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good morning guys it is quite literally the crack of dawn but I'm actually excited to be waking up right now because I have a very exciting day ahead before I get to that though I have to give a shout-out and a big thank you to pros for sponsoring this episode so today for the first time ever I am going to try on wedding dresses for myself oh also if you can get the memo Kris and I got engaged it's a real life thing it's really happening and a friend told me that it takes like six to eight months to actually get a wedding dress and we're trying to like get married soon so why waste time let's just jump right into this planning so today I'm going to try on wedding dresses with two of my gal pals Lily and Drew who oddly neither of them have ever been engaged or married but they have a lot of experience trying on wedding dresses honestly I'm really excited I've never tried on a wedding dress before really so this is gonna be really really fun kind of surreal kind of crazy also speaking of that I need to get it together I'm like even scaring myself with the way that I look can't go out in public like this but first coffee right okay all right you guys hop in the shower I have to take a second really quick just to talk to you about this curly hair journey that y'all know I've done on for like the last six months when I say journey you know I mean journey because quite frankly I have learned things I didn't even know I had to learn but I think the one thing I've learned that I think is the best little morsel of wisdom I could share with you all is that what works for me or what works for the person next to me might not work for you this whole journey is so personal and all of our hair is so different that you really do have to take some time to figure out what is gonna work best for you and for your hair and that is why you guys I am so excited about pros custom hair care this brand is incredible in fact I've seen some of my favorites out in the curly-haired world work with this brand brave about this brand because it is completely custom based on a holistic consultation that each person fills out so when I say holistic consultation some of you might be like whoa big word what does that mean basically what that means is that you're doing a consultation that is based on everything about your hair so obviously they take into consideration your hair what type of hair you have how dense is it how long is it is it curly is it straight is it wavy you get my drift but then they go a step further and they take into consideration your lifestyle so during the consultation you're letting them know where you live what the weather is like is it humid is it dry there are a lot of pollution what type of water do you have in that part of the world not only that something I love that they take into consideration is how much you exercise aka how much you sweat because I don't know about you all with that definitely contend to affect my hair but then they go a step further and they ask you about your preferences do you prefer a product that's gluten free or vegan or silicone free I know I love all of those things but especially for me on this curly hair journey having a silicone free product is not really optional it's definitely a must for me and then also the experience is just awesome it gets sent to your house in a beautiful box I opened up my box there was a handwritten thank-you card inside I had my custom pre shampoo mat my shampoo and my conditioner there are also pumps in the box if you're someone who likes to have a pump you can choose to use that or just open the top of the container and use it that way long story short I'm just really excited about this brand I think it's really incredible what they're doing there are literally a hundred and thirty-five different criteria that go into every formulation and get this and I know you guys know I like to exaggerate there are fifty billion different potential outcomes for a formulation so you know that what you're getting is really for you and is really for your hair and the other cool thing is that every pros product is free of parabens sulfates Bay lates mineral oil they're cruelty free and they can also be customized like I said to be vegan gluten free and silicone free shallot um okay so I just finished getting ready I did add a little curl styler to my hair but you guys do you see how much volume I have right now this is honestly like maybe the most volume I've had on my curly hair journey and my hair feels so soft I'm so impressed also I have to go [Applause] [Applause] yes no go back here last again I just don't you know from the internet I brought these two ladies with me to try on wedding presents because apparently I'm getting married try nobody dresses I was really curious where you were going but like they have a lot of experience with one dresser which these kind of strange I on the other hand have zero experience and no idea what I want oh well that's why we're here trying a bunch of things and let you kind of figure it out call for champagne there's like a bladder yeah let's open the declaration it's very early its wording but always champagne thrown some orange juice to make it right all right do you want to go what do I do for my wedding we want to get married for sure this year which was very ambitious which I've heard through the grapevine that it takes like six to eight months sometimes to get a wedding dress yeah so I'm just trying to be like you know your perfect timing okay I think if we allow ourselves you know the five months for the dress to arrive we usually add that an extra few months for alterations oh yeah so you'll be fine okay great address Poirot this out yes I could see you for a party output doing what you like you you have wedding ever yeah yeah yeah we all jumpsuit you've jumpsuit yeah okay well like pants and I'll show you in terms of little details do do you like least do like Sparkle do like is there certain fabrics you don't love I don't really think I want to go really comforter made but we're than that like a more class a lot like a little more classic still like sexy but like sex me that my grandma is cool with you know yeah you know PR is in crowns who would do that like I could see you do I got no I probably do it well I think that because it's your first time trying on we'll just try out a bunch of different styles range of things and you can kind of see what feels okay great lovely you guys help me out with this because you're way more experienced that I am when it comes right on Friday which is so so fine experts I also want to turn on something that's like very extravagant very elegant very and I got you okay let's get started sweating I tried that's what I ended up trying on didn't think I was like it and it was like hand down there people I'm just drinking Americans used to make you definitely make you the selection thank you guys I'm so glad I brought you so traffic over to hear why no more anything to like bigger little tiny boob me they're called Ichabod cups but just excuse me I don't know what to do why am i more emotional than I wouldn't like to myself I'm gonna call for sure thank you you know she loves pot oh my gosh that's amazing better snacks charge a little the perfect size for a pocket full of trail mix which you know it's important to know do you have anything that's like Megan Markel inspired I would love to go see Barry yes the MCU is I doubt I'm the first person to add oh wow this looks like very like like this the hopping could be like pom-pom a tease well I don't know if this is necessarily made today you don't feel like you've been there 17 ice layers oh it's very pretty for someone just feels like just like a video I just forgetting that this is my actual life it's crazy what's cool about this one is it has an overskirt oh it has an overskirt super wanna love us you for one so is that you take off that people can do whatever they want for their weddings but I always feel like I want to wear one dress the whole time because it's like you you only get to wear it one yeah right if you only get to wear for your certain web it's like two seconds honestly oh my gosh it's like whoa hope it's also right although but I don't think that works so I'm feeling pretty good about that I'm not gonna be okay I'm already not okay I let them pick out basically all the dresses for me along with the help of amber here at Kinsley Jake you like amber service I feel like Amber's elections are the best but now it's time to start try them on for my real-life wedding let's go ahead can I get it I can't handle it I just am my ear here getting tighter you gotta take this time now I'm gonna you're like your mom's not here cuz that I really are you feeling like I think this is a good place to start I love it I think it's beautiful I like that it's unique and that it has a little bit of color oh my god this thing's that looking join with the Train Joss I think this is really special well he is likely for your mind if I'm like trying to decide if I liked it or if I'm just gonna like like oh I think I love the bottom half of this but I'm not like thrilled with the top half well guess what I have like ten more dresses to try on so you look like you would be in like ever after here's what I like about this dress the sleeves aren't acceptable oh you're not elastic are you kids I really like the bodice goes into the skirt it's a lot of dress honestly I'm getting a workout just wearing this it's like you see there or not that like how it does go into it it's like very long torso it's like yeah no wonder you would have had a lot of snacks inside you should just stop talking about this girls I think is like I'm really bad that I tried it on but I think it might just be too much for me you think very convinced I literally picture and you mr. Barrymore and ever after like walk okay why the star man this is my rule unless I see the bride have a strong reaction I don't give mine because it's your day and it's whatever you Erica's in right now I don't think it's the right one for me great okay awesome anyways next dress so this is the dress that has an overskirt meaning you take it off and you can party after hold on the Lund smells like it's good all right three two one I'm gonna dress what I love about this is that this is the dress that has the skirt over can we show them so get ready look number two if you did something like this you would need to have a guy over somewhere like men in suits come out rip it off sexy I all right ladies we have a little long-sleeve goodness here here we go take a look the back is my favorite part and create it like you would not be able to fully see my underwear I actually really love this but it doesn't feel like a wedding dress this feels like something I would wear to a red cracker which is kind of like I love this like I would wear this for sure I don't think her classic wedding it's not like this is something like I feel like the word of Oscars you came out for your life I'm everyone joy everyone job it's like so you feel like you wore a black version of this to go tell it I did wear something very similar like oh yes this is something I've already noted I think the party deserves another outfit department deserves it the party deserve your outfit the people deserve all right it really you can feel it on your foot but can you feel it in your heart I'm like a freaking angel on top of a Christmas tree you look like a Christmas angel I am obsessed I'm obsessed you know I like extra this is why I all first of all the Cape is gorgeous I feel like if you have a crowd it would almost be Littleton yes I love it I love it Oh take my tunes here so you guys know what it looks like without the Cape because without the Cape I think like I like it it's kind of surprising it's so much different than the other ones okay material this would be gorgeous in pictures it would be for sure I feel like it's just a little lackluster really yeah from good sample but it is ready don't mind if I do oh my god oh my god oh my god okay was it weird that like even though it's like it was like you'd be like people like ugh like no you look amazing in that came it like a good way I'm gonna wear this in the grocery store okay you can have some time with that cape alright girl beautiful I love the way this looks I think like you're so right you just stand and you don't even have to pose already I already look 30 it's perfect but I do want the baby more frightful like you know kind of like the very the very first dress I put on so like I'm we were like like a little bit of a skirt like nothing not like overpowering but in the middle you know next dress I'm very boho I'm very proud of love we got ready and this one more another souvenir from these I'm okay and they can come off too which is really cool actually really like what's the prize private I actually think without the sleeves I love it it's really beautiful right it's crazy that at this point like I'm still just like I really like the jumpsuit but I don't know definitely how I know for sure this looks very vintage that was like it was like your mom was just like really yeah alright next look oh my gosh okay take a look guys this is another two-for-one this whole entire thing comes off and it's just like a fitted dress underneath I like this because the sparkles are weird because it's like it's like glitter yeah like doctor it's like some of them are more sparkling than others it's so dynamic there's no like Japanese but it doesn't wigs me out you know like textures this not knees though I love it it's so weird if there's like a lot going on but it's simple I think it's a lot happening like the floral and the match into this and that and what it was called this spotted dog oh yeah yeah what's not letting you have going on this is like such a hard decision what do you do be like everything yeah you bring Jenny Frank [Laughter] pictures are big part of oh the veil is like beautiful between the John I feel good so I know what I can want to wear her to the reception oh my god Wow the veil is beautiful I think I do want to be like that's one that's already Wow Brian I love it this is very easy the bail really like did something to me oh that this one like that I love how it is heaven I gosh well well I think decisions it's all you were just knew effect yes that was literally truly yeah I love her when I walked in the door for you like we'll let these ladies to do their this is real is completely decision oh my gosh Wow you know what happens my way never what would you choose a viewer me and you had to chew on a viewer key what would you choose definitely the jumpsuit definitely and then this I love this and I feel like I still really remember the simple but very simple I was really clean enough yeah this one and the first one well amber thank you so much literally the best kick off ever to our wedding which is unbelievable thank you guys so much for coming with me on like what is the start of my wedding journey it's so crazy and thank you so much to Kinsley James for hosting us for like the most magical experience of all time I have a lot of work to do aka I need to go back and watch this video like 85 times so that I can figure out what I want to wear for my wedding but also you guys want to give me any constructive feedback in the comment section I will gladly accept it and also I have to give a shout out to pros thank you so much for sponsoring this episode you guys can visit crows com2 take your consultation and get your own custom hair care because you know we're all on your jury yes yeah I know I sure AM you know it sounds like a good idea right now good yep more champagne more dough more coffee more discussed what

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