– I am I gotta care but I am just waiting to board a flight to Parma in New Yorker my family are all out there they have been on holiday for about two weeks they've been in the South of France and now they've gone down to New Yorker this is my grandparents my parents and my sister Daisy Mae and they basically asked me where they've been asked to meet the last three months if I can go out and join them even for a weekend but I've been so busy with work that I was just like no I'm really sorry I can't do it but I have found some time it's Friday and I'm going up for a long weekend I'm going to come back on Monday totally surprising my mom my grandparents and that my stepdad knows I kind of needed to tell one of them to just kind of let them know and make sure I know exactly where they are to meet them see ya I'm surprising you and I'm so excited so I have arrived in New York you won't believe it there's thunder and lightning and torrential rain I couldn't believe that the timing and just oh my god I've never had turbulence like that and you know I've like flown all over the world and this is like a two hour flight and we literally dropped so hard so fast that I'm just waiting to meet my stepdad apparently everyone is asleep on the boat at home so I think he's gonna meet me for a coffee and then we'll figure out how to Surprise them so I've met my stepdad we just like to have a quick coffee and did a bit of a food shop because everyone is asleep but on the boat and they're still asleep so I think the plan is who's gonna go over and I see if they're awake yet and then I'll just rock up and I think they're going to be so surprised also I text my mother Plato this morning of this dress I'm wearing as I told I'm going to a wedding this weekend so I do you think they came this weekend and she's like nuts lovely take the t-shirt off though underneath and so yeah I'm wearing it today she's gonna be so surprised okay so I've come up with a plan I'm right I'm at the wedding and say there's a boat here that looks just like the one you're on so it is now Saturday oh my goodness it has been the most amazing couple of days so I arrived last night and we just went out for a nice dinner I think everyone was just so shocked that I was here so we just had quite late lovely dinner and this morning I'm Paul myself and I just went to the gym we found one that was around the corner so that was cool just to get my body moving a little bit after being literally sat down all day yesterday and early this afternoon is being kind of the day's been full of dramas everything's gone wrong but it's kind of tradition on the boat that there's always a drama on Thursday so our anchor basically broke and so that was obviously a little bit tricky it got stuck and we can't bring it up so we had to get that sorted so I haven't really been filming much just while we kind of get used to how the boat works but we have just pulled up at 8 port to get some lunch it's really late because we got stuck with the boat for a while and we couldn't like move and get food so we're all like pretty hungry hungry I would say it's the most appropriate word but all just like right let's just go and find some food and then we'll all be sorted and so apparently there's a really nice Beach Club somewhere around here that'll be pretty nice we are actually staying on a boy tonight so we obviously can't anchor up but we've we had tied on to a boy and we're here for the night does that be amazing see what kind of sorted for the rest of the evening we're gonna go get some lunch come back get ready and probably go back out for dinner so yeah it should be nice day look at the view from up here this is gorgeous feels so good to be back on the boat loving these gorgeous colors and some guacamole of course which is going for a nice walk to kind of explore the bay and we had a really late lunch but it was delicious yeah after lunch we're just going for a nice walk and then we're coming back here for dinner I'm not getting mad I'm getting mad I guess why I got you aren't you biggest gloves in the world kick cheese camera I got on it oh look now can it lighter oh it does look like there's no nuts better honey I need no appetite up it dump it's really dark out there yeah yeah hey where did he go yes this absolutely amazing look at our tables we have got an amazing table this me doesn't get much better than that good morning guys it is Sunday morning I'm sharing a bedroom I taste may say naturally we have been up very early we just come up onto the deck and it is a beautiful day just check this view out it literally couldn't be a better morning it's absolutely perfect look at that sky bright bright blue and bright blue sea this is just amazing so we're definitely going to take the boat out today when we were looking at the forecast yesterday I was saying it was going to be quite stormy and rainy but it's looking like it's all changed and it's going to be perfect I'm so so excited the only problem is we obviously still have the issue with the anchor normally what we would do is we would take the boat round to a tiny little private bay somewhere with white sandy beaches and you can just jump in the sea and it's gorgeous but without an anchor that's impossible so I don't really know what the plan is breakfast time just the two of us because I think we're the only ones up and I've got some granola with some strawberries cut up and what you got I got white peacock I put Coco Pops with crop top grapes on the top because apparently that's her favorite I do feel like sometimes I'm a little bit gullible with her so lunch is ready I've just made this huge mixed salad of tomato celery spinach avocado letters and then we've got a trickle or salad here and then some hot food over here and some victim eye potatoes over there Daisy Mae and I have been on shopping duty we just have to go and get some groceries don't we and I got I know let's not tell mommy don't tell mommy and daddy I got her an ice-cream thing is it's so hot you need something to cool down with um we actually had dinner right there do you recognize it we kept dinner right there last night you recognized it and I've got a coin filled that you can carry in the fountain because it's beautiful fountain here it's absolutely stunning and she threw a coin in last night made a wish she make wish and don't tell anyone every day you have ice cream I don't think that's true every day you have an ice cream he doesn't have an ice cream every day it's what Daisy Meadows who tries her luck with me and most the time I do actually believe it um sorry–but saga because grandpa yeah no we just said goodbye to Grandpa Ian he has gone home grandma is saying which we're happy about but I'm actually going home tonight oh I don't want to go home [Applause] well that's quite a way to get dropped off at a port to go to the airports I literally had like one quick dive in the ocean before we had to leave at one last swim jumped into shower like wash my hair did my makeup pack everything was so ready to like we'll be clean and then get on that little jet rib and just get drenched and like showered with sea water see I'm just waiting now for taxi act really quiet it's like fisherman's port and then I'll be on my way home so I'm at the airport I will you know checked in I'm all good to go I'm just waiting I might kick my early and see I'm just waiting in the boarding lounge now ready to get going go home I'm actually really sad but I feel like I've had the best trip it went quickly but when I think about it I feel like I've been away for like a week because we've done so much and I think being on a boat is quite like an active holidays you're always busy doing something and yeah we've enjoyed watching this video of my family holiday and I'll see you guys very soon

33 thoughts on “SURPRISING MY FAMILY ON HOLIDAY | Niomi Smart

  • I recently did a surprise trip to South Africa to visit my family after being in America for 10 months! Was the best idea I've ever had.

  • I’m honestly so obsessed with that song, @6:04, please Niomi tell me what that song is! I’m having a seriously tough time finding it!

  • you are completely unrelatable. you spoke about the importance of sharing the ugly side of life and ''bad'' days, yet your channel keeps being a collection of videos showing JUST the absolutely PERFECT side of your life. which is the only one, as you show. you made two videos when you spoke about the ''bad days''. first one – you complained about having a day which is either normality or even a blessing for 95% people watching you. you were so happy to be 'RELATABLE' sharing this 'bad' day in which didn't go exactly as planned, because of normal, adult everyday life things and going to the wrong restaurant for dinner. sorry? in the same time you show you eat out healthy tasty vegan meals, you have a lovely yoga session and such a lovely dinner with your girlfriends, mostly sounding happy and lovely. SORRY? I was sooo dissapointed with you back then for this. how come you can make other people think this is a bad day? you make other people question their lives and you let them with a feeling that they have much less than you. should they be unhappy everyday then? you try to be relatable by showing that you also treat yourself TO DARK CHOCOLATE or the hardest thing about living with Joe is that he misplaces your keys. SORRY? what about girls watching you? what about your audience, girls who binge on chips, cheese and coca cola, what about girls who have issues and arguments on daily basis living with their boyfriends? what about people who during their bad days do not leave the bed and cry from anxiety? you are disgusting. you perfectly know that you only show the filtered, carefully directed and beautiful side of your life. unbelievable travelling adventures for free, this amazingly healthy diet mantained all the time, the perfect man, healthy habits, perfect work, gorgeous friends, piece of mind, happiness, so many luxury products sent to you, well-being. this is all we can see. your channel is a message to your audience – this is my life. and you are disgusting. I am tired of watching you put every week a video about your perfect, happiest life, where you always seem to be the same disgustingly happy and perfect. unsubscribing. no wonder your channel dies slowly. girls are watching you being mad from enviousness and being miserable about their lifes thinking how other people have everything and they have nothing. i have two friends which i recommended your channel to 1,5 years ago. they also unsubscribed.

  • This looks like an amazing vacation! How many years is there between you and your sister? I love your relationship <3

  • You’re so positive and uplifting it’s unreal! You’re a very big inspiration 💞 I have a small channel I’m trying to grow, if anyone would like to support each other’s channels😊Hope anyone reading this has an amazing day full of positivity 💞💞Xx

  • Gorgeous vlog Niomi! So lovely to see you and your family being happy. Hope you're doing vlogmas this year! Xx

  • I love this vlog! I never really understood, however, why youtubers on holiday always say they dont want to leave. Unless they have other gigs lined up, they can vlog/upload from anywhere! That's the beauty of it

  • I didn't even know you existend in till I watched a YouTube hate video on you I wounder if I'm related to you my name is reece smart

  • Beautiful video! So sweet of you to surprise your family. I got a bit teary-eyed seeing your mum's reaction.

  • You have inspired me to be healthy and just basically work out and think positive in life I love u so much xx

  • I loved this vlog:)! And that was so kind! When i saw youre mom was so cute! And Daisy may was adorble in the vlog her reaction was to cute^^ My holiday is just in December i am going to the dreamy and magical Swedisch lapland! For 5a6 days i can’t wait!❤️🎄❄️🎅🏻🦌❤️ xxx

  • So many beautiful things about this video, but I think the clear turquoise water you took a quick dip in was absolutely breathtaking. I don’t think I’ve seen anything like it before. 💙

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