– [Voiceover] Hey guys, so it's time for myworkstation tour for 2015! And as usual, I just like to say my littledisclaimer that yes, I have a ton of stuff, but I am an adult and I have a job and thereforeI can buy things. And really I think you can buy whatever youwant if […]

Be inspired by Europe’s great design destinations

hi there this is John here is a quick review on be inspired by Europe's great design destinations so many cities have a Design District or claim to support new artists that we cut through the tall claims and instead ask normal travelers which cities really deserve to be called at design destination here are […]

How to Make Baby Shower Cookies | Cookies & Cards

hi guys I'm Bernhard and I am joined today by my friend Becky and uh Becky had a nice challenge for me she had a baby shower card for an event that she's going to soon and she wanted some cookies to go along with it I know I'm so excited they have cookies to […]

Baby Shower Decoration Ideas – Hot Air Balloon DIY


hey what's up guys welcome back holy shit so much has happened since the last favorites video this past month has been insane the past couple months have been saying new background I'm in the new house we didn't fully move in don't get too excited but we're practically living here like I I don't […]

Let's learn to glitter Wedding drawing and coloring for kids #DuDuPopART #TOBiART

[Applause] do you part hello everyone what is the drawing for today wedding [Applause] [Applause] right indigo magenta yellow Wow read yellow yes Oh [Applause] [Applause]

Singapore's Most Instagrammable District?! – Kallang #InstaWalk With MND Singapore

Make 150 Count – Baby Shower

hi my name is Nath um I am a 19 year old living in Calgary Alberta I was reached out by RBC to do this amazing project called make 150 count I've recently been in contact with a new student to the expecting mother she is in need of some help to buy the basic […]

A prom GRWM but it’s a huge mess

lock the sock nice I just woke up guys and I don't like this hi this is what YouTube video bluffing is your but I say just just leave it at all today's my prom it's 27 degrees guys discussed in already till my hair does not look good for that yeah there did my […]