– Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. In today’s video, I’m going
to be sharing with you some amazing Poundland Storage
hacks and some easy DIYs to organize your life. I have 34 storage solutions
to show you in total and all from Poundland. I love using their products
to organize my home and my obsession with them
started when I was pregnant with my third son and I was nesting. I have accumulated so
many Poundland products to organize our home. I really hope you like them. If you do, please give
this video a big thumbs up and I will know to make
more and if you’re new to my channel, I would love
for you to stick around. I post three videos a
week and I would love to have you as a viewer. So yes, without further ado, here are my Poundland storage hacks. The first storage solution that I wanted to show you is this fabric box. It comes flat packed and
you literally just pop it up and there’s a zipper at
the bottom so you just have to zip it closed. You can use this for anything. We like to use these for toys
’cause they’re nice and soft and we’ve grouped together
Jax’s little cars, or you could group together
Shopkins or whatever you like. This is so useful. The second one I wanted to
show you, it’s quite bright, but it is a plastic, white box, and it is really quite a good size, so I’m being really silly
here because my husband, Matt, was filming and making fun of me. We actually use this to house all of the kids’ hats and gloves. Because it’s so cold at the moment, we kind of needed a place for all of them. This has come in really handy. I’ve just gotta put everything
in there and then keep it in our sideboard at
the front of the house. It’s really easy for the kids
to get it themselves as well. Next up, I picked up
this little pink glass and I think this is
such a find for a pound. It’s really decorative. It has quite a lot of
detail on it and I think it looks far more expensive. I like to use this on
my desk just to put all of my pens in, but you could
use it for makeup brushes or even just to drink out of. I just really love it. I also picked up this
mop and broom organizer. I thought this was so cool. I actually got it in hot pink
but there were other colors that it comes in and you
literally just nail it to your wall and then you
can put a broom on one side, a mop on the other, and
things in the middle, like a dust brush or a
bag like I’m hanging here. I think this is actually
gonna live in our garage, but I really love it. Next up, this is probably the best find I’ve ever got in Poundland. It is this glittery gold fabric boxes. I got them about two years
ago and I haven’t really seen them since, but hopefully,
they might come back. I have actually labeled them and used them in the boys’ changing area. It’s been so useful. They’re really durable. So I’ve got one for
nappies, one for wipes, and one’s for like nappy creams, etc. I love them. I also got this really nice vase. There is actually such a
good selection of vases in Poundland and I got this one ’cause I really love the color. It really goes with our interiors. It’s kind of like a
mushroom color and yeah, you can just literally
house your flowers in it. I love to have fresh flowers, so yeah, I think this is a
really, really nice vase. Looks far more expensive than it was. The main bit of this next storage solution is not actually from Poundland. This was from The Great
Little Trading Company, but I fill it with Poundland products. I hope you’ll forgive me. I just think this looks so pretty. Basically, I bought
all of the kids markers from Poundland. There is no way you can get
a better deal than that. You can get all of these
different ones for a pound each. I stocked up on felt pens
and then I separated them into colors and put them
into this little caddy. They’re really getting
into coloring lately and I really wanna encourage
that, so I thought I would do this for them, make
it a bit more exciting. I’ve actually gone one
step further and I’ve put a little vase of flowers
into the middle of this caddy and it just looks so beautiful. I know it probably won’t
last like separated like this in colors for that long, but
I wanted to show you this because I think it’s such a
cool, little storage solution. Next up, I have a hack for
you and it’s one I learned from VasseurBeauty. She’s one of my favorite
YouTubers and she taught me this. But at Poundland, you can
get four packs of Tic Tacs, so once you have used
up one pack of Tic Tacs, you can take the packaging
off and use it as a place to store your bobby pins I
call them or like hair grips. You can just put as many as you
can into this little package and then it is a really
easy way to store them and also to get them out. So yeah, I love this because
I have these everywhere. I also picked up these bins from Poundland and I think these are so good. They’re so durable and very big. I could imagine using these
as under the bed storage, but I actually use them
in Jackson’s drawers because they are the perfect fit. I can fit three across and they go right up to the top of the drawer. So I use them for his jumpers, his muslins and extra blankets, and then also I have one for his shoes and other random stuff. I also picked up these
green bins from Poundland about a year and a half
ago when I was organizing his nursery, but I use these to house all of his little t-shirts and tops. They are perfect to keep them all together and I can see them. So yeah, I’ve got his
tops there and then I keep his trousers separate. I also found this cute
little glass pot in Poundland which might look a little bit
Granny but I really like it. It feels really good quality. I keep my cotton buds in it,
but you could keep cotton pads, little bits of makeup or sweets even. I just think it’s really good value. I also got these small plastic boxes. They came with lids and
they were actually two of these for a pound. I’m using them as our bathroom storage, under our bathroom sink. I keep my fake tan and
face masks in one of them and then on the other side, I keep backup products
because I like to have backups in case I run out of anything. They’re a perfect fit for under our sink and I also keep one in the boys’ bathroom to house all of their
washcloths and things like that and I think I also have the other one in the kitchen somewhere. But yeah, they’re just really useful. I like that they’re see-through and I can see what’s in them. I also picked up this
little painted Mason jar yesterday in Poundland. I loved it. Soon as I saw it, I thought
I’ve seen so many of these on Pinterest or so many
hacks on how to make it and this is there, ready for a pound. I am keeping my makeup brushes in this, but you could keep all kinds of things. You could even drink out of it. I love this one. I also picked up this yesterday as well. It’s a little jewelry stand and I thought this was really cute. All you have to do is
hang your bracelets on it or your earrings as well. The only thing I would say about this, it is prone to falling
over so you kind of have to balance the jewelry out equally. And there wasn’t loads of space for studs, but for a pound, I think it’s pretty cute. There’s also a really
good selection of mirrors in Poundland and I picked
this one up yesterday. I know you’re probably
thinking how is this gonna work in a storage video, but mirrors
can be a really nice place to display your favorite perfume. All you have to do is
stick your favorite perfume on top of that mirror and it
just adds a bit to the space. It looks really nice. I think it would look even
nicer with different types of bottles, but I’m a
bit Jo Malone obsessed. So yeah, I just think it’s
a really nice different way to do it and I actually got this idea from wedding centerpieces. You can also pick up
these little baby rings in Poundland and I am going to hack them into a storage solution. All you have to do is stick
these rings onto a hanger, which you can also get in
Poundland and then this can become a really cool
place to store your hats. My husband has so many hats. This is actually a really
good solution for us. A similar hack is to pick
up some pegs in Poundland and I chose these patterned, vintage ones, but there were loads in there. All you have to do is
stick them onto a hanger and then hang your tank tops on this. This becomes a really
cool space saving way to store all of your tank tops. Going back to these baby rings, there is another cool
storage hack that you can do. These are a great place
to store your hairbands. All you have to do is slide
them on and it just keeps them all together and in
one place and I love this. It also works really well
with these little hooks or I don’t actually know
what these are called, but you can also get these in Poundland and I have one of these in my
desk, one in each bathroom, and I just love it. I also found this case in the DIY section and I’m pretty sure it’s for tools like nails, bolts, things like that, but you can use it for all
kinds of different things. My eldest said it’d be good
for his Shopkins collection, but I’m actually gonna
use this to house all or our batteries because
we have so many batteries in this house for toys. I’m gonna keep my double
As over here, my triple As. I also have our glue gun sticks in here ’cause I never know where to put them. I also have some smaller
batteries and also these little fairy lights for
Halloween, ’cause again, I never know where to put them. Now they’re all in one
place and I love it. Now I’m gonna show you some other storage for this sort of crafting
area in our utility room. I picked up this for a
pound, and it is actually, I believe, for paperwork, but I actually use it for the boys’ coloring books and it’s
just a really easy way to keep them in the shelf. Then when they wanna do
coloring, I can just grab the whole unit and they
can do some coloring. These little boxes are probably my favorite ones from Poundland. I don’t know if I’ve
actually already said that but I love these. I have them all over our house. I have labeled this one for DVDs, so I keep all of the boys DVDs in here. But I also have one
for the boys’ Play Doh. I even have ones in the
kitchen for random bits like salt and pepper, sweets, candles. It’s just so nice to have
a place for everything. We also have them in
the boy’s snack drawer and that works really well. I even have some in
Fraser’s drawers to house his underwear, socks, accessories. I just love these, you can use these for so many different things, and I have loads of them. I also really like these
baskets that I picked up and I use them to organize our Tupperware and all the boys’ plastic cups. It was crazy in this drawer before, but now it’s nice and organized. I also got this soap dish
and I use this as a place to store a spoon when I’m cooking. I love to have a place for everything and then I can just stick
it in the dishwasher. You could also use this for teabags, etc. I also wanted to give a little shout out to these containers. You get eight for a pound
and they are perfect for meal prep or leftovers. These little pots are
perfect for the kids’ snacks that I wanna put into a bag. If I cut up some strawberries
or grapes or something, these are really handy. I also picked up these
little plastic wallets. They are A5 size and you
get five for a pound. I actually only needed
one but I’m sure I’ll find a use for the others. I just use it for my
receipts for my tax return. You can also get hooks
like this from Poundland. I got two for a pound and
I just put it on the back of our bedroom door as a
place to put my bathrobe. You can also get these
little Command hooks. You get four in a pack for
a pound, and I love them. I use them more than you would even think. They just literally have
a sticky bit on the back and they are great for
hanging light things. So they’re perfect for things like keys, if you had a dog lead that
you wanted to hang up, something like that. I just find these really
handy to have around. This next product is such
good quality and value, that I had to show you it. I even like the color. Again, it’s that nice mushroom
color and this is basically a place to store your plastic bags. It’s really simple to build. You just kind of put it together like that and then you hang onto your plastic bags, which is obviously better
for the environment. But also, in the UK, we
have to pay for bags now, so it’s good to hang onto them. You can either screw it to a
wall like with these bits here or it comes with a sticky
back and to be honest, it’s strong enough to hold plastic bugs, ’cause obviously they’re very light. I just like to put it on the
inside of a kitchen cupboard like this and yeah, I love it. I also found this non-slip grip liner. This is basically to line your drawers or you can use it under rugs as well. Its a non-slip material and
it’s actually really long so you have to cut it to size. I’m just gonna trim it
the size of my drawer. I love this because being a YouTuber, it’s great to put my
cameras and camera lenses on so they don’t slide around in my drawer. But equally, it’s just nice
for things not to slide around in your drawers anyway. You can use it like this, like I am, or I like to put these
little baskets on it, again, from Poundland. I love these for desk
storage but they’d be great for makeup storage as well. Then I just put these in my
desk with all of my random bits and then on top of the liners
and they don’t move around. I really like it. I know it’s such a simple
thing, but honestly, it’s really, really useful. I also wanted to show
you this little wash bag that I picked up at Poundland. This is great for washing
socks in or delicate things if you wanna keep them
together or protected. I actually really like to use
this when we go on holiday to keep all of my underwear
and socks together or baby bits as well. Finally, I wanted to show
this little thing I picked up yesterday in Poundland. It looks a bit wonky, but I
think is kind of supposed to. It’s this little wooden storage unit and I am actually gonna use this to house all of my oil and vinegar as well. I think it looks really,
really cute and country. Does that make sense? Um, but yeah, I really, really like it. Right, so that’s all my
Poundland storage solutions. Let me know in the comments
which one was your favorite and don’t forget to subscribe
if you like that video and I’ll see you in my next one. Bye guys.


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