The art and science of engagement – In a nutshell

The art and science of engagement – In a nutshell For any idea to reach its potential, it needs people to get behind it. So whether that’s customers for your business, the staff within your organisation, or the community that rallies behind your cause, the success of your idea depends on how engaged people are […]

Would You Ever Get Married Without Meeting Your Spouse In Person?

Healthy Sexuality Vs. Healing Sexuality – Teal Swan

Hardly any subject on the planet arouses more controversy shame and confusion than sexuality. This presents a bit of a predicament when people want to understand what healthy sexuality is because quite frankly no one freaking agrees. The reason that they don`t agree is because their opinions are totally shaped by their experience, and by […]

Booking Your Wedding Ceremony And Venue Space – Episode 02

Have you started planning your way but are overwhelmed at the amount of things you need to arrange? Stay tuned for what to book first! [Intro Music] Hi everyone and welcome back. Today we’re going to talk about why booking your wedding ceremony and reception space first is so important. Sso you’re planning your wedding […]

Exes Kiss For The First Time Since Their Breakup

– Rolling. – Rolling. – [Narrator] How powerful is a kiss? Can it heal something that’s broken or break something that’s healed? Four ex-couples agreed to kiss on camera. This is their story. – Franca, this girl I met after a show. We dated for like seven months. – It was going well and then […]

Our Engagement Story || Hannah Hart Totally Crushes #Proposal to Super Gr8t Girlfriendđź’Ť#engagement

– [Hannah] Secret Beach, what secrets do you keep secret beach? What better place to have an incredibly intimate conversation than our own bed. – Hannah, serious question, how much did Ellen DeGeneres pay you to propose to me while you were promoting an engagement show? – Yeah let’s talk big – Let’s talk big […]

Serve your spouse all day: Clip from Podcast 92

Today is ‘serve them all day’. So kind of king-for-the-day/queen-for-the-day whatever you want to call it. What are some creative ways that we can kind of do this Dr. Kim? One thing, he talks about us thinking in the book of 24/7 foreplay and what that means is that’s not all sexual. That’s how you […]

How to deal with your spouse’s poor health habits: Clip from Podcast 122

I’m not okay with some of my spouse’s poor health habits. What should I do about it? What a tricky subject and this is a tricky thing to be walking through when you’re not okay with some of the things that your spouse is doing when it comes to their health or if they’re not […]

Ask Your Spouse What They Need: Clip from Podcast 78

A romantic tip is to ask them what they need. So ask your spouse what they need. It’s a romantic thing to do. So Dr. Kim, tell us about this. What does it look like to ask your spouse what they need? Well, I think it’s which is in a position to really show that […]