ENG)게이커플 뜨거웠던 홈트레이닝/korean gay couple

pack – honey you’re really good at this pack – honey~~ pack – honey~ pack – omg why are you eating instant triangle kimbap (sushi) instead of dinner kim – I did eat dinner.. but I was still so hungry so… pack – triangle kimbap.. honey! pack – honey I was working out kim – […]

[성수커플] 삐진 여자친구의 기분을 풀어주는 아주 완벽한 방법

Hello. Sungsukees in their matured stage of life, good to see you again. This is Lee Sung-hyun. Today’s mission is to make Soo-eun happy! I’m in a big trouble right now! [How this incident arose] We were playing LoL. [Let’s go] [To the valley] You know, we have to catch the Baron and dragon as […]