a fun crazy unreal note I have somebody who's driven down Alabama Jew say hi and happy Nia's with I'm excited we're gonna meet miss haircut and her husband I was really looking forward to meeting the both of them because we are true New Orleans tourists we're having biggest I don't know if you guys have to be able to hear that but we had a great time lovely to check it out it's all things like family check it out and I music so on the completely crazy off chance that you may need a break from you know pool boys right through new thing is we have a really cute little of these spots all-night cafe the Japanese plane really really yummy have an iced tea and I've got some really yummy local shrimp and spring rolls on vermicelli which is exactly what I needed along with a dose of air conditioning it's almost bizarre to walk around somewhere where there's no one today is the hottest day on our trip so far sunday is but first i'm gonna show you my outfit I'm feeling pretty comfortable in the heat so quite accomplished in terms these shorts are you know and I heard the Spartans time finding good shorts and we'll show you a back for it to see all around they look like they're kind of like a short she know little loose around the thigh areas and I've got my Valentino sandals no blisters so far so I'm feeling quite happy and yeah I just really liked probably sit on the leg they're not quickly they're not sticking to me they're going to my destination this summer finally as well as everything that that's still beautiful down below foot right now to read some more I read about intentional actually our oil screen right now which is probably my favorite along with Frenchmen Street Frenchmen Street at night royal during the day for antiquing and kind of walking around both streams have beautiful architecture and 20 really good stuff look at those eyeballs on Royal the quite a few blocks down and there's a little cute story for how I found out about this place called their team art show you the outside while I talk to you and show you how cute this street is as well look everything is cute around here so I was at the nail salon getting my dick nails done the time before this time and there was just the most stylish girls sitting right next to me getting her nails done – when she was getting tips or something and she had this great pad and I was talk about how I was going to New Orleans shortly Goldbach I was really looking to it and I thought maybe I might lost until then but I had and that lady next to me recommended this place maritime art she was here for quite a while in New Orleans longer than I am and she said that she and her fiance came like almost every day so it's really like I said in which place you know seating take it with you to go and I'm quite excited comparison with my arm we waited about half an hour for the sandwich so it better be good I'm very I would suggest going for a walk shrimp po-boy how's that taste pretty good it must be there's just me on the bread good morning everyone it is so nice and cool today I have my very last French truck coffee we're on the outskirts of the Garden District heading into a little bit more of a corporate section as well to mail off your orders I really wanted to do that so that they would get to you a little bit quicker it has been the most wonderful trip we've done so much walking so much eating highly highly recommend New Orleans it's a great city to just walk everywhere two days three days however many days you have you can really see a lot just through getting point A to B is so I wanted to say thank you for watching this vlog I also wanted to make a quick little announcement as well I'll be doing a fair amount of traveling through various US cities we're doing a little bit of a road trip this summer and I kind of have this fun idea I've been sketching it out in the air conditioning in between things I think it would be really fun to do a new line of jewelry inspired by those places so the first one is going to be New Orleans and the reason I'm telling you this now before it's even really designed I just have some rough sketches is to ask for your opinion because lots of you may be even more familiar with the city than I am so if you had to sort of imagine a piece of jewelry inspired by New Orleans what would it look like let me know in the comments down below would it be earrings bracelet the necklace would it have pearls are no pearls gold or silver all those different things and let your imagination kind of fly let's brainstorm a little bit so I'm going to end this vlog now I think we're just gonna walk around a little bit finish our coffees mail out your orders and then I'm going to mail myself out of town thank you so much for watching and I will see you in


  • I love the way you’re looking so happy with your boyfriend. I hope this is the one for you. You really deserve some happiness. He also looks so at ease in front of the camera. And also genuinely willing to be filmed 😊

  • Elle, this is the best vlog you’ve ever posted! I live close to Nola and I love seeing it through your eyes as a first time visitor. Thanks for sharing!

  • I am so pleased for you, you both seem to be having such a great experience. The travel themed jewellery sounds like a great idea. I hope it goes well for you.

  • nice video. really liked watching it.
    Keep going .subbed your channel.
    I will be glad about it when you support me too please 😃😊 ❤&✌

  • ELL-so u thin u look cute with ur new boyfriend? Well you do! You two are beautiful together. I’m soooooooo happy for you two. Thank you for sharing your trip with us. I’m looking forward to more videos with the both of you together.

  • What a fun idea for the jewelry! I think something very ornate, yellow gold, chunky would be perfect for New Orleans. I’m picturing a necklace- something with criss cross in varying thicknesses and directions.

  • Yes, summers here are incredibly hot and humid. 106 degree heat index last week. Best time to come in November through March. October is still pretty hot.

  • Because of Mardi gras, I associate the city with Lent too. I would love to see a cross integrated with pearls, perhaps like a rosary.

  • Did anyone else just about died when Rick said "You look beautiful" when Elle had sugar all over her? Ugh! So cute 🥰

  • I’m gonna admit I was in protective mode when I realized you had a new BF, but as an old subscriber you have my blessing now😋💗

  • Ooh, Elle. I saw pkgs of Community coffee in the corner market. I hope you bought yourself a bag of the french roast. Best commercially produced coffee in America, hands down.

  • I don’t usually comment too often but I love you and your videos so much! I really enjoyed this vlog and I’m so happy for you & your boyfriend!

  • Hi Elle, I know New Orleans is probably more humid than a lot of places you normally visit, but I would love to see a summer makeup routine/heat tips as to how you kept your face looking so good throughout the day!

  • Elle, I think purple gem hair clips in silver or an ankle bracelet with purple and green gems. Sparkly of course!

  • Since New Orleans is the Crescent City, you could do a chain necklace with a crescent pendant hooked to the chain on both ends, like one of those bar necklaces.

  • What a great idea regarding the new jewelry…. Fleur de lis for New Orleans would be so nice! Love the video… and love that you look so HAPPY!!! xo

  • I have such a great feeling about the two of you! I won’t be surprised if weddings bells will follow. He adores you! You can really see. So happy for you! My hubby of 33 years is named Rick too. Wishing you both all the happiness in life. Great video! Thanks for sharing.

  • This was my favorite vlog from you ever. You look so happy and Rick looks so happy just to be spending time with you. I think he's the one!

  • Dear Elle New Orleans is all about our beloved Fleur de Lis, you’ll never go wrong with that. Can’t believe you find that P’oboy place! Is a well keep secret. I’m glad you enjoyed. Love my NOLA

  • Your new guy looks like your best boyfriend yet. He just has this amiable personality. The other ones were way too private and wierd.

  • Ok the bf knows how to pick up on bergamot and cedar notes. He’s right up your alley Elle and he’s a hottie, which is a plus!

  • Oh my goodness, so much to love about this video! First of all, you look darling throughout the entire video and so happy. I think it is wonderful that your boyfriend is such a good sport about you vlogging and supports this aspect of your life. Speaking of the boyfriend, what a handsome guy! Can' t wait to see more of your travels this summer, Elle!

  • I'm so happy your boyfriend is on camera now! It will be so neat if you can share how you met him, but if that's too personal then that's ok. You look so happy and content.

  • It was such a treat to meet Rick! He seems like such a total sweetheart. You’re absolutely radiant in this vlog

  • My son went to school at Loyola University New Orleans. I miss the beignets, don't miss the tuition payments!

  • How about something with three x mark crosses as per the ones people leave on Marie Laveau's tomb? A subtle nod to voodoo, but perhaps a more classic shape, something like the Tiffany Kiss. I think silver or even platinum would be good to mimic the colour of a cocktail shaker.

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