Sharing My WHITE PRIVILEGE as MILITARY VETERAN SPOUSE! Thanks for Judging! 😕😱November 6, 2019

Sharing My WHITE PRIVILEGE as MILITARY VETERAN SPOUSE!  Thanks for Judging! 😕😱November 6, 2019

okay so I want to show you guys this
this is from the Social Security Administration so you can see my payment
would be about nine hundred and seventy a month full retirement age at 67 that’s
what it’s at right now and so it was a little bit higher when I was making the
better revenue and so this was this is a printout from October 24th 2019 I got
more to show you again ago let’s see here
yes your full retirement age of 67 age 70 your payment would be 1213 and so and
then Medicare yeah so so the thing that I wonder about that like how in the
world would someone be able to afford to live anywhere that’s the thing that I’m
wondering how in the world would anyone a single person and why are people
forced into relationships and companionships and but okay so let’s
look at this site there’s all the zeros right there right there’s all the zeros
that’s when I was a military spouse of the zeros down here is a second in
here is when I was single and at the end of my first marriage the zeros down here
is my second marriage again you know I was still caring for my son over here is
1099 work and you can see how it’s been defunded so when you lose 1099 work it
doesn’t count as employment because you don’t have an employer it doesn’t count
as a job you can’t get unemployment you get no benefits and so ya and it’s
like okay so there there is a problem here we have a problem
we don’t have health care we have no retirement no cost-sharing no you know
so there’s something much larger going on here so we have women working in the
home who are military spouse is getting 0 women working our whole life that’s
what we need to change we need to change this whole scenario as we’re the CEOs of
our lives we’re the CEOs of our lives and the one
of the best ways to think of things is to think of yourself as a CEO of your
household when you don’t have money to buy things then you can’t buy things and
so and this sort of helps put things in perspective when it comes to credit debt
and things like that you know so looking at your own social security record and
so that’s kind of my challenge for folks is to look at your social security
record and so I’ve been sharing it online
and I’m sure that there’s people I can hear the voices in my head I can hear it
now oh she just made that up that ain’t hers
well it is sadly it is and I you know what
I’m sure there’s millions of other women who is worse than mine and there’s
millions of other women who might be slightly better but it still doesn’t
they still aren’t getting there still getting less than a thousand at the age
of 67 so when do women retire when does grandma retire when does mom retire when
the sister retired anybody who’s been in an at-home role or who is getting who is
getting some sort of a tip type of thing or someone who’s oh it’s what they call
the middle class those who make the jobs but and this is what they’ve done so
when you get defunded when you get defunded you get no help when you lose
everything you have no help you can’t apply for unemployment
you get no benefits you have no subsidies so I most do the times in here
I’ve not had a w-2 form in here I did a little bit in here
I had a w-2 here no w2 and so yeah if you know I’m open to all kinds of
questions you know because this is this is my life and it’s been not your mom’s
life to Grandma’s your grandma’s life and this is showing inequality towards
at-home workers I try to be cautious but it is primarily women right now but men
it’s happening to men too you know Appling folks who are 1099 workers who
don’t have the benefits you don’t have the sharing from an employer we just
don’t have an employer we don’t have a w-2 it’s a 1099 and that doesn’t count
as we’re so anyway I just wanted to share that
with you guys yes this is my social security record and if you want to see
what the inequality looks like ask mom or dad and inflation to inflation as
well because the thing when you think about inflation it’s like well that’s
for someone else to make more money but when your paycheck doesn’t go up or when
you have a zero how do you pay for things when you have zero when you have
so when you send a bill to an at-home mom and she has no income coming in and
this is the same thing where I lost my driver’s license when I lived in
California because I was penal I was only penalized when the car rolled down
the hill I lost my driver’s license for a year so
I was penalized when I didn’t have a job and I didn’t have an income and I had
kids to take care of and he had to go to the field and to temporary duty and
stuff because he was in the military now how does it so what good is that
penalizing poverty and that’s what you’re doing to military veterans why
are you penalizing American military veterans families here in America is
that the American Way yeah everyone needs to look at their
social security records

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  • Aww so the poor old lady didn’t work hardly at all during her life and now she’s begging for money. HAHA cry me a river.

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