A visit from Saturn: What if Saturn flew past the Earth

our solar system consists of four small inner rocky worlds Mercury Venus Earth and Mars and further out unfathomably large gas giants wouldn't it be interesting if not disastrous if saturn started to slow in orbit and started to fall towards our inner solar system Saturn has now crossed the orbit of Mars and is […]

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I Discovered My Boyfriend’s Secret On Our Wedding Day

hi I am Jenny also known in my town as the girl whose groom never showed up at the wedding you guessed it every bride's worst nightmare came true for me it is a day I will forever remember everything started with meeting the love of my life Liam I don't know about you but […]

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Modified Mom Tattoos Eyeballs Pink | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

I'd consider myself different because I love Jesus and I look this way her having her highs tattooed I was very upset about it it was the one thing that upset me more than anything probably I was not worried about damaging my heart my name is Michele DiDonato on the tattoo artist and mother […]


party planning committee has a row oh my you brought x2 hey I told everyone to bring text just in case someone for my brother you are my sister by the same guy love my today got to give love world will know in this together good morning guys morning Tiffany this is good morning […]

Born Without Limbs And I Can Still Do Anything | BORN DIFFERENT

I don't wish that I had limbs I was born this way for a reason people see me as missing something I've never used hands why do I need to use them now you know I have congenital tetra foe camellia which means that I was born without arms and legs the woman who gave […]