[COMIC DUB] Will you marry me? (Miraculous Ladybug)

Veux-tu m’épouser par lunian C’est vraiment silencieux aujourd’hui, n’est-ce pas ? Oui, plutôt Et j’en suis très contente Qu’est-ce qui va mal, chaton ? Tu as l’air nerveux. A quoi tu penses ? Et bien…. Je voulais te dire… Enfin….pour demander. Oh, j’oublie ! U-un moment…. Hmm ? C’est plus dur que ce que je […]

Couples Confess Their Fondest Memories

– The main character was deciding, hmm, should I ask my neighbor to be my girlfriend or something and then you look at over at me and you’re like, hey, you want to be my girlfriend? And I was like, really? (light music) I think he knows how I feel about him. – I’m not […]

드디어 바뀐 수영복!! 워터파크에 갔다!!!! [소근커플 S.K.Couple]

thrifty and frugal Soyoung Lee have been wearing the same mint colored flower rash guards in 2016, 2017, and 2018 Now I am confused whether if she likes flower pattern, herself with flower pattern, mint color, or if she is broke This summer was especially warm, hot, humid, and sticky Anyway we went to the […]

الحياة الزوجية في 2017 || Marriage Life in 2017 || – خالد وصفا

Let’s go, it’s you who will drive the car, okey ? I can’t drive it, I should… No, no, no ! Drive it yourself, please ! You drive it! I’m uploading a picture on Instagram now. I’m uploading a picture either, on Facebook. Let me finish posting it on instagram, you drive ! Baby, I’m […]

너무 힘들어서 정신이 나갔다… [소근커플 S.K.Couple]

I’m so tired I’m so tired to do the opening The weather is hot It’s very sticky and tiring Ah..so hot.. (Eating hot food in hot weather) Ah what are you doing? Hey! Did you wash your hands? I just did (Nostrils flaring because this is all unfair) You are going off again! In this […]

Helen & Frank on Marriage

Frank: Don’t get carried away. Helen: You should wear it more often, it looks good. Frank: I feel like a girl. Helen: Well they do it to the news reporters. Frank: Oh. Frank: My name is Frank Khanchalinan. and this is my wife Helen Khanchalian. We’ve been married 63 years. Helen: He kept me laughing […]

Couples Play: How Well Do You Know Your Partner? | Ft. Arushi & Joshua | Ok Tested

What kind of husband? This kind. (Aww, even their puns are the same) You know I’m gonna get beaten up. I have to go home after this. I said the right answer. You were wrong. You don’t remember when you first met me? There is a lot of love. A lot of love. So I’m […]

Adorable Couple | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon | Disney Shows

♪ Lollipops and lemondrops My girl and me♪ We’re strollin’ down the boulevard As happy as can be♪ The day is swell And, gee, heck, well♪ We dance through life with glee!♪ Everything’s a Cotton candy melody! ♪(ALL CHEERING)♪ Quack, quack♪ Bicker, bicker♪ Quack, quack♪ Bicker, bicker♪ How can this day Possibly go any quicker?♪ […]

A Baby Otter Learns to Swim | Destination WILD

the waterways of the Pantanal in Brazil are home to another top predator the giant river otter unlike the caiman in Jaguar giant otters are highly social they live in large family groups and the older brothers and sisters help bring up the babies adult otters are superb swimmers but babies have to learn this […]

5 Easy Baby Shower Games

hi youtube today I'll be showing you five very easy baby shower games so let's start with the number one that's very easy to do guessing how many candies you have in here and whoever gets that right takes it home this is one game baby food I put all the labels off so they're […]