I am widowed [Unasked Family/ENG,CHN/2019.12.24]

Those gloves were for her? You have small hands for someone so tall. This is intolerable. Don’t touch it! Is that yours? What are you doing here? What are you two doing in public? That’s what I would like to ask you. What is the meaning of this, Ms. Hwang? I asked you first! What […]

Unasked Family | 꽃길만 걸어요 EP.19 [ENG, CHN / 2019.11.29]

(Episode 19) Ms. Kang, have you lost your mind? This is President Hwang’s daughter. Pardon? Apologize this instant. I-I’m sorry. Your name is Kang Yeowon? I’ll make you pay for this. No. You’re fired. Fired? Fired? That’s absurd. What’s going on? How dare you tell me to leave? Do you know who this building and […]

Bong-gu is sleepy! [Unasked Family/ENG,CHN/2019.12.26]

Was it a father-daughter dinner date? I wish I’d been invited too. Jihun and Cheondong ate with us. What an odd mix of people. Why was Cheondong there? Business. Business? By the way, Suji, are you going to do that design collaboration or whatever for the new drink? Not yet. Only if I pass the […]

Why are you suddenly so cold to me? [Unasked Family/ENG,CHN/2019.12.20]

Boss. Why did you touch me? You startled me. I’m sorry. W-What is it? Let’s go home together. I have plans nearby, so I’m not going straight home. Excuse me then. Wait. You’re mad at me, right? If I did something wrong, please feel free to tell me. I’ll do better. No. You didn’t do […]

She said she wasn’t interested ! [Unasked Family/ENG,CHN/2019.12.19]

What am I supposed to eat? You know I don’t like having old side dishes. Chang’s kimchi is the only thing that’s edible here. At least Chang was a very good cook, yet you kicked her out without any proof. Do you miss that thief? If you keep this up, I’ll throw out all this […]

I’m going to see Mom [Unasked Family/ENG,CHN/2019.12.16]

Welcome. Hello. One Americano, please. Sure. Oh? Hi, kiddo. Fancy seeing you again. I’m not a little kid. Huh? My name is Boram. Oh, Boram? What a pretty name. Thanks for telling me. Here you go. Thank you. Oh? You saved… Hello. Oh, hello. Boram, he saved you from that motorcycle. Have you thanked him? […]

TROS kids gathered to celebrate 6TH ANNIVERSARY! [The Return of Superman/2019.11.15]

The Return of Superman’s sixth-anniversary special. With one heart, they’ll make a special 2020 calendar. (Let’s take nice photos together.) (We’re going to do a good job too!) (It’ll be full of happiness.) You never know where the kids will run off to during the hectic calendar photoshoot. (The Return of Superman’s 2020 calendar shoot […]

But ended up having a family! [Trio’s Childcare Challenge/ENG/2019.11.20]

Good morning daddy. – What did he say? / – “Good morning daddy”? Do you want coffee? (First childcare service abroad?) Did they go abroad? Hello I am Jambor Zoltan Paul I am a father of five kids. Are they visiting a foreigner’s house? I am currently an English professor. (A professor at Korea University […]

Dad, fire that chump right away. [Unasked Family/ENG,CHN/2019.11.15]

Don’t you know negligence that leads to bodily harm is a criminal offense? You can also be charged for obstruction of… Who do you think you are to lecture me? What is it? What’s wrong? What happened? Why did you send a chump like him? Do you know how humiliated I was because of him? […]

Bonggu is so cute. [Unasked Family/ENG,CHN/2019.11.12]

Why is the driver taking forever in the restroom? Oh? There was a place like this in our neighborhood? Jenny? Oh, my goodness. It looks just like our Jenny. Welcome. Do you sell dogs? We sell pet accessories at our pet cafe but not dogs. What about that dog? Bonggu? He’s my son’s dog. Sell […]