Every Version Of The Addams Family Ranked From Worst To Best

Different TV producers and filmmakers have offered up their own takes on the spooky family created by cartoonist Charles Addams – and some have worked a lot better than others. Here, then, is every major Addams Family movie and TV series iteration, ranked in order from worst to best. The 2019 animated The Addams Family […]

The Addams Family Opening Theme Song | League of Legends Animation (Parody)

[Muziek] door middel eens kinderbad mijn speaking de altair oké doei familie de kennis van de cia people can feel en de reactie in de liefde fermani [Muziek] wi-fi de we hebben dan pas dat vind ik wel lang vergader en doe je nou

Halloween With The Addams Family (Full Episode) | MGM

♪ The Addams family ♪(PLAYING HARPSICHORD) (ALARM SOUNDING) The mail’s in. Never mind, Lurch, I’ll get it. My new carving knife. Nice knife. Can I play autopsy with it? Well, darling, autopsy’s a fine game. But this is for carving works of art. (METALLIC CLINKING) Well, either I’ve got tough hair or this knife needs […]

The Addams Family Tree (Full Episode) | MGM

♪ The Addams family ♪I had no idea Cousin Bleak was such a difficult subject. You’re painting him from memory and it’s a magnificent likeness. Superb! Thank you, darling. There’s something about the eyes, I just can’t seem to get them. That lid droops just a bit too much. The right eye or the left? […]

New Neighbors Meet The Addams Family (Full Episode) | MGM

♪ The Addams family ♪(GULPING) Now, now, Cleopatra, chew your burgers. Don’t gulp them. (CHOKING) Darling, now you see what happens when you gulp? Quite enough lunch. Well, what do they look like? Oh, just ordinary moving men. One’s tall, one’s medium. No, darling. I mean, the new neighbors. Oh, I haven’t seen them yet. […]

The Addams Family Meet the VIP’s (Full Episode) | MGM

♪ The Addams family ♪(TRAIN WHISTLE BLOWING) How exciting. Look at them go! This is going to be the greatest train wreck in railroad history. I’m gonna switch them onto the same track. Watch! Wonderful. Darling, you have such a way with trains. I suppose so. Weren’t you happy with it? I thought it was […]

The Changing Face of The Addams Family | The Big Picture

When Charles Addams created the original Addams Family comics strip in 1938 as a series of single-panel gags for The New Yorker, his characters didn’t even have names – he mainly had the concept and… the concept. But the concept was good! Take the idealized American middle-class family and turn the concept inside-out and on […]

The Original Addams Family?! | WHAT THEY GOT RIGHT

– Welcome to the show. I’m your host, Samantha, and this is What They Got Right with The Addams Family. We’ve got a lot on our plate today, so I’m gonna need a hand. Thank you, Thing. Mmm, disgusting. ♪ Someone’s always dressed like Wednesday ♪ ♪ When it’s Halloween night ♪ ♪ Talking Addams […]

What The Cast Of The Addams Family Looks Like Now

The animated film The Addams Family pulled in more than $30 million during its opening weekend in October 2019. As fun as the new film may be, we can’t help but fall back in love with 1991’s live-action Addams Family — especially when the Halloween season rolls around. Here’s what the iconic cast looks like […]

The Addams Family Goes To School (Full Episode) | MGM

♪ The Addams family ♪Is this where the Addams family lives? Yeah. You going in there? I’m the truant officer. They’ve got two kids who have never set foot in school. Good luck, Charlie. (CREAKS) (FOGHORN SOUNDING) (DOOR CREAKING) Hello. Hello. Uh, you must be one of the Addams children. I’m Wednesday. I’m Mr. Hilliard. […]