Advanced Flower Arrangement “Vegetative”插花高級程度「植生式」Adv-01-B40

( Please choose Subtitles and Subscribe ) Hello Friends, today I use Hydrangeas and Calla Lily to demonstrate a floral work Some students may find it difficult to use these two kinds of flowers, especially Hydrangeas whick cannot last long, and the Calla Lily not easy to insert into foam Today I will demonstrate how […]

Creating a Bigger Sound Through Arrangement

Hey, folks. Matthew Weiss here —, I would say one of the things that people most frequently ask me is how to make a record sound big, which is sort of an ambiguous question, and can definitely depend on what exactly we’re trying to make sound big and in what way, but I […]

Tips for Mixing in Context of an Arrangement

Hey, folks. Matthew Weiss —,, and I’m going to give you a little tutorial video here, and it’s going to be one of my more conceptual ones. I’m a big proponent of really getting the fundamentals down, but the second level of mixing is putting the fundamentals in context of the music. […]

Kishi Bashi – Penny Rabbit and Summer Bear (Apartment Sessions)

under the ocean far from the sunpenny rabbit wonderingwhen will we ever become onemust I suffer days to comefresh out of wishesfate wouldn’t darehe had to see his summer bearfilled up his little lungs with airit didn’t matter he didn’t carefaithless and mysticfaint as can bepenny rabbit floated fastplanted his paws upon the shoremany others […]

Welcome Baby Boy Arrangement

Hi everyone, I’m Edward Munoz and today we will make this beautiful welcome baby boy arrangement. I hope you like it, it is really beautiful. Enjoy! To start our base, we need to double stuff our balloons. We will use pale blue and Caribbean blue, inside the white. Double stuff is one balloon inside the […]

Flower Arrangement,插花,Arreglo floral,Sắp xếp hoa, thiết kế ,Цветочная композиция,EL-11

( Please choose Subtitles and Subscribe ) Today I wil show you the Lesson 11 of the Elementary Level Course .I call it Ying-shape,it looks like a flat crescent To do this , I will use Rhapis to strengthen the lines In addition, I will use Lilium, Eustoma, Yellow Limonium and Sabah Leaves. Let us […]

Learn Push 2: Recording in the Arrangement View

When creating music using Push, you’re recording these ideas in the ‘session’ view in Live. However, there are some functions that you can perform from Push that allow you to work in the ‘arrangement’ view. In this video we’re going to have a short look at how that works. So I have a project set […]

How to Make a Wedding Flower Arrangement : Ideas for Wedding Flower Arrangements

Thank you for joining me today at Expert Village. My name is Greg Harem from Palm Springs Flower Mart, in Palm Springs, California. I hope you’ve enjoyed learning how to make this beautiful wedding centerpiece that included lilies, Anthuriums, roses, Dendrobium Orchids, Cymbidiums, and this lovely wiring effect and this beautiful glass vase. If you’d […]

BEASTARS OST | “A Transcendent Theme” | ピアノアレンジ (オク音) Piano Arrangement (Orchestral Sound)

You … will be able to change this world. ~Ogma

Air-filled Sunflower Birthday Arrangement

Hi everyone, I’m Edward Munoz and I’m here today at burton + BURTON® to show you how you can make this beautiful, air-filled base. I hope you like it because this way, you can do the same process to make a happy birthday base or for Mother’s Day. On the end of this video, make […]