DIY Craft – Blue swan ornaments | Wedding gift idea | Tutorial | By Punekar Sneha.

As this is low budget craft, I used wheat flour. If you have good budget you can use Shilpkar.

Space Costume DIY – Family Halloween Costume Ideas | Hobby Lobby®

Make a cosmic scene with these star and planet costumes for the whole family. Here’s what you’ll need for Dad’s costume. Start by putting the form inside the t-shirt to protect it from bleed through. Then paint the shirt and let it dry. While the shirt is drying, punch out stars from glitter scrapbook paper. […]

Trying HALLOWEEN MAKEUP KITS! Are They Worth It? / That YouTub3 Family

(spooky organ music) – Hi guys, welcome back to — – [Family] That YouTub3 Family. – Today we’re gonna be doing a full face of tattoos. – Oh no. – I’m nervous because we have school tomorrow. So what if this does not come off? – Yeah I’m scared it’ll stain our face. – I’m […]

How to Use the Maryland State Archives Homepage

Welcome to a brief tour of the Maryland State Archives homepage. We have placed a great deal of material online and this tutorial will give you some helpful tips for finding it. To find the Maryland State Archives Homepage, please go to your internet browser and type: The center of our home page features […]

“Successful Business & Marriage” by “Lady Simone”

Lady Simone, author of the Novel, “The Last Castle in Brooklyn”. A Book About Darkness and Light. An Inspirational Show about Empowerment Brooklyn, New York, “The GrandProspect Hall” Business Owners Mr. and Mrs Halkias This Amazing Power Couple has been doing business together for over 30 Yrs. More Translation to come Thank You.

STORYTIME Our Wedding & First Year of Marriage | Sasha In Good Taste | Sasha Pieterse Sheaffer

♪ Just the two of us, we can make it if we try ♪ – Maybe next week we’ll climb a tree. (dramatic music) – Adulting can be intimidating, but I promise you if I can do it, you can too. Recipes, life hacks and everyday tips. Welcome to Sasha in Good Taste (laughs) – […]

Pieter Bruegel the Elder, Peasant Wedding

(lighthearted music) Male Voiceover: Art so often focuses on the lives of kings, of biblical figures, of saints and martyrs, but what about everyday people? What about most of us? Female Voiceover: Well, that’s exactly what we get to see, thanks to Bruegel, who is known as the peasant painter. We’re seeing a peasant wedding […]

DIY Aisle Decor for Wedding – 4 Easy Ways | Hobby Lobby®

Hi! I’m Tara with the Hobby Lobby Creative Studio. Today, we’re going to look at 4 simple types of wedding-aisle decorations. They’re all really easy to make at home, so feel free to add your own personal touches. We’re going to start with this hanging mason jar arrangement. Here’s what you’ll need to make it: […]

Strengthening Muslim marriages – with art

Islamic art has always been something where you’re making everyday objects more beautiful. I was just thinking, “What is something that we all use that could be made more beautiful?” And I found the nikahnama idea. Nushmia Khan wants to give Muslim marriages a more solid foundation by reviving the tradition of decorated nikahnamas. A […]

Holy Matrimony – SN-J feat. Sara Elbostahi & Olivia Neil-Jones (Prod. The Duos)

(Video set in Naples) Yo this is for hip hop Art straight from the heart… Check it out Old school isn’t hollywood, New fools acting like a dummy would, So it’s back to the hood for good With the hip hop battles, No shackles on our art, Rattle spray paint cans, and paint these streets […]