Neon QT Visits Skipper Barbie Pets Shop + Lil Sisters lost – Confetti Pop Season 2 Episode Unboxed!

I can't get it out I can't get the door open we have a bunch of little sisters coming into the shop today which one of these are those sisters we'll get a new pet we'll be a little sleeping baby little cherry or little baby put your guts in the comments what a super […]

Disney Frozen Queen Elsa Bridesmaid Dress Up at Barbie Wedding Boutique Playset – Cookieswirlc

cookies worlds hey cookie pants oh it looks like we're in the Barbie bridal boutique well what are we doing here have you come to pick out a wedding dress that's so exciting Queen Elsa was clean also doing here at the bridal boutique Elsa are you getting married no no I was told to […]

Barbie Doll Wedding Dress Designer Maker Playset + Bridal Runway Fashion Show

cookies world hello welcome to the bridal boutique hi there hi there I'm getting married in two months from now and I wanted to pick out a wedding dress well perfect you came to the perfect place we can have you select a gown from our boutique ooh this one really is beautiful I like […]

Will You Marry Me ? Supreme Bff LOL Surprise Wedding Proposal Fail – Toy Video

cookies worlds all right cookie bans today's video was requested by one of my cookie fans you should do a video when leather proposes to lace I hope you enjoy this lol video dude whoa no ha it's nice right I don't even want to know how much this cost you so you think she's […]