I Inspired My Parents To Be Polyamorous | EXTREME LOVE

Summer: Being in a polyamorous relationship it’s like the more like love, the more vibes, the different energies it’s like exciting. It’s really special. I think I have inspired my family even my parents to think about it. John: I was definitely curious about it, I keep bringing it up, I keep talking about it […]

I’m Not Her Mother, I’m Her Lover | LOVE DON’T JUDGE

COMM: You can’t help who you fall in love with. This is 24-year-old Julia. COMM: She fell in love with 61-year-old Eileen. JULIA ZELG: I used to think that most older women wouldn’t be that interested in a sex life. But I guess I was wrong. COMM: But in a society that’s quick to judge, […]

My 300lbs Weight Loss Left Me With 13lbs Of Loose Skin

JOHN ALLAIRE: When I was about 20 years old, the doctor couldn’t weigh me and I had to go get weighed on a commercial scale in the back of a fish market and I was 540 lbs and that now I am having way more loose skin than I ever expected. JOHN ALLAIRE: It’s one […]

Loyal German Shepherd Helps Family With The Chores: SUPERPOWER DOGS

LINDA RILEY: Baron’s superpower is his amazing loyalty and how helpful he is around the house. COMM: Baron is a two-year-old German Shepherd, who’s lived with dog trainer Linda and her four-year-old son Alexander since he was just 12 weeks old. LINDA RILEY: I first started training Baron the day we got him. Baron is […]

My Girlfriend Is A World Famous Porn Star | EXTREME LOVE

MIKE ADKINS: I called my mom. I left her a message and I said, ‘Hey, I have been dating this girl. I have got to tell you something – she is actually a porn star. She was like, ‘Oh my God! Thank God! I thought you were going to tell me she was pregnant or […]

India’s Incredible Dwarf Family: BORN DIFFERENT

COMM: In Hyderabad, Ram Raj lives with his large unique family. COMM: For generations, numerous members of his family have been born with Achondroplasia, a condition causing dwarfism. He currently lives with eleven members of his family, nine of whom have the condition. COMM: Although they have accepted their condition, which in total has affected […]

‘Convince Her’ Manual – How to Persuade Your Partner To Get A Boob Job

What I love about big breasts is not just the visual it’s also a tactile the way it feels when you’re making love to a woman, it’s, it’s the attention that she gets, I have to admit that, and it’s a, it’s a feeling of richness that there’s an abundance, that life is good! Most […]

Christian Wife Swappers Preach The Word Of God Through Swinging

COMM: Dean and Cristy Parave are devout Christians, but they have found an unusual way of spreading God’s word, through swinging. DEAN: If I was a priest going to a swingers club, would you listen to me? You got a better chance of listening to me spreading the word of God being another swinger. It’s […]

Me, My Boyfriend And My Slave | EXTREME LOVE

DAHLIA RAIN: I had always wanted to have live-in slaves. I love them. DAHLIA RAIN: Everybody comes into fetish at different times in their life. I did the normal housewife thing. There were things that were missing. I wanted some more excitement and they were things that he didn’t, he didn’t want. COMM: After divorcing […]

Super Savers: Thrifty Couple’s “Big Dream” To Retire At 50 // Powered By EDF Energy

NICOLA RICHARDSON: I’m 29 and Dave is 33. One of the big dreams is we would like to retire early, when we’re 50. Which basically means we’re gonna have to save over £270,000 to make that work. COMM: In Durham, England, Nicola and her husband, Dave have embraced a strict lifestyle devoted to saving money […]