SENIOR PROM VLOG & GRWM + cutting my hair?!

SENIOR PROM VLOG & GRWM + cutting my hair?!

hey guys it's the morning of prom right now I thought I'd just start my morning out with that easy peel-off mask and this is just because I got my last is done for prom and I've been self-tanning and stuff so I really shouldn't wash my face so I just thought it would be best if I started off with a clean face before I do my makeup you know I'm just gonna put this mask on real quick it's just a tea tree peel-off mask absolutely getting everywhere I'm trying to make sure that I get it all connected so that it peels off and like one piece okay I'm gonna pitch this now and I assume just going to apply let it dry and then I'll peel it off so be back when I peel it off so as this was drying I just went and had like an orange for breakfast and I got some water so you know I don't know I'd say it's been at least 15 minutes and like the only thing that's dry is down here but I really want to get started on my makeup because I have a nail appointment at 11:00 and I don't want any weight to that of course I want to leave here by like 10:30 so I can get there at an appropriate time and I want to I makeup done before that that's why it's so early so and then I thought after my nail appointment I just come home and do my hair oh my gosh this is satisfying this is all still wet this is still what okay so I forgot all about having these I think my boyfriend got them for me for my birthday or something but they're mask remover sponges there was two in there but it said there rinse it under warm water so that's what I did you know I'm just gonna try and get this mask off I don't even really need to start doing my makeup look I don't think it'll take too long cuz I can't do liner or anything I just waited too long to get my lashes done before prom and you have to wait like 48 hours or something before you um put makeup on or wash them or anything and all makeup has to be like not waterproof oil-free and stuff so I'm gonna go read ones read or instace and then probably just finish it in the bath okay so my face seriously feels so smooth now that was like a really good mask you're sure I think I'm gonna start on my eyebrows cuz I could do those too quickest so I'm just gonna kind of zoom through them I use my eye Nastasia dip brow and I'm gonna go in with a angled brush and of course I'm gonna spoolie up my eyebrows first just watching you'll see I only have to do much but fill them in today I need to put this headband on cuz my hairs in my face so if I look silly – I usually wear this every time I do eye makeup because its clutch and keeps my hair on my face so UD anyways I'm gonna move on to my eyes now and I want to be super gentle because for some reason yesterday I wiped my eye like not even wiped it but I went like this to my lashes and two little things came off I was like I just got these done but because I witness that I'm gonna just be super gentle right now I'm gonna prime my eyes with my Urban Decay eyeshadow primer my favorite as I'm rubbing this in it feels very oily so I'm trying to keep it away from my lashes because I shouldn't put oil on them cuz it'll release the adhesive this just like feels oily I don't know if it is or not I don't really read it for my eyeshadows I'm starting in my morphe palette and this is the 35o palette it's like gross and beat-up don't judge we all have a palette like that if you if you truly love makeup you know what it's like to have a palette that looks crazy I'm gonna start with some nudes like this one this one probably start to work in this into my crease I won't tell you guys absolutely every single thing I'm doing I want to keep this video a decent pace you know so yeah I'm just gonna start blending these these nudes into my crease and stuff and now that I have these nudes in my face I'm gonna switch palettes again and I'm gonna use my Too Faced chocolate gold palette I use it a lot because it's just super clutch um it has like these main new colors like so bougie I can't read that rolling dough cocoa truffle and decadent and I'm gonna gonna go between so bougie and cocoa truffle and I kind of worked out of my crease and whatnot you'll see and these are so pigmented okay I feel like I have a really nice blend going on it's just like I usually start out with a good blend and then as I add more colors it get sloppy so I'm kind of going easy on my eyes today no no I just think so far it's turning out good and I'm just gonna like go over all this to kind of evenly blend it out with soap bougie and rolling dough okay I'm gonna switch to Mike leave me to Brasil palette and I'm going to add and you know what I think I'm gonna do this green I'm gonna do a little bit of this green and I'm just gonna Pat this into my eye you'll see back to my chocolate board palette I'm gonna use the shade money bags which is this pretty green now I'm gonna switch to a highlighter palette these are like the same few pallets I use in a lot of my youtube videos or like use all the time and that's just because like I'm broke so I don't really have a lot of pilots to choose from but this is a unicorn glow palette these are highlighters but the shade wander is like a really pretty green and I'm gonna do this like inside my eye over here I don't know spots where really want it lighter yes and I think I'm gonna wait and time my whole face done to do like the bottom rail my lashes you know to put shadow and stuff down there so I'm not forgetting about it I'm just gonna re hit on that a little bit later I'm going back to my chocolate gold palette real quick and I'm gonna take decadent decadent just that shade of black and taking an angled brush and I'm gonna try to do like an eye shadow wing of some sort kind of just like darken up that line like above my lashes just cuz I'm not a lot aware liner today because of my lashes so now I'm gonna pause on my eyes and we're just gonna do my face I'm gonna prime with my Gibbs Bushmaster this is beard hair and tattoo I'll but if you haven't ever heard me rant about it oh it is my stuff like it is such a good oil I use it as primer all the time it's good for your hair your skin your beard your tattoos everything it's a men's product but Oh ordered online cuz you need it I'm telling you I still have face mask going in like the weirdest areas I think all of that face mask is off not hopefully so real quick I wanted to set my eyes and prime my face with this water and I was curious if it was oil-free it says the way will free on the back so thank goodness I could use it on my lashes I'm going to use my NYX HD studio concealer and i'm using this to cover up red mark so people never watch my youtube videos before i use this type of product every time i do eye makeup it does really cancel out my redness so it works i'll just do it to look funny and i have all clean brushes i spent like 2 hours cleaning my brushes last night because I don't have like a little machine to do it for me I just do it by hand on like a little mat that I have so now that they're cleaner I feel so ho good about it this is just like dyed green though I can't really clean the stain color out of it so before I do my foundation my skin is so dry and because it's so early in the morning and proms not until later I'm going to put some coconut oil on like all my dry spots this is what I've been doing it really does help my foundation now stay smooth and what not and I usually use like a cucumber mist that really moistens my face but it has oil in it so I can't use that today I'm just gonna layer my face and cook it out oil it looks kind of silly but it helps my foundation so much and I know you put that oil on as a primer but coconut oil is like where it's ahh so I have a little problem with foundations too I don't know what I'm gonna use right now this is my favorite my L'Oreal True Match Lumi but it's not the type that like stay stays on all day I mean not until 6 p.m. tonight when promised and then I just bought the I bought the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation not too long ago and it's ok I think I liked it a lot more whenever I tried it in the store and now that I've been wearing it out I don't know if it's just because I've had really dry skin aka keep drinking water to stay hydrated oh no it's pretty dry for my face and it says it's oil-free undetectable coverage foundation and it said was more moist than a matte foundation so I think I'm gonna use minimal this and mostly this Plus this is darker it kind of matches my skin tone now cuz I've been tanning and stuff only fake tan I don't real tan because skin but yeah I'm just gonna do a little bit of this and maybe in areas that aren't around my nose this is where I get dried the most like on the bridge of my nose and everything so I'm just gonna do like a little bit of this so that I have the formula in there you know to make it stay all day long but I'm gonna use the color of the Loreal Foundation as like the main meal and I'm gonna take my L'Oreal Lumi whatever this is kind of just like fill in the blanks mommy's gonna take a damp Beauty Blender and I'm just gonna kind of go over everything you know oh my goodness look at this cute little beauty runner I got in my Ipsy bag last night I think I'm gonna wet it and use it under my eyes for my concealer and I'm just gonna wet this with my rose mist because it's not really gonna be on my lashes or anywhere near my lashes so I'm not really worried about this having oil in it I just thought this little beauty butter was so cute is it not and it like fits perfect I've been dying for a mini Beauty Blender look at that this is my senior prom I've been to prom twice now my boyfriend is like three years older than me kind of smart like two to three years old I mean I don't know whatever but like he was a senior whenever I was a sophomore so I got to go to his prom I mean he was a junior whenever I was freshman wait yeah he was a junior and I was a freshman that's when we met but his senior year we went to that prom when I was a sophomore because you can bring uh sophomore if you're a junior or senior and then um I brought him back last year from my junior prom and now I'm bringing him back again for my senior home I just like to dress up you know proms really just about me wearing a fancy dress and having somewhere to go I really care about dancing cause like I mean I wanted to dance it's just a payment they play the worst music of all time by the way I haven't won makeup for this entire week so I feel like really good right now I feel like my face is like rejuvenated and stuff what I'm gonna do for contour I think I'm gonna mix my Rimmel London and my you bub stick this you bub stick is like compared to the NYX stick so but I'm not using the concealed side I gotta had that contour sharp for today can't believe problems here already like I was waiting all week for it and now that it's here I was like oh my god just today like prom this clean brush feels so good right now I'd cut my hair too I'm doing my own hair because you know I'd rather do my own hair I used to get it done a lot and I never got what I wanted so I think it'll just be more fun plus for this video so you guys don't get to see what my hair turns out by me doing it so um don't mind whatever's in my hair right here I think it's foundation I'm gonna get it out as soon as I brush my hair afterwards but with this headband on it's hard the way I'm wearing my hair I need like two short pieces in the front like kind of like bangs and I cut them last week like a few short pieces right here cuz like I kind of already had them not like bangs but I mean like down to here so that they curl and like lay on my face nights but I forgot to reach from them last night so that's what I'll have to do before I do my hair later like I said earlier after my nail appointment my no appointments at 11:00 so I'm thinking I'll get done maybe like twelve thirty years so I don't know I'm not really getting like a specific color they're gonna be pretty plain you'll see but like there's not gonna be much to do on them so I'm basically giving her an hour and a half time though so I plan my schedule to that and I thought when I get home I'm not gonna have time to do my makeup so that's why I'm doing it now um I just want to concentrate on my hair when I get home if you watch the whole video you'll see you get skipped through whatever you want to do now that that's done I think I'm gonna do my eyeshadow before I go and like set my face so I'm gonna go to my um Too Faced palette I'm gonna do quickly like brown black and then the greens I don't really like to put anything on my waterline unless it's a lighter color I feel like it really makes my eyes look small and it just doesn't look good on me so that's why I'm not gonna do like a black liner on my waterline or anything down below okay and now a little bit of black I really don't like black below my eyes but I'm gonna do that green on top so it's gonna really lighten it up I'm going to use anything on here a little bit of money bags and last but not least I've gotta find the brush first that's but not least I'm gonna switch back to my unicorn glow palette to do that really light highlight green this brush was still kind of damp from washing it last night and I think it made this highlighter like a lot more pigmented I am so excited to put on my dress and I don't know if you noticed but I have had on my hand I did it myself I'll have to give you a better look when I get in the car or something maybe it matches my dress I'm kind of doing like a culture type thing my dress is literally beautiful and it's extremely difficult to get on but you'll see that later in the video okay that's good and I'm gonna do some mascara on the bottom and stuff I have so many things in my hair if you watch my other youtube videos I always have something in my hair I record so many YouTube videos they just don't get posted because half the time I have things in my hair I don't even know what they are and now we should set my face I never did that yet I wanted to wait to get my eyeshadow on before I went and set my face but I'm gonna use my fit me set and smooth this is for um like dries well yeah dry skin you know it gives you like a wet and smooth type look rather than giving you that matte look and that's why I really don't bake my face is just because like I'll get so dry if I found a good powder that wasn't so dry or didn't make me so dry I could probably bake with it but I just like to take this really pretty purple brush and go underneath my eye with it I don't think I'm gonna set anything else because if I set my Too Faced foundation I think that's usually where I go wrong with it cuz once it sets it starts to get like super well pretty matte I should say I have a problem with my shape tape creasing underneath my eye I don't know if it just was my eye shape and how big my eyes are or if it happens to other people too or maybe I'm just not setting with a good enough powder but I hope this doesn't crease it kind of already is but that's okay cuz I'm coming back home after my nail appointment you know and we can like we could touch up whatever I need that stuff I don't think I'm gonna set the rest of my face should i I should set right here I think I got I already have some of my brush it's fine that's it right here so when I smile it doesn't crease and now I'm gonna set my face real quick again just because I'm crazy okay I'm not gonna be nonstop setting it today I have this for later this is like my lip it's a velvet mousse but I don't think I want to wear that to my nail appointment I'll probably just put like chapstick or a gloss on or something because I'm just doing this on prepared for later unfortunately I have to do it now but ok now let's bronze my knees my Tarte bronzer because this is like good stuff I know it's good stuff and you know what I just thought of I'll show you guys I got my Ipsy bag yesterday like I had said earlier and I actually got Tarte finishing powder yep finishing powder I'd say I'm gonna open it and maybe try and set underneath my eyes once more because I really don't want to crease and I trust Tarte this Tarte did I say to her no no I'm gonna put it on my hand first though wow that is smooth setting powder Wow even on my hand like it made my hand feel smooth I gotta get the full product of that if she is so clutch like if you don't have epsy and you like to try makeup products like totally promoting it see right now like if she should sponsor me but if you don't have FC and you like to try makeup products it's the best because they try early well they try their best to send you the products that work with your skin and yeah you take quizzes and stuff to let them know what you're into and what you want to be sent I'm like I have never really gone anything bad when I first started if she was a little different cuz they didn't know really my taste but after you get bags for so long you can review the things they send you and the brands and then they kind of learn what you're about what you're into and now I only get sent good stuff like I swear every Ipsy bag is so good I'm just getting the foundation off my lips cuz it looks so gross and now now it's time to highlight this is like my favorite part I'm so happy I'm done with my makeup right now and it's like 10/10 I plan on leaving at like 10:30 for my appointment like I said earlier but imagine you guys in the car with me and stuff and set up my camera in there so I want to leave ample time to do so okay my makeup is like the green is sticking to the top so I had to go over that with black again but for highlight I think I'm gonna use my Nomad and my Urban Decay highlighter on the shades sin those are my two favorites I'm gonna fix my eyes first now for my highlight look how clean my highlight brush is okay a little bit of nomads a little bit of Seng wait till you see this color it goes with my skin so nice and because my my highlight brush is so clean I bet it's gonna go on like you and nicer than normal I can't even get it on the brush because the brush is so clean usually it's like all just highlighters from a week stuck on there and I'll just kind of go on my face but so the weather for today isn't going to be the best I think it's only going up to like 70 at the most I've been watching it all week it one from 67 and rainy to 73 and sunny and then this morning I checked in it said it was gonna be in the 60s like all day long but of course that may not be correct I'm gonna set my face once more so now I'm makeups done I'm just gonna probably come up my hair I might eat something else cuz I'm getting kind of hungry and I'll probably see you guys in the car next whenever we're on our way to my new appointment okay what's up guys I have no idea if you could see me or not I'm just gonna report for funsies because I'm like kind of running late now cuz I spent too long eating breakfast so I'm just gonna put on some music and we're gonna go what I want to listen to definitely this so we're about to be like it's gonna be bumping in here okay well for some reason this isn't working and I'm getting so sad and I really want a music today well I guess I could talk now for a little bit on the bright side of things well there actually isn't a bright side I'm probably gonna be late to my appointment right now which is not cool at all I don't know if it's loud right now I was like my windows down maybe I'll just delete these clips blood we're gonna go get nails on today I'm excited I hope she kind of has a client right now so that if I'm a few minutes late it's okay I just kind of rambling about music in my car and it's nice to hear something rather than silence I'm so beat sauce why isn't my thing working another little topic real quick we'll discuss is so my my car is in 2004 so it doesn't have like the super high-tech 2018 type radio and I would like so I tried a knob sport but the box sport didn't really work because I had the iPhone 7 and it doesn't have an off support so with the other transmitter end I just don't think the music was reaching in the correct way so I bought a transmitter and if you don't know what a transmitter is it's like one of those things that it like goes to your vehicle but like you have to put it on an empty station so for where I live it's 88.3 or like 88.5 like there's multiple options that you can put it on and you have to put it on one of the stations that aren't playing music so that your transmitter can like flow through the antenna of your vehicle some sort so it's not like the best sound ever but it doesn't sound too bad and I think that's really the only thing I could do in this caught us I don't have an aux port in here I only have two cigarette lighters and that's another part of the transmitter it's a cigarette lighter transmitter you know so yeah not really a problem I don't really care I like to keep an eye on it what's behind me because now that I'm driving I'm like if there's a cop behind me okay I'm getting really lost off topic this roads kind of sketchy I don't know what I was saying red light maybe I'll fix my transmitter Oh battery popped out is that why I know this song stuck in my head so bad and I just really wanted to hear and I think this is like the only red light until I get to like my nail appointment okay well then have enough time to do that and I drop the battery in between my seats oh that's great no idea what time it is I do not look at my phone while I Drive I don't do anything while I Drive because like I said earlier I'm a new driver and it's not that I don't know what I'm doing cuz I do I've been driving like forever but it's just the fact that I'm gonna be safe you know so really some ways oh I saw a sign for really for life back there if you don't know what Relay for Life is I did it when I was a cheerleader I was a cheerleader for like three years and so I got kicked off the team but you're new here picked up the track and there's like different companies that sponsor the idea and I believe it's like a Cancer Walk type thing I remember we would walk around and since we heard share later as we kind of like shared everybody off it's such a nice event it was fun because I think you sleep there like they have a sleepover on the field that night at least they used to I'm pretty sure but we didn't stay me and my girlfriend kostina not like my real girlfriend she's just like my best friend but I remember we didn't stay because I think her mom wouldn't let us because that was probably like my freshman year so I was so pretty young to like I don't know I don't know my parents never cared but I think heard that or something oh my god construction and oh my god I just got my music working ok sorry we're gonna stop talking now because what's up guys I'm back so I don't know where we left off my camera died in the car on my way to my new appointment so yeah I didn't record the whole thing I didn't go back and watch it yet so I don't know what is left on that and I don't know what's better lighting if this is better lighting or not but I brought in one of my like good recording lights right here so I don't know it's better but it's so hot in here right now so I'm going to take off my sweater actually yeah it's so hot in here so I'm gonna turn off the big light and if it's too dark I apologize real quick I need to cut my hair okay so I already have some short pieces in the front but I need them shorter for the hair song I'm gonna do so okay that's good I tried to cut in an angle so it doesn't look so bad so I usually dye my mom's hair and I haven't done it in a while but the last time the last few times I did it I put in some bleach in the front of my hair and then I had like two like strands that were kind of blonde I just basically I'm cutting them off right now kind of words it cuz I always say I need shorter front pieces so something like it went to a waist yeah this is shorter than this one yeah well he is what did enos but I actually seriously need to start cutting my hair because I mean not cutting my hair I mean I was just telling chance to cut his hair that's why I'm saying cut hair but you know I need to start curling my hair because it's a little late I was gonna do them super tight but because I'm kind of rushing I'm just gonna go with it oh you guys don't get to see my nails yet because I was kind of rushing but here them babies are I'll show you my better lighting but I just got like two gold chrome nails and then the rest are just unclear because I bangs with that I should turn the heat back up on this cuz I don't my talk with my hair on it for a long time so usually if it's hotter then they'll crow faster you know I'm like sweating so using this makes me so hot because it's like so much heat around my face but my foundation is really holding up nice like I was explaining earlier about how I don't know if it'll get super dry or not I think that coconut and the oil like the coconut oil and the other like primer oil that I used really really really benefited me if I stand back here you'll probably be able to see my hair better but okay that's the type of girl we talk about when you see what I'm doing with my hair you'll kind of understand like why I don't care about what the curls look like cuz it will all just be in a ponytail anyways you'll see I'm probably just gonna speed most of this up so I'm not gonna just talk the whole time oh and then chances making me lunch right now because I'm like so hungry I was gonna get something when I was out um for my nail appointment but since my camera died I didn't go anywhere I was gonna grab Starbucks too and then I was like well I'm not even recording anymore I needed to charge my camera I knew I didn't have much time so here we are so yeah he's making me lunch I might pause in the middle this to go eat but really I'm just curling my hair right now anyways I am sweating so bad my face actually getting oily cuz I'm sweating and I'm always dry so hey maybe that's what's keeping my foundation from getting I'm trying so hard to get every piece well if not I'm just gonna keep this hot so so I'm taking this piece right here and I'm tying a little like a mini rubber band on it you'll see why I'm like one second so now I'm gonna take this this is my teacup um a tika is like an Indian piece of jewelry that's kind of my theme for today you'll see when you see my dress that's why I have my henna done and that's kind of what I was waiting to tell you guys is I have a henna done on my hand and I did them on my feet – I did it myself cuz I thought why not and yeah we're going with an Indian type theme okay actually I took it out because I kind of did it wrong I have to like replace it so I'm just gonna go eat real quick and then I'll be right back okay okay guys oh and I'm fed and I'm good I ate a sandwich I had some chips and I really messed up my hair I think I think I put it too far back so hold up a second so I was thinking I'm gonna take this her time I'm gonna put it in this loop that comes on the end of this chain so I could loop this around the ponytail because I put it too far back but I'm not taking it out now okay so now that I got this on I hope you could see me I turn up a mean light like I said earlier because it was so hot in here I think right there is good I'm just gonna bobby pin that down this feels much much better than whatever I did the first time perfect after I had my hair done I'm gonna go back and I'm gonna but I'm gonna take some eyelash glue and like glue these earlier in the car I mentioned that I was a cheerleader whenever I was like I'm a freshman through junior you know I don't know if you guys heard that or not cuz again I didn't watch the video to see but when I was a cheerleader we would take this like poof powder and it would help like teased hair and stuff I'm going on but I have baby powder so I'm just gonna do that cuz I've done that before I'm not gonna put it on my hand though cuz that sketches me out so I'm gonna rub this into what's being teased and it should help it stay keys throughout the night so now I'm gonna tease this like these pieces too so that they can hide the ponytail I'm tasting hairspray right now I really had to fan that out of here I'm doing I have a solo cup but it's just tea oops okay so now I have to decide what I want to lead down which I think we'll just beat this and then like whatever that is which is gonna need record I only have the door closed cuz chance is watching TV and I just don't want to interrupt but I just turned back on my curling iron I said I was gonna keep it hot but then I hate and I wanted to turn it off so I'm gonna go back and curl these for now I need to definitely touch up the back at some point but I'm going to tease it real quick okay so we're in the car right now going to pictures and stuff I know you guys didn't really get to see me finish up getting ready I just throw on some lip stuff I just scratched my face but yeah I just threw in some this like matte lip and then I took some eyelash glue and I just you know put it on my forehead and I did this just because then it'll stick and nothing will like move around on it or whatever so yeah that's cool it's actually turned into a nice day like it was really cloudy earlier whenever I went got my nails done and it was just like kind of poofy like sixty degrees or so but it's like nice out right now so yeah we're just some heading there oh what do you guys see my dress at some point like I know it's got kind of hectic cuz we were rushing down to the end of it yeah I'll definitely show you guys and all that so okay so we just took some pictures I know I have my seat bought out more parts cuz he had to get vape juice yeah my dress is like literally gorgeous right now check out my henna I don't know if you can even see this is probably bad lighting like my camera kinda stinks but yeah so we're running really late like extremely late I forgot the tickets at home so we have to go get the tickets and then we'll be on our way so we got some good pictures I feel like I didn't get any of myself like all I wanted was Instagram pictures and I probably didn't get any at all but it's good my camera is just chipped so mad I'm like not in a good mood but it's fine I'm gonna catch up with you guys later carry my flowers though right now but like they only play actually goes on for like five seconds so

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    Love you!๐Ÿ˜˜โค๏ธ
    You are a sweetheart

  • Gladly, in my school (i live in Pakistan) we always wear sarees at our farewell. We dont have proms or anything just a simple farewell celebration for our graduation, although its not much just a one time thing its really looked amazing Xx

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